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This month you may let go of your diplomatic thoughts and have more courage and willpower. This is a good time to gain money with physical efforts and advice from seniors. You will get desired support from your friends and siblings. You will try to understand your responsibilities in the family. You will have more  sympathy towards needy people and because of that, you will get fame from society from 17 Sep.

You may start any part time work with your efforts. Jupiter transits in Capricorn from 14 Sep, so you should start new business and projects before 14 Sep. You will get good opportunities for gaining comforts related to house and vehicle. You will spend  money on luxury and materialistic comforts after 7 Sep due to Venus’ transit in Libra. You may take interest and get awards from sports.       
This is a good month for success with hard work, so prepare for it and avoid laziness. You will get sudden offers from foreign projects that are good for income from 6 Sep. Mars transits in Virgo 6 Sep, so you will get a new job if you want to change and a good salary. However, do not expect a promotion and praise or support from your boss this month due to Saturn and Jupiter retro.

If you have been trying to get a transfer since last year, you will get it this month. This is also a good time for govt jobs and a job in any MNC also after 17 Sep. Your relations with your colleagues will improve this month. This is a good time to earn profit in designer or creative work. Do not trust your partner and workers. You may start a new firm or own a business, achieve success with hard work, but that might not be the results you desire.

Money & Finance
Your efforts in trying to accumulate wealth will be successful this month. You will earn profits from your own business after 6 Sep. This period will be favorable if you want to take a loan from the bank for business. You will also get a loan from the government after 17 Sep. Avoid speculation and share market investment after 27 Sep due to Mercury retro. You may get profits from the purchase of land and investment in property. Take care before signing any paper and other financial dealings.    
Love & Marriage
You will fall in love with someone near your home or in the office or with any online friend and propose on time. You may spend money on your partner. You will spend time with your partner with coffee, go for movies, meetings and other pleasures. You will have a harmonious relationship with your partner from 6 Sep, if you have a gap from last month. If you get proposals from any friends then you should go ahead with it. Avoid any extramarital affair and deception in this month to your spouse. There are possibilities of separation due to mutual confusion and disrespect of each other due to Jupiter being debilitated from 14 Sep. Stressful situations will increase in your relationship. You may understand the emotions of your partner for a better life.     
Students & Children
Avoid wasting time with friends and other activities, otherwise you will lose the golden period of success. After 17 Sep, your mentally abilities will increase and you will understand the value of time and study. You should respect your teachers and seniors. Avoid changing subjects or colleges without discussing it with elders and parents. You will get good results from past exams. Competition will increase, so you should also increase hard work and your stamina of study. You will get a loan for study and ample support from teachers. Children will spend their time in home and home activities. Their interest in sports and activities will increase.

Family & Health
You will spend a good time with family members and  be involved in renovating your home. Small situations of stress can create confusion at home, so you should try to maintain cordial relations with your siblings and parents for harmony. Your relationship with your parents will get better. Your parents will support you in business and remove your stress in life. You may do auspicious work at home. Stay away from height and fire. If any old disease resurfaces then you should take care of it and go for medical treatment seriously.                

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