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Sagittarius April Monthly Horoscope 2021
Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: Overview

The horoscope suggests that Saturn is transiting in the second house of your horoscope. Also, you are in the last phase of Sade Sati. Try to keep control over your anger. There are possibilities that you may find yourself in a confused state of mind during this period. Devote your time productively in concentrating on your professional ambitions. On the 6th of April, Jupiter will enter the third house in your horoscope. You will make progress and improvement on the academic front. The conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the sixth house of your horoscope indicates that you may undergo conflicts with your near and dear ones.

You will have to be very careful in your conversation and speech for smooth functioning throughout the month. On the 15th of April, Sun will be exalted in the fifth house creating auspicious circumstances in your life. However, there may be some delays in the outcome process. Keep your Credit and Debit cards in a safe and secured place. You might have to face some ups and downs and challenges in your life but you will keep yourself going. Short business travels are also quite possible but they will not be very fruitful. Some auspicious events may be held at your place and you will enjoy a good family time in April 2021.

Sagittarius Career

You may find opportunities to start a new business this month. However, it is advised to do marketing analysis and also find out the pros and cons before starting any new work. Your career lord, Mercury, is debilitated with Sun. There are chances that you may make some wrong business decisions, which may lead to failure and downfall. Avoid making important decisions at this time. Also, keep control over your anger and be very careful in your conversation and speech if you don’t want to invite trouble. You may undergo mild conflicts/arguments with your business partner. Short business trips are also quite possible however they will not bring fruitful results. Those who have been thinking of changing their job can do it after the 10th of April. You will get support from your colleagues and seniors. Promotion and transfer are also on the cards this month!

Sagittarius Money & Finance Horoscope

This may be an average month in terms of finances. You will see a high rise in expenses during this month. Also, there are strong chances that you will undergo mild conflicts with someone over property/financial matters in the latter half of the month. Try to save and accumulate money to avoid a financial crunch. Keep control over your spending tendencies. This month is good for speculations. You will get financial support from your father and you can also take a loan if required. Some of you may even plan to renovate your office space. You may organize a get-together and auspicious events at your place.

Love, Marriage & Relationship Horoscope For Sagittarius 
This may be a challenging month for both married and unmarried couples. There are thick possibilities of you breaking up with your partner. However, you can avoid this situation by making your communication game strong. Try to build a good understanding with your partner so that there is no space for any sort of confusion or misunderstanding. Try to maintain a work-life balance to ensure happiness in your love and married relationship. The second half of the month may bring some challenges to your married life. We would suggest you spend quality time with your partner and build intimacy with them. Some misunderstanding may take place between the two of you; however, you will resolve them in no time.

Sagittarius Students & Education Horoscope

You will devote your time productively in concentrating on your academic and career goals. There is a chance that you may get admission to your dream college. Some of you may even join online courses to improve your learning abilities and memorizing powers. Sagittarius students appearing for competitive exams will get flying colors. Parents of Sagittarius students will have to arrange the best tutor for their child who could help them clear their vague concepts.

Sagittarius Family & Health Horoscope
Saturn will remain posited in your family house throughout the month. You will need to be very practical, mature, and realistic in family matters to ensure peace and happiness in your domestic life. There is a chance that you may undergo conflicts with your sibling over property matter. However, these matters will be resolved with the help of your parents. Some auspicious events may be held at your relative’s place. The month demands attentiveness towards health issues related to the abdomen. Yoga and regular exercise will be very beneficial for your health.

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