LIBRA June Horoscope


Overview: Your monthly horoscope is here, Libra & life demands maintaining of a balance now! Your schedule may remain under chaos & striking the right balance is highly required to achieve success. Avoid a lethargic approach & finish all work at hand without procrastinating. Rahu in your career house can result in some uncertainty at work. Hurdles will come your way in work that you may undertake. Remain patient. You need to stay strong & be courageous this month. Have confidence in yourself & continue to work hard. Eventually, you will reach your goal. If you are working in political field, then you are likely to get favorable support in this period. Social work & philanthropy will see your increased involvement, & will boost your social image & status this month. Avoid quarrels & arguments with people, since it will only waste your resources & prove to be worthless. An accident is indicated & you should take cautions along those line when traveling. Keep your focus on the work at hand, since carelessness at work can result in losses.

Career: The monthly readings show a professionally sluggish term for you, Libra. When stepping into a new project or venture, keep a careful & alert approach & proceed with patience. Hasty actions are to be avoided if you want to dodge losses. In your existing profession, you may face some uncertainty & gains might not match your expectations. When in doubt, remain calm & think patiently to reach the optimum solution. Business partners might cause some tension with their actions now & you should control your aggression while dealing with them. A new business deal may come your way now. Nonetheless, things make take some time to stabilize. Consistent hard work & diligent efforts are your only hope to fulfill your goals. Work might strain you to an extent. Work related travels are on the cards, yet avoid making sudden or unexpected journeys hastily.

Service persons may face some difficulties at work, since job stability is not brightly indicated. Change of job is not depicted & may take more time, efforts & patience. Your colleagues appear to remain cooperative this month.

Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast shows a hazy picture for love & marriage in June. Love partners, your relation can face some rough patches now, since you may not be able to spend much time with each other. In this period, you need to balance your work & life without compromising on anyone of them. Give your relation some time & embark on a romantic journey. Fill the atmosphere with words of love & affection & keep away any negativity. To improve the understanding in your relation, start ignoring the minor differences with your partner, which usually have been resulting in clashes.

Singles, you need to exercise patience now. If you are attracted towards someone, then this is not the time to express your feelings, as the response might confuse you. Similarly, if a proposal comes your way, keep it on hold for a while & don’t take hasty decisions.

Married couples, your self-esteem, & aggression can get the best of you & deter the conjugal harmony. Don’t allow an outsider to be involved in matters of your relation & strictly avoid following their advice. You should cut down on passing degrading comments on your spouse, as it can make things worse & hurt your partner’s feelings. You need to let all such issues rest. It is time to give your relation a new start. Help each other at every step. Talk to them & understand their state of mind. If they feel irritated, it could be due to some issues at office.

Money & Finance: Your monthly predictions depict a passive period, financially. Professional inconsistencies might affect your income now. Furthermore, your salary may take some time to reach you & such delay might cause some tension. Nonetheless, avoid thinking too much over it & continue to work hard & focus on your goals. You should stay away from lending or borrowing of money. If you are planning on investing your money, then the time is not right! Also, maintain a safe distance from speculation or real estate based investments this month. You may expect good profits from an old investment. Support from close ones & siblings will give you satisfaction & the help you need. Chances of some unknown or inevitable expenditures are also there.

Students & Children: The monthly indications for students show a bumpy ride ahead. Hard work will yield desirable results for you. Nonetheless, you need to remain active & overcome the lazy attitude that is keeping you & your academic performance down. Complete all important work & assignments within the designated time slot to get the best results. You may feel more stressed now, which can hamper your concentration. Performance in competitions & exams is likely to suffer thus, be careful. Near mid June, chances of going abroad for further studies are developing. Rejoice!

Your kids might be affected by a strenuous domestic front this month. They may find solace by indulging in social media or spending time with friends. Participating in sports will be beneficial for them & they are likely to earn accomplishments this month. Push them to take up more physical activities & keep them away from a sedentary lifestyle.   

Family & Health:    
The domestic front appears to be under unpleasant conditions this month. Family members may face clash of opinions now. Domestic issues may sprout some uncertainty in your mind, causing stress. An occasional celebration might add to the chaos & deteriorate conditions further. Your relation with your mother might be affected due to difference of thoughts or misunderstandings. Listen to you father, since his experience will majorly help you & he will completely support you this month.

Keep away from laziness, as it may bring along a host of ailments & diseases. Stomach related issues might deter your health this month. For peace of mind, you should embark on a family vacation. This will brighten everybody’s mood & help you bridge the communication gap between all members. Support from your elder brother will boost your confidence.
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