Gemini (Mithun)

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The month of May is going to be a busy period for you. With so much energy and desire for change, expect a lot of lifestyle moderations and bold moves. There might be some challenges here and there but you have a lot of patience to get through the tough times with ease. You have a greater sense of responsibility than usual and a sort of obsession to uplift your lifestyle. Buying a new home or adding luxury furnishings would be on top of your agenda. It would be favorable if you were a bit more responsible with your purchases too.

Expect ample support in court related issues and disputes may get resolved to your advantage. Your risk-taking tendencies would increase at this point. However, keep in mind that your strength may not equal your boldness so play your cards wise. You may also travel abroad in the second half of the month. Spiritual interests would increase now and you may have a pilgrimage or religious trip. There could also be a sacred occasion at your home.

Career: Industrious and determined, you would likely have a smooth career ride this month. Coworkers would help you in both work-related as well personal matters. Boss and management would also appreciate your efforts. A highly anticipated promotion however may get delayed. You should not consider changing your job at this point, as a pay raise is possible. Opportunities to work with government or abroad should not be ignored though. If single, someone at work may tug at your heartstrings. You may also launch a new venture with your spouse or a female co-founder.

Love and Marriage: Expect to find your “someone special” at work or during business trips or conferences if single. May is going to be a smooth period in love matters. Romance abounds for existing lovers, with plenty of eat-outs and travel in store. You may plan to make things official this month and your parents would also offer consent and blessings. Married couples could also look forward to a sensually-rich period. However, spouse’s health could go downhill this month so take care.

Money and Finance: New income prospects would be observed. You need to keep your eyes peeled for opportunities in beauty, creative fields, travel, and water related industries. Investments in real estate would be profitable and in terms of new investments, you could look for long-term options in speculative markets. Planetary alignment shows that you may be able to clear any outstanding debt as well. Having said that, keep your splurging tendencies in check to keep financial balance intact.

Children and Students: Children would perform well in studies and would get recognition of their achievements and hard work. If applicable, they may start working at this point. Steady and sincere temperament could be expected. Nonetheless, they would seek more freedom, knowledge and new experiences at this point. If you are a student, expect a positive performance. You may gain victory if participate in any competitions like sports, debate etc. Parents would contribute to help you in learning and grasping new concepts. However, if you are looking to pursue an advanced diploma or course, more efforts may be needed.  

Health and Family: Health would finally come back on track as you get the right treatment. Chronic issues would also subside eventually. Family would be supportive and mother would also enjoy better health prospects now. This month could keep you busy on the home front due to a renovation or a celebration. Spending on material comforts would increase too. You may also travel to a holy place together with family. Relationship with sibling would remain harmonious.


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