Taurus August Horoscope


Overview: The beginning of this month probably won’t be that productive. You will build up a fear in mind and will not be able to work that effectively. Therefore avoid participation in activities related to sports. You should have a control on your pocket as there are high chances that you may come up short of reserve funds.
Do whatever it takes not to promise anything to anybody since this month won’t enable you to keep up your promises even if you really want to. You are at any rate going to break that promise and will subsequently wind up disappointing people around you. You may lose few of your valuable relationships because of the same.

Good times will roll in during the mid of August. There will be an improvement in your psychological stability and physical strength as well. Your decision making abilities will improve. Prior to taking any major decision of your life, you should take suggestions from your parents or a trustworthy friend.
Business/Professional trips will be extremely beneficial for you. You will take keen interest in spiritual activities. You will get an opportunity to travel abroad, which will bring productive results. In the event that you were preparing for a civil service exam, you will be able to clear it. You will receive full support of your boss and sub ordinates and they will play a major role in your success and development.
Try not to interfere in personal and professional life of others. If you do so, you will most likely ruin your relationship with them.

You will probably finish a long pending task/venture.
You will be able to clear out all the previous misunderstandings with friends or relatives. You may plan to buy a new house. Your hard and diligent work will enable you to get a dream project. However, there will be some obstacles in your path.  
You will take out some time for yourself and go on a short trip. This will help you to be relieved from the stress and mental pressure.

Career: There will be few hurdles in your path because Saturn is having an aspect/influence on your profession house. Also Saturn is in conjunction with Ketu and Rahu is aspecting Saturn which will cause a type of disarrays in work related matters. You won’t get any kind of gratefulness from your boss or seniors. Your colleagues won’t be faithful towards you and will feel desirous of you. In the event that you’re intending to change your job you can do it after mid of this month.
This is certainly not a good period to start up with a new business venture.
 This condition will be stabilized after 12th Aug 2019.Your spouse or partner will be very supportive. He/ She will stand strong with you in every difficult circumstance. Some new opportunities will knock your door so be ready to welcome them.
In case you were putting your hard work and efforts in a foreign project, you’ll receive uplifting news this month!

Love & Marriage: Love life would be positive. You will cherish some real beautiful moments with your partner. To your surprise your partner might come up with an unexpected marriage proposal.
You will be pampered by your partner with whole lot of surprise gifts. He/she would love to spend time with you and will take you out for long drives.
In case you’re having a secret crush on someone and want to confess your feelings to him/her. The last few days of August are perfect for this confession.

There are high odds that your ex may develop back affections for you and wants to give another chance to your past relationship. In case you’re already dedicated to another person, abstain from having any kind of conversations with your ex otherwise, this love triangle will ruin your current relationship.
Your partner will experience some sort of mental pressure or stress because of their professional life. Be extra supportive and caring during this period and spend some quality time with them. Boost their morale and make them believe in themselves.
In order to avoid any heated arguments with your partner, you should try to maintain a mutual understanding and compatibility with them.  
Your spouse will receive financial benefits and appraisals.
There are some concerns regarding their health but nothing of major concern. These can be cured with proper medications and precautions.

Money & Finance: This period is incredibly advantageous regarding financial matters.
There will be an increment in your income.
Speculative investments will be extremely beneficial. Your spouse will also contribute towards your financial stability. This is a superb time to invest in real estate and share markets. But attempt to stay away from any sort of business associations. Try not to be fooled by someone’s emotional appeal. Do not lend money to anyone else you might just lose that money forever.
An ancestral property or land will hold an extra ordinary worth and will bring home a descent sum after 15th Aug 2019. You will be relieved from any past credits or EMI’S. In case you were planning to purchase a vehicle then this is the perfect time. Avoid spending too much on fancy restaurants and travel.

Students & Children: There’s good news for those dedicated students who are preparing for competitive exams since past few years. Your hard work will pay you off. You will get an admission in your desired college and will sparkle with extraordinary colors.
 There could be a type of fascination towards opposite sex. Repel yourself from such distraction because this can affect your career or studies.
Children will take a keen interest in extra-curricular activities. Abstain from squandering your time and resources on travel, friends and social media.
Parents should keep a check on their child’s dietary patterns as there are chances of some health issues. Avoid traveling to hill stations also avoid any sort of adventurous or sports activities.

Family & Health: Abstain from including yourself in any sort of arguments or disputes with your family members as this could lead to misunderstanding and cold relations with your family members. Avoid using harsh language, abusive words and keep a control on your anger else you might just lose a valuable relation for the rest of your life.

There will be an increase in your expenditure and you will spend a considerable part of your income. You should avoid trekking during this month. This can cause unbearable pain in your feet for a very long time.
A lot of new opportunities will knock your door during the mid of this month. You will go for a much needed short outing or vacation. Your mother will be really supportive and will hold your hand throughout. She will invest a lot of trust in you however this won’t be same from your father’s side. He will restrict you with respect to your choices. This can cause some sort of cold vibes between you both. Nonetheless, you should be calm and composed all through this phase else, this can demolish your relation with him.
Keep a check on your health and personal hygiene. You may suffer from some sort of skin infection. Avoid consuming street food there are chances of stomach infection too.

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