Libra June Horoscope


June 2019 would be a challenging month for you. Some negative, fixated & even self destructive thoughts & traits could build up. You might find yourself cornered & the best way forward would be to be passive & wait to cross the 27th June 2019, when your mind would clear up. It is a time when you might take offence easily & the slightest of any friend’s jokes or comments might hurt you. Do give yourself time to cool off before you react this month. Sudden expenses or losses might be thrust upon you.

You might find that the previous growth or gains might seem lost or liquidated. You should not feel worried as the position will be retrieved handsomely after beginning of August.  You will a significant improvement in life & general circumstances during the last week of the June.

Career will be positive but you might remain distracted  due to which substantial growth might not be possible. You will find good growth due to creative efforts this month. Some worry about events at an overseas location possible between the 5th June 2019  & the 23rd June 2019. You will have to wait for better times.Work environment would be challenging & you might have to experience hurdles & challenges due to your own attitude. You shouldavoid controversy as much as possible.Even colleagues could bring challenges & so you should try & remain active in your projects yourself.

Love life will be average. You might feel the desire but not find suitable response from the one you like. It is a period when you will feel very unsettled & therefore unclear in your approach. You should wait for the end of the month for better times in love.Relationships might experience distances & some mental pressures. You might feel lower bonding. You should try & spend more time together.

Marriages will be very happy. You will find much gain & happiness from spouse. Some mental distances could build up after the 22nd June 2019. Be careful. Money matters will be very good. You will find multiple gains & inflows during this time. A period of high expenses & minorlosses possible after the 24th June 2019. Avoid any form of speculative activity during this time.Income will be good.

There would be a higher inflow after the 15th June 2019.Investments might be challenging this month. There would some misinformation, which might cause poor decisions. Avoid new investments till at least the 27th June 2019. Family life will be happy this month, while health could be below average till the 15th June 2019 . 

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