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You should take care of your speech and thoughts while talking to others. You will be romantic and happy this month. You will be busy with creativity and design work. Take care of your mental health from 15 June to 20 June; your stamina and confidence will increase from 15 June as Sun transits in Gemini. Rahu transits in Aries, so don’t get confused while taking any decision, else you may lose your money or time. There may be a stressful environment at the workplace since Jupiter transits in Pisces so, it is wise to take decisions with the help of your seniors. You may have travels regarding project completion, and you will be successful in that.

This is a good period to start your past work again. You will be able to solve all your problems with your wit and intelligent mind. Ketu transits on your child house, so, parents shouldn’t get into conflicts with kids. Don’t make fake promises. You may take interest in games, but this is the time to move practically. Spend time in outer activities. You should enjoy and take rest in this phase.

Your work pressure may increase, and you will get success at the workplace with your hard work. The lord of career, Jupiter, is placed in its own sign on the career house so, there may be delays and obstacles at the workplace. Your pending decisions at the workplace will be appreciated. Creative and designing work will be fruitful from 17 June since Venus transits in its own sign. Your plan of starting a new business will be successful and you can trust on partnership. Your colleagues will support you in professional work.

This is a good month for a job change and getting a high pay scale. Your performance will be good in front of seniors. You may face delay in promotion because of some confusion with your boss. If you are in the government sector then, you will get successful results. You will be busy making plans to expand your business and get new projects.

Love & Marriage
This is a favorable month for romance. You should maintain romance in your relationship and respect your partner’s emotions and feelings. You may give/get gifts from your partner and share your romantic feelings. You will spend time together. You may fall in love with your friends and share your feelings to get a positive result.
For married people, this is not a good month for marital life. There are possibilities of separation, so it is wise to not get into arguments to avoid stressful life. Don’t get into extra marital affairs.

Money & Finance
This is a good phase to get new opportunities and financial benefits. There will be good progress in the field of creativity as Venus transits in its own sign. Don’t spend too much on home articles or luxury items. You may get a loan from the Govt. Be alert while signing any cheque or paper. You may spend money on renovation and buying furniture. Don’t invest money in land or take experts’ advice before purchasing a home for personal use. You may get profit from past share market investments. This is a good time for speculation about long-term investment. Siblings will support you financially.

Students & Children
This is the month when you will get new opportunities in competitions and courses but, avoid being engaged on the internet or playing games. You may waste your time with friends and outings. You have good willpower, so, concentrate only on your studies to get better results. You will get admission in the institution you desire. You may get a loan from a govt. bank for studies.

Parents should spend time with their children and take care of their studies. Be careful when it comes to their studies and hire new guides or tutors if needed. Children will take interest in sports/games or in other activities. Children will spend money on clothes and other entertainment activities.

Family & Health
This is a good time to be with family. You will organize a party at home to spend time with relatives and near ones. You may organize a religious program at home. You will spend time with your siblings and your parents will support you. You may go to an enjoyable place to reduce your stress and tensions.
Health will be fine in this period. Practice yoga and eat nutritious and healthy food for a healthy life. Be careful while driving and avoid going to dangerous places. You may have pain in the stomach, back, or knees.

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