LIBRA August Horoscope


Overview: Libra, your monthly horoscope shows clouds of uncertainty thronging your mind. Confusions at work may cause mental stress. Delays at work may dampen your spirits. Your social image is likely to suffer to some extent. If in politics, then you will need to work hard to make a reputation. Religious journeys will catch your attention. Vehicle related issues may create hindrances & you should be careful while driving. Purchase of a new vehicle needs to be avoided this month. After mid-August, some relief is expected, as issues will mostly be sorted. If involved in a govt. related matter or a lawsuit, then it is likely to take a turn in your favor.

New sources of income & some help from higher authorities are likely. Your network will expand at the hands of foreign contacts. Mars is retrograde while Ketu is transiting 4th house. House or land related issues might cause mental stress. A family dispute can lead to expenses on your behalf. Avoid wasteful spending. Keep your speech in check & stay away from making hasty promises.   
Career: The period looks bumpy for your career. Work related stress would exist. New projects will need added care, as you might not be able to deliver on time. Difficulties are likely & things will improve only after mid-August. Problems on the domestic front may further drain your concentration. Don’t trust people blindly, as you may be cheated. Hasty promises must be avoided. Projects from abroad are likely to face delays & may put your income on hold.

If in a job, this period brings improvements for you. Matters will be smooth, yet your work may not be appreciated. Seniors will be helpful in case of a work related confusion. A promotion or salary hike is possible next month & till then, maintain good numbers at work. A job change is possible, if looking for something suitable.   
Money & Finance: Finances will observe a sparkling term ahead. Income will improve, though expenses will remain on a rise. Foreign trips will fetch beneficial results only after mid-August, yet will leave a hole in your pocket. Self-pleasures, luxury & entertainment will occupy most of your expenses. Large investments in share market should be avoided & existing investments should rest for long terms for profitable returns. Destiny will favor you only from next month onwards. Land related work should be avoided for now. Investments in work related to design, creativity, or art are not favored. You will get the loan, if applied for, & lent money is likely to be returned to you.

Love & Marriage: The monthly readings depict a mediocre period for love & marriage. Lack of time for your partner can disrupt harmony. Plan to spend some time together to see improvements.
Singles, the period looks favorable for you to share your feelings with your loved one. However, wait patiently for their response. Chances are that an old lover might return in your life.

Marital life looks troubled this month. Minor misunderstandings can turn into major clashes & hamper domestic peace. Tension will continue to exist. Planning a surprise & gifts for your partner can reignite the passion & love in your relation. Traveling together can further boost harmony.  

Students & Children: The period looks favorable for students this month. You will be focused & your preparations will be top notch. Stop sharing notes with your friend, as your hard work will eventually benefit them. Career related efforts will fetch you good results. Family issues might affect your studies, thus, prepare accordingly.

Your kids may remain irate & frustrated now. Deal with them with care & affection. They will obey you, yet the bond may not be very cordial. They are likely to get admission in a school of their choice. After 20th Aug, their academic performance seems to be improving & their efforts will be appreciated.     
Family & Health:                      
Family atmosphere looks disturbed now. Difference of opinions among family members can lead to clashes. Your speech can further cause matters to worsen; thus, keep your speech in check. Parents will not be supportive. Parental property can become a cause for stress. Family trips are possible now, yet remain alert as losses due to a female are indicated.
Your health looks mostly good. Mental stress & stomach related issues could create difficulties. Going for morning walks & exercising regularly will be helpful.
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