Taurus December Horoscope


Overview: This month will be full-on fun and frolics with your family and friends. You will remain extremely energetic and courageous in December but at the same time you also need to keep control of your language so that you do not hurt anyone with what you say. Since Rahu will be placed in the Second House (House of Wealth) for the Taurus Moon Sign, it is crucial for you to keep a tight grip on your expenses. It will not be a good time for you to promise anything at all to anyone no matter how close he or she might be to you.

According to the 2019 Taurus Monthly Horoscope, you will be successful in whatever line of work you chose for yourself with your confidence. The time period starting from 14th to 22nd December can become the reason for your mental stress that will be caused by out of the blue disputes that you might have to face in various aspects of your life.
As per the Taurus 2019 December Horoscope, your spiritual and religious are calling for you which means that you will visit multiple spiritual and religious places and will spend some good quality time there as well.

If you have some legal matters still pending, then you are not getting much help on that front during this period of time. On the contrary, your secret enemy will rather become more powerful than ever and will dare to raise their heads. However, you will emerge triumphant amongst them all but you will have to keep the secret of your winning mantra restricted to you only and do not ever think of sharing it with anyone at all no matter how important that person might be to you.

Career: During the month of December 2019, there are high possibilities that you will get a new project coming your way. It, however, might get delayed for a while which is why you need to be patient enough as good things come to those who wait. You will also meet new companies during this period of time which might take a little longer time than anticipated in the finalization process. You need to remain calm and work with patience to make the most of the provided opportunity.

At your workplace, you will find new opportunities that will help you improve the quality of your work further. Try and avoid getting into a business partnership with any female and do not involve any woman in your business for its own good.
While you are planning to choose from the available options for your new project, please be extremely vigilant and then pick the one that is going to do justice to both you.
If you are working as a professional then try and refrain from making a job switch till 17th December 2019. It will be good for you to accept any new job offer after the mid of the month as it will bring good and positive change and growth in your professional career. Office politics will not spare you this month and you will be forced to face it as well.

If you are straight out of your college and are looking job as a fresher, your fresher’s luck will favor you big time and you will get a job at a good position in a pretty decent company during this month. There will be low or no chance of promotion or appraisal this month. Since your senior will not behave well with you. Ergo, try and refrain from getting into any kind of debate or conflict or clash with him or her.

Love and Marriage: If you are in love, this month will be a good time for you to confess your love to your lover. But you need to give your partner some time and space to think about it and get back to you with a positive response. Patience, mutual understanding and respect are the stepping stone for having a stable relationship. Your ex-lover will try his or her best to re-enter your life but you need to make sure to keep your ex at the bay and do not let him or her come anywhere close to you.

The beginning of the month is a blessing for the lovers of Taurus Moon Sign. You will go out on romantic dates, meetings, lunches, dinners, and other romantic activities. This is a good month for you to spend maximum time with your lover or partner. Towards the end of the month, you need to be excessively careful and vigilant about your partner as well as your relationship. One small mistake or misunderstanding can ruin things for the both of you forever.

Just in case you are married, things might not work according to your wishes this month. There are strong chances of ego clashes between your spouse and you. Try and stay away from a certain female and do not let her interfere in your marital life. The In-Laws will also get involved in your happy married life during this month.

Money and Finance: In the month of December 2019, you need to have a good grip on your expenditures. Try and abstain from spending money in order to flaunt your lifestyle in front of your friends as it may lead to the acute financial crisis. If you are in job, there are bleak chances of getting any raise in their salary this month neither should you expect any other financial increment or perks as well. However, it will be a good time for you to invest in land or purchase your home for your personal use. There are strong chances that you will face difficulty and delay in the payments you have been expecting to reach you this month.

Nevertheless, the month will also bring you great financial benefits and gains due to multiple income resources that will be available during this month. Till 22nd December 2019, it will be a good time for you to think about and endow money in the share market investments. You need to refrain from lending money to someone or applying for financial loans this month at all costs as it will not be a great decision from financial point of view. Also, try and abstain from investing or spending money on your vehicle or home renovations this month. Buying jewelry for a certain female will also not be a good option for you this month.

Students and Children: December 2019 is going to be good for all the Taurus Moon Sign Students. This month will give you the strength to focus or concentrate on your academics and will further strengthen your will powers. Just in case you get confused or face any difficulty academically, then remember the only way to success is to work harder than before so as to resolve your confusion and problems. This month your parents will extend their unfailing support you and you will have to keep yourself away from the distractions.
This month, your children will land up spending money on the purchase of new clothes and games for themselves. Teachers will appreciate your child’s involvement and progress in sports. This is the time for your children to completely dedicate their time and energy to their academics in order to get better marks this year.

Family and Health: The family environment will remain tensed for your family which will lead to unrequited disputes and confusion in your family. If you have an elder sibling then things will not remain cordial between you two during this month. Your mother will come to your financial and other rescues during December 2019.
During December 2019, you will organize a religious or spiritual program at your place. There will be some rampage and disputes noticed amongst all of your family members in relation to the ancestral or heritage property for the Taurus Moon Sign. During December you will make out sufficient time in order to spend them with your children and will also plan a small tiny vacation or trip to someplace closer to your office or home.

It will be good for your health if you started enjoying scrumptious home-cooked meals and refrain from eating outside and junk foods as it may become the root of aggravating any underlying health diseases for you.

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