Taurus September Horoscope


You will experience lots of excitement but avoid showing off and over confidence. Be aware of new relationship with opposite partner. Stay away from taking decisions while feeling confused, due to mercury combust till 21st June. It is advisable to take all decisions with the help of senior and your parents. Steer clear from starting new business or changing jobs after 17th June due to retro Saturn. You can spend on home purchase and vehicle.

To avoid disputes in relationship, think before you talk. You will spend on things you enjoy. Suitable time for govt project, work, or Job. You may attain position in political party after 15th due to Sun in your sign. Use your diplomatic mind to come out to any disputes that might occur. Travels will increase due to Rahu and Jupiter in foreign house. Try to avoid disputes with enemies in this month otherwise, you might defeat. Start research that you may have stopped in past.    

You should not start any new work after 21st June due to Saturn transiting your career house otherwise disputes and obstacles might arise. There are chances of getting blamed, so avoid interference with business competitors. Stay away from partnerships and try starting part time business, as Mars is debilitated. Avoid investment in business through loan. You may get new project in business but try to start in small scale. Don’t plan on changing job. Also maintain distance with junior and avoid trusting blindly on your senior. Keep your focus on job and complete your project. Small Travels may increase due to work in the city. Good time for preparation for govt job.                
Money & Finance

You will spend money on your enjoyment and luxury things. You may get your recovery money if you have been waiting for it. Avoid spending on friends. You may get income from past investment and heritage property. Try to avoid taking loan for business or other purpose after 21st. Good time for small and short-term investment in speculation and share market. Bigger investment can be harmful for you. Land investment may be profitable for you from 15 June.

Love & Marriage
You may be in conflict with your mind and heart between 3rd to 7th June, so avoid meeting with your lover. Follow your mind for better decision in relation. You may fall in love with someone but avoid proposing after 21st June. Maintain relationship with ex-lover and ’don't get into love triangle. You should help your partner in their work. Spend time with your partner, go for long drives and dates.
In married life you should try to come out of disputes that was created in the past. You should try to maintain blissful relation with your in-laws. Increase communication with your partner and avoid bringing forward your ego.

Students & Children
If you are a student, avoid wasting time with opposite sex, in movies, friends and social media till 7th. There are chances of good results from past exams. You should increase concentration on competition and study for better results. You may get admission in Govt College or other academic courses. Try to make decisions with family, if you want to change subject. You may get good opportunities or award if you have interest in other activities. Children may get award and praise from their school. Parents will support children in their studies. Keep your patience and cool if child waste their time in other activities instead of study.  

Family & Health                        
Siblings may not support you but you may start having better compatibility with family. There may be small get together and parties at home. Maintain and renovate your home with the help of family after mid of the month. Discuss with your parents, before taking any major decision. Be careful of skin problems, stomach, and neck infections. Take precautionary measure if you have daibetes or thyroid.                

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