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Your energy level will be up this month. But try to avoid short trips since they would not be productive. Avoid being overconfident at work and put in the best of your efforts to succeed.
Strive to finish your task yourself rather than relying on others. For business matters, you should seek advice from specialists. It is best to have an honest and wholesome talk when there is confusion.
Take care of your mother's health and maintain a friendly relationship with her.

Also, avoid getting into conflicts as it may escalate into a court case.
You would put a lot of effort into helping the poor and those in need, and this would earn you a good reputation in society, which would be beneficial for your political career.
You may spend time at religious places and in charity this month.

This is a good month to make some changes to your company.
In a relationship, you must exercise caution and avoid naïve faith in others.
Your capacity to make decisions may be impacted by Mercury's position, therefore seek advice from a senior or knowledgeable person before making any decisions.
For those who are salaried, this month will be much better than the last one since you may see the results of your efforts.
This month is likely to bring about a promotion at work, improved ties with the boss and seniors, and a pay raise.

Money & Finance
Mars will be in the house of money and difficulties until March 13th, so you shouldn't make any significant financial decisions during this time.
Court case might cost you money in the hopes of winning.
You will receive approval for your loan application this month. But be cautious while investing because there is a danger of losing money. An investment over the long run, however, would pay off. You would benefit by investing in land, property or the stock market this month.

Love & Marriage
There will be misunderstandings and ego conflicts with your lover when Saturn and the Sun transit the house of love. This can prompt you to end the relationship. Yet, you must exercise patience since after March 15th, there will be opportunities for improvement.
Rahu's presence in the marital home may cause problems in your relationship with your spouse. The best way to build your relationship and create harmony in your marriage will be through an honest attitude and frank discussion.
You could continue to feel worried because of a third person’s interference.

Students & Children
Saturn and Sun will be in the house of education through March 15th, making it impossible to focus on your studies. Hence, to succeed in your academic endeavors, try to balance time with your friends so that it doesn’t clash with the time for your studies.
With your diligence, the Sun's transit starting on March 15th will help you succeed in competitive exams. You could even pick up a new subject of study this month.
You will be able to achieve your goals.

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