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Overview: Scorpio, Jupiter is transiting your sign after 12th October. Till then, you might remain irate and focus may lack. Control your anger and avoid hasty decisions in this period. After 12th October, things will improve. Profits from a govt. related work are quite likely this month. Work hard towards success and avoid taking shortcuts. Any delays in a land related work will be sorted. Frequent short trips are on the cards, but will only lead to stress without much profit. Foreign trips would bring work related gains and new contacts and projects. Strictly avoid arguments with anyone, as a major loss is possible. New work beginnings are favored before mid-October. Your energy and enthusiasm seems high, yet be careful and alert. If involved in an ongoing lawsuit, a good news will come to you around November. You may plan a pilgrimage, though avoid any kind of show off. You may spend on a female in October.            
Career: This month brings sparkling results for your career, Scorpio. New projects and work related investments will be profitable till mid-October. Profitable offers from a foreign company are quite likely for you. Your reputation seems to be on a rise and odds are strong for one your products to become famous now. Frequent short trips will be stressful and should be avoided. If working in a partnership, your partner will bring in unexpected profits this month. If working with a female partner, October will see exceptional gains.

If in a job, remain careful at work. Proceed patiently & carefully. A job change is not possible before November. Speak carefully and remain alert around your coworkers. Any confusions with boss or seniors will be most likely sorted this month. Promotion or rise in salary might take time and would still remain uncertain. Be hopeful and patient.
Money & Finance: The monthly forecast shows a favorable time for your finances, Scorpio. Monetary work will proceed smoothly. Expenses will mostly be under control. You may have to spend again on an old or a foreign purchase. Foreign travels may leave a hole in your pocket. As the month starts, benefits from a govt. related work are possible. Returns from an old investment may not be as expected and cause confusion. If married, then your spouse would financially assist you with an important task this month. Taking or giving loan should be avoided this month, as you may be cheated. Land related investments seem favorable and would bring positive results. Long-term investments in share market would suit you in October.   
Love & Marriage: Scorpio, your love life seems to flourish this month. Spending romantic time with your lover would bring peace of mind. You may plan to travel with your partner. Chances of a love marriage look good and you may make efforts in this direction now.
A proposal is likely to come to you via social media and you should readily accept it.
An old lover might return in your life & romance will be rekindled.
If married, relation with spouse seems mostly cordial. Marital harmony will prevail and stress will disappear. You may spend on foreign trips and expensive gifts. Chances of starting a new work with your spouse are good, which will be a relief for your partner.   
Students & Children: October looks to be a bright term for Scorpio students. You will get admission in a college of your choice. Awards and prizes in games and competitions will bring happiness to your family. Avoid being lazy or overconfident and work on improving your focus. Being self-centered with your friends can spoil your reputation and could lead to clashes and quarrels. New opportunities in sports for success and fame will come to you.

Games and internet surfing are likely to keep your children occupied rather than studying. Their friends will be helpful in leading them to success. New opportunities in the fields of sports and competitions will earn your children prizes. You may send them abroad for further studies.         
Family & Health: Your family front looks peaceful in October. Financial conditions will improve. Family will largely support you. Relations seem harmonious and cordial. However, control your anger and avoid arguments, as bonding with younger siblings may suffer. You will earn benefits from parental property in the near future. Parties and celebrations will boost your spirits.
If suffering from blood pressure related issues, take all the necessary precautions. Drive carefully. Be careful towards your head and feet.    

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