Sagittarius October Horoscope


Overview: With the transit of Saturn and Ketu in your moon sign, you may feel restless and anxious during the month of October. This can also be because you are going through the phase of Sade Sati during this time which is asking you to work extremely hard in order to be able to climb the ladders of success and growth. It is essential for you to keep strict control over your expenses this month and do not waste money on unnecessary traveling and luxury products at all.

Visiting some religious place with ease your restless mind and you will find the peace of mind that you have been searching for a while now. You may start working on an unfinished work that was stopped due to some reason in the past. During this month, making decisions will be a difficult task for you as you may stay confused. Think twice before saying anything at all and refrain from using abusive language while communicating.

This month, rely more on your hard work and less on your luck since Sun will remain debilitated in your moon chart commencing from 16th October. Your confidence will suffer. Work-related to designing field will bring you name and fame if you are associated with the same. The family environment may remain disturbed.

Career: It is imperative for you to complete all the important work before 16th October as Sun will be debilitated after the mentioned date. You will perform well in your career and will get some new opportunities to work on but before that, you need to work on building up your patience which is running low in you currently. This month you can expect some help from the Government in order to get a contract with them. Your luck and hard work will help you in getting a new project and your workers will be supportive of the same. Be humble and gentle in your communication with your workers and others in professional line of work.

In business, overseas traveling will prove beneficial in order to get good business deals. This is a good month to get a good job with the desired salary scale. In case you are getting stressed in your current job profile, you can think of making a shift to a new one during this period of time. Seniors and Boss will stand by your support till 15th October hence you can also expect a promotion or salary hike during this month. Colleagues will also remain supportive.

Love and Marriage: You may fall in love with your office colleague in the starting of the month and can propose him or her until 15th October otherwise, the ego will overtake the ride and things will not be the same thereafter. Getting interested in your lover’s friend and having a love triangle is not going to serve any good to either of you. Keep your ego and rough language aside while talking to your lover or partner and spend some quality time together to strengthen the bond further.

For those of you who are married will get involved in a spiritual program along with their life partner at his or her mother’s place. Ego and confusion will not be a good option for you to have a peaceful and harmonious conjugal life. Your spouse will always support you and you should start taking their feelings and emotions in consideration as well. There are high possibilities that your spouse will get a good post in his or her work this month and you need to cooperate with him or her in life to adjust to the new developments. It is important that you take any important life decision after mutual consent from your life partner.

Money and Finance: You will put in some extra effort in order to earn money this month and avoid unnecessary expenses over anything at all. There are high chances that you will spend money on your health-related matters. Try and stay away from spending money on your friends and siblings this month. It is a good month for purchasing land or property and also to invest in speculative activities.
There are strong possibilities of you getting money from overseas. Work-related to garments, beauty, and the design-related job will get you a good income this month. If you are in a job then you will invest some your money in various sources as well.

Family and Health: Try and avoid any dispute or conflict with your family during the month of October and refrain from using abusive language against anyone at all. You will have the full support of your parents but your siblings will remain upset with you during this month. There is good chance that your Father will get achievement in his work till 15th October. He may also need your care and concerned as he may fall sick from 16th October.

A part or get together at home will be arranged in order to resolve issues within the family which will bring mental relaxation for you. This month restless and mental stress will become major issues for you so it will be good if you tried Yoga or meditation during this time as it will help you ease the stress and tension in a positive way. You may also fall prey to headache and infection this month.

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