Sagittarius January Horoscope


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You may feel energetic and courageous. Mars and Ketu are reason of wastes in terms of travel and expenditure. Saturn and Sun, from 14 Jan will bring some irritability in the mind. Mercury will also transit with Saturn, so you will have to control your tongue and expenses. Do not say anything with too much enthusiasm; do not make any promises which you have trouble fulfilling. If you are going to start any new work, then it will be better till 18 Jan with very thoughtful steps. If there is a case or dispute going on in the court, then repeat and reason of tension due to retro Venus will occur.

You may be interested in any research and can go for any new research as well. There may be some confusion regarding ancestral property. Time will be better regarding property but with delay. You should keep laziness away from yourself and focus on your hobby to avoid mental trouble. To stay away from irritability, go to some religious place. You will get help in government work, or if any government-related work is stalled, that too will be completed.

Do not be in a hurry about new work, nor come under anyone's words and work on a new project. At this time, do not work in partnership as there may be some rift in the already ongoing partnership due to Mercury combust from 18 Jan. You will get new projects from abroad and you will also get success by completing the work on time and then only you will get further contract/deals/projects from 16 Jan as Mars will transit in Sagittarius sign with retro Venus. Work with your senses not with empty enthusiasm.

Where you are doing your job, you will get promotion and there will be talks of increase in salary. Seeing your hard work, you will get a new project for which you will also have to travel. This hard work will decide your future. Time will be better for new job; you should increase your efforts. Time will be better for government job till 14 Jan.

Love & Marriage
Try to spend more time with the person you love, only then your love will remain with you, otherwise there may be distance with your partner. You should not raise your expectations too much, whatever you talk about, do it with love. If you are alone, then there is hope of getting a partner from 16 Jan in this month. Your cooperation will be needed in the house of the person you love, you will have to give time. Avoid any love triangle. There will be some rift in your married life as well, keep your tongue under control, otherwise the relationships may get worse, which will create distance. Keep talking, otherwise the partner may leave the house and go away. There may also be a sudden loss of money in your partner’s work; you will have to support them mentally and financially.

Money & Finance
This period will bring delay regarding money, but due to excessive expenditure, you may face problems. You will be inclined to spend on your desires, but it will only bring reduction in your bank balance. Traveling abroad may also cost you more. There can also be loss due to a special friend. Investments related to land will be beneficial, you can invest for a long time. Do not think of investing in share market till 18 Jan. There will be relief in loan transactions, but you should only take a loan for work which will be beneficial. If you want to take it for your personal reasons, then it is best to avoid it.

Students & Children
The time for the student is to concentrate on studies. If the mind is irritable, then for some time, you can hang out with your friends. But save for more expenses with friends. In studies, you will feel like doing research on a new subject, and you will also be able to help with your rapport with your teacher. Time will support you to study abroad and you will get the opportunity to study in your desired college. Don't think about changing any subject right now.

You will also benefit in the competition. If your children get very angry, then explain with great love and go for a pilgrimage to a religious place. Only then will they feel inclined to study. You can get a prize in your school, and you will also get praise. They will have more interest in their friends, you will have to explain them in many ways.

Family & Health
Due to any kind of confusion with your family members, there will be no coordination and family members may spend more than traveling together, it will also cause stress. Your cooperation with parents will also remain and the relationship with elder brothers and sisters will also become sweet. If your mother gets some opportunity in her work or something different, a party can be organized, due to which all of you will be happy because of increase in her income. According to health, the month will be right, due to high expenses, mental stress can occur. Working on time will also reduce stress. Neck infection, cough, cold etc. too could occur to you. If any chronic disease is going on, then there will be relief in that too.

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