Sagittarius August Horoscope


Overview: Retro Saturn is transiting through your moon sign which will make you feel anxious, lazy and flimsy. Abstain yourself from unnecessary travels till 10th Aug 2019.Keep a check on your tone and abstain from using brutal or undesirable tone or language otherwise this can ruin a valuable relation.
You will confront a few obstacles in your professional life which will bring about a lot of stress and result in psychological illness.

Try not to commence a new venture before 15th Aug 2019. Consult your parents or an insightful companion before taking any major work decisions. In case you are from political background, be cautious of your rivals as they will try to defame you. Do not put your feet in any illegal activity.
Your fortune will favor you after 16th Aug 2019. This time frame will be favorable for political work and government jobs. A female (either your spouse or partner) will play a major role towards your financial stability. You will get an opportunity to travel abroad. You will plan out a religious outing with your family.

Career: Abstain yourself from taking any abrupt work related decisions such as a new business venture or discussion of a new project with clients as there are high odds of errors which can bring about anxiety and stress. Do not trust your business partner blindly.
In case you’ve applied for a government job, then you will receive uplifting news after 16th Aug 2019.
Keep a regular check on your employees and workers. There will be a delay in business projects. You will confront some obstacles in your career path. . Maintain a strategic distance from your colleagues till the mid of this month and make an effort not to reveal your ideas or plans to them. Abstain yourself from beginning a new job till 20th Aug 2019.

All this while you ought not to lose your hope and remember one thing that steady and diligent work can help you getting out of these challenging circumstances. If given an opportunity, you should start a new business with a female after 20th Aug 2019. This will be very beneficial for both of you. Your boss will perceive  your diligent work you will receive appreciation and may be promotion as well.

Love and Marriage: Keep a check on your tone and language while having conversation with your partner, friend or spouse. Brutal words and abusive language can result in breaking your relationship with someone, maybe for lifetime. You will face a great deal of heated arguments and disputes with your spouse, which will cause a communication gap and a lot of fuss between both of you. There will be continuous interference of your in laws in your personal issues.Maintain a strategic distance from extra marital affair. You will meet the love of your life after 14th Aug 2019 very strangely and abruptly at a public place such as a temple or a coaching.

Your disputes will come to an end by 10TH Aug 2019. You will close all the rooms for any further misunderstandings or arguments. You will invest a lot of energy in each other and will spend quality time by going on long drives and dates. You will receive full support of your partner in every phase of life.
You should take care of your partner’s health and attempt to keep him/her away from any sort of stress else he/she may experience the ill effects of stress.

Money and Finance: Your pocket will be somewhat tight yet this won’t prevent you from superfluous expenses. To avoid any unfavorable circumstance try to deposit your investment funds in bank. You will spend your money on repair of an old vehicle, on house renovation and on the purchase of a land or property.
There will be an increment in your salary and income after the mid of August. Be cautious while lending out cash to someone. Keep your debits and credit cards at a safe reach and do not reveal your secret pin numbers to anyone.

Speculative investments and share markets will be extremely profitable during this month. However, avoid investment on land or property. An ancestral property will hold an extra ordinary worth.
In case you’re intending for loan, try for it after mid August. Your bank will turn its lights green and will give you a credit of your desired worth.

Students and Children: The period till 10th August isn’t that extraordinary for students.
You may face disappointment or poor grades in your exams. This can adversely affect your confidence level and your morale. Abstain yourself from any sort of distraction particularly female friend/friends. Avoid trips and outings till your exams. Your aim should be just hard work and concentration on your studies. Children will experience the ill effects of anxiety and stress till the mid of August.
Parents will be called to school on account of their child’s misconduct with a teacher or student. Parents should handle this situation with most extreme love and care. Your aggressive reaction can make the situation even worst.

You will be focused towards your studies after 16th Aug 2019. After this date, there will be no space for any sort of fuss or confusion.
Your hard work will pay you off and you will perform incredibly well in your exams. In case you were preparing for an entrance exam, you will get an admission in your desired college.

Family and Health: Increased expenditure will cause a ton of misunderstandings and heated arguments among the family members. This will bring about upsetting condition at home. Your siblings will not support you and therefore you will experience clashes with them. There will be some disputes regarding ancestral property. All this while, you should keep a control on your tone and language. Someone needs to take a first step in order to clear all misunderstandings and fuss. You should arrange get together and house parties to unite all the family members.

Take extra care of your father’s health. Along with this you need to take care of your well being too. You will be disturbed due to cough and throat infection. Sugar and thyroid can likewise involve concern. Yoga and exercise will be extremely beneficial for your health.

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