SCORPIO August Horoscope


Overview: Scorpio, your monthly horoscope brings blended flavors. Mars, the ruler of your sign, is retrograde & transiting your 3rd house with Ketu at the beginning of the month. Wasteful short trips are possible this month. You are likely to become hasty & aggressive, which can make you irate & frustrated. Religious work may take some of your time. Purchase of a vehicle or house can see some delays. Matters related to money lent may remain under confusion. Avoid arguments this month. Relations with younger siblings may take a hit. From 10th Aug onwards, foreign trips will result in rise in income as well as expenses.

Keep your aggression in check. Domestic work can face some delays. A retrograde Saturn is transiting the house of finances. Financial stability is likely to be affected to some extent. Sudden profits from parental property are possible; if interested in occult sciences, you may step in a new research. Hasty decisions need to be avoided now. Don’t give free advices. Work will keep you busy this month. If interested in politics, then after 15th August a rise in position & status is quite possible.     
Career: Your career seems to be facing an average period now. Investing in your current work will be favorable this month. Start any new ventures or projects only after mid-August, after consulting an expert. Any new partnerships with a woman are to be avoided. If in a partnership with females, then some clashes are expected. Work related gains would come your way. Projects from abroad would require completion in time if you want better prospects in the future. Working with an influential person is possible this month that will greatly benefit you.

Job related stress will prevail and can make you irate & unfocused. If applied for a govt. job, chances are that you may get it. Avoid arguments or clashes with boss this month. Remain watchful towards falling prey to office politics. A pay hike is not indicated. Work related short trips are on the cards.

Money & Finance: Financially, this month appears sparkling. If working in the fields of consultancy, finance, or teaching, then a hefty income will keep you satisfied. Income & savings looks good. Household work will require some expenses to be made & can face problems. Lending or borrowing of money should be avoided this month. You are courageous yet emotional. Don’t make financial commitments under someone else’s influence. Long-term investments in share market & real estate will give beneficial results in the future. Some expenses on vehicle are possible.

Love & Marriage: Prospects for love & marriage look good now. Lovebirds, plenty of romantic outings are depicted for you now. Your partner may be demanding now & failing to fulfill them may result in minor quarrels & will only add a new flavor to your tale of love. Next month onwards, talks of your marriage may be started.

Singles, you may open your heart in front of the one you love, as the period looks favorable.
Marital life seems blissful this month. Keep low expectations & keep things simple for better harmony. New work opportunities are likely for your partner. Share everything with each other before taking a decision.

Students & Children: Students will observe a period of growth & development. Your focus will be sharp & outlook will mostly remain good. You will face success in interviews & selection in your desired college/ job is quite possible. If you wish to study abroad, you may be successful now. Expenses may rise now. Friends will be helpful & supportive.

Your children will see improvements on all fronts of life. Your bond with them will greatly improve & they will share their heart with you openly. They may demand some expenses.

Family & Health:                       
Family front looks peaceful this month. Family will support you. At the start of the month, you may be involved in clashes with your father, but eventually things will settle down peacefully. Friends will help you get through tough times. An auspicious event on the domestic front will bring in celebrations & festivities. Expenses on children will rise, & can influence your financial stability. Foreign trips with family are on the horizon.
Health wise, throat infections can affect your wellbeing. Eat healthy & exercise regularly. Keep your blood pressure levels in check & avoid overthinking.   
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