Sagittarius January Horoscope


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Overview of the trends in January -  
Planet of Influence: Jupiter
Major Trend: Luck will make you confident and family will stay in focus
Predominating Emotion: Playfulness & passion in your life

According to the January 2021 horoscope for the Sagittarius native, this month will bestow you with an energetic and playful spirit. You will be passionate both in your workplace and in your relationships. Chances are you will earn good money and high social stature this month. Those Sagittarius natives who are single will get a chance of mingling with a partner this month. Your elder siblings and friends are also supposed to bring you luck. However, stay careful about your health. This month may come with chances of you preparing for some kind of international exam. Also, there's a possibility that your real estate assets may give you income and savings in abundance.

Career -
Planets of Influence: Mercury, Sun, Jupiter
Major Trend: Rise in profession with good rewards.

In terms of professional life, the January 2021 horoscope for the Sagittarius native indicates an overall good time. If you are a business owner, chances are you will have good gains in your business this month. For working professionals, rewards of some kind can be expected at your job this month. If you wish to get transferred to a better prospective place, try applying for it post-mid-month. Chances are you will get that transfer easily. Your family will be really cooperative about your career choices. Also if you want to start a business related to real estate January 2021 will be the best time for you.

Love, Marriage & Relationships -
Planets of Influence: Mercury & Mars
Major trends: Romantic and passionate time

The love horoscope for January 2021 shows that the Sagittarius native will be in a cheerful and romantic mood all month. Your partner will be really lucky and will take full benefit of this cheery attitude of yours. If you are one of those people who are about to get married, the month brings happiness and blessings for a new life from your family's side. This month, your spouse will get closer to your family. For singles also January 2021 will bring new options and chances to meet someone special. Your witty nature will do magic on the opposite gender. This may trigger more secret, unexpected romantic proposals too. However, your partner may fall sick this month.

Money & Finance -
Planets of Influence: Saturn & Venus
Major Trend: Smooth flow of money and savings

According to the Sagittarius moon sign January 2021 horoscope, money inflow will remain pretty smooth this year. You will utilize a new saving option that will be really fruitful for you. If you had applied for a loan and it was approved earlier, the chances of it transferring to your account are pretty high. You may spend money on your spouse or your love partner other than making important expenses for your family. Investment in speculation may also yield you profit. Your land, house, or vehicle may give you income too. People in real estate have chances of earning really well this month. Your own personal expense pattern may also see a gradual change. You may also prefer buying more expensive and luxurious things this month. Do not waste money in show off and keep saving for the future.

Health -
Planet of Influence: Moon, Venus, Rahu   
Major Trend: Health could make you worry to some extent

Maintaining a robust heath will be difficult for the Sagittarius native in January 2021. According to your horoscope, your general lifestyle this month may give you some problems. Eating out and not keeping your exercise in routine may give you some minor ailments this month. Most of the Sagittarius natives will not be able to keep their normal routine and balanced diet in check this month. This may lead to some kind of throat infection along with pain in the eyes with constant headaches. If you want to stay healthy, you need to follow all medical and health instructions this month. Do not ignore or cheat on them.

Students & Education -
Planets of Influence: Mars
Major Trend: Strong efforts and proportional success.

The Sagittarius native horoscope for January 2021 indicates that they will be pretty determined and energetic to keep their study routine in check. Your focus on your goal will be very precise. You may also plan and study for some international competitive exams. Preparation and result for exams like GMAT, IELTS will be decent to satisfactory this month. If you want to enrol in mass communication or public speaking course, then mid-January will be the best time to do it. As far as your communication skills are concerned, they will definitely improve this month.

Family -
Planets of Influence: Jupiter, Saturn
Major Trends: Family support may bring luck to you

The family horoscope for the Sagittarius native in January 2021 has predictions for some kind of get together. This will be in the lure of your family and friends trying to come together in order to help you out. Your father and elder siblings in particular will give enough support to you. Your professional achievements may be discussed at home and they will be celebrated. Your mother and your spouse will share a good rapport with each other and it will only make you happier. There are possibilities of some kind of joint saving scheme with some family members. Try to avoid any property related discussion as it may create misunderstandings.

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