Sagittarius February Horoscope


Overview: Sagittarius moon sign natives will have a positive month. You are undergoing the last phase of Saturn’s seven and a half year transit, also known as Sade-sati. Your past efforts and hard work will reap benefits now and you should now implement the lessons imparted by Saturn in your practical life. Avoid taking hasty decisions and adopt a logical and analytical approach while dealing with professional and personal situations. Your career will be in a better shape and support from seniors and boss at workplace will help you in professional advancement. Your sign lord, Jupiter is transiting in its own sign which is highly beneficial for your personal and professional growth. Your perseverance and hard work will be duly rewarded in the form of growth opportunities.

However, you will have to be careful about your speech, food habits and money matters as Saturn and Sun will be transiting the second house as per your moon sign. You should be polite and courteous in your interactions and avoid being rude or irritated. You should proceed with caution regarding your investments and keep a tab on your expenditures this month. Friends will be supportive of your endeavors during this time and your network circle will expand. If you are involved in politics, this is going to be favorable month for you. Travelling and home renovation will incur expenditure hence you might have to plan your budget accordingly. Your religious inclinations will increase this month and you might find yourself getting involved in social activities.

Career: Career wise, this month will bring beneficial results as you will get new opportunities for professional growth. Business persons will come across lucrative deals and projects which will bring in good wealth inflow. If you are involved in beauty, arts, creative or designing field, you will reap great benefits during this time. If you are a service or job professional, time is favorable after mid of the month. Female colleagues or partners will be supportive towards you during this time and you might benefit working in collaboration with them.

You will get opportunities to work on foreign assignments, which will expand your knowledge base and enhance your growth prospects. Involvement in multiple projects and tasks at work will keep you occupied this month and so will trainings and travels. Your social and network circle will increase this month and you will come in contact with influential people which will help you in your career. Chances of financial rewards in the form of increments, incentives, pay hike are high after mid of the month. Freshers will be lucky to get good job offers this month.

Money & Finance: Money and finance prospects look well for the natives of Scorpio moon sign as there will be increased amount of savings and incoming gains. The second half of the month is more promising in terms of financial growth as compared to the first. You will be more wise and prudent in money matters and wealth management. Increase in salary or increments at work will help to enhance your financial standing.  You might spend money on home and vehicles this month and may invest in share market too. You might gain from real estate investments and your past investments will also give profitable returns. You will be able to generate extra sources of income for yourself, which will add a boost to your existing finances. You will spend money on foreign travels, however will be able to save aside for rainy days too.      
Love & Marriage: This month is good for the love life of Sagittarius moon sign natives. You will feel energetic and there will be excitement in your relationship. However, you need to be careful with your speech during this time as harsh communication might create friction in your relationship. You should not try to scratch old wounds and let go of bitter experiences of the past to maintain a healthy and amiable relationship. Be polite and humble in your interactions and try to be more understanding towards the needs of your spouse and partner. Planning a short outing or vacation to a romantic destination will help to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Married couples will find this month slightly challenging as there will be confusions arising out of a lack of understanding. You should be considerate and flexible in your approach and try to handle marital issues with a calm and patient mindset.
Students & Children: Students will find this month favorable as they will feel courageous to take on obstacles with energy and vigor. Your mind will be brimming with new ideas and you might pursue your hobbies and creative pursuits. You will have to keep yourself away from distractions as your memory and concentration might adversely affect your performance.

You might consider a new course or advance your education. There will be a steady rise in your willpower from mid of the month which will help you to achieve your goals. You should keep a tab on your expenditure as there might be a tendency towards extravagance. Children will take interest in sports and competitive activities and will be able to win prizes and medals. However, their studies might require attention and you might have to provide them support and guidance during this time.

Family & Health: Family life might go through some hiccups during the initial phase of this month, however, things will turn better as the month progresses. There will be misunderstandings between the family members which might give rise to minor conflicts. Your patience and wisdom will help you to resolve the differences amicably and maintain a peaceful domestic environment. You should be very careful about your speech and tone of voice this month and avoid being aggressive and short-tempered. There might be an auspicious or religious ceremony at home which will bring a sense of peace and calm to the home environment. However, your health might need special care as unhealthy eating habits and stress might lead to digestive issues and stomach infections. If you have a history of diabetes or thyroid, you should take extra care during this month.

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