Sagittarius December Horoscope


Overview: At the beginning of the month, four major planets will transit into your Sagittarius Moon Sign. As a result, you will face mental stress and anxiety due to the pending work you will have this month. It will be difficult for you trust anyone and you will remain confused about various things throughout this month. You are going through the Sade Sati phase of Saturn. Consequently, you will face difficulty in making important calls and decisions of life correctly.
This month calls for you to efficiently manage your time and stay focused on your work. You should never stop improving your work and your skills as they will serve you for long in the future and help you get exactly what you desire in your personal and professional life.

Your married life may face some problems due to the difference of opinion between your spouse and you. It is essential for you to understand that an extramarital affair will only worsen the current situation while putting three lives (including you) at stakes rather than bringing any positive outcome.
This December, you need to keep a tab on your anger and chose your words wisely while communicating. Saving money will not come easy for you this month so it is important that you keep a check on your expenses and follow a strict budget in order to save at the max. Do not waste money on unrequited traveling.

This month your inclination towards politics and social service will rise and you will actively participate in activities related to them. On the family front, your relationship with your parents will remain good and healthy. If we talk about your professional front, you will always have an upper hand on your competitors during December 2019 and will start taking keen interest in research related work.

Career: There are good and bright chances for you to start your own work this month. However, the work progress will not be on the same level as anticipated by you. Ergo, you will suffer from mental stress and anxiety. But you need to stay focused, strong and patient for things to start working in your favor. This will require you to stay focused and work with increased stamina and energy to turn around things in your favor. Work-related to a new project will require you to travel extensively to foreign countries.
If you are into a business line of the work, you should try and run things solo rather than planning to start it in partnership with others. Otherwise, you will fall prey to confusion and misunderstanding with your partner and that will affect the overall growth and progress of your business in the long run.

At your workplace, your colleagues or coworker will be supportive during this month. You will need to work hard and remain focused on your work in order to be able to let your good work reflect and speak for itself in front of your Boss. It will be a good idea to first find a new job before leaving the current one in order to avoid any financial loss for you. Your hard work and efforts at work will be rewarded by grand promotion and a decent hike in your salary.

Money and Finance: This month, you will spend a good amount of your money to enjoy with your friends and to pamper yourself as well. However, it is imperative for you to keep a check on your expenses and abstain from flaunting your assets and your income to the rest of the world.
In case you have been thinking of endowing money into speculative activities such as share market and lotteries, this will be a good month to do so. From 15th December 2019, it will be a good time for you to apply for a financial loan. However, try and avoid lending money to anyone at all without proper documentation otherwise the money may not find its way back to you ever.

This month, there will some expenses incurred for the education of your children. Other expenses such as home renovation and interior decoration will also burn a deep hole in your pocket.
December will also bring some financially good news for the Sagittarius Moon Sign. You will be able to benefit financially from the good returns that you had made in the past. You will have to invest money in order to resolve some dispute or legal case but you will have to be extremely vigilant about the same. There are bright chances that you will get an increment in your salary or a good commission from your work.

Love and Marriage: On the love and romance front, December seems to be a favorable month for the Sagittarius Moon Sign Lovers. You will mostly spend your time with your lover on romantic dates and outing including long drives and night outs. In case, you had broken up with your lover, your ex-lover will approach you and if you feel right about the whole thing, you can go ahead and give him or her second chance to take a short at the relationship from scratch.

Do not let ego and over-interference come in between your relationship as it may ruin things for good. Just in case you have fallen head over heels in love with your lover or partner, then do not waste any time further and propose him or her rather than waiting for them to do the same!

If you are married then brace yourself for some difficult times ahead this month. There are strong chances that the frequency of conflicts and confusion with your spouse will increase which may turn into ugly fights and arguments this month. do not let a third person tell you how to manage your marital life as it may further worsen the situation for you, instead, it is highly suggested that you sit down and calmly talk to one another and resolve the issues while understanding each other’s view-point. There are chances that your spouse will start keeping secrets with you as he or she will be unable to trust you for some reason. It is your duty to find out the reason for his or her doubt and sort it out at the earliest for the sake of your relationship.

Students and Children: December 2019 is going to be an academically excellent month for the Sagittarius Moon Sign Students. You will feel high on energy, confident and completely focused during this month. However, high competition, expectations, and study load can become a reason for your mental stress and tensions. It is important for you to stay away from all sorts of worldly pleasures and distraction such as social media and games that can get you distracted from your set target. Just stay calm and patient and concentrate on your studies and improving yourself.

As a person, you are expected to be humble in your attitude and should not use any indecent or abusive language for anyone at your educational institution including your seniors. This month, you will get the opportunity to participate in sport and professional courses. There are high possibilities that you will sure shot go to some foreign university for your higher education during this month if you have prepared well for the entrance examinations.

This month your children will remain highly energetic and confident. It is your responsibility to provide your children the help needed on their academic levels such as getting the required guidance through a tutor or mentor or the study material needed by them.

Family and Health: This month the environment at home will remain a little tensed due to the constant arguments amongst all your family members which will uproot the peace and harmony at the home front. During this tough time, you will have the constant support of your parents which will provide you some mental relief during hard times. Till 15th December 2019, there are chances that there will be some sort of confusion and misunderstanding hanging between your elder brother and you. It will be cleared and resolved to post the above-mentioned date.

You will arrange a religious function or activities at your place and your children will become the reason for your happiness as they will get some sort of reward or achievement this month.
From the health perspective, it will be good if you plan a vacation during this month in order to take your mind off the mental stress and anxiety caused due to heavy workload and family issues. Om case you feel you have some symptoms indicating a neurological issue; you should immediately consult a specialist to get the required treatment.

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