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Overview: The December horoscope for Scorpio speaks of an eventful period ahead. With an energetic and enthusiastic approach towards life, you may witness a change in your ways of thinking. You are likely to become a better decision maker and your outlook would be positive. A new research would interest you and you might reach new milestones in December. You would have to work harder to get the desired results. Frequent traveling would add to your expense this month. Spending to impress others could leave in an unstable financial condition and your focus should be on saving. Traveling to a foreign country is likely. Chances look good for settling abroad in December. Talk politely with everyone and practice diplomacy. Parents’ related stress might trouble you.

Career: Scorpio, December horoscope brings mixed results for your career prospects. Success would come through hard work & you should not rely solely on destiny. Your decision-making capabilities would significantly enhance. Traveling abroad is likely this month for work. New offers might come to you with the help of a female. Gains at work and a good flow of income seem to improve your financial condition. December looks favorable for starting a new work profitably.
If holding a job, some difficulties are likely. Be very patient and thoughtful in your actions. Avoid major risks or taking a big decision this month. Concentrate on your work and keep a low profile.     

Money & Finance: Scorpio, your financial condition seems to vary during December. Increasing expenses could be stressful. Keep your expenses under control. Your finances seem to improve with the help of a female this month. Investments in land related work appear unfavorable and might lead to a loss. You may invest profitably in share market. However, make investments after clearing all doubts and confusion. Traveling abroad would add to your expenses. Don’t expect financial aid from your parents this month, as they might not be able to do so. An old money related transaction could bring up unexpected issues this month. Loan related matters don’t seem favorable. You might spend on charity or religious deeds in December. Financial help from your life partner could get you through a tough situation, if you are married. In-laws or parental property might act as a source of unexpected gains.

Love & Marriage: Love and marriage prospects for Scorpio look bright in December. If dating someone, chances of a long vacation with your lover seem likely. You might think of taking your relationship to the next step and dream for a love marriage, though you may face friction from your partner’s parents. Take suitable initiatives to make them accept you as a part of their kin.

If single, December horoscope looks promising, with good possibility of meeting a suitable partner.
Marriage life for Scorpio seems happy and comfortable. Trips abroad with your spouse are likely, and would keep your relation full of love and spark. Your partner might earn new opportunities for work and might even help you financially, when in need.       

Students & Children: December offers new chances to succeed and Scorpio students make the most of this time. Success and desired results would come to you through hard work. Be patient, if waiting for a result, as some delays are possible. Spend wisely and avoid wastage of money. Use this time wisely to shape your career instead of wasting it on social media.

Scorpio, December brings multiple distractions for your kids. Ensure they utilize their time by following a strict schedule. New opportunities to play in a prestigious competition are likely for your kids in December. They might also be interested in a new topic for research.      

Family & Health: Your domestic life looks mediocre this December, Scorpio. Unclear communication might lead to frequent clashes and misunderstandings. Remain calm and try to sort all issues peacefully. Strictly avoid use of a harsh tone, as stress seems high near mid-December. You might feel like staying away from home, but that would not solve the matter. Instead, patiently work towards making things better. Talking to a friend or a trusted person would reduce your burden.

Health wise, December demands caution. Be careful towards blood pressure related ailments and stress. Headaches or body acne are possible this month. If needed, immediately seek medical help.

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