GEMINI August Horoscope


Overview: Gemini, your monthly horoscope is here & uncertainties are likely to cloud your mind this month. Mercury, the ruler of your sign, brings you knowledge; nonetheless, confusions can make you take bad decisions. Avoid giving advice & double-check all your decisions. Keep a soft speech. Avoid taking others’ responsibility or making promises under overconfidence. New work is not supported now & ongoing work may face difficulties. Foreign trips may face hiccups due to paperwork. You will be full of energy this month, yet make any important decisions only after mid-August. If into sports, then you may win prizes & accomplishments are possible near mid- August. Your social image is likely to get better with work & efforts. By the end of the month, Mars will be direct. A pay hike & increase in salary is possible by the end of the month. After 16th Aug, prospects seem favorable, if you are in politics.
Career: The month looks average for your career, Gemini. Avoid making investments or starting a new work. Pending projects will be completed this month & bring financial profits. Relations with business partners may be affected. Discuss matters with them before finalizing a deal or signing papers. Frequent work related travels would add to your expenses as well as fetch profits. Diligent efforts & hard work will bring success at work.

The period looks stressful for you, if you work as a salaried person. You should proceed with care & avoid any professional risks. A new job is possible only after September; thus, work hard at your current position till then. Avoid quarrels with colleagues, as it may land you in trouble.

Love & Marriage: The monthly predictions depict a sparkling term for love & marriage. Lovers, your relations seem cordial this month. A new work may be started by your partner & they can greatly benefit with your support. You may decide to tie the knot this month. Expect a surprise gift from your partner now.
Singles, the period is highly favorable & you can propose the one you love.
If married, then minor quarrels with your spouse can spoil the harmony. Matters will be peacefully sorted though. Plan a trip with y our partner to improve the bonding.
Money & Finance: The monthly readings denote a period of mixed results. Keep your expenses in check now & avoid wasteful expenses. Lending of money should be avoided, as it will lead to a loss. Investments in share market are expected to yield good returns. Good rewards from old investments will improve financial stability. You may get back the money lent earlier. A property dispute can disrupt your mental peace. Avoid making land related investments. Luxury items & home decoration will occupy a large section of your expenses & should be avoided as far as possible.

Students & Children: Students appear to be struggling this month. A lot of your time will be wasted on traveling & this can severely affect your academic results. Focus on your career & studies. Avoid delays & a lazy approach while preparing for your exams. Take care of your health. You will get admission in a college of your choice.

For your children, this month looks all about entertainment. Any kind of pressure of studies will remain absent & keep them light minded & happy. If studying abroad, then stay in touch with them & listen to what they have to say. After 16th Aug, prizes in sports are expected.   

Family & Health:                      
Your family front seems to facing some tension this month. Differences among family members will cause stress. Think before you speak, as your speech can hurt the harmony in relations. Parental property can draw a lawsuit & siblings are not likely to support you. Thus, be careful. An auspicious work at home may be deterred.

Your health is likely to suffer to some extent & check your blood pressure levels regularly. Be careful when traveling at heights, as an accident is denoted this month. An undetectable ailment can keep you down; thus, be watchful.
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