Sagittarius June Horoscope


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Jupiter transits in own sign with Mars, is good for peace and life, but you should avoid expenses on luxury things and unnecessary travel. You should organize small religious program at your home to relax your mind. You may be able to start some work again that had stopped in the past. You may find yourself confused while making decisions. You should control your speech and think before you speak to someone since Saturn retrogrades. Be polite and cool while communicating to anyone and don’t use foul or abusive language.

Luck will be favorable in all your works. Your confidence will increase from 15th June. You should try to improve your skills in this month. It is wise not to spend money and time with friends. Small travels will give you stress and there may be some problems at your home. You will gain name and fame in creativity and designing work.

You will complete all your important work till 15th June. You will perform well in career, but you won’t get new opportunities, so, keep patience. You will get favor from Govt. or any contract from Govt. sector if you are seeking one. Colleagues will support you and you will get new project and deal, but you have to work hard. Control your speech while talking to colleagues and other persons on professional front. There is possibility of foreign meetings and a big business deal. This is a good month for new job with a good/desirable salary. You may change your job if you feel stressed at work place. Sort your confusion with your boss and seniors, as it will help in promotion and increment.

Love & Marriage
You may fall in love with your colleague in the start of this month. Propose only after 17th June, else you may face rejection or delay. Avoid being in love triangle or taking interest in your partner’s friend. Don’t use harsh words while talking to your partner. You will spend a good and romantic time this month with your partner if you communicate well.

Married people should organize a spiritual program with the spouse at their mother’s home. Your spouse will support you; take care of their emotion. If you are single, then, you will get a marriage proposal. Your spouse will get a good position at workplace. You should co-operate with them. Before taking any decision, discuss it with your life partner.

Money & Finance
You may have to make an extra effort to earn money in this month. Avoid unnecessary expenses. There may be expenses on your health. You will need to be careful about your finances. It is good not to spend money on friends and siblings. This is a good phase for speculation and investment in land. You will have financial gain from foreign work. You will get good income from garments, beauty and designing related work. Believe in yourself when it comes to earning money from new sources. You are likely to invest less money if you are in a job.

Students & Children
Students will concentrate on competitive exam and get success this month. Don’t get confused with new academic courses. Avoid spending money and time in new course. Your friends may distract you. Don’t use abusive words and keep your ego away while talking to your friends or seniors. You will get the chance to get admission in a good college. Children will perform well in their studies. Avoid wasting time on internet and social media.

Parents should keep patience with their children and teach them politely and with love. Children will achieve some achievement in the last of June.

Family & Health
Avoid disputes with family and don’t use abusive words. Your parents will support you. Siblings may be not happy with you. Father will get achievements in work. Take care of your father’s health. Organize small get together or party at home with your family to solve arguments. You will feel relaxed and may also inherit property in this period.

This month will be full of stress, so, you should practice yoga and meditation to feel relaxed. You may suffer from headache or infection this month.

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