SCORPIO April Horoscope


The monthly horoscope shows a sluggish picture for you, Scorpio. The term till 14th April is particularly good for govt. jobholders. The second half appears to bring a rise in professional competition & opponents, hence, be careful at work. Average fiscal gains are indicated. Children’s wellbeing can seek your attention. For married couples, the span after 20th April holds promise for a rosy term & the spice of romance is likely to add a new flavor into your conjugal experience. Keep a check on your speech as well as habits. You are prone to developing a harsh speech and picking up addictions. Keep a cool head and avoid being overly aggressive. Spiritually, your interests will vary. High levels of energy should largely prevail through the month.

The monthly horoscope for career depicts a hazy picture. Professional stability is not broadly denoted. Though the month seems to favor govt. employees, for others this may only be a mediocre term. Working in or near your birth town will benefit you. Professional relations with coworkers & superiors seem to take a hit. You may become irate & develop a fussy nature. Keep your aggression under check as it can lead to arguments with superiors & can negatively affect your bonding with colleagues. Rise in pay is not likely. Projects with promising prospects can be taken up. Business holders appear to observe a time of hardships. Gains & profits may remain lower than expected & partners will fail in their attempts to rope in any added rewards this month.

Career Advice - Professionally, this is not a very promising month. Any important professional decisions should be pushed forward for a better time. Avoid taking risks remain patient.

Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast for love & marriage signifies a rosy phase in April. Overall harmony is likely to improve as the month progresses. Mutual understanding and a stronger bonding can be clearly seen. The term after 20th April will see an added flavor in your love life and you should expect your married life to face a new dimension of love this month.
Singles may not enjoy a positive term as new beginnings are not favored. Detachment & lack of understanding is likely to crash any possible hopes of a long-term bonding. Progeny prospects are depicted under concerned conditions. Deliver can face difficulties & caution is advised.

Money & Finance: The monthly predictions for finances imply a bumpy ride ahead. Monetary matters do not seem favorable. Profits & rewards are likely to remain lower than the previous months. Investments and stock market trading are expected to bring out bad results. Expenditures for spouse and their entertainment are largely indicated. Flow of funds will remain average.

Students & Children: The monthly readings for students & children show a period of changes. Their wellbeing is likely to remain affected for the entire month. Low energy levels and frequent illness can make them irate as well as aggressive at times.
Students pursuing advanced education can suffer from lack of focus and concentration this month. Attraction form the opposite sex can spoil their career plans and parental check will be needed to bring back a strict discipline in their schedule. Success will not come easy in academics.

Family & Health: The monthly indications for family & health signifies a peaceful situation. You will mostly enjoy a stable wellbeing. Any minor health issues should be easily resolved and you are likely to recover quickly.
The domestic front will largely remain comfortable; however, the period before 14th April can see minor clashes or quarrels. Everything should be easily sorted, and harmony will mostly prevail.
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