GEMINI April Horoscope


Gemini, your monthly horoscope is out, and it appears to be a bag with assorted flavors for you. The first half of the month may see your siblings’ wellbeing suffer to some extent. Professionally, the period is particularly favorable if you are a govt. employee or engaged in a family business. There could be some ego clashes on the work front too. Expect hefty profits this month, though the term after 14th April is likely to push your expenses to rise as well. Entertainment & gathering of luxuries will be the cause for most of your spending. Keep a check on your mother’s health.

Your own wellbeing can be affected with issues in legs or thighs. Profits in Govt. related matters are likely. Business holders will see only a mediocre term for gains. Spouse can become a source of fiscal profits. You will be charismatic and courageous, though be wary of the self-esteem that is bound to cloud your senses in this phase. Energy appears to be low for now. An increase in spirituality is largely indicated. 141167 Journeys may be undertaken for govt. related work after 14th April, which may also prove beneficial.

Career: The monthly indications for career shows a rosy term in April. Professional stability will prevail. You will have a charismatic and energetic personality. Your hard work will get you recognized and appreciated by your superiors. Relation with superiors appears to be mostly cordial. There are possibilities of clashes & arguments at work, and can be avoided if you keep your calm. A diplomatic approach will not only keep you out of a messy situation, but will also help you in the future. Colleagues appear to be supportive, in general. A financial advice from a coworker is expected to benefit you this month. A raise in pay may occur after 14th April. Avoid pursuing a job change or relocation for now.

Stepping into new projects can be fruitful if suitable rewards are promised. Businesspersons will observe a decent period for profits, though the overall accumulation of wealth will not be at par. Business partners and associates are likely to be unable to rope in the needed gains, and can be aggressive in this term. Remain patient while dealing with them.

Career Advice - This is a favorable phase for your career & work. Keep calm and implement diplomacy for enjoying even better prospects. Business holders should additionally keep a check in the actions of associates and carefully analyze all business related decisions before finalizing.

Love & Marriage: The monthly predictions for love and marriage depict a hazy picture. Clashes and quarrels may prove detrimental for your marital bliss. Both partners may display a temperamental nature and be equally responsible for the lack of harmony. Patience and understanding is needed. Proceed diplomatically.
For singles, the time appears to be favorable. New affairs will flourish and a strong connectivity is visibly possible. Progeny prospects look stable but only till 20th April. After that, difficulties are likely & proper care is needed. Avoid overexertion.

Money & Finance: The monthly readings for finance simply a sparkling phase in April. Luck seems to favor you in monetary matters, particularly after 14th April. Profits will see a noteworthy rise but this will be accompanied by a significant elevation in expenses. Luxuries and entertainment will mostly be responsible for the rising expenditures. Lavish spending will most likely have a lasting impact on your finances and needs to be kept in check. Spend economically for ensuring financial security this month. Cash flow seems positive, yet focus on reducing the expenses.

Students & Children: The monthly forecast for children and students signifies a passive period. Health related problems can keep the wellbeing of children affected for a large part of the month. Nonetheless, they are likely to show quick recovery. Exercise caution. As a result, their behavior will become irate and even aggressive at times. Treat them with care.
Students pursuing advanced education can face distractions from the opposite sex in this period. Even though their knowledge is accurate, they may fail to get expected results academically. Discipline and parental check can help them get back on track.

Family & Health:
The monthly horoscope for family and health marks a sluggish term. Your own wellbeing is likely to remain affected for most of the month. Problems with the lower body can push your health on the back seat. Your mother may also face health issues.
Domestic front appears to lack peace. Arguments and quarrels can disrupt the harmony, as lack of mutual understanding is likely to prevail for some time. Patience and diplomacy are highly advised.
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