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Overview: The monthly horoscope for the Sagittarius moon sign indicates your zodiac lord Jupiter transits in its sign till 20 November 2020. It is a suitable planetary movement that brings fortune insightful knowledge. The month will have its share of ups and downs where you will also feel agitated due to the influence of Sade Sati.You will need to find a way to calm down during adverse circumstances and not let the situation affect you mentally. Making rash decisions will lead to regretful experiences. Hence, consult your seniors' advice to make mindful decisions about important matters.

Separate your emotional vulnerabilities from your expectations since it may lead to disappointments. Maintain a hearty relation with your father and take his guidance in times of need. Sagittarius moons in the field of beauty, creative and designing would need to be careful in their professional life.
The presence of a debilitated Venus on your career house may affect your professional endeavors. You may have issues in trusting someone in particular due to unfortunate moments in the past. This is a good month till 20 November for people interested in real estate and land/property.

You will obtain success because of your hard work and perseverance. This month you will have an improved relationship with your family members and relatives. If you are interested in politics, you will get the opportunity to work hard and become successful in the field, 16 November onwards. Your sharp artistic skills will incline you towards your interest in music and creative hobbies after 17 November 2020.

Career: The career horoscope for Sagittarius in November shows progress to your work that was on hold due to the retrograding Mars aspect in the career house. You may feel doubtful about your decisions related to your profession. You could also face issues while starting new activities in your business.
The month promises you increased connections with foreign countries and successful meetings for new projects. Some professional obstacles may hamper your hard work, which is why you will need to more dedicated to your work. Own your strengths and use them to your maximum potential for better results.
Be confident as luck will favor you, especially after the 15 November as the sun comes out from a debilitated sign. You will progress in achieving your goals in the particular areas of your profession right after the middle of the month. Hence, you should stick to your current job profile and avoid any substantial changes.

You will be able to obtain a senior position at your present job due to your consistent hard work and dedicated professionalism towards your work. The period after 15th November is fruitful for you. Keep a healthy relationship with your boss and seniors as they will praise you for your hard work.
Your coworkers will be quite supportive but try to be away from politics due to the influence of Rahu on your horoscope. Those expecting promotion or transfer can expect some news during the last days of the month.

Love & Marriage: The love horoscope for the Sagittarius moon sign this month indicates love in the air. You may most likely fall in love with your dear friend or find your love match in colleagues at your workplace. Your monthly horoscope also hints at a meet up with your ex-friend.
This month you should try sharing your inner feeling with the person as luck favors you in your potential love life. Those in the relationship should try to keep their temperament in check. Avoid conversing in an argumentative tone with your love.

It may be a tough time for some who may go through a state of confusion in their relationship resulting in a painful heartbreak between 10th to 14 November. Your past lover may write to you. However, take your time to respond to him or her at your pace. The period after 21 November is a suitable time to give a response, though give thoughtful consideration before writing back.
The marriage horoscope for the Sagittarius moon sign shows an improvement in marital life. A calm mind and lower voice will help keep a steady and peaceful domestic environment.
Stressful circumstances between the couple are highly indicative this month for Sagittarius moon signs. Your spouse will get through a new source of income and gains this month.

Money & Finance: The wealth and financial horoscope for the Sagittarius moon sign indicate a good hike in the salary for those expecting increment this month. A good raise in your finances will help you achieve your personal goals and desires.
It is also a good month for savings and investments. You can invest in the stock market and real estate for long terms purposes until 20 November. You might have a challenging relationship with your father until 16 November. However, it is crucial to maintain your relations with him for your interest in the heritage property.
Any past investment of land or property will prosper this month with sudden monetary benefits. November is not favorable for you in terms of taking a risk in exchanging important monetary transactions with someone. It will be quite dangerous entrusting your money with someone else.

Your creative bent of mind will help you obtain quality work, especially at the end days of the month. Sagittarius moon signs will need to watch their expenses as the month-end could feel a little tight on your financial status.

Students & Children: The education horoscope for students and children with Sagittarius moon signs points out that they should try to maintain a distance from their friends. Sharing too much personal information may have a negative impact on your life.
Focus on your studies this month to achieve better results. You may suffer from frequent agitated mood swings, hence, it is essential to keep a check on your temperament. Try to distract yourself productively to avoid getting irritated or letting the ego and anger take over your emotions.

The period after 15 November is quite optimistic for students aiming for further studies. You will get new opportunities as per your academic preferences. Students preparing for competitive exams will need to be more sincere and hardworking to accomplish their goals.
You will be inclined to your hobbies, at the same time, you need to stop procrastinating as well.  You will get suitable prospects if you are trying your luck to study overseas. Parents will need to guide their children in the right direction in case they feel under confident or lose focus from their studies.

Family & Health: The family horoscope for November 2020 indicates a stressful atmosphere in your domestic life. Some troublesome moments may trigger an argumentative discussion with your family. Foreign trips may not be successful, and it could the loss of your time and money.
Be mindful when you converse with your family. Try not to say anything that may hurt their sentiments. 21 November onwards, things will start getting better at your home. There could be a celebratory ceremony or family get together that will help lighten the atmosphere of your house. You will share a cordial relationship with the member that will help in mending the broken ties.

Your younger sibling may still not be quite supportive, and you could have a distant relationship with them. Your father's health will need more care and attention till 15 November, hence, maintain a cordial relationship with him as well. You will also get a chance to bond with your mother as you share a trip to a religious place with her.

The health horoscope for the Sagittarius moon sign demands more attention from you. Building mental pressure may take a toll on your mental health. Try yoga, walking, and meditation to relax those tensed nerves. Those who have pain in the back and legs will need to regular rest in between their busy schedule.

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