Libra October Horoscope


Overview: This month will be full of enjoyment and excitement for the Libra moon sign and you will spend money on self-entertainment and pampering. You will have strong will power and will be mentally relaxed. Success will come from the hard work and efforts that you will put in your work this month. Care and concern for your family will be your priority and you will responsibly fulfill all your tasks as well. There will be multiple expenses incurred by you in order to purchase various comfort and luxury products throughout this month.

Just stay away from any sort of mental stress and confusion from 17th to 22nd October as your luck may not favor you. During the mid of the month, you may go traveling to a place of your choice.
At work, you will be appreciated for a good presentation and will get better results in your professional career. Maintain your vigor and stamina especially towards the end of the month. This month, you will have a strong inclination toward politics and social service and you will emerge victorious amongst your competitors.

Career: As the Sun is transiting into the Twelfth House (House of Spirituality, Expenses and Overseas Travels) from your moon sign until 15th October, you will get new opportunities in career and will also get a chance to create your identity in a foreign land as well. It will be good to focus on your work or business in order to do well in your field. If you are associated with the field of designing, creativity, and décor then you will be able to get good income and opportunities from the same.

You can also take some risks in your new business from 16th October till the end of the month. October will be a good month for making a job change and getting a new job of your choice. Your colleagues will remain supportive of you. Try and avoid having any sort of misunderstanding or confusion with your Boss in the mid of the month. There are good chances of getting a promotion or an increment for you this month.

Love and Relationship: During the month of October, you might have to face various obstacles and confusions with your partner since Saturn will be influencing the House of Love and relationship for Libra moon sign. There are high chances of break up as well so it will be for your own good if you tried and maintained a healthy relationship and avoided any misunderstanding at all. Do not propose the love of your life during this month if you are single and have started liking someone. There are strong chances that you will meet your ex-lover during traveling this month.

If you are in a relationship, your partner is in desperate need of your support and comfort this month and you should not stay back in providing the same. Towards the end of the month, you two will share high romance and passion for one another that will further strengthen your bond. Try and take out time and go for a long drive with your lover.

If you are married, you will be showered with love and support this month by your spouse and they will make sure you realize how much you mean to him or her. Try and surprise your spouse with gifts and romantic gestures during this month.

Money and Finance: This month looks promising for making investment and to start a new source of income. You can also endow your money in a long-term share market investment this month but stay away from buying or investing money in any land or property. You will spend money on your vehicle.
If you had made an investment in the past, you will get handsome returns from the same and will suddenly inherit some ancestral properties as well. There will be an expense incurred by you in relation to your Mother’s health. If you need economic or financial help, you will get it from the Government this month.  Try and avoid wasting money on your friends. Also, your expenses on the purchase of expensive clothes and luxury items will increase this month, therefore, try and restrict your expenses on the basic requirements this month.

Students and Children: Students may face delays and obstacle in the process of joining a new academic course this month. You will get a great result for the exams and competitions you have given in recent past. Your dreams of getting admission in a foreign university will also come true and will get the required educational loan for the same. Friends can prove to be a distraction for you from your set goals. Hence, try and focus on your studies and stay away from all sorts of distraction this month.

Your kids will feel lazy and will not be able to focus on their studies during the month of October. It is your responsibility to help them focus more on the studies and stay away from things that are distracting them. If need be, get a guide or a teacher that may prove helpful for the better results of your child. Their health may also need your immediate attention this month.

Family and Health: Your relationship with your family member will improve and you will also inherit some ancestral property this month. There are high chances that your siblings may need your financial support. You need to be careful about the health of your Father and Mother along with maintaining a good and cordial relationship with your mother during the mid of the month.

Practicing Yoga and avoiding outside food including junk food will help you maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Take a break and go for a trip to someplace in order to relax your body and soul but avoid drinking with friends during this month. Be really careful about your stomach as it may trouble you.

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