Libra December Horoscope


Overview: As a Libra Moon Sign native, you are pretty friendly and entertaining in nature that loves traveling to new destinations and doesn’t mind a little taste of luxury every now and then. However, you need to maintain your budget and keep a check on your expenditures this month otherwise may have to face huge financial losses which will leave you low on cash. You tend to fall quickly for a person you feel attracted to and get emotionally attached to him or her. However, you need to be extremely picky this time and need to abstain from having an emotional bonding with someone without properly understanding him or her.

This month if you are looking for some financial help, it will reach you and help you get out of sticky situations. If you are determined to do your work with full dedication and hard work clubbed with seriousness and stability, it will reward you with great achievement, success, and growth in your professional life. You will be able to maintain a perfect work-life balance in your life where you will dedicate equal time to your personal and professional life. This month you will travel for peace of mind and enjoy your ‘me’ time. There is a strong chance of you traveling overseas related to your work which will bring good and positive results.

Health can be a source of concern for you this month therefore, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid any health-related issues to emerge during this month. It is imperative for you to keep a close eye on your competitors and also to maintain a healthy relationship with your friends. Your interest in politics will grow this month and you will get new opportunities to get involved in various social works as well.

Career: This month, the project you had worked hard to get in the past will fall into your lap without much of an effort. You will excel in relationship management with the new contact you will make during your meeting with new potentials leads at some foreign location. If you are planning to start some new work or business, it will be in your best interest you did not start it on a partnership basis otherwise there will be chances of disputes in the very early stage of the work. There are chances of you experiencing increase in the workload and pressure in your business which will eventually reward you with good benefits and gains. You will become successful because of your passion and hard work you put in your work to make things stand out of the ordinary.

In order to earn some extra income, there are possibilities that you will start some part-time work such as new trading business on a part-time basis. This is a favorable month for job change for you. If you are a fresher this month will be favorable for you to find a good job.  
There are chances that your seniors and boss will have some confusion in regards to the sales or another project for which they will expect answers from you. This will further lead to delay in your salary increment because of the doubt or confusion on the management level regarding your role. This will be a good time for your request for a job relocation (given you are looking for one). During this month, you will have the support of your colleagues or coworker but it is essential that you do not share any of your personal detail ever with them.

Love and Marriage: December is not the ideal month for the Libra Moon Sign lovers. You will come face to face with various disputes and issues with your loving partner. Hence, it is highly suggested that you maintained a little distance from him or her during this month in order to avoid any major issues to arise that may end your relationship forever. Try and abstain from spending time with your lover over long drives, or meetings.
In case someone proposes you, it will be good if you don’t get swayed away with the proposal; instead, you used your wisdom to evaluate the true intentions of the person and then took a call. Try and keep a safe distance from the friends of your lover as they might just become the root cause of trouble between you two.

During this month, your ex-lover will come knocking at your door requesting you to take him or her. However, you need to stay strong and not accept the request at any cost.
December is a good month for married Libra Moon Sign native as you will experience a happy, peaceful and harmonious relationship with your spouse during the month of December 2019. There are good chances of you traveling either overseas or to some renowned tourist destinations along with your spouse or partner. It is important for you to maintain your calm when you start getting cranky and moody and watch how you talk to your spouse in order to maintain a healthy and peaceful and warm environment between you two. Your spouse or partner and In-Laws will be extremely supportive and will remain cooperative with you.

Money and Finance: Financially December 2019 is going to be a good month for you as a Libra Moon Sign native. You will get some good financial gains and economic benefits which will further enhance your financial status. However, it is important for you to understand the need for controlling your high expenses on luxury items and expensive gifts to maintain good finances. If you have started a new business, your true efforts and hard work will pay you off with good financial profits and gains.

This is a good month for making a long term investment in real estate however you should avoid buying a house for residential purposes. The money will spend exponentially on the renovation of the house along with the purchase of new furniture post 20th December 2019. If you are planning to take a loan or lend money to someone then do not let any emotions come into role play as it may unnecessarily complicate things for you. You have to be excessively vigilant whole signing a cheque or any important documents and need to thoroughly go through the document. Your father will constantly support you during this month and will also give you the required financial support. This is a good month for making some long term investment in share market.

Students and Children: During the month of December, it is possible for you to become lazy and get distracted from your studies if you are a student. However, you need to soon get back on track so as to be able to stay ahead of the game. As the competition will be tougher this year than the past few years; you will need to put in all your effort and hard work into your academics so as to fair excellent in the same. Hard work and total concentration is the key to the next big step in your education which will further help in getting a good career for you. There are good chances that you will join some additional courses to stay ahead in your academics. This month you will get good results for the examination you had recently appeared for. Try and stay away from any sort of dispute or conflict with your friends or any random person in your institute. This month your inclination towards sports and athletic activities will rise. As a result you will have to take a call which is path meant for you and do not let any distraction keep you from achieving your goal.

Your children will experience slight irritation and mental stress in their studies. Therefore, you will have to come to their rescue by guiding them to choose the right path. You need to remain patient and calm and make them understand how things will work out while keeping their emotions and sentiments into consideration. There will be a need for extra help or guidance on the academic front by your child and you need to get a tutor or a guide for your child to help him or her do better in that particular subject. It is important for you to have a friendly and cool relationship with your children so that they feel comfortable sharing their secrets and problems with you.

Family and Health: Your family is going to have your back and will constantly support you throughout the month. There will be a party organized at your home where you will have a gala time with your close friends and family. Just in case you need financial support this month, your family will be able to provide you the same this month. However, you might stay stressed due to your children this month.

During the month of December 2019, your father will get a new project or a promotion at his workplace which will be a piece of good news for the entire family. Conversely, your mother’s health could deteriorate during the same period of time and will need your care and attention. Try and maintain a cordial and healthy relationship with your mother, she would definitely appreciate it. Some sort of confusion might come in between your sibling and you that might sour your relationship with him or her.
On the health front, you need to start following a healthy lifestyle and avoid eating outside food which can lead to health-related issues such as food poisoning and upset stomach or stomach infection, etc. you will feel a lot of stress due to the constant pain in your knees and back. In order to freshen up your mind, listening to music will be a good idea for you.

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