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Scorpio April Monthly Horoscope 2021
Scorpio Monthly Horoscope: Overview

 Mars will conjunct Rahu in the seventh house of your horoscope, giving you Herculean strength, spontaneity, and physical energy. You will use your skillset for a better professional scope. This may be a rewarding month for the research scholars as Jupiter is transiting in the fourth house in the Aquarius sign creating auspicious circumstances in their life. Some of you may be inclined to occult. The natives of the Scorpio sign will get a chance to spend quality time with friends. Try to keep your anger under control for smooth flowing throughout the month. You will need to be very careful in your conversation and speech. On the 14th of April, Sun will transit in the sixth house of your horoscope. There are chances that you will earn name and fame in life. Short travels with friends and family are also quite possible. Try not to spend money on useless things otherwise, you will have to regret it later on. The horoscope indicates that you may undergo some disputes with your family members over property matters.
Scorpio Career

This may be a challenging month for the Scorpio natives. The first half of April will not be good in terms of your career and profession but you will see some progress and improvement in the latter half of the month. The exaltation of Sun in the house of career will bring your career back on track. You are likely to get amazing business deals during this period. You will reap the fruits of your hard work and efforts. For those who have been to expand their business, now is the right time. You may also get a foreign opportunity. Chances of promotion are quite high at this time. Try to maintain healthy relations with your colleagues and seniors for smooth functioning throughout the month.

Scorpio Money & Finance Horoscope

Scorpio natives will find new opportunities to earn and save money as well. However, avoid spending too much on the purchase of electronic items. The horoscope indicates that Scorpio natives will be inclined towards spirituality and may even build interest in religious activities. There are possibilities that they will organize religious events at their place. April 2021 is a good time for speculations. So, you can think of investing in share markets and stocks. Businesspeople will see a high rise in gains. You will get financial support from your parents and spouse if required. Possibilities of getting your/your spouse’s share of ancestral property are quite high at this time.

Love, Marriage & Relationships for Scorpio

The month seems to be average for your love life. Where on one hand, the planets will create blissful moments and celebrations. On the other hand, there are chances that you may undergo mild conflicts with your partner. You may come across your ex-partner during this period however try to control your feelings. Getting back into a relationship with the same person is not a favorable option for you, as per your horoscope. Single natives will have to hold the same tag for some more time as this period is not good for starting a new relationship. Newlywed couples should spend quality time with their life partners and try to enhance their relationship. The second half of the month will bring a lot of happy moments to your married life. Don’t let a third person intervene in your matters otherwise, it will lead to confusion and stress.

Scorpio Students & Children Horoscope

You will have to increase your focus and concentration if you want to make good progress on the academic front. Students of the Scorpio sign may face confusion in choosing the correct stream/subjects. The final year college students may get a job or internship opportunity this month, which will prove to be very beneficial for them. This may be a rewarding month for aspiring students preparing for civil services exams. If your child takes interest in sports, you should support their dreams and help them fulfill them. Students will get admission in their choice of college.

Family & Health Horoscope of Scorpio   
The horoscope indicates that you will build a strong connection with your family during this month. You will enjoy good family time this month; however, try to keep control over your expenses. You may undergo some mild arguments with your family members. This is not the right time to discuss the ancestral property so, better to avoid any such discussions during this month. The month demands attentiveness towards health issues such as Blood Pressure and Blood Disorders. You may suffer from back pain. Avoid lifting heavy weights and take necessary precautions.

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