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Overview: The monthly horoscope for Libra moon sign indicates that you will need to work on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Maintaining a calm temperament is highly essential while dealing with the crucial matters of your life. During the start of the month, the transit of the debilitated Sun in your zodiac sign will influence your personality. You will have to keep a check on your ego till the 15 November to avoid conflicts in your life.

Your brave persona will help you remain confident in your professional life. However, you shouldn't go overboard with your confidence as it may lead to unfavorable consequences. Your commendable leadership qualities will help you obtain honor in society after 16 November. This month you will actively be involved in humanitarian services.
The zodiac lord Venus is in a debilitated position till 17 November, so that would require you to keep a controlled watch on your unmindful expenses and traveling indulgences. The period after 18 November is favorable for those who wish to become independent.

You will start earning a good income and have a healthy relationship with your family. The retrograding Mars transiting in the 6th house will affect your mind and decision-making skills. You will need to control your anger or periodic mood swings. Try not to indulge in past disputable matters or something that would require you to make rash decisions.
Do not trust someone instantly without knowing relevant information about them. It could lead to disapproving experiences. The transit of Rahu in the 8th house will make you inquisitive towards new knowledge and experiences. Be careful while driving.

Career: The career horoscope for Libra moon sign this month suggests you take mindful decisions after consulting your seniors if you want to make a new step in your professional life. You may feel confused and contemplate about major choices. Hence, it is advised to seek help from your peers before deciding anything.

There are some struggling periods in the month. Your career horoscope demands more hard work and patience so you can get steps closer to your goals.  You will frequently travel this month due to your work commitments. People looking forward to new business deals will receive exciting news. You will also succeed in your professional endeavors with the help of your coworkers. Your associate partners will be highly supportive of you and help in every means possible.

Your ability to think out of the box in terms of work will increase your overseas connections. People in the service sector will need to be warry about their surroundings. The start of November is not favorable for those thinking about changing their jobs. Luck will favor the Libra moons expecting a promotion next month.
You will need to continue working hard and focus on your work. You will get a chance to connect with your colleagues personally and bond with them. Libra moons mustn't participate in any form of debate or conflicts at their workplace. People thinking about a transfer may speak to their seniors as luck is on your favor this month.

Love & Marriage: The love horoscope of Libra moon sign predicts challenging times in your love life. You may have disagreements with your love partner, but an understanding approach will help resolve the conflicts.
An easy-going demeanor and open conversation about one another's feelings will encourage a sense of responsiveness in the relationship. It also helps in avoiding unnecessary conflict or tension within the partners.

Those in love with someone should wait some more time before sharing their love feelings to someone special. Libra moons in the relationship need to have more trust in their partner for better and smoother connections with each other. The marriage horoscope for
Libra moon signs indicates some problems in marital life. Approach your spouse with a broad mind and respect their feeling for a sustainable future together.  A romantic gesture, open communication, warmth, and care the key to a successful marital life.
Keeping a healthy relationship with your in-laws will also help in maintaining the harmony of your domestic life.

Money & Finance: The month of November predicts a swell in your monthly expenses. You may splurge unconditionally on yourself after 17 November. There is a traveling indication on your monthly financial horoscope.
As the lord of wealth and luxury moves to in its sign, the transit will entice you more towards purchasing rare jewels and ornaments. Libra entrepreneurs or people in the businesses may start a new company that will generate profitable business this month.

Venusian energy will bestow you with an increment in your job position. However, the month also foresees difficult financial disputes with your siblings. Your past investment will bring you a windfall of monetary gains.
November 2020 is not a good month for any speculative activities. The return of your investment will not be favorable for your moon sign. Refrain from trading monetary transactions or lending/borrowing money this month. For instance, purchasing a new home, land for residential and investment purposes should strictly be avoided.
The transit of the Sun in the house of wealth from 16 November will bring you prosperity, gains, and good income from different sources. This transit will be prosperous and help you fulfill your desires. Those in need of financial help will receive support from their parents.

Students & Children: Students and children with Libra moon sign will be highly unproductive towards their educational pursuits this month. They will feel lazy and start relying on others to obtain success in their academic performances.
Spending too much time on the internet, traveling, and socializing with your friends will divert your mind from your studies. Time is essential, and you should start utilizing it productively. Refrain taking your study notes and discussing it with your friends.

Create a study time table and follow it religiously to avoid getting distracted easily. Students preparing for competitive exams should be more sincere towards their preparation.
You will feel motivated to finish your assignments and scholarly activities on 20 November onwards. Do not let your atmosphere affect your studies and focus on achieving good results.
Parents will need to be patient and have a calm approach while dealing with agitated their children born with Libra moon sign.

Family & Health: The family horoscope for Libra moon sign suggests that your responsibilities towards the welfare of your family and domestic life will increase substantially. The relationship with your elder sibling will demand more warmth and care until 15 of November.
Avoid getting into arguments concerning financial matters with your family members. Your parents will encourage and help you in case of any financial adversities. The month foresees religious trips with your parents and younger sibling.

Your November health horoscope demands more mobility of your body to avoid any health complications. Start your day with a light exercise, stretching, or yoga asana to feel active throughout the day.
Listening to calming music or traveling is another way to unwind from the stressful energy of your day-to-day life. Libra moons who have pain in the head or arms will need proper rest. Do not over speed and drive carefully. Past health complications may disturb the balance of your body. It is important to take regular care of your body.

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