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With all of your effort and the help of seniors, your career will reach a new peak this month. You may take an interest in occult sciences and your helping nature will give you great reputation in society.
To keep good relations with everyone, try to restrain yourself from using harsh language. Be courteous to your superiors and coworkers. You might encounter fresh employment or academic prospects due to the Sun's transit of Pisces.

Financial concerns may have ups and downs. Hasty judgements may result in unintended travel. Try to limit extravagance this month since your spending may rise.
You could spend more time at places of worship. This month will be joyful for your relationships with those close to you. Your father could help you during this time.
If there is a legal case, you could win.

Take the guidance of your senior or an expert if you want to grow your company or start a new job.
You may have additional work until March 15th, which might prevent you from concentrating on your new job. When making any decision relating to your job, weigh the advantages and drawbacks since making snap decisions might cost you money.
Salaried people are in a good phase right now, but watch out for workplace politics. If you have the opportunity, you can also change jobs this month. Promotion to a new position would be lucrative in the approaching term.

Money & Finance
Focus on conserving money even if your financial situation may be improved because Jupiter, the lord of wealth, is transiting its own sign.
Exalted Venus will remain in Jupiter's investment house till March 12th, so you may invest in stocks to earn a bigger return soon. At this time, you can also purchase a house or get into some other long-term investment.
You could spend money on expensive items for yourself.

Love & Marriage
Jupiter will move through its own sign, therefore, this is a terrific month for romantic relationships as you may share joyful and swoon-worthy moments with your significant other. You will get to know one another better and develop a closer relationship.
You would have a wonderful time together that improves your relationship with your spouse.

You will have a wonderful relationship and strong bond with your partner. If you're single or considering getting married, your goal of finding love might come true.
Your spouse will need your assistance with their work.

Students & Children
You will have a fantastic time, thanks to Jupiter's transit, since you will succeed in your academic endeavours.
You may become sidetracked by social media and your friends due to Venus' transit of the education house, so you should pay close attention to your studies, if you want to succeed.
This is a good month to be accepted to the institution of your choice. This is a fantastic time to concentrate on your academics and perform well in tests. The month will also provide you with possibilities to study abroad if you so want.

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