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Overview: Gemini, your monthly horoscope points at a hectic schedule ahead. With an increase in your responsibilities at work as well as in personal life, you will need to proceed courageously and patiently. Your work will improve your name, reputation, and your confidence. If starting a new work, delays are likely in the beginning but eventually, your expectations will be met. Confusions and uncertainties related to your finances may prevail, and relief is expected after 12th October. You may earn income through commission-based work. Maintain a soft tone of speech to avoid spoiling of your relations. Keep anger and ego in check. Decisions should be taken carefully after proper scrutiny. Troubles from workers are possible. A fire related accident is possible; thus, be careful. Beneficial frequent short trips are likely. Govt. work related issues will be resolved now. You may have to work hard towards your goal to travel abroad. Colleagues will be supportive.             
Career: This month looks professionally favorable. New startup or business will observe a splendid period now. Plans of work expansion will witness success. Stress due to new projects is likely, though your firm and diligent approach will allow you to finish your work efficiently. Luck will be on your side; however, success will come only after delays. Around mid-October, a govt. work related hindrance is expected to be sorted; keep all paper work ready.

If in a job, you may have to struggle somewhat this month. Professional risks should be avoided. A job change is not supported now. If working at a new job, remain careful and don’t trust people blindly. Avoid sharing your feelings with people at work. You may have to wait patiently for a pay rise.
Love & Marriage: Matters of love and marriage see a rosy term ahead. Ongoing issues with your partner are likely to be resolved and showers of romance will fill your life with love. Your partner may seek financial assistance from you.
The period looks favorable for a love marriage.

If married, then marital life is likely to improve this month. Old issues are likely to be sorted. A peaceful home front will allow you to focus and perform better at work. Avoid fussing over past issues and concentrate on your relation’s future. Your spouse may not be able to make time for you due to a hectic work schedule. Health of your father-in-law might need your attention.
Money & Finance: Financially, the month looks only average for you, Gemini. Wasteful expenses appear to be rising. Manage your funds carefully. Borrowing or lending money should be done very carefully. Income from a commission-based work is possible. Profits from a land related work are likely. Making long-term investments in share market are favored. If seeking a loan, you will get it. Wasteful and excessive spending on friends is likely. Monetary gains from a new order are likely. You may find new sources of income now.  
Students & Children: Students may observe a favorable month ahead. Results will reflect your hard work. For success in competitions and exams, keep your preparations top notch. A part time job along with your studies may fetch you an income as well. A govt. educational institute might provide you the needed help. Avoid being lazy and wasting time. Spend economically.

Your children will need careful handling. Talk to them politely and patiently. You may send them abroad for further studies this month. Expenses on them seem to be increasing. They are likely to win prizes and accomplishments at school.       
Family & Health:                     
Family front seems uncomfortable this month. Quarrels are possible among family members due to misunderstandings. Disputes related to parental property can hamper your bonding with your siblings. Pleasurable short trips are on the cards. Bonding with your father may take a hit and you should remain careful towards his health.

You seem to be low on energy this month, and this might result in delays in important work. You may face problems related to lower abdomen. Keep a check on your diet and if suffering from blood pressure related problems, remain careful without laziness.

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