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Your mind will be cheerful and romantic in this month. You will get to travel and spend time with your partner. Time will be better regarding money too, and enthusiasm will remain. From old land, money will come back, but intermittently and with hindrances. Luck will support you and suddenly you will get something good. Spiritual journey will continue, and you will also spend money in charity. If there is confusion while doing any work, then do not work at that time as Sun will transit with Saturn from 14 Jan. There will be a foreign trip in which you will also enjoy, and work will also be done.

Small trips will continue to happen but will be in vain. You will be interested in some research, and you will have more attention for studies. Use your speech very carefully, do not repeat sharp words or old things too much from 18 Jan as Mars will transit in Sagittarius. You will also get help in government work, and you will get success in politics too. There will also be an increase in respect. A good identity will be created for you in the society. Any big dispute will get relief. You will be logical and the victory will also be yours; people will praise you.

Do not invest in new business and increase the ongoing work only after consulting your partner. There will be a project related to foreign countries, which will help in increasing the contacts, as well as the economic condition will also be better. There will be benefit in the work of machinery and technical things. If you get an offer of a new job along with your work, think about it, you can get success in this work too.

Keep the relationship with your employees right and be careful with your competitor. Trying for a government job will be successful and you can also get a post from the government till 14 Jan. Try for a new job but if you are already working, then do not leave or change your job. If there is some confusion with your boss, then take care of yourself and do not let the matter progress adversely.

Love & Marriage
The month will be very romantic with the one you love, and your relationship will improve. Someone new may come in your life, this will be a better time to express your love and get a positive answer. Someone can propose you too, which you will also like. You can buy any expensive gift for your partner, which will bring them closer to you. You will also have cooperation with your partner's family.

Married life will be pleasant, relationship with your life partner will improve and your mind will also be full of love, and you will also spend time with them. Foreign travel will also be possible. Your spouse can also give you a surprise gift. You have to control your speech, otherwise the love-filled atmosphere may get spoiled.

Students & Children
Student's mind will be engaged in studies and by doing some new research, you will also get a chance to move forward. Due to which your seniors will also praise you. The result of an old examination may be declared after the middle of the month, it will favor you according to the transit. You can get success in any debate and competitions.

Do not spend too much time traveling with friends and do not spend too much on them. There can be disputes over little things. Keep in mind that studies should not escape your mind. Take the children with you to some spiritual or religious place so that their mind would not become irritated, and they will need some extra guidance along with studies, which you will have to arrange on time.

Family & Health
There may be some lack of harmony with the family, but it will be fine after the middle of the month. There may be some tension regarding money. Keep a control on your speech and don't talk about old things of the past. A party will be organized in the family which will bring the family closer. There may also be some disturbance in your relationship with your parents. Taking time out and talking to them will also give you relief in gaining your ancestral property. According to health, the mind will be full of enthusiasm. If there is any problem of blood or skin, then do not be careless. Take care of the health of the parents also. If there is pain in the body, then there may be blockage of the nerves.

Money & Finance
The financial situation will be full of relief, even with more expenses, the hand will not be tight. Foreign travel will cost more but work will also be done. Avoid small travel; the cost will be high and with time, the benefit will also be less as the Sun and Saturn will be in the same sign. If you avoid the situation of taking a loan, then it will be better. If it is urgent, only then think of taking a loan after 18 Jan. Your old money and pending payments will be returned.

Time will be better for any big investment. There will also be profit from the share market. If you do not do any work related to the land this month, then work will be done only after getting stuck for a very long time. For ancestral property, you will have to do something for the parents as well, only then you will benefit.

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