Scorpio October Horoscope


Overview: This is going to be an extremely busy month for Scorpio moon sign but you need to keep calm and be gentle in your communication with others otherwise; you feel be left alone. Try and stay optimistic and avoid overthinking and feeling depressed from 19th to 21st October. There are chances of extensive overseas traveling lined up for you this month. Try and avoid any sort of arguments with your friends during this month.

If you are about to take some major decisions of life, consulting your seniors will be a good choice and also avoid taking a decision in haste or aggression. You will remain courageous to take some strong decisions related with optimistic approach to your career that will bring growth and success to you during the mid of the month. If you are interested in joining politics, this will be the right time to do so and you will have a successful career in the same as well. You will get name and recognition for your social work this month. Good chances for getting a higher position at work is possible commencing from 16th October.

Career: Career graph will remain good until 15th October and you will be able to get the required support and income from the Government. Try and avoid striking any business deal after the id of the month with any foreign company. Also, avoid any work-related traveling from 16th October until the end of the month as it will be nothing more than sheer waste of money. There are good chances of getting new career opportunities until 15th October so stay conscious enough to realize and recognize them within the mentioned time period.

You also have a good shot at a Government job and will be able to get one in public sector this month. Relationship with Boss and seniors may remain strained from 17th to 21st October hence, try and maintain a safe distance from them during this period of time and stay focused on your work and work harder than before. Your colleagues will have your back and will support you during this time. It is a good month if you are planning to change your job.

Love and Marriage: Love will be in the air for the Scorpio moon sign. If you are in a relationship then you will have a very happy and romantic month with your lover. You may go to visit some religious place together.

Those of you who are single will get into a new relationship at the beginning of the month and will spend some good time with your new partner on long drives, coffee dates, movies, dinner, the frequency of which will increase with every passing day. You partner may need your emotional support this month.
For the married natives, you will travel overseas with your spouse or life partner and will be extremely satisfied with your conjugal life this month. Your spouse, as well as In-Laws, will support you this month. You may need the help of your life-partner or spouse in your work as well and she or he will not hesitate in providing the same.

Money and Finance: This month will keep you confused between expenses and investment. Try and keep a control on your expenses especially while spending on your friends or siblings. This is a good month to take a loan if you need one. If you had lent money to someone in the past, it will make way back to you this month.
You will be lucky enough to get a good income until 16th October. This is a good month to make investments especially related to land investment but does not plan to make any investment to buy a new home this month. You can also invest money in speculative activities as well.

Students and Children: October will be a good month for Scorpio students as you will be a bit relaxed and will get good and desired results. Your dream and desire to get admission in a foreign university will also come true and will also get a good result in competitions you have recently appeared in. the financial support need for your study will also find its way to you. During this month, you will get interested both in academics as well as in sports. In order to support your expenses, you may plan to get a part-time job for money.

Your children will do well in their studies and will never fail to respect you during this month. You will have to be a little extra careful about their tuitions as well as health. There are good possibilities that your child will get admission in the sport academic of their choice and as a parent, you will be required to support them through the varied choices that will further help them in their overall growth in life.

Family and Health: This month is asking you to make better efforts to maintain your relationships with a family member. Siblings will not support you this month. Try and avoid getting into an argument with your Mother else she may not support you in matters related to ancestral or family property. Planning a get-together or a party at home will be a good way to try and relieve any tension between your family members and improve your relationship with them individually.

Your father may get rewarded or get a new opportunity in his profession or workplace. There are good chances that you will go to visit some religious place with your parents this month.
Health may not be on your side this month so take the medicines doctor has prescribed you diligently in order to avoid any bigger health issue from surfacing. Also, bring about a change in your dietary habits otherwise, you may fall victim problems related to your lungs.

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