Gemini October Horoscope


Overview: You will stay in a jovial and romantic mood this month as in your moon sign, Mercury will transit with Venus in the month of October. It will be an extremely busy time for you if you are involved in creating and designing work. Your stamina and confidence will also increase exponentially during this time. Try and avoid any sort of confusion as it may waste your precious time. It is important for you to consult your seniors and relax your mind before taking any important decision in life this month.

Traveling in this month will be beneficial for you and you will also spend some time at religious places which will bring you the required peace of mind. Outstation traveling is also good for you. There are strong possibilities that you will restart some unfinished work of the past during this month. You will be able to solve all the problems that are coming your way with wise and sensible solutions.
It will be good for you to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion with your spouse as things may aggravate to an ugly level. Do not promise things you will not be able to deliver. Sport and other outdoor activities will be your point of interest this month and you will spend time enjoying and relaxing in order to rejuvenate your soul.

Career: Taking up a new work which you are good at will bring you success and growth in your career in the month of October. You will desirable results for the hard work you have put in.  Work-related to creativity and designing will be profitable for you as well. Success will be on your side if you plan on starting a new business but remember to fly solo and not rely on partnership during this month. You will also get all the support from your workers.

This month is good for a new job which will come with high scale salary package and you will be able to crack the interview with ease. You will also be successful if you are in a Government job. But you might face delay in your promotion due to some confusion or misunderstanding with your Boss and Seniors. Relation with your colleagues and coworkers will remain healthy and friendly. New work or business-related traveling will keep you busy this month.

Love and Romance: October is love friendly month for the Gemini moon sign as you will be able to maintain a romantic relationship with your beloved and will have mutual respect shared between you two.
It will be good if you exchange gifts and surprise to increase romance amongst you. Try and take out time for long drives, dinner dates, movie night so that you are able to spend some quality time with your lover
If you are single, you will soon fall in love with your friend and will also share your feelings for her or him and will get a positive response for the same.

For married people, things do not look good this month as there are high chances of you getting separated from each other. So it will be for your own good if you avoided any sort of misunderstanding, argument, heated debate or conflicts between you two that may take an adverse toll on your relationship and life together. Having an extramarital affair will serve you or your married life no good.

Money and Finance: The month of October will be good for Gemini moon sign in terms of getting new opportunities and to achieve the desired financial gains. It is a good period for getting good growth and benefits from the creative fields. Try and refrain from spending money on traveling and other luxurious things this month. If you have been trying for a loan from a Government bank there are high chances you will get it approved during this period of time?

It is imperative that you read any documents or cheques before signing them this month. The recovery of loans will also happen on time. The money will be spent on home or its renovation and new furniture from home. This is a good time for purchasing a new house or land for personal use. Good returns from past share market investment are most likely make way back to you this month. Good time for you to make a long term investment in speculative activities. Your siblings will come to your financial aid as well.

Students and Children: It is a good month for students as you will be able to grab some new opportunities in courses and competitions which will be good for your future career. Just be careful about not wasting time on things that might distract you from your goals. Self-confidence and strong will power will be constant for you this month and will also help you in focus on your study and do well academically. You will also get admission to the institute of your choice. Government loan for study will also come easy for you this month.

It is time for you to spend some quality time with your children and take care of them. Your children will get interested in sports activities this month. They will spend money on their clothes and other things for their entertainment.

Family and Health: It is a good month for you especially on the family front as you will spend some really good time with your family. A house part looks bright which will give you the chance of a get together will all your family and friends. Trip to some religious place along with your parents will be a good plan. You will spend time with your parents and siblings and they will also provide their unfailing support to you through your thick and thin.

If you are mentally stressed, take a break and go to someplace in order to relax your strained mind. Health will remain good. Practicing Yoga and a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious and balanced diet will do wonders for you during this month. Be extremely careful while driving and avoid visit high altitude place this month. Pains and problems related to knees and back will be a matter of concern for you.

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