Gemini June Horoscope


June 2019 would be a challenging month somewhat. You will feel restless & aggressive most of the month without understanding the reason behind it. It is a month when you should keep a judicial silence & wait for events to unfold & reveal themselves before you. Your expenses& financial commitments would remain unreasonable while unsteady eventscould crop up in domestic matters.In case you aspire to purchase a property this is the right period. You should go ahead and try to make the investment.This month will see quite a few business transactions but at the same time a steady move towards spirituality would be felt too.

Life would get transformed rapidly towards the end of the month. Long standing worries would give way to a straight and easier life. Career would take a slight dip now and slow down overall. You might need to travel often for work. You should keep on marketing &promoting yourself throughout this month. Success could come from an overseas source.Work environment would be positive but aggressive. You need to be at your diplomatic best to ensure work remains hassle free.Your colleagues & team would be supportive and remain result oriented. Some projects could falter due to, too much independence. You should remain cautious & ensure your participation to avoid serious lapses.

Love life will be low activity & challenging at times. There could be some secret & undesirable relationships. Avoid taking any steps in a rush.Relationships could see distances & serious problems too. There would be many misunderstandings. You should avoid controversy asmuch as possible.Marriage matters will see mental as well as physical distances from spouse. There would be many influences on your marriage, cross this month carefully.

Money matters will be positive but expenses & outflows would be tremendous. You need to spend judicially. Finances will improve a bit after the 22nd June 2019 .Income will be good throughout. It might get sticky a bit after the 22nd June 2019 though.Investments of any kind should be avoided. Older investments will give some good returns. Real estate purchases are possible. Family life will be good this month. Health will be below average till the 14th June 2019 due to fatigue & lack of energy. Improvements thereafter.

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