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Your tension will improve and you may spend money on desirable things this month. You will spend money on luxury things and clothes. You may get into extra-marital affairs, so tread carefully. You should increase your willpower and skills to become successful in your work. You will achieve success with your hard work. You will care for your family and think about them. You will take responsibility of entire tasks.

You will take an interest in garments, luxury, art, cosmetic, and beauty products this whole month. Avoid being confused and tensed. Your luck will be in your favour in this period, so, work hard. There will be no desirable travels. Avoid unnecessary small travels. You may also take interest in politics and social services. You will be victorious over competitors but there will be delay in court cases.

You will get new opportunities in career but there will be delays in growth. Avoid wasting your time on entertaining yourself and showing off, else, it may create problems for entrepreneurial ventures. It is good to focus on your profession for better achievement. There will be good income and opportunities from creative, design and decoration work from 17th June. You may take risks in your new business.

You may change job as per your desires. Your anxiety may increase in your work areas. Colleagues will be favourable with you; and you should avoid confusion with boss in the mid of the month. There will be delays in promotion and increment.

Love & Marriage
You may face obstacles and confusions with your partner. Saturn transits in the 5th house in retrograde position, so keep your mind cool and don’t get irritated. There will be a possibility of breakup in this period, so it is wise to maintain a healthy relation with your partner. Singles may fall in love this month, but it is wise to avoid proposing to someone. You may meet your ex at your workplace. You should support your partner if they need you. There will be love, romance and passion in your relationship in the end of this month.

Married couple should be cautious of their married life in the starting of the month. Spend time with your spouse and try to understand their feelings. You should keep your spouse happy to avoid any disturbance and gap. Give surprises and gifts to your partner. There will be love and support from your spouse’s end.

Money & Finance
This is a good month for investment but there will be delays in new earning sources. You should avoid long term investment in the share market, land, or properties. You may spend money on vehicle but there will be no benefit in doing this. If you have given money to someone in the past, then, you will get that money back this month.

There will be new opportunities in income but there will be obstacles too. You may suddenly inherit heritage property. There will be expenses on mother’s health. You will get financial help from the government sector but don’t waste it on friends. You may spend money on clothes and luxury desires. You should avoid unnecessary expenses in the last of this month.

Students & Children
There will be obstacles and delays in joining new courses or academic institutions for students in this month. But, students will get good results in competitive exams. Your dream of getting admitted in a good college will be fulfilled. Friends may try to distract you, so, you should avoid being with friends and focus on your studies. You will get a loan for your studies.

Parents should be careful about their children, as they may feel lazy and, hence, won’t be able to focus on their studies. Parents should pay attention to children’s studies and arrange a guide or hire a tutor if the need be. Children’s health needs attention.

Family & Health
You will improve your relations with your family members and inherit heritage property. Siblings may ask for financial support from you. You will need to take care of your father’s health in the mid of the month. You may arrange a party at home. Take care of your health in this period.
Practice yoga and avoid junk food for better health. Go for outings to relax, but say no to alcohol. Take care of your stomach.

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