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Overview: Libra, your October horoscope points at a slow period ahead. Chances of reworking on your plans or decisions taken when Jupiter was retrograde during March and July 2018 period is quite high. You might remain irate as the month starts. Some confusion might prevail and your horoscope suggests that you work patiently. Take well-calculated decisions. Avoid a lazy or lethargic approach and strictly stay away from overconfidence. Don’t trust people blindly and check your facts before you act. Avoid spending or lending money to impress others. You will indulge in religious work this month. If interested in politics, you will observe a delightful period at the beginning of the month, and despite minor hurdles, this month will bring considerable progress for you. After mid-October, problems are likely due to a govt. related work. You can now expect relief in a land related dispute. A purchase of land or a vehicle is quite possible. Trips to foreign lands might face delays due to lack of paperwork.         
Career: The monthly horoscope puts your career in a rosy position. Start of a new work will fetch you the desired profits and success; however, be patient and if in confusion, consult an experienced trustworthy elder. Frequent work related foreign travels are possible. New offers from a foreign company can benefit you financially as well as raise your reputation, if the work is completed on time. New partnerships should be avoided now. If already working in partnership, work carefully and diplomatically.

If in a job, you will see improvement on the work front. You sincere efforts will get you the desired appreciation and salary. A promotion is quite possible this month. After mid-October, chances are your boss and seniors will appreciate your work and offer you a new project. You will come across the chance of joining an old company, however, the idea should be left aside as it will not benefit you.
Money & Finance: Your finances seem to face an unstable period in October. A govt. related work or project will profit you financially. After mid-October, some delays are possible due to a govt. related issue. The time is favorable if seeking a loan. You will need a diplomatic approach to get your lent money back. If involved in an ongoing lawsuit, you may have to spend on it to see favorable results. Investments made this month will fetch good gains.
Love & Marriage:
For love and marriage, October spells a rosy term. If you have proposed to your loved one, then you will get a positive response after some waiting.
Spending quality time with your lover will improve your relations and lower their complaints against you. Plan to go shopping or traveling together for improvements.
If married, health of your spouse might need your attention. Work related stress can make your partner irate and you should proceed with caution and patience. Deal with them calmly and affectionately.  
Students & Children: For students, October is the time for careful management and planning. Avoid wasting time on worthless matters, or you will have to face the music. Work actively towards your goals. Spend your time wisely and prepare your notes well in advance. If starting out at a new college, things will proceed smoothly for you.
Your children seem to face distractions this month and their studies might suffer. They might act lazy, yet deal with them diplomatically. Guide them with love and affection.
Family & Health: Libra, atmosphere on your family front looks disturbed. Your bonding with family members may suffer due to your harsh tone. Speak softly and be patient. Father will support you now. Your mother’s health will significantly improve this month. Your bond with your parents would mostly be cordial. Around mid-October, a trip with friends is quite likely, and most of your time will be devoted to a female friend.

Your health seems to improve this month. A prevailing stomach or chest related issue might see improvements. Stress will gradually disappear.       

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