Gemini February Horoscope


Overview: Gemini moon, you will have luck in your favor this month and life will be full of excitement as there will be success and gains in your endeavors. You should focus on hard work and efforts and take initiatives for better gains. If you are involved in research oriented roles or jobs, you will be rewarded with success during this time. You may consider publishing your research paper or dissertation during this time. You will come in contact with influential people during this time and will start new source of income with their help. Working professionals should try to maintain a healthy relationship at workplace and remain in control of their speech.

You will have a pleasant time with your friends and might plan a trip together which will be relaxing and rejuvenating for you. However, unnecessary travels should be avoided as they might incur a lot of expenditure. You might have to travel to foreign lands in relation to your work but it might not yield the desired results. Taking advice from a senior or experienced family member before starting a major work will save you from unnecessary hassles. Be careful before signing important documents and making contracts or agreements. If you are involved in politics, this month will be favorable in establishing important and helpful contacts. Sportspersons will be able to win awards in games or tournaments during this month.     
Career: Career graph remains good this month as you will be able to complete your previous projects and assignments and get opportunities to initiate new ones. However, you should not be overexcited during this time and carefully weigh the pros and cons of the situation before making important decisions. If you are involved in business, you will see good gains during this month and will be involved in profitable ventures. There will be fruitful foreign travels and meetings with foreign clients, however your expenditure will increase simultaneously.

You will have a good relationship with your business partner during this time and will formulate growth and expansion plans together. If you are involved in beauty, cosmetic or garment business, you will receive profits during this month. Those considering job change will get new offers with suitable profile and package. However, you should not expect promotions or increments in your current job at least till the 16th of this month. Second half of the month will be beneficial in terms of getting support from seniors and help from colleagues.

Money & Finance: This is a good month to start new projects and increase gains and profits from existing ventures. Money inflow will remain good, however you will still need to keep a tab on your expenses and try to save more for rainy days. You may take loans this month if need be and mid of the month will be a good time to recover money from past lendings. This is a favorable month if you are looking to invest in share market as a long-term investment. However, avoid investing in land, property and real estate during this time. Past investments will bring gainful returns during this time and you might spending money on buying a new vehicle, making expensive purchases on luxury and renovating your home. You should be careful about your expenses as unnecessary and overspending will burn a hole in your pocket.
Love & Marriage: February 2020 is a favorable month for natives of Gemini moon sign as there will be better understanding in relationships. You will be able to spend romantic time with your love interest. If you are single and unattached, this is a good time to express your feelings to your love interest. Married couples will have a loving relationship, as there will be increase in pleasurable moments. You may plan a short trip or vacation, which will bring you joy and happiness. However, after the middle of the month, your spouse or partner will have a busy schedule due to which you might not be able to spend time together.

This could give rise to arguments and frictions between you. You should be understanding of the situation and needs of your partner or spouse and extend support and cooperation rather than being demanding. You also need to be caring and polite in your speech during this time as there will be a tendency to make sarcastic and rude comments, which will worsen the situation. You might not get the desired support from in laws during this time, hence act with patience and self-restraint to maintain domestic harmony. Take care of the health of your elders at home.  

Students & Children: Students will find this month favorable as their hard work and efforts will reap rewards which will be a source of encouragement. You might win a competition or receive due recognition of your performance. You will get success in your academic studies during this time. However, you should avoid being lazy and getting distracted in irrelevant and unimportant pursuits. You will have to maintain your focus and willpower in order to achieve the desired success. This is a good time if you are planning to go abroad for higher studies. Children will spend time in sports and do well in studies, however will have to pay attention to their health during this time.   
Family & Health: The initial phase of this month will be challenging for domestic harmony as there will be difference of opinion and lack of understanding between the family members. Tensed atmosphere will prevail in the family owing to harsh communication which will disturb your peace of mind. Hence it is advisable to control your tongue and maintain courtesy and politeness in your interactions. You should take care of your parents’ health during this time and maintain a healthy relationship with them. You might have to face disputes regarding your ancestral property, however after mid of the month, time will be better for resolution of disputes and you will be able to come out of it. Your health would care and attention this month as you might suffer from knee and bone related ailments. You should drive carefully and avoid being overconfident.

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