SAGITTARIUS April Horoscope


Sagittarius, your monthly horoscope points at a period with mixed results. You are likely to enjoy a financially successful month. Wellbeing of children appears to remain good, largely. For profession, April looks somewhat unfavorable. Businesspersons can face hardships on the work front. Conjugal life can take a hit, as health of your partner can remain affected. The time looks good for singles, and the presence of Venus & Jupiter in benefic positions grace them with success in new romantic beginnings. Till 20th April, monetary profits and rewards are positively denoted. Your courage can be at its peak now. Your energy levels seem to remain good & adventurous ventures are on the cards.

Career: The monthly indications for career indicates a rough term ahead. Professional stability is not largely depicted. The planetary positions hold strong signs for financial setbacks for businesspersons & care should be taken. Clashes and arguments on the front can spoil your professional relations with superiors. Your boss may not be supportive and this can hamper your peace of mind. The latter half of the month can bring some improvement to your relation with coworkers & they can become more helpful now. A job change or relocation can bring the much needed change to your professional life. A rise in pay is not denoted. Stepping into new venture or projects in this phase is not a good idea & should be avoided. Business holders will most likely experience a difficult period where gains and profits appear to be lower than expectations. Business partners might not be able to make any significant impact on the net profits, and as such, relations with them can be affected.

Career Advice–Since the month looks to be full of professional difficulties, all decisions related to career should be carefully measured before finalizing. Keep a patient and diplomatic approach while dealing with superiors & avoid being aggressive.

Love & Marriage: The monthly predictions for love and marriage denote a hazy picture. Bonding with your partner may not be cordial this month. Partner’s wellbeing appears to be affected for most of the month & this can further deteriorate conditions on the conjugal front. Couples can experience a sense of disconnect, as an intolerant approach can make one of the partners hostile.

For singles, the term before 20th April 2018 looks favorable and any new affairs in this period can expect to see a bright future. Connection between lovers is likely to be strong and understanding in spite of a few minor clashes possible. Progeny prospects look stable and positive. A normal delivery is on the horizon. Still, care & rest should not be neglected.

Money & Finance: For finances, the monthly forecast brings forth a rosy period. Hefty profits are depicted till 20th April. Any investments made before 20th April can rope in good returns. Stock market trading also appears to bring appropriate rewards but only if indulged in after 14th April. Personal satisfaction& entertainment will attract most of the expenditure this month. Flow of funds should remain decent. Spending economically will add to your financial stability.

Students & Children: The monthly readings for students & children hold promise for a progressive period in April. Their wellbeing will mostly remain good and stable. Their speech and behavior can show hints of self-esteem after 14th April. Nonetheless, this is an interim phase and transitions will soon take them back to their pleasing selves.

For students pursuing advanced education, the month seems to be very bright. The term after 14th April can particularly see an improved academic performance. Their outlook towards studies is likely to be positive & success is expected in most of the ventures they undertake.

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope for family & health points towards a stable & peaceful span. Your stamina and immunity look good throughout the month & you are likely to fight off any health issues with ease this month. However, stay clear of becoming overly aggressive as it can negatively affect your health as well as social image. A family member can face health issues this month & thus, care should be taken.
Domestic environment can taste disharmony as arguments and ego clashes are indicated on the cards. Patience is needed when dealing with family members. Avoid any extreme actions or harsh words.
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