Scorpio February Horoscope


Overview: February 2020 will start off on an energetic note for the natives of Scorpio moon sign. Your sign lord, Mars will be transiting in the first house during the beginning of the month, which will keep you enthusiastic and upbeat. However, you might also have a streak of aggression and irritation, which could harm your relations if not curbed. You should avoid all situations that might lead to conflicts and disputes. From 8th February 2020, Mars will transit the second house as per your moon sign. Second house signifies speech, communication, family etc. in Vedic astrology, hence you should be extra careful of your words and tone of voice during this time.

You should not be harsh, rude or aggressive in your interactions as that might bring troubles for you in your professional and personal life. You will be optimistic and enthusiastic to achieve your goals and will work hard to accomplish your tasks. However, avoid being overexcited and overconfident as you might end up taking hasty or impulsive decisions. Your willpower and determination will increase this month, which will help you succeed. Wealth prospects look good during this month, however, expenditures might be on the rise simultaneously. Saturn is transiting the third house from your moon sign and Sun will also be there till the mid of this month. You will feel courageous to take initiatives in your professional life and will come across new opportunities which will turn out to be fruitful.     

Career: This month will bring career growth as there will be lucrative business opportunities and new prospects in professional life. You would get opportunities for short distance travels this month and your meetings regarding new projects will fructify. You will take initiatives at your workplace and will be involved in important assignments and projects which will expand your horizons and open up new avenues of growth. However, you should not be overexcitement and carefully weigh all the pros and cons before initiating something new or making decisions regarding investments.

You will multitask to meet your professional commitments and deadlines. If you are involved in your own business, you will see good gains after the mid of this month. If in job or service, you will get foreign projects and might have to undertake a long distance journey in relation to your work. Chances of promotion are bright during the second half of the month, however, you need to be careful about office politics. Adopting a diplomatic and tactful approach in such situations will help you sail through easily.          
Money & Finance: Money and financial prospects shall be on an upward trend this month as you will get good gains and income. If you are involved in the business of cosmetic, beauty, luxury items etc., this month will bring in good profits. Your hard work and efforts will reap benefits in the form of wealth inflow and your financial graph will be stable. However, expenses will have to be taken care of as you might have the tendency to spend on unnecessary things leading to extravagance. You might be inclined to flaunt your wealth and show off which will make a dent in your pocket. This month is favorable for recovering past loans and interests. Investments in real estate and property will be beneficial, however you can invest in share market after the mid of the month. You might plan to undertake a spiritual journey this month and incur expenditure on that account.

Love & Marriage: Love life of Scorpio moon sign natives will blossom during this month. There will be love and warmth in your relationship and you will spend quality time with your partner which will help to strengthen your relationship. You might plan to go on romantic outings and long drives which will give you the opportunity to spend pleasurable moments together. There will be pleasant surprises and exchange of gifts which will keep the spark alive in your relationship. If you are single, this is a favorable time to propose to someone and initiate a relationship. Married couples will have a cordial relationship as there will better understanding.

You will be loving and caring towards your partner and will spend enjoyable moments together. However, you need to be careful about your temper and speech as arrogance and harsh communication might create frictions and stress in the relationship. You should also curb your tendency to involve yourself in flings or extra marital relationships as that might do long term damage to your existing relationships.

Students & Children: Students will have a beneficial month as they will be focused towards their goals and will confident enough to achieve them. Your will power will help you succeed in sports and other competitions. If you are planning to get admission or pursue higher education will be able to get into the college of their choice. Those looking for a part time job will get suitable opportunities to start an income for themselves. Timely guidance and support from your teachers will help you to achieve a good score in exams. You should give time to your children and try to understand their emotions. They will perform well in sports and you might have to spend money on their hobbies, however attention and focus shall be required on their academic performance at school.
Family & Health: Family life will be peaceful and there will be domestic harmony this month. Your family will be supportive and there will be amiable relationship between the members. You may enjoy quality time with your loved ones and might plan a trip or outing together, which will bring more stability. You should maintain a respectful attitude towards your parents and avoid arguments and confrontations with them. You may plan a pilgrimage or religious journey with your parents which will bring peace of mind. Health would require attention this month as unhealthy eating habits might take a toll on your health. You should also be careful about your digestion this month as there are chances of developing infection. You should spend time on exercise and meditation and try to improve your immunity.

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