Libra January Horoscope


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Overview of the trends in January -  
Planet of Influence: Venus
Predominating Emotion: Nomadic thoughts and in romance with travel

January 2021 horoscope for the Libra native shows a clear indication of the native's urge to travel throughout the month. Chances of a romantic getaway with your partner are also on the cards. You would have to work hard in your professional life. Some kind of competition may keep you occupied. You may either get a Government contract or job somewhere around the middle of the month. Your children may come to visit you at your home. There are chances of spending money on family gathering or buying a new vehicle or house. There will be a gradual rise in your social status. Aggressive arguments with the spouse can occur. The health of certain family member may suffer. However, your health will stay fine.

Planets of Influence: Mercury, Moon & Saturn
Major trend: Hard work is needed to face the stiff competition.

According to the Libra moon sign January 2021 Career horoscope, the native would need to keep on doing hard work as the competition will remain at an all-time high in the workplace. However, positive results will be visible in the 2nd half of the month. You may get some authoritative position along with a huge hike in your salary. Try to hold your aggressive attitude at your business or your job. Secret enemies may harm you in some way. If you want to shift to real estate as a profession, you should consider doing it right now. This is also a favourable time to get some government contract or a job in government sector.

Love, Marriage & Relationships -
Planets of influence: Saturn & Mars
Major trends: Partner may help in your profession.

The love horoscope for the Libra native shows that passion and intimacy will stay in the native's life in January 2021. The possibilities of getting to meet your potential partner at your workplace, i.e in a conference or a meeting will be pretty high as well. Your spouse or love partner will support you a lot in your career. You may even get lucky as you will be able to introduce your lover to your family this month. Minor conflict or ego clashes may happen but the bond will stay strong and passion will be there through and through. You may also plan more trips together this month.

Money & Finance:
Planets of Influence: Mars, Ketu & Sun
Major Trend: Travel expenses and investment in home will be high.

In the month of January 2021, the Libra moon sign will see a spike in travel expenses. The first half month especially looks like a time when most of your income will get spent on your travel and luxury items. You may also give money to your younger siblings. Your siblings however will support your professional growth in some way or the other. The second half of the month would be better as more earnings and gains including some from aboard are going to happen. You will be able to make money from your real estate deals too. However, during this period, you will also invest on your own house. You may use your savings in arranging a wedding within the family. An expensive gift may be given to the spouse.

Health -
Planet of influence: Venus, Rahu, Jupiter
Major Trend: Good sound health.

The health horoscope for the Libra native shows that there won't be much trouble on the health front in January 2021. Also, there's a possibility that you will recover from any illness that you had suffered earlier. However, it is recommended that the native doesn't ignore precautionary measures to avoid getting any chronic illness. Keep your regular exercise an important part of your routine. Build your immunity for the coming months as you may need that later. One of your family members may get sick this month.

Students & Education -
Planets of Influence: Saturn
Major trend: plan and prepare for future.

According to the Libra horoscope for January 2021, the native will have to work hard for their competition. You may have to be extra pumped to prepare in advance so as to avail the opportunities later in life. Plan your timetable and keep your schedule according to the plan of action. The chances of joining some educational institute in order to enhance your language skills are high. If you plan to get admission to a higher education institute, gather all information now and plan accordingly. The coming months will provide you the result of your perseverance, sincerity, and hard work that you put into this month. This will be a stepping stone for the future. Technical students may get opportunities for internships in some renowned institutes.

Family -
Planets of influence: Mars, Ketu, Saturn
Major trends: Expenses in the family with a get together

The family horoscope for the Libra native shows that your native will come to visit you in January 2021. Your siblings may show interest in your profession and their help may be quite useful for you. A family reunion is on the card this month. Maternal family members may also come to meet you this month. Any family member staying abroad will come to join some gathering that you have are an integral part of. The health of some family members may be a matter of concern though.

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