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  • Career would likely see a high level of activity as Saturn transits in Sagittarius and further dips back into Scorpio. Brace yourself for some unexpected changes, ask for your Career Transit Reading!

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You are likely to gain a lot of respect and admiration in your social network this month. You would like to be surrounded by pleasantness and peace. This is going to be a smooth month when you would also enjoy constant growth in income. There might in fact be some sudden money through litigation or debt recovery in the second half of the month. You need to pay attention to your health nonetheless. Family would render a lot of support too.

When it comes to business and career, this is high time to ditch lethargy and get to work. Too much social networking could prove to be disstractive from your end goals. It might also cost you a lot of time and money. You should at the same time avoid excessive travel to keep your budget in check. You might get to travel abroad though. Enemies might try to drag you down this month so better exercise caution. You might develop anger issues and domination in temperament, which could give some heated moments.

Career: The start of the month is not as promising for career but eventually it would gain the desired momentum. Business partnerships would remain smooth; however, you might face some issues due to payment delays. The last bit of the month, especially after 22nd March is promising to start new ventures. Thereafter, you may also get a lucrative opportunity from foreign sources. If you are looking to start something of your own, do not borrow money. For salaried folks, this is going to be a rewarding period. Colleagues would be supportive, but boss could be a bit too demanding in the first half. A foreign business trip is in store too.

Love and Marriage: There could be some gaps and confusion in love matters, but your passion would certainly fill in these cracks. It’s a romantic time. In fact, you could expect a surprise too. Singles, you might find someone worthwhile at your workplace itself. You would however find it difficult to take your relationships to the long haul. If you are married, expect some distractions. You may even think of double-crossing your partner at this point. Marital partnerships definitely require some work this month.

Money and Finance: Your spouse could add to your wealth profile this month. Foreign income is also possible post 22nd March. This is a good time to invest in long-term prospects, specifically in real estate sector. You may also gain through past investments or debt recovery. You should not lend money to someone at this point. The first half of March could be a bit difficult financially but you would make a quick recovery too. Curtailing expenditure on luxury living and entertainment would also help a lot in stabilizing finances.

Children and Students:
Children would show sign of improvement in health. They would expect freedom to wander. They wouldn’t be much interested in studying and might feel a bit lazy. In the first half, you may also have to argue with them. As a student, you would also struggle to focus. Positive results would follow, but you need to work hard enough. You should in fact get tuition and guidance. After 22nd March, you would start relying on self-study and results would also be satisfactory.

Health and Family:
Personal health could be down due to liver or stomach related issues. Despite an immediate treatment, you wouldn’t feel much better due to something or the other. You should keep a check on your eating habits. On the family front, you would share a cordial relationship with parents and siblings. This is a good time to go for a family trip somewhere. You may also travel with parents for religious reasons after 11th March.


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