SAGITTARIUS June Horoscope


Overview: Your monthly horoscope is out, Sagittarius & the word for you is patience! Confusion & uncertainty will keep you occupied this month. The retrograde Saturn transiting in your Moon Sign would make it difficult for you to make the right choices. Any important decisions should be postponed for now. Saturn can further push your work to face delays. However, you need to remain patient & avoid losing all hope. Your creativity will remain on an ascent & bring you benefits. Some tension on the domestic front can cause turbulence in your life this month. You need to strictly stay clear of overconfidence & carefully analyze situations before taking a risk. When in doubt, stop for some time & let things clear out, instead of moving forward in haste.

There are chances for you to step into trouble at the start of the month due to a female. Hence, keep a tactful & diplomatic behavior when around females. From 15th June your harsh tone can lead to quarrels with your father. Thus, keep a soft speech & patiently listen to what he has to say. Getting involved in social welfare will bring you respect & a rise in reputation. Keep your health in check while taking long journeys. You may develop an interest in the occult science & or a new research work. Your opponents are likely to remain very active this month & may act against your progress. Be watchful.     
Career: The monthly readings show a rosy term for your profession. Nonetheless, the period is not favorable for new beginnings or projects. An old work may resurface & bring you the option to get involved, but you should avoid any bulky investments into it. You will face confusions while taking any decisions & help may come at the hands of experienced seniors if you consult them. Your competitors can act to spoil your efforts now & it will do you good to evade discussing your work related matters will anyone. If you are seeking work related help of the government, you are likely to receive it. Remain careful while dealing with female colleagues or partners. Business partnerships will run smoothly this month. You may receive new work prospects from foreign lands now, but act after giving it a careful thought & don’t take hasty decisions. Work related travel is also possible & will be fruitful.

Jobholders will experience a favorable period this month. A job change is quite favorably supported now. You can expect a rise in salary as well as words of recognition & appreciation from your boss. An appraisal or a promotion is also on the cards. Coworkers will support you fully, yet you should keep your aggression in control, as it can spoil the prospects.     

Love & Marriage: The monthly indications for love & marriage show a hazy picture in June. Lovebirds, you may face some friction this month, with no apparent reasons for the clash. Trust may lack in your bond & if care is not taken, feelings may also be badly affected. In order to bring back the lost peace, try to keep a distance from your partner for some time & meet occasionally. It would be better to focus on your goals or career for now. Nonetheless, keep all channels of communication open & help each other whenever needed. Singles, this period is favorable for you to step into new relations. Your partner might surface from your work area.

Married couples, the period from mid-June appears to bring positive news for you. Nonetheless, till then some hindrances are possible & might lead to arguments & clashes between the two of you. You should take initiatives to keep your spouse in flying spirits & your relation under pleasing conditions. Develop a pleasing tone of speech & spread joy on the family front. You should remain watchful, as a woman might be the reason behind all the ruckus & taking an immediate action will help you resolve the issue effectively.
If you are looking to get married, then matters might be delayed for some time.

Money & Finance: Financially, the month of June looks flourishing. Hefty gains are indicated. A pending payment might find its way into your pocket or an existing investment may suddenly bring you unexpected profits this month. You should evade any clashes that may be developing with your father, as it will only hamper the atmosphere on the family front & can severely damage your prospects in terms of parental property. Investing in speculation or in matters associated with land are to be strictly avoided. If seeking a loan, then govt. banks will prove to be helpful. Hefty profits from business are possible, though a simultaneous increase in expenses will keep financial stability in disputes. Spend economically this month. Chances will be plenty to invest in new schemes & you should make careful choices only. Lavish spending on kids will add to your stress & might put a hole in your pocket.

Students & Children: Students are likely to face a bumpy ride in June. Uncertainties & confusions will reign your thoughts, & your performance might deteriorate. For better results, you need to work hard & put your best foot forward. Getting admission in a college of your choice will need extraordinary efforts from you & you should proceed will confidence now. Female friends can shift their personal stress on your shoulders. Avoid being over-thoughtful or too emotional about others’ tensions.

Your kids are likely to be involved in a tussle with each other & their nature might turn frustrating. You should spend time with them & allow them to share their feelings with you. If you are planning to send them to foreign land to study, you will have to put in a lot of effort & seek every help you may find. Support from others will bring you success eventually. Keep their wellbeing under scrutiny.
Family & Health: Your family appears to be facing an uncomfortable atmosphere now. Frequent tussles between members of the family are indicated & can make you irritated. Keep a humble approach & your aggression in check. A celebration is also possible on the domestic front. But a female may create unwanted confusions, changing the entire flavor of the occasion! After mid-June, your coordination with your father might suffer to some extent & bonding with elder brother may take a hit.
Remain very careful about your knees & keep a strict watch on your blood pressure levels. You are likely to suffer from an unknown or undetectable ailment this month. For betterment, take some time off & spend time at a relaxing spot away from home.
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