Gemini August Horoscope


Overview: Four  planets are transiting from 2nd house of your moon sign so you should take care of your language and abstain from having unnecessary conversations with your friends or relatives else you may end up losing a valuable relation or a loyal friend for the rest of your life. Do not take an important decision abruptly. Consult an elder or a mature person before signing the final deal.
Your hard work will bring new opportunities, appraisals and will help you earn a good name in the society. You will participate in a sports event and will come back home with winner trophy.

Say a big no to over intelligence and over confidence. This can ruin your bond with your colleagues and sub ordinates. Also, try to avoid any sort of arguments with your boss or seniors.
Maintain a strategic distance from your spouse or partner and give some personal space to them. This will be beneficial for your existing relationship.  You will get the rewards of the last month during this month.
There is a lot of travel on your cards which will automatically lead to a lot of expenditure. Avoid spending on unnecessary things. Keep a check on your father’s health as there are chances that he might face some health issues.

Career: Your professional life will be positive during this month.
This month demands a lot of hard work. A previous incomplete assignment or project will be completed and will be very gainful. So be patient and do not lose your hope. Things will eventually fall in their place. This month will be extremely profitable regarding financial matters and will result in an increase in your income. There will be an improvement in professional relations.
Abstain yourself from any sort of new business partnerships till Nov 2019. Examine the documents very cautiously before putting your signatures on them.

You will be a part of numerous work trips but they will not turn out to be very fruitful. You will have some sort of issues with your boss or seniors. In such situation avoid answering back. In case you are planning to change your job, you can do it after 14th Aug 2019.
If you were working really hard on a certain project, there will be good news for you till the end of this month.

Love & Marriage: This month would be positive regarding love relationships.
You will establish good relations with your friends and love partner. A friend of yours will come up with a surprise proposal. In such case, do not panic. This is the perfect time to convert your friendship into a love relationship. If you’re having a crush on someone and want to express your feelings to them, 16th Aug 2019 is the ideal time for this proposal. You will cherish some real beautiful moments with your partner. You will go on coffee dates, long drives and love spending quality time with each other. You will spend a memorable time with your partner’s family because of a family function. You will receive a lot of surprises from your spouse. You should try to avoid any sort of arguments as this can have an adverse effect on your relationship. In case your partner is willing to start anew business, then your support will be very motivating for him/ her.

Your spouse will be occupied with work most of the times and will not be able to spend quality time with you. In such a situation do not blame him/ her instead handle this situation with utmost love and understanding. In case you’ve filed a divorce case against your spouse, you will get it very easily. 

Money & Finance: This month will be full of ups and downs regarding financial matters.
You will get good returns from your previous investments, land or property. You will spend an impressive piece of your pay on house furnishing and renovation and later on will suffer from stress because of this expenditure. You will confront some disputes regarding ancestral property or land. Speculative investments will be extremely beneficial.
If you had applied for a loan then here’s good news, your bank will turn its lights green.
You may have an expenditure related to your father’s health.

Students & Children: A good month for all the hard working students. All the efforts of hard working students will be counted and will bring out great outcomes. They will get an admission in their desired college.In case you’re going to participate in any type of competition or are going to write a competitive exam after 15th Aug, the outcomes will be amazingly positive.
You should abstain yourself from spending too much on your friends or other activities. You should not squander your time and energy on unnecessary activities such as social media, movies.  Put your vitality and focus on your studies. Children will face some sort of burden because of their extensive syllabus. Parents should motivate their kids and boost their morale.

Family & Health: This is not a good phase with respect to your relations with family members.
There will be certain issues and misunderstandings among you and your relatives. This will be a matter of great concern for your parents as they will be afraid of losing some valuable relations. You should keep a check on your aggression and harsh tone. Avoid using brutal or abusive language. There will be disputes regarding some ancestral property.
Your father will confront certain health issues. You should be extra careful regarding his health. Spend time with your parents.

Travelling will cause body ache and it will take some time for you to recover. You should keep a regular check on your Blood Pressure. Maintain your speed while driving because there are chances of mishap.
In case you have been visiting a doctor since a very long period regarding some health concerns but there are no signs of improvement. You should give up on him/her and consult some other doctor.

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