SCORPIO June Horoscope


Overview: Get ready for some action, Scorpio, as your monthly horoscope promises an eventful period ahead! Mars is transiting with an exalted Ketu and will bring you high energy levels & enthusiasm this month. Nonetheless, don’t be carried away in all the excitement & keep a levelheaded approach at all times. Your aggression will be on a rise now & can affect your relations with others. If you plan to step into a new venture or project, then the time is by your side. Proceed with proper planning to achieve success. Chances of an accident are prominent around the start of the month & you need to be extra careful while traveling at heights.

For some time, keep distance from females. If you participate in sports activities, then you are likely to enjoy a favorable period. Rise in name & reputation are quite possible with your hard work & outstanding performance. Plans for a long journey should be pushed to a time only after 15th June & not before that. If working for a govt. related organisation, then your gains are likely to remain on an ascent this month. Professional ventures will add to your financial rewards. Workers in creative fields need to avoid making large investments into work, or at least you should wait till the last week of the month. Foreign travels with family are on the cards. If you are planning to come back home from foreign land, you may have to wait for some time till matters are resolved.

Career: The monthly readings show a period of professional growth for you, Scorpio. Expect new proposals at work this month. Your image is likely to improve greatly, thanks to your undeterred efforts & consistent hard work. This is bound to bring in the desired professional chances & opportunities. You may have to undertake work related travels that will bear positive fruits. Calculated risks will rope in the expected profits, yet consult an expert before proceeding. The period is highly favorable for ongoing partnerships. New partnerships are also supported & your coordination with your partner will be financially successful. Funds appear to be in a stable state.

Jobholders can face some difficulties on the work front now. If working with a multinational, your salary may come in a little later than usual. Colleagues might remain non-cooperative, leading to stressful working atmosphere. Seniors will support you & bonding with them would be cordial. You may share your doubts with them to find the much needed answers. A salary hike or an appraisal are also possible around the end of the month.

Love & Marriage: Prospects for love & marriage look favorable this month. You may come face to face with a loved one that once had vanished from your life! This is your chance to let go of the past & start things afresh. Lovebirds, it is time to set out on a holiday with your partner. But make sure your speech reflects love & affection. Otherwise, things may take an ugly turn. Work on your relation & feed it with love & affection. Everything will be fine before the month ends.

Married couples, the month looks rough for you & you should exercise caution. The month is likely to start with clashes & quarrels with your partner. To make things better, you can take the easy approach & bring in gifts & surprises for your spouse. Extravagant expenditures on your partner will not only bring back the spice but also keep your soul mate in a jovial mood. This month, your partner might turn into a source of financial gains for you. If some tussles are prevailing with the in-laws, then you can expect a peaceful resolution within this month.

Money & Finance: Financially, the month of June looks sparkling for you. Hefty gains are indicated but will be accompanied by raised expenses. Finances will be in a constant state of flow this month. Your savings are likely to suffer to some extent. Payment of borrowed money might cause some stress to you. If you are looking to apply for a loan, then you should wait for a better time in near future. Long-term investments are largely supported now. Good returns may come your way from investments made in the past. Avoid investing under speculation. Income from land or land related matters may take some time to reach you. Be patient. Expenses on kids are likely to rise this month, though your life partner will be financially supportive & things will run smoothly for you.       

Students & Children: Students are likely to face a term of strain & tension this month. Your stress levels seem to stay on a rise & your efforts towards strengthening your career can be affected. If you want success in competitive exams, then consistent hard work & diligent efforts will be needed on your part. Confusion & uncertainty may cloud your mind at the eleventh hour. You should keep a calm & focused approach. For better preparations, you should write down your answers while revising. This will help you to remember them well. You can expect to get admission in a university of your choice now.

Your kids would be the center of your expenses this month. Keep a check on their health. If you are making efforts to send abroad for studies, then your efforts will bring you success. Holidays & long journeys with family are also on the cards. You should keep your speech in check in front of your kids & maintain a cordial family environment to boost positive thoughts in their minds. 

Family & Health: The family atmosphere seems to be a little unpleasant. You need to keep your temper in check, otherwise, you may spoil your relations with family. Maintain calm & observe a humble & soft speech. Near 15th June, a family trip is possible. You may have to make a bulky expenditure on the family front. Your family looks up to you & you must work hard to keep up to these expectations.

Mother’s health might need your attention now. Your bonding with your father can take a hit & you should keep a humble temperament while dealing with him. Support from elder brother will boost your confidence. Coordination with younger brother may take a hit this month & he will also have your mother’s support. Spending some time with friends will ease your mind & help you relax.
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