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Zodiac lord retrograding Jupiter transits own sign, but Jupiter comes out from retrograde to direct from 24th November. This is a good position and gives you knowledge and insights. But you feel mentally tensed and irritated due to the last phase of sadde satti. Avoid taking decisions in precocity and take help from senior to take major decisions. Control your emotional thoughts and do not have over expectations. You should maintain relationships and implement your thoughts with the help of your father. This month is good for beauty, creative, and design-related work. You will be successful through your own efforts after 16th November as Sun is in Scorpio sign. Your relations with your close relatives can also get better. If you take interest in politics, you should increase social activities and work hard to get success after 16th November.

This month you can start businesses that were stuck in the past due to retrograde Mars aspect on career house. You will receive support in your business. You will increase connections in foreign countries and have successful meetings for new projects and deals. However, you will face delay to complete it till 13th November, so, you should increase your stamina and confidence.
Luck will favor you well after 16th November after Sun comes out from debilitated sign. You will be achieving progress in the areas of job after 13th November. Retrograding Mars will move from job house, so, avoid any change before this date.

You will get a senior post in working place with your hard work and Boss and seniors praise you after 16th November so, make sure to maintain good relations with Boss. Colleagues will support you but take care of politics. Promotion and transfers take place during the last days of the month.  
Lucky Dates: 3, 12, 23, 17, 30

Love & Marriage
You will fall in love with your friend or colleague at your workplace and might meet with an ex-friend after 13th November. Avoid disputes and arguments with lover otherwise you will face break up due to confusions, as Rahu is in love house and Love lord Mars is in retrograde. You will get receive a message to meet a past lover. You should not respond in a hurry and need to be patient and relax and give a response after 13th November.
Your relationship with your spouse will improve this month. You should share your feelings to get positive results and increase personal outside meetings and exchange gifts to increase love relations with spouse. Stressful situations can arise in married life after 13th November. Your spouse gets new sources of income and gain.
Lucky Dates: 9, 12, 21, 27

Money & Finance
This month is good for a hike in salary. So, you can fulfill your desires after increasing your money. You can invest in speculations and real estate for long-term after 24th November. Your father will support you after 16th November. So, you should maintain your relationship with him for heritage property.
You will get also gain from past land or property investments. Do not take the risk to exchange money with anyone. It can be harmful to trust someone regarding money. You will gain from creative work during the last days of the month. Maintain a control on your expenses or you will feel your hands are tied later on.    
Lucky Dates: 8, 10, 15, 24

Students & Children
Students should not share personal things with friends. They should focus on studies for better results. Try to avoid irritations, ego, and anger. After 16th November, students will get opportunities in studies. Start working hard to be successful in competitions. You will take interest in hobbies but should control your laziness.
You will get chance to study in a foreign college. Students are also aware with the bad aspects of the society and addictions. Children go for picnic with friends and family. Parents also need to take care of children’s diet and guide them in studies. Children feel emotionally weak, so, parents should focus on them.   
Family & Health
You can have arguments with family. Foreign travel is the reason for wasting time and money. You should control your speech and words with family. Arrange party or functions after 24th November to take harmony step in relationships. Your younger sibling will not support you and can fight with you. Take care of your relationships and the health of your father till 16th November. You will go to a religious place with your mother. Your health will demand more attention from you because you will face tension and mental pressure. Go for entertainment activities and yoga to relax. Take care of your head and back pain.

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