Sagittarius June Horoscope


Health & feeling of competitiveness could be challenges you face during June 2019. It is a vibrant period overall and as long as you are able to remain positive & active, you should be in a position to do well.Lack of understanding & some controversy possible with cousins & uncles / aunts during this month. Relationships could go through rough weather too. You might have to handle challenges in finances as well as some issues with people in authority.

Your own position & authority might be challenged too.It is a month when relationships as well as work should be handled with caution. Career will see challenges after the 5th, as opposition to your ideas would mount. You will see some sort of regression in work environment. Projects might experience hurdles compared to the past. You need to cross the period till 25th cautiously.

Career will progress better thereafter.Further you will feel the level of dynamism would rise in work. Towards the end of the month, you will find a much better level of progress in work.Work environment would be highly competitive, disturbed and challenging. It is a period when you need to stay away from conflict & controversy. Improvements possible after the 27th June 2019.Co workers would turn bossy & try to control you. You will need to be careful, not to let colleagues steal your show.

Love life will be challenging. Chances of a break in love life & issues due to misunderstandings & ego possible. Try not to force the pace. If love life is slow, let is go. There would be improvements after the 27th June 2019, but overall you will have to wait for a couple of months for better prospects.

Relationships will be positive but partner might try to control you & be competitive overall. Chances of a break in relationship exists & so you need to be very careful.Marriage matters will see verbal conflict with spouse & difference of opinion between the 5th June 2019 & 21st June 2019. Be careful & avoid conflict as much as possible.

Money matters will be positive but there could be wasteful outflows which will create hassles for your cash flow. Overheads would be higher than the recommended levels.You might see certain reversals in financial status till the 27th June 2019. Improvements & stability will be felt thereafter.Income will be below average.Investments will be good. You could get good gains after the 22nd June 2019.
Family life will be happy. You will spend quality time with family. A good period overall. Health could bother you, as a few issues from the past could come back to bother you. You need to be cautious till the 27th June 2019.

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