Gemini April Horoscope


April 2019 would be a positive month as you will find yourself in control as well as find success in anything new or creative that you do. Mind would buzz with activity while your temperament could remain unsteady at times till the 22nd April 2019.
A general expansion in your scope of work would be felt now. As long as you keep a clear mind, very good growth at work and generally in life would come about.

Career – would be very active and high level of growth would come about during this month. You will be very impulsive at times and you need to be cautious about making some sudden and rash decisions, which could backfire on you, if not thought through carefully. Creative work will be richly rewarded. Avoid conflict with subordinates as well as superiors.
Work environment will be very busy, aggressive and positive.

Money & financial - matters will be positive. You will get good level of inflows throughout the month. Money matters and liquidity could however be erratic till the 22nd April 2019.
Income will be good throughout. You will get rich rewards in direct proportion to your efforts.
Investments will be positive till the 15th April 2019. You will get good returns and growth. Some blocks could be felt after the 14th April 2019. Avoid new investments.

Family & Health – family life will be very happy throughout. Health will remain very positive too. Nothing to get concerned this month.

Love & Marriage – Love matters will be very positive till the 15th April 2019. Beyond the 14th career pressures and ego issues could hold up love matters. Avoid controversy as much as possible.
Relationships will be good till the 15th April 2019 only and thereafter ego etc could come up.
Marriage matters would be very favorable. Spouse would be loving but aggressive and stressed at times. Position of spouse would rise.

Second half of the month would be better than first half of the month.

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