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Overview: Sagittarius, a bright new month dawns onto you, with promise of new opportunities. You will meet new people who will help your career prospects grow. Profits through a govt. related work are quite likely for you in October. Your monthly horoscope shows a beneficial period, if you are interested in politics. A direct Saturn transits Sagittarius in October. Strenuous situations can make you frustrated this month. Be patient and keep your aggression in control. Jupiter changes its sign now. You may reach a good position or get you a good work project with the help of a female friend. A project from abroad seems to bring good financial rewards, however, you may have to make expenses for completing the same project. Savings don’t seem to grow much, yet don’t worry or think too much over it. Speak diplomatically and keep your aggression in control to find success in all your ventures and endeavors.

Despite an expected increase in your spending, all financial matters are likely to proceed smoothly for you. Luck is by your side now and general progress on all fronts of life is quite likely. Things seem sluggish after 16th October and you may face minor issues. Troubles from an old competitor are possible. However, move forward bravely, as you are likely to defeat any competition easily. If involved in an ongoing lawsuit, some relief will come to you. Lending of money should be avoided. Remain active, though avoid frequent short trips this month. After mid-October, your father’s health might need your attention. You may face issues with a high-position officer or govt. related work. Religious work will interest you and you may spend on it this month.
Career: Your career is depicted under mixed conditions this month, Sagittarius. New work should be avoided this month. Avoid investing in your existing line of work. Frequent traveling is likely. You will be able to complete projects and contracts from abroad in time, yet avoid being lazy. You may face issues with payments after 10th October. Delays at work are possible. If working in a partnership, confusions related to accounts might out you in a fix; thus, be careful. Your competitors will keep you busy and you should be ready to work hard if you want success. New projects and monetary profits are possible through a female friend.

If in a job, the month seems positive for your career. Colleagues will support you. Strong possibility of a promotion is there. Your relations with boss and seniors seem comfortable. Chances of getting a govt. job look good. Travels due to work are on the cards and may take abroad. Work hard and complete all tasks within the assigned time to boost your future prospects.       
Love & Marriage: Matters love and marriage are depicted under hazy conditions in October. Your relation with your lover seems affected. Frequent clashes might keep you stressed and if care is not taken, you may face terrible results. Be very diplomatic and keep your anger in control. If possible, keep a safe distance from your partner for some time. Try to clear any issues peacefully as soon as possible.
If married, expenses on spouse are expected to rise this month. Health  of your partner might need your attention. Your life partner is likely to face profits and gains on the work front. Till mid-October, your spouse can possibly profit from the govt.   
Money & Finance: The monthly horoscope shows mixed results for your finances. Uncertainties and doubts might keep you occupied this month. Income seems to improve, yet increasing expenses will keep you confused. Careful manage your finances and don’t trust anyone blindly with your funds or accounts. Avoid investing in share market. Investing in land or real estate appears to be profitable. Matters related to loan will proceed smoothly. You are likely to get back the lent money. You may possibly spend on home décor. Spend on a female friend is indicated. While traveling abroad, control your expenses and avoid lavish spending.
Students & Children: Students seem to observe a period of diversions this month. Concentration may falter and make you frustrated. Results might not be at par with your expectations. Choice of subjects can create some confusion. Avoid being lazy or wasting time worthlessly. Be careful while dealing with females.
Confusion is likely to bother you with respect to your children’s studies. Stay in touch with their teachers and keep a track of their performance.       
Family & Health:      
Your family seems to face some disturbing elements in October. Mars is posited in your house of family with Ketu. Stressed relations may lead to frequent arguments and clashes. Speak softly and keep your anger in control. Jupiter aspects your house of family, which might bring minor relief. After 16th October, Sun will be debilitated. Your bonding with your father seems to suffer. Losses in parental property are likely & can be very stressful.

Your health appears to be improving. However, for patients of diabetes or chest related issues, caution is advised. Eat healthy and if any issue persists, consult a doctor immediately.

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