SAGITTARIUS August Horoscope


Overview: Sagittarius, your monthly horoscope indicates confusing times ahead. A retrograde Saturn transits your sign this month. Indecisiveness will cloud your mind. Aggression & anger need to be controlled or it may spoil important relations. Delays at work are possible. Your professional network may expand but you will not be able to decide which contacts may be helpful in the future. You will get political support now & you may finally get the desired position possibly after 20th August. Help from higher authorities might help you gain progress now. A minor loss in business is likely & can be strenuous. If planning to buy a vehicle, this month looks favorable. Expenses on an existing vehicle are expected. You may spend on religious work. Trips are likely to be fruitless & may only add to your expenses. Luck will be on your side after Sun transits your sign. You will focus on your finances & your efforts will improve your financial condition. 

Career: Professionally, the month seems passive. Avoid stepping into a partnership with a women. Doubting the work of your staff will be your own loss & should be avoided as well. Meeting new experts this month will broaden your perspective. Minor losses in business are indicated & can keep you stressed & out of focus. Around 16th Aug, you may meet an influential foreign personality regarding your work. All your efforts will turn destiny in your favor. Avoid trusting your partners blindly, as you may be deceived.

If in a job, your skills will earn you the appreciation of your boss & seniors. A job change is possible only after this month. Colleagues will support you. Maintain a strategic distance from female friends at work, as it may land you in trouble. After mid-Aug, a rise in reputation, position, & social image is possible.

Love & Marriage: The monthly indications for love & marriage depict a tough period for relations. Lovebirds, you may observe quarrels & misunderstandings with your partner. Think before speaking. Financial clashes can affect the harmony in relations. Keep a calm & humble tone. Stop interfering with your partner’s work & Avoid passing critical comments. It will do you good to talk only about love.

Marital life looks stressed due to rising expenses. You may have to spend on the wellbeing of your partner. Thus, be careful. Share everything with your partner & keep a clear communication to avoid misunderstandings.

Money & Finance: The monthly predictions show a strenuous period for your finances. Expenses are expected to rise now. Matters that you have already spent on will demand more spending. Expenses on vehicle are likely. A pay hike is possible & can improve your financial condition. Make all monetary transactions with care. Manage your funds watchfully now & focus on saving instead of spending. Investing in share market & real estate should be avoided. Traveling will prove to be a costly affair. Avoid taking a loan this month. Spending on children & your own entertainment will keep your pocket stressed. 

Students & Children: The month looks average for students. Your concentration may suffer & confusion is likely to prevail. Expenses on studies is expected to rise & will keep you worried. You are likely to get admission in a college of your choice, yet dissatisfaction may make you sad.
Your kids may be involved in clashes with their teachers & you may be called for a meeting. Sports will interest them more than studies. Treat them with care.

Family & Health:                      
Family front appears to be disturbed this month. Family may not be supportive. Clashes among members can have a deep effect on children. Increased expenses will keep you troubled. Your anger may spoil the family atmosphere & you should maintain a humble tone. Spending time with your family can improve relations. Try to boost harmony within the family. Plan a family trip or party to make things better.

Your health can suffer to some extent this month. Cold, cough, or some infections are likely to bother you & you may have to visit the hospital. If suffering from blood sugar or thyroid problems, then follow the proper treatment & avoid laziness.
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