LIBRA April Horoscope


Your monthly horoscope comes out as package of blended flavors, Libra. The period after 14th April holds promise for shinning monetary profits, while Govt. jobholders can expect rewards from the authorities.

Nonetheless, luck may not favor you. The taste of success will require diligent hard work and dedicated efforts to be put in. Expenditures look to be within the safety limits. Your business opponents and competition can see a rise this month. Businesspersons can face fiscal letdowns in this period, and careful financial decisions should be made. Married couples will enjoy a joyous romantic term, particularly till 20th April. Harmony will mostly prevail in conjugal life. Your health can face some setbacks after 20th April. You will be wise and possess a pleasing and positive attitude. Energy levels look good for the entire month. Your courage is likely to remain at its peak. Spiritual inclination will see a rise and you may embark on a pilgrimage with family. Time spent with family can help you as well your family to rejuvenate and boost your spirits.

Career: The monthly predictions for career indicate a rough period in April. Professional life appears to be stressed. Strong events may occur at work front, making for an uncomfortable work environment. Relations with coworkers and superiors seem to be negatively affected. Clashes are quite likely. Relocation or changing of job might not provide any help. Rise in pay is not highlighted. Stepping into new ventures can add to your pressure and should be avoided for now. Business holders are expected to observe a term of slumber in profession. Savings can be affected, as the term looks unfavorable for gathering of funds. Business partners and associates will most likely fail to bring in any added profits.

Career Advice -
The month requires a lot of patience and careful monitoring of professional decisions. Work front can face setbacks and difficulties. Thus, no risks should be taken & a calm mind is needed to let this time pass smoothly.

Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast for love and marriage depicts a positive term in April. Jupiter graces your conjugal life with its presence & harmony should mostly prevail between married couples. The term till 20th April holds indications for your spouse to be egoistic; however, you are bound to manage it skillfully with your diplomatic approach.
Singles can also enjoy a favorable term & step into new relations, provided you keep your aggressive nature in check. Progeny is denoted in healthy conditions after 14th April. Nonetheless, care & rest should not be neglected.

Money & Finance: The monthly readings for finances imply a prosperous term ahead. Trends in money matters appear favorable after 14th April 2018. Hefty fiscal profits are likely, with a significant rise in savings also possible. Expenses will remain under control. Investments are favored this month, though they should only be made after 14th April. Stock market trading can lead to monetary losses and needs to be avoided for now. The latter half will see your flow of funds to become stable & largely, remain satisfactory.

Students & Children: The monthly indications for students & children point towards a period of growth & betterment. They will depict a knowledgeable demeanor and possess a polite and wise speech. However, the initial stages of the month can see them struggle with health issues. Slight betterment appears to come in with the second half of the month.

Students pursuing advanced education can expect difficulties till 14th April. Lack of concentration and focus can deviate them from the selected career path & they can feel strayed. However, the latter half should improve matters considerably. Their outlook is likely to remain favorable towards studies.

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope for family & health shows a hazy picture in April. Your wellbeing is likely to remain affected throughout the month. Problems with private parts will restrict your health and after 20th April, situation only seems to deteriorate. Caution is advised, and if needed, medical help should be considered.

Domestic front seems to face an unharmonious environment this month. Communication gaps are likely between family members, leading to frequent clashes & quarrels. Patience and diplomacy are needed. If situation worsens, consult an elderly wise for peaceful resolution.
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