Gemini December Horoscope


Overview: According to the 2019 Gemini December Horoscope, due to the transit of Rahu in your zodiac sign, it will be best if you tried and refrained from being diplomatic in nature in order to avoid any sort of confusions. Try and live a do0wn to earth life and overcome your desire to unnecessarily flaunt yourself in front of your friends in the month of December. As per 2019 Gemini Monthly Horoscope, in order to refrain from having any sort of confusion or conflicts with anyone, try and keep a check on your over-confidence.
During this month, try and take suggestions from your seniors ahead of taking any major decision in your life. Your self-confidence and presence of mind will aid you emerge victorious in the legal or court cases or disputes that you have faced in the past.

You will also see a surge in your expenses due to some overseas traveling during December 2019. There are strong possibilities for you to face mental stress post 15th December 2019. You will have to stay cautious while dealing with any of Government’s work or documentations. This month you need to be extremely vigilant while signing any sort of documents.

Gemini Moon Sign native is known to be smart and intelligent. Hence, try to work with wisdom and do not try to be bigheaded in order to impress people. This will remain a lazy month for you where you will not shy away from spending money on buying expensive gifts for your lover. There will be some financial gains from your immovable properties as well in December 2019. Unrequited travel will become the reason for your mental stress and disturbances. In the meantime, you will get some good opportunities for better success in your business through overseas traveling according to the Gemini 2019 Monthly Horoscope.

From 14th to 22nd December 2019, you will have to face troubles and mental pressure due to some sort of dispute that will arise. This month will provide you with the opportunity to attain sudden wealth in the mid of the month of December 2019. Your religious and spiritual roots will call for you and you will spend most of your time visiting these places and will also spend some good amount of time over there. In the meantime, you need to avoid being a part of any dispute or disagreement with any female which can stir up a whole bag of chaos and confusion for you. Your enemies, however, will raise their heads but it will not have any effects on you as at the end of the day, you will triumph over them. It will be for the best that you kept your secrets with you and chose not to share it with anyone at all.

Career: December is the month that is asking you to make a huge investment in your business. It will bring you various opportunities from foreign countries that will prove beneficial for you in the long run. There good chances that your frequency of meeting will see a surge and will prove beneficial for you to finalize your new project at your workplace in no time.

Just in case you are in the business that is dealing with publishing, books or educational institutions then December 2019 will be your month of good financial gains and profits. You can also start your own business in the field of cosmetics or other beauty products. You will gain good benefits and gains from the same with the help of your hard work and labor. Just try and remain focused on your end target and do not let laziness deviate you from your goal. December will be the month that asks you to trust no one especially not your business partner.

During this month, you will experience a rise in short distance travel for you. In case you have been trying for a Government job or project recently or in your recent past, there are good chances that you could bag one during December 2019.
If you are a fresher then you will be able to get a good job with a handsome salary this month. For those of you who have been searching for a new job or want to change their current job profile, this month will provide you a good chance to do so and will remain favorable to you as well. There are good chances of getting the desired job relocation with the right of effort you out in to make it come true.

This month you need to remain cautious at your workplace as your Boss and seniors will not support you. Ergo, try and stay at a safe arms distance with them and abstain from getting into any debate or heated argument due to any confusion during this period of time. There are chances that your boss will provide you the opportunity to work on a new overseas project for which you might have to move abroad for the same.

Love and Marriage:  According to the 2019 Gemini Love Horoscope, December will not be the month for proposal or confession of your love to your special someone. Ergo, you need to wait for the right time to pop the question. It is imperative you stay gentle in your communication with your lover or partner as aggression may turn things ugly in no time. Let past remain in the past and do not pull out skeletons from your closet during a romantic long drive or romantic which can potentially ruin the entire drive or evening for you. You need to understand that every couple shares their own style and rules while dating and therefore it will not be a good idea to compare yourself with others. There are strong possibilities of breaking up with your partner towards the month of the month of December 2019.

If you are married, your conjugal life may remain a matter of concern and stress for you in the month of December 2019. Extensive traveling that is a part of your KRA will be the major culprit behind your disturbed marital life. It is crucial that you have healthy communication with your spouse or partner so that there is no possibility of confusion or misunderstanding to arise between you two. however if you feel there is a slight chance that you  have been unable to communicate or are confused about something, it will be for the best that you sat down peacefully and talked it out. You need to take out and spend some time with your life partner and make them feel their importance in your life. Along with it, you also need to keep a watch on your communication and do not let your ego or harsh words come in between you two ever! It will be good if you avoided going on any trip with your spouse in December 2019.

Money and Finance: The two things that you as Gemini Moon Sign native need to control in the month of December 2019 are overthinking and overspending! It is essential that you have a written record of the money you are lending or giving to anyone for that matter in order to have a track and proof of your money. Your parents will be helpful for you in getting the required financial aid during this month. There are great financial benefits and gains to be foreseen in your future with the help of your hard work and efforts you will put in this month.

Just in case you had endowed money in some sort of investment in the past will bring in good and handsome returns during the mid of this month. It will be a good idea for you to endow money in the purchase of land or property after you have consulted your parents about the same in December 2019. Lending your hard-earned money to anyone at all will not be a good idea for you as the month you will lend will not find its way back to you ever again! Stay away from any sort of investment including stock market during December 2019.

December will be the bearer of good news for you if you are a Gemini Moon Sign native. You will experience gain from your business (in case you are a businessman) or get a good hike in your salary (in case you are in a job) this month. But you need to stay away from investing money on any cosmetic items this month.

Students and Children: December is the month where if you are a student, you need to completely dedicate it to your studies and stay away from all sorts of distractions such as friends, various social activities and games. According to the 2019 Gemini, it is imperative for you to get serious with your education and start making notes which will prove helpful for you in the near future. Try and stop wasting your time, money, and energy on the opposite sex during this month. This could lead to you losing a golden opportunity that you could have utilized in improving your future with good results.

The mantra that December 2019 has for you that you need to know how to respect your seniors and teachers and not to have blind trust and faith in your friends as there chance of backstabbing for you in near future. Utilize this month as a good opportunity to prepare well for the competitions that will help you reserve a seat in a foreign university of your choice.

Your children will waste most of their time on social media and various digital games in the month of December 2019. However, it is essential for them to focus on their academics and stays aloof from such distractions. Ergo, this month you will have to step in and take the necessary actions in order to bring them back on track by guiding them in the right direction. There are extra expenses seen incurred by your children on extra courses they may join towards the end of the month.

Family and Health: It is imperative for you to have a work-life balance where you dedicate equal time to both the aspects of your life. The environment at your home front can remain a bit stressful as you can face various disputes and confusion within your family. If you need financial support this year; your sibling and parents will stand by you until the mid of the month of December 2019. However, you need to be a little cautious about the health of your parents which could deteriorate.

There are good possibilities that you will arrange a party or a get together at your place this month which however will not be able to bring the expected cheer and happiness in the life you had expected.
In case you are feeling some sort of body pain this month, it is important for you not to ignore it and get it checked by a specialist or a doctor. As it can be symptoms for an underlying problem from the past. You need to be excessively vigilant about your body parts especially your eyes, head, and skin especially post 15th December 2019.

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