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Overview: The December horoscope for Libra speaks of a period of fulfillment of wishes and achievement of dreams. People could benefit from your advice. Self-entertainment and growth seems your prime focus in December. If planning to start a new work, you would get the desired results and profits. Some stress is likely due to children, if you have any. Problems related an educational course could trouble you. You may plan a foreign trip with your family, yet be careful, as you would have to manage most of the expenses. Avoid laziness, as it would cause delays and even a possible loss at work. Accomplishments in the field of sports could make you proud during December. If in politics, December horoscope shows a good possibility of getting the desired position. Chances are you might stay away from your home this month. A deep research would interest you and you might achieve a new milestone in it around the end of December.

Career: Libra, your professional life seems good this month. With new chances to work at hand, you would be high on energy and motivation this month. Patience and hard work would finally earn you the desired work projects. Possibility of new contacts from foreign companies would improve your work prospects and reputation. If working in partnership, December horoscope indicates possible problems with your business partner. You may start a new work this month, yet December seems unfavorable for new partnerships. If any confusions exist on the work front, try to clear them at the earliest. Your plan to expand your work would proceed smoothly and if needed, you would financial help through the available sources.

If holding a job, December horoscope speaks of a rosy term for you Libra. A job change seems likely, with good chances of getting your dream job. You may expect a promotion followed by hike in pay in December. New work projects are quite likely this month that would enhance your financial condition and work reputation.       

Money & Finance: Libra, December horoscope brings mixed results for your finances. Your projects and commitments would complete on time, causing minimal delays in payments. Investments in share market or land don’t seem too profitable this month. Leave any old investments untouched, as they might not benefit as much as you would expect. Be very careful if planning to invest, and if not sure, avoid investing your money. You may spend on a vehicle this month. If you need a loan, you may apply for it this month. If you had lent money to someone, they are likely to repay it during December. Lending money to a female would not be wise and could lead to a possible loss. December horoscope speaks of possible expenses on your mother, where your father would also help you. You may develop new ways of earning. Gains through the govt. seem likely this month.

Love & Marriage:
Libra, your love and marriage prospects seem disturbed in December. If in a relationship, speak politely with your partner. Frequent arguments are indicated. Be diplomatic while sorting issues, otherwise your relationship might face permanent damage.
If single, you might develop feelings for someone. However, December seems unfavorable to express your feelings and you should patiently wait for a better time in the near future.

Chances of an old lover returning in your life seem likely. However, focus on your present and stay away from him/her to avoid tension. Your heart would be full of love, yet lack of a partner to love could frustrate you. Remain calm and patient.
Marriage life seems tough for Libra. Keep a humble and polite approach to ensure smooth running of domestic life. Frequent issues on the family front might push you away from your own family. Remain calm and sort any issues patiently.   

Students & Children: December horoscope shows a time of hard work for Libra students. The desired results would come only through sincere efforts. Avoid taking any major decisions related to your education, such as selecting subjects of specialization, etc. Stay calm and avoid arguments with everyone. Keep your anger in check, as clashes are indicated near mid-December. If you have been working towards studying abroad, chances are you would find success this month.
Libra, your children seem frustrated during December. Their concentration levels seem low. Studies related tension is likely. Expenses on children seem to rise. However, spend wisely.

Family & Health: Family life for Libra looks comfortable during December. Support from family members would keep you in good spirits. Despite the disturbance in marital life, family members would stick together and help sort issues peacefully. Pay attention to the health of your mother. Financial help from your father would bring you relief. Stress and tension seem lowered now.

Libra, December horoscope shows your health in a mostly good condition. You would be energetic and enthusiastic about life in general. Stomach related issues might trouble you. Remain calm and control your anger. Traveling frequently might stress you out. Indulging in relaxing and entertainment activities could help you recharge and rejuvenate.

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