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Overview: Sagittarius, your December horoscope indicates a slow pace of things. You might remain lazy this month. Be patient and speak softly. If you make a promise, make sure you keep it. The period from 8th to 12th December 2018 looks stressful. Spend wisely. Be diplomatic in your approach and avoid quarrels. Flow of income seems nice. If involved with work of designing, creative arts or beauty, gains and profits appear good in December. If involved in sports, opportunities to display your talent would come to you this month. Occupy yourself with hobbies and activities that interest you, or you might feel frustrated. Chances are you might step in a new research. Traveling for work might frequently take you abroad. Be careful, as a property dispute is possible due to a relative. Make any expensive purchases near the end of December only. Indulging in social work would help you expand your contacts.

Career: December seems bright for your professional life, Sagittarius. Career looks mostly stable. Start of a new work seems unfavorable this month. If holding a business, support of your workers or employees would help smooth running of things at work. Be very diplomatic in your approach. If in a business partnership, deal with your partner carefully. Work related travels might take you abroad. However, some delays are possible in finishing of work on time.

If working in a job, you may face some changes at work. If waiting for a transfer, chances look good this month. A job change seems unfavorable in December. If seeking a new job, good opportunities with the desired salary would come your way. Cooperative coworkers would make for a peaceful work atmosphere. A hike in pay is quite likely in December with the help of your seniors. From 16th December onwards, avoid too much contact with your seniors or boss.

Money & Finance: Sagittarius, your finances seem variable during December. Hobbies and interests would be the center of your expenses. An old item might demand useless spending. Profits from work look good, yet unnecessary expenses could be stressful. You might spend on an old land. Expenses on a house or vehicle are possible. Investments in share market seem unfavorable this month. Good returns from an old investment could help improve your financial condition. You may profitably invest in real estate after some research. Financial help form your spouse would boost your confidence, if married. Uncertainties due to parental property are likely. Loan related matters appear smooth. With rise in traveling, expenses are also likely to raise.  

Love & Marriage: Your love life appears rough in December, Sagittarius. If dating someone, remain very patient and diplomatic with your lover. Matters may take an ugly turn and you must put your ego aside if you want to save the relationship. Speak softly and spend more time with your partner. Make sure you avoid too much interference from your family, as it might further spoil matters.
If single, someone at work might propose to you in December.

Sagittarius, your marriage life seems peaceful and cordial. A govt. job or rewards from the govt. are quite possible for your partner this month. You may travel abroad with your spouse to spend quality time together.

Students & Children: Sagittarius students would enjoy a pleasant time this month. Desired results are likely through sincere and regular efforts. Help from friends would be useful in preparing for competitions. However, respect your friends and talk to them carefully. Plans to study abroad would succeed this month. Chances of joining a new course are likely. Focus on your studies and don’t waste your time thinking about the opposite sex.

Sagittarius, December might see your kids in a frustrated nature. Their concentration levels seem low and results might not match your expectations. Help them follow a strict timetable to ensure they don’t waste much time on social media. Guide them with care and make them understand the importance of time. They may earn prizes and achievements at school this month.        

Family & Health: Sagittarius, your family life might face uncertainties or misunderstandings in December. Parents would work towards keeping things smooth. Support from elder siblings seems to bring some relief. A party is possible at a relative’s house.

Your health seems mostly stable during December, yet lack of energy is likely. Avoid laziness, as it might cause delays. There is a good possibility that your father might receive a promotion this month. Stay alert against problems related to blood sugar levels or thyroid.                        

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