Libra April Horoscope


April 2019 will be a positive and active month. You will start off very creatively and see good level of growth. 14th April 2019 onwards certain issues and opposition to your ideas could pull back your efforts and progress made during this time.
New avenues will remain open and you could be on the verge of finding new projects and partnerships. Your temperament will be more aggressive than necessary and due to that you could loose out on some opportunities.
Keep a keen lookout on expenses.

Career – will be positive as new areas of growth and new opportunities would come up. However the work environment will remain very volatile due to which you could see some confusing and time wasting trends till the 16th April 2019. Be careful.
Avoid conflict and controversy with your boss as chances of a direct conflict and controversy remains throughout.

Colleagues and coworkers will provide growth but remain slightly competitive towards you. You will do well to handle such issues, diplomatically.

Money & Financial matters – will be good this month. You will see vibrancy in money matters. Avoid unnecessary loans and speculation this month.
Liquidity in money matters will remain poor till the 16th April 2019.
Income will be good throughout. A slower period would felt after the 15th April 2019.
Investments should be handled with caution. There could be wasteful investments and so you should invest carefully. Divestments should also be avoided till next month.

Family & health – Family life will be average this month. Avoid competition with family members. Health will be good throughout. Some minor issues could crop up after the 14th April 2019.

Love & Marriage – Love life will be very positive this month till the 15th April 2019. You will be confident and have sex appeal which will help you find partners easily. 14th April 2019 onwards sudden slowdown could come in due to work pressures and lack of opportunities thereafter.

Relationships will be socially active but might not see much happiness. Improvements could come next month. Till that time you should avoid controversy.
Marriage matters will be average this month as spouse could be in a competitive mood. Avoid controversy for some happiness till the 15th April 2019.

First half of the month would be better than second half of the month.

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