Sagittarius April Horoscope


An average month for you where you will work hard and growth would follow. It is a pleasant period but lack of luck and high success will keep events on a back burner for you. You will find support at home and work but not much growth yet.
Domestic matters could see some unnecessary aggression too at times.
Your temperament & ability to achieve would build up this month and would give way to good growth from the next month.
Career – will be in a phase of expansion, when you will come across a lot of new people who could help you grow faster at work. You will increase networking efforts and find growth. Level of responsibility and position would rise in career. Pressures from superiors will rise too.
Avoid making sudden and risky changes in career now.
Work environment will be positive and good support would be felt overall. Colleagues would be unsteady in attitude and bring in growth. There would however be some pressures from them to increase their share of the credit.
Money & Financial matters would be good. Growth would come in money matters mostly. Finances would fluctuate mostly, however.  You will find gains from fixed assets now.
Income will be good throughout.
Investments will be positive too, but any sort of speculative investment in fixed assets should be avoided.
Family & Health – Family life will be good but subject to some pressures and rise in commitments.
Health will be good throughout. Issues of the recent past would improve further after the next month. A positive period throughout.
Love & Marriage – Love life will be good throughout. You will have better chances of finding love or a new relationship till the 15th April 2019. Socially a good and exciting time.
Relationships would be positive this month. You will have some aggression at home due to your partner, else this would be a positive month.
Marriages will be good as you will find more time at home. However spouse will be in an unsteady mindset and there could be aggressive speech and some issues at home during this month. Avoid controversy till the 16th April 2019 at least.
Second half of the month would be better than first half of the month.

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