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The month will be very good regarding money and financial condition. Blocked money from somewhere will also come. Do not promise to give money to anyone. There will be some confusion regarding family due to the transit of Ketu in the family house. There will also be mental tension in the starting of the month. There will be interruptions in travel due to work, but the work will not stop. Do not get involved in any kind of debate due to Mars and Ketu in second house. You should not utter any words in anger. If any old dispute or court case is going on, then it will be resolved by taking money.

Suddenly money can be received from somewhere, the sum of ancestral property is also being formed. There will be little synergy with siblings till 14 Jan. From 14 Jan, Sun will transit with Saturn, so do not take any major decisions and there can also be a dispute with your siblings regarding money. There will be some lack of confidence in you. Those doing business of buying and selling will also have to work very carefully, only then it will be beneficial from 18 Jan as Mercury will combust. Politicians may have to face opposition this month.

Time will be better for jewellery, design, studies, and artistic work. There will be travel for a new project, but there may be a delay in getting the work done. Do not talk in a stern voice with your partner nor should you with your employees in front of everyone. An old and stalled project can be completed, and the financial condition will be better by getting new orders. If you get a big offer, then proceed very wisely. People doing jobs can get some new responsibility, due to which their work will increase, and it will be difficult to adjust between home and work. Time is better for a new job; this will be the time when your hard work will get the notice of your boss for your promotion. Time is good for transfer if you talk with your senior.

Love & Marriage
If you love someone, do not express it now as there may be a delay in getting the answer. If you already love someone, then mutual tension will remain high, due to which distance can also be created. After the middle of the month, you can go for trips together, due to which your mutual love will increase. Your partner's family members may need you. You should help them with their work or even financially.

There may be an argument with your life partner regarding money. Along with your work, give your support to the family as well. From 16 Jan, Mars will transit in Sagittarius. You will get full support of your partner in your married life. The in-laws can play an important role in your life, which will make your life easy. If there was any old dispute with them, then resolve that too as it will be much better for your coming time.

Students & Children
Due to laziness of the student, time can be wasted in studies, due to which there can be no complete preparation when the exam comes suddenly. If you are waiting for any result, then you will get admission in your desired college. Respect your teacher and choose the subject only after advice. Time will be good for any competition but prepare well, only then you will get success. Time will be better for your children; your coordination will be maintained, and you will obey your words and according to you will choose the school or subject to move forward. Your children may feel lonely, you have to understand their feelings and try to spend time with them. Children may spend more.

Family & Health
This month, just keep your voice under control. The atmosphere of the rest of your family will be right. Family members will also feel your lack, try to spend loving time with them. Along with the health of your parents, take care of their wishes and take them on a religious journey. There will be less bonding with siblings too. Relationships will improve due to a lot of religious events happening in the house, you can also sit and talk. Health will be better than before; you are going to spend the month with enthusiasm and agility. Just take care of any infection and if you feel weak, then increase your food and drink intake.

Money & Finance
The financial situation will be better than before, and you will be inclined to spend more. Any blocked money will also come back. Even if someone's help is needed, you will get it on time. If you have taken any old loan, then that too will start coming down, which will give you relief. Do not do any investment or work related to land, nor try to get a house in this month. There may be some expenditures on the vehicle. Profit is not visible in the share market yet. You will get financial support from your father. Suddenly money can come from somewhere. No extra or unnecessary expenditure is seen. Your partner can also get property from in-laws’ house. Do not invest more in work this month. Money will come from the old project and income will be received.

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