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Overview: The December horoscope for Gemini speaks of a variable period. Your thinking would become serious and deep. Be positive and stay away from negative thoughts. Sharp wits and patient thinking would help you sail through tough situations easily. Rahu is transiting your communication house during December. Speak thoughtfully and make promises only if you can keep them. The period from 10th to 14th December seems stressful. Keep your expenses in check and avoid lavish spending. The December horoscope speaks of possible spending on an expensive gift for a female or your lover. Traveling abroad frequently could hurt your financial condition.

Good energy levels would keep you energized and enthusiastic while the company of your friends would keep you at peace and satisfied. From 16th December onwards, a delicate time for marriage life or business partnerships is likely. Be very careful while handling related matters and keep a humble approach. Being too honest with your words could work against you.
Career: Gemini, you may start a new work in December with good profits. Growth in existing work is quite likely, with possible new projects coming your way. If holding a business, you would have a busy work schedule in December and the new work would motivate you to work more. Investments in your own work seem profitable this month. Luck is by your side. Gains from work and rise in income are quite possible in December. You would finally get the desired foreign project that you have been aiming for. Frequent traveling for work seems likely. This period looks sensitive for business partnerships and your relation with your business partner. Be careful about what you share with your partner.

If holding a job, you would see the desired work progress. Your hard work would fetch you a promotion and a likely raise in income this month. Chances look favorable for a job change now. New projects at work would require you to travel more.
Love & Marriage: Love and marriage life for Gemini seems great in December. You would be a true romantic this month. If in a relationship, bonding with your lover seems mostly positive and full of love. With long drives and expensive gifts on the cards, your relationship would flourish intensively. You may consider taking the plunge and marry your sweetheart this month.

Gemini, if you are in love with someone, then approach him or her confidently and open your heart. You would most likely receive a positive reply.
Gemini, your marriage life looks mediocre. Frequent clashes are likely with your life partner that might keep you disturbed and confused. Be patient and diplomatic in your approach. Control your anger and speak softly.            

Money & Finance: Gemini, December horoscope shows mixed results for your finances. As December starts, rising expenses might keep you confused. Spend wisely and avoid wastage of money. Be careful against a possible sudden loss that could delay your work. You may profitably invest in your work. Share market looks beneficial for long-term investments. Investments in any land related work might cause a legal issue and thus, you should avoid it. Loan related matters seem favorable in December. Gemini, there is a good possibility that you would receive a pending payment this month. Expenses on jewelry or gifts are indicated. You might have to spend money to clear an old issue. Your father might be unable to help you financially in December. Beware of property related disputes cropping up with your mother during this month. Watch your expenses while traveling abroad.

Students & Children: For Gemini students, December marks an important period for career development. You should utilize this time properly to avoid problems later. Follow a strict time schedule and avoid wastage of time. Prepare well for competitive exams and keep a single-minded approach.
Gemini, your kids seem low on concentration this month. Wastage of time in playing or spending too much time with friends could affect their results severely. Make sure they don’t become too lazy and focus on their studies. Try to find the right mentor for your children, who could guide them correctly on the right career path.

Family & Health: Family life for Gemini looks disturbed throughout December. Stress due to financial issues would hamper the peace at home. Family expenses would fall on your shoulders and could be a cause of tension. Lack of support from parents could demotivate you, yet remain positive, as things would change soon. A celebration or party at home for children is possible that would ease the family stress and bring the members together. Keep a soft tone while speaking and your anger in check. Family trips would be peaceful and refreshing.

Health wise, December seems average. Gemini, head or stomach related ailments are possible this month and you should remain careful about it. Think less to avoid stress. If needed, spend more time indulging in entertainment or self-pleasure activities.    

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