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This month will be busy for you. You should avoid foul language and harsh words with your near and dear. Avoid over thinking. You should avoid arguments with your friends. Take care of your head and neurological system and try to avoid harsh driving or any other risky work. Take decisions with the help of seniors. Don’t take any decision in haste or aggression. You will get success with your courageous nature in the mid of this month. You will have the pleasure of enjoying luxuries and comforts after 17th June, as Venus transits in own sign.

This is a good month when you will grow in your career with your designing and art skills, so, move ahead with the help of your seniors. This is also a good month for starting your career in politics and grow in politics. You will get name and fame in society. You can start any research work in this month.

Don’t do any new business deal with a foreign company from 5th June, else, you might face loss. There will be benefits from creative and designing work. You will get new opportunities in career till 17th June, but, there will be obstacles while achieving it; so, be cautious on the professional front.

You may get new job opportunity but don’t be over-confident while changing the current workplace. If you have applied for government service, there will be a delay in the result. Relationship with boss and seniors will not be good, so maintain distance with them and focus on your work. Colleagues may support you. This month is good for promotion and increment.

Love & Marriage
You will have a happy and romantic life with your partner. You may go to a religious place with your partner. If you are single, then, a new relationship will start in the start of this month. There may be conflicts with your partner, so it is good to take care of your relationship and give time to your partner. Meetings, gifts, dinner, and dates will not be seen in this month. Your partner needs emotional support from you.

For married people, this month will be good to live a happy and satisfied life with spouse. Your marital life may improve than the last month. You will get support from your spouse and in-laws. Your spouse will help you in your professional life as well.

Students & Children
Students will feel relaxed and get desirable results in their studies. This month is not good to get admission in college. You will get success in competitions. You may meet with new friends, but, don’t spend more time and money on them. Your teacher will support you in studies. You will get admission in an academic institution and take interest in sports; but there will be delays in joining. You may start any part time job for income.

Parents should take care of children’s studies and they will respect you. Hire a tutor for them, so that they can focus on their studies. Parents should take care of their children’s health. Parents should try to maintain a cordial relationship with their children.

Money & Finance
If you are stuck between expenses and investment of money, then you will come out of this confusion this month. Avoid spending money on friends and in showing off.  This is a good month when you can take loan for home or vehicle. If you have given money to someone in the past, then, you will get your money back in this month. It is wise not to spend money on siblings and friends. You will get good income this month but don’t invest in land as you may face loss of money. This month is good for speculation. Avoid spending your income in buying a new house.

Family & Health
You should try to maintain a cordial relationship with family. Siblings won’t support you. Avoid arguments with your mother, else, she will not support you when it comes to inheriting property. You should organize a party or get together to enhance your relationship with your family members. Your father will get new job opportunities or rewards from their profession. You may organize small religious programs with your parents.

There may be small ups and downs in your health, so, take care of your health and take medications regularly. Take care of your food/eating habits, otherwise, you may suffer from lungs problems.

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