Sagittarius March Horoscope


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Travel for religious purposes and leisurely excursions are encouraged throughout this month. Don't overspend on friends and luxury. Refrain from arguing with pals. Be kind to everyone and avoid being rude.
This month, relationships with siblings won't be friendly. Making decisions may feel limiting, thus consult a senior or expert before making any choices.

The Sun will enter Pisces on March 16th, making this a good time to begin a new project. Artistic and creative businesses would experience a new high.
Strive hard to improve your skills so that your supervisor or senior at work would respect you.
Stress may be brought on by brief trips.

Making a significant investment in your company during this month is not advised since, until March 27th, combust Mercury will tempt you to make the incorrect choice. Moreover, partnership transactions should be avoided this month.

You could make new connections that will help you seal a new contract. If you are employed, this season will be excellent for you.
Your senior or employer could appreciate your sincere efforts and hard work, and a job promotion may be in order for you.

Money & Finance
The transit of Saturn, the ruler of the house of wealth, with the Sun suggests that although there may not be significant costs, there may be the potential for loss.
You might need to spend money on short trips. The decision to invest in the stock market should be made after consulting specialists.
Jupiter's transit into its own sign denotes a favorable time for purchasing land. You may even purchase a new home or make home improvements.

Love & Marriage
Your love life will experience a modest phase due to Saturn's impact and Rahu's transit in the house of love. There may be tension in your relationship as a result of miscommunication or intervention from a third party.
To increase understanding and deepen your relationship, it is important to spend more time together.
If you're married, it's possible that you and your spouse have misunderstandings that will cause strife in your marriage. Try to clear up any misunderstanding by having a constructive talk with your spouse.

Students & Children
You might become sidetracked from your studies and drawn to social media and your friends as a result of Rahu's transit and Mars's influence. You need to concentrate on your academics and the competition, else you risk missing a significant chance.
You will have the chance to learn new things this month, pursue a dream career in research, or both. This month will present you with several excellent chances if you're planning to study abroad.

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