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Overview: Your 2020 monthly horoscope for October shows that the Ketu will transit your Zodiac sign. So there are chances that you may feel overly confused all through the month. In spite of being really busy with work, you should try to go out and meet your friends and loved ones so that the feeling of loneliness and isolation doesn't settle in. You should avoid overthinking due to feeling depressed all the time. Traveling to foreign lands will be more frequent this month. Your October horoscope has the Rahu transiting in the 7th house. So, it's best if you avoid arguments with your spouse. If you are planning to make any major decisions this month it is better if you consult your seniors about it. Major decisions shouldn't be taken with aggression and anxiety knocking you down under.

As per your October horoscope, the Sun will transit in the gain house till 16th October. So, there are chances that you will have new ideas that will boost your overall income. Your courageous nature will come in handy as your efforts will conjure up success till the mid of October. The month will bring you great comforts and luxuries and you will enjoy them with open arms. The Venus transits the career house till 23rd October so taking bold steps with positive thinking will help you grow tenfold. If you have an interest in politics or are planning to build a career in politics there is no month better than October. Your social work will get your name and fame. Also, since the sun debilitates after the 17th October you might have to avoid expensive travel for your own financial convenience.

Career: As far as your Career horoscope is concerned you will have a favorable time till the 15th of October. It is likely that you will get support from the government or there will be some kind of income source through government work this month. The sun debilitates after mid-October so you should avoid sticking a new business deal with a foreign company. Post 16th October there will be a lot of wasteful travels and unnecessary meetings on the professional front. New opportunities will turn up on your door till the 15th of October but make sure that you are cautious while taking new steps on the professional front after the 16th of the month. You will get a good job opportunity in Government services and also grab a good spot in the public sector. Your relations with your superiors - especially your boss will be good this month but it is recommended that you maintain distance from colleagues and focus on your work. If you are thinking to change your job it is best if your put that thought to rest for a while.

Love & Marriage: Your love horoscope for October 2020 is extremely wholesome. You will live a happy and romantic life with your love partner. Travel to religious places with your love partner may happen this month. If you are single the first half of the month is really suspicious for starting off on new relationships. October will see an increase in meetings, long drives, gifts, dinner, and dates with your partner. However, you have to make sure that you provide emotional support to your partner as well. Foreign travel with your partner can also happen this month. Due to the presence of Rahu, you can face some confusion in life. If you want to live a happy and satisfying life it is best if you avoid cheating on your partner. Your marriage horoscope shows that you should take extra care of your spouse and in-laws because losing their trust is not something you can have in life. Your spouse will be really supportive and helpful even in your professional life.       

Money & Finance: Your financial horoscope indicates that you will save and invest your money thoughtfully. You should avoid spending too much when you are with your friends. If you plan to take a loan it is best if you put a lot of pre-thought into it. You don't want to lose sight of a happy life by repeating your loan related mistakes in the past. If you had given money to someone in the past the month of October shows great promise of getting it back to you. All your desires will be fulfilled until the 16th of October as you will earn a lot till that date. October is a favorable month of making investments on property. If you get money out of past land investments, start spending it on making a new home for yourself. Financially, it is a good month for making speculative bets but be advised about their possibilities.     
Students & Children: The education horoscope suggests that students will not feel too relaxed this October. However, when it comes to results it will be most desirable for them. It is a lucky month to get admission to a foreign college. If you are into competitions the month brings you greater success. October will help you meet and make new friends but it is best suited if you spend less time and money on/with them. The money will not be a matter of concern when it comes to studying. If you are interested in sports, the month is really favorable for taking interest and admission into courses of your choice. Starting part-time work for money is not a bad option at all. When it comes to children they will give you respect and will be really good in studies. However, you should take care of their health and tuitions so that they get admission to academically sound places. As a parent, you should try to maintain a healthy and supportive relationship with them.

Family & Health: Maintain good relations with your family is extremely important. The month promises great support from your siblings. You should avoid all kinds of arguments with your mother or else, you will not be given the support of inheriting her property. In order to improve your relationship with your family, you should arrange some kind of party or get together. The month will get your father a new opportunity or some kind of reward from their profession. Going to a religious place with your parents will be a good option. Your health horoscope indicates some kind of health issues that you might face in October. It is best if you take care of yourself and not forget to take your medicines on time. You should also pay attention to your eating habits or else there's a chance of health problems related to oxygen and lungs.

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