GEMINI June Horoscope


Overview: Gemini, the monthly horoscope indicates a thrilling ride up ahead for you! With Venus transiting your sign at the start of the month, you are likely to be brave & will face any hurdles without fear. Materialistic comforts & luxuries will interest you now & you may spend on home decoration & entertainment. This month, you are advised to maintain a controlled tone of speech because with transit of Rahu in your house of speech, an aggressive tonality is possible, which can harm your bonding with people. Make commitments only with a calm & well thought out manner. Promises made under haste might end up being delayed & can deter your reputation. You will experience a surge of energy from 15th June onwards, & your aggresFketusion might be accompanied by ego.

If you plan to start any work, first analyze all the possibilities & only then proceed forward. Ketu is with Mars in the 8th house, & results in plentiful journeys. However, you should remain careful to avoid any accidents while voyaging. Remain extra cautious when moving across higher altitudes & heights. If any ongoing matters related to house or vehicle are troubling you, they are likely to be sorted around 15th June. Avoid being lazy or pushing your work for later. Clashes within the family can bring some tension. You might have to put some money in a work related to your connections abroad, which will eventually prove to be profitable for you.

Career: The monthly readings show a favorable period for your profession in June. If you are facing difficulties with a new work, all problems will now be sorted. The time is not favorable for restarting a closed or paused venture. Business partnerships are likely to face hindrances now & stepping into a new partnership is better avoided. Existing partners may be involved in frequent clashes & tussles. If your work is associated with designing or sale & purchase, then good rewards will come your way & profits will rise. Work related travel will also increase now. You will dive into work whole heartedly, which will not only bring you satisfaction & excitement but also new projects & expected success.

Jobholders may face some problems at work this month. You need to carefully step away from worthless arguments on the work front because it can land you in deep trouble. The period is not favorable for change of job. Getting your dream job will require more efforts & patience. Being involved in arguments with colleagues can prove damaging for your image & you should avoid such actions. If your promotion is pending, then maintain a diplomatic relation supervisor & boss, as they will be responsible for the outcomes.

Love & Marriage: Gemini, the monthly indications depict a rosy term for new romantic relations! You are likely to be surrounded by clouds of love this month, as your work front turns into the land of love cultivation! You are soon to be united with your partner & they will hail from your work area. There’s a big chance you already know or have met your future partner. Proceed with courage & speak your heart out to get the reply that will change your life for good.

For love partners, this month will see you pamper each other with plenty of shopping. Extravagant spends on gifts & accessories is expected to keep your bond full of excitement. You should share these expenses, though & make sure both partners contribute equally in all matters. Possibilities of a love triangle can also be seen now. To enjoy a peaceful & happy life, you must stay away from it.

If you are seeking marriage proposals, then prospects look bright for a love marriage. Married couples, you may face frequent arguments with your spouse & things can be frustrating. A long kept secret might come out in the open & can severely affect your bond. Not being respected by your in-laws can add fuel to the fire & further raise the temperatures.
Money & Finance: The monthly predictions denote mixed results for your finances in June. If you were expecting a profit, it is likely to turn into losses due to unknown reasons & result in delaying of important tasks. Your leisure & personal entertainment will be the center for most of your expenses & add stressful work load upon you in order to cope with them. You should scrutinize your expenses & spend as per your budget. Lending or borrowing of money or any related transactions need to be avoided this month. You will get the options to invest in someone else’s business this month & you should make any proceedings only around mid-June & that too after verifying all documents & paper work. Cheques should be prepared after making sure you have the required bank balance. Focus on long-term investments & if interested in real estate, then you are likely to get profitable returns. You may earn income from an old property. You may spend on religious activities & philanthropy. Keep your spending on friends to a bare minimum.

Students & Children: For students, things appear average now. You will feel lazy & outlook towards studies is likely to suffer. Concentrate on your goals if you want success. Proceed with a single aim & don’t hesitate from putting in the needed hard work. Only then can you fulfill your dreams. Avoid spending too much time on social media & work towards improving your academic results.

If preparing for competitions, then efforts will be required from you to get positive results. Issues associated with children might surface around 10th June & create a stressful atmosphere at home. However, talk with your kids & hear them out for a better understanding. Family trips with children will boost your relation with them & help them open up with you.    

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope indicates some uncertainty on the domestic front. An ongoing confusion or misunderstanding can result in a rift between members due to difference of opinions. From 10th June onwards, good chances are developing for a family gathering to occur & you need to seize this opportunity to bring your family together. Your father’s health might need your attention & you should be careful along those lines.

Possibilities of embarking on a religious trip with your parents are high. Matters related to parental property should be dealt with care & only under the guidance & support of your parents. Keeping your siblings informed about the issues will work in your favor & keep communication gaps at bay. Blood count issues or blood pressure related ailments may affect your own wellbeing. Pay attention & be careful when traveling at higher altitudes. Any signs of body weakness should be dealt with urgently without fail. From 15th June onwards, you will observe an increase in your power & confidence.
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