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Overview: This month will bestow you with a good ability to think and understand your goals. The presence of debilitated sun in your horoscope may make you feel fee low in confidence, and that may lead to a sense of indecisiveness in you. Nonetheless, it is important to assure yourself that there is always a brighter sun the following day.
Unwanted expenditures will increase for traveling purposes. This could lead to some financial problems as Rahu take over in the house of foreign trips. Do not let your inhibitions control your personality. Brave through the challenges this month with a courageous spirit. Work harder on your personal and professional accomplishments and find ways to enhance your skills for better outcomes.

Take control of your mental activities and prevent yourself from imagining irrational thoughts. Jeopardizing on your health will only worsen your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Take some time out from your busy schedule and work out or try meditation to ease the tension in your mind and body. The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign till 20th November 2020 will increase your stamina to grasp new knowledge in your surroundings. You incline to learn and absorb new information and experiences this month.

The sun will transit in Scorpio sign from 16th November endowing you with a bold spirit. Continue to work on your goals, and the efforts will direct you in the right direction. This month can give you the favor of luck, but due to the aspect of Saturn on the house of career, it would slow your progress. Fortuitous traveling is also indicated in Gemini monthly horoscope that would give you unexpected gains.  You can expect a flourishing business in the last few days of the month.

Career: The career horoscope for Gemini moon sign indicates a challenging time this month. Period till 14th November is not favorable to start anything new in your professional front. The presence of retrograding Mars transit in the house of career will impact this aspect of your life.  Do not make hasty decisions or be overconfident for things you are not certain about.

Monthly predictions suggest that new career opportunities will come your way after 15th November. While you will take a lot of workload on yourself, at the same time, you will need to adhere to the deadlines as per requirements. Those dealing with foreign businesses will have a successful venture this month. People in partnership should only take up new work with their partner till 20th November for maximum output.
Gemini natives will get an exceptional professional break while working with a high business client on a new deal. If you are looking for a job change, you are likely to get a job at an MNC. Your career horoscope rules out a suitable period for a job change from 16th November. Be careful about your workplace environment as there are some indications of misunderstanding with your colleagues.

Your boss/seniors at work may not praise you enough - yet continue to work hard on your goals. There are fewer chances of obtaining a promotion or increment this month. Do not let this affect your spirit or professional endeavors.

Love & Marriage: The love horoscope for a Gemini this month is quite optimistic from 18th November 2020. You will fall head over heels for your close friend or someone in your neighborhood. Those who wish to share their feelings could approach further after 18th November for a positive response. Your ability to express your emotions in a grand way will make you splurge on your partner. You will be quite romantic and expressive in terms of your feelings to your love partner who will also reciprocate your emotions.

People deeply in love will get several occasions to strengthen their bond. You will get immense support from your life partner in things you aspire to do this month. Your spouse's professional life is visible with an analysis of Gemini's love horoscope. It indicates a fresh chapter of his/her professional life where s/he obtains a new position in their job. However, you must be considerate towards their emotions and feelings.
Geminis should try to keep up with their busy schedule and find time to bond with them. Be more understanding of your partner, especially when s/he is under stress due to some reason.

The marriage horoscope for Gemini indicates that you will share a mutual harmony, however, both of you will have to work on your weakness to avoid any misunderstanding. The period after 20th November is not so favorable for a couple with a Gemini partner.

Money & Finance: The financial horoscope for Gemini this month brings exciting opportunities that will result in economic benefits. You will be able to turn the favor of wealth and good fortune in your direction with the continuous effort. However, there will be some moments of uncertainty that may hamper your energy in terms of financial prosperity.

Besides, enjoying the materialistic comfort this month, the period after the 17th of November is profitable for the purchase of real estate and property for residential purposes. Those interested in speculative activities can invest their money but with careful consideration.
You will also be interested in spending money on your hobbies to enhance your skills and abilities. Gemini natives will receive profitable income from an investment in a business. You will likely to make a charitable donation and visit religious places to seek blessings. Be especially wary of legal documents before signing your name to avoid getting into legal disputes. Avoid hanging out with friends who tries to take undue advantage of your hard-earned income.

Students & Children: The education horoscope for the students with Gemini moon sign indicates that you will waste your energy in enjoying idle time with your friends. The month of November till the 15th shows travel plans that might hamper your academic preparations or performances. However, on the brighter side, you will become aware of your activities and become more sincere towards your academics.

You will understand the importance of a disciplined routine to maintain a regular study schedule. The value of your time and consistent academic accomplishments will help you gain confidence resulting in brilliant scholastic output. You will have a clear conscience of getting through career opportunities. Those who did not clear their competitive exams should not feel disheartened. You can work diligently and attempt again, striving for better results.

Family & Health: The outgoing personality of a Gemini always helps in filling the atmosphere with positive and radiating energy. The family horoscope for November 2020 points out several moments of family union and celebratory moments.  Your father may also see some low points in their career until the middle of the month. Use your best witty traits to cheer him in challenging times. Please pay attention to his health as he may undergo severe stress due to his work life that may have a direct impact on his mental or physical well-being.
There are few chances of receiving any good news concerning heritage property. You will get to spend quality time with your mother on a religious trip or place. You may have some misunderstanding with your younger sibling; hence, try to keep a calm temperament. Introduce morning or evening yoga in your lifestyle to relax your mind and calm your nerves due to the constant chase of life.

You will find yourself productive after the 15th of November that will help you take care of a lot of pending things this month. You should take care of your stomach and avoid eating out. You are prone to incidents related to height, try staying away from going to hilly areas or places with too much elevation.

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