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Mars will be in your Moon sign until March 13th, so you may encounter difficulties and roadblocks, but with courage and a strong resolve, you can overcome this trying time.
At this time, your health and professional prospects may be a little uncertain, but with persistence and hard effort, you will have favorable outcomes.

This month is auspicious for strong revenue, but costs will also rise when Jupiter transits its own sign.
Avoid making any pledges or obligations during this time since Mercury is combust, which might keep you perplexed. You might be interested in occult science or other relevant fields of study.
The outcome of any previous legal proceedings or disagreements will be in your favor. There will be a lot of travel this month.

You must put in sincere effort and work hard to achieve your goals because Saturn will transit its own sign when the Sun is in the career house. Due to the Sun's transit, you could receive a significant project up to March 15th. Before accepting it, though, you should speak with your superior or consider your existing burden.
Also, you may continue to be confused at work as a result of Ketu's transit in the house of job.
You'll benefit this month if you're looking to start a new employment. Venus is exalted, so you could even get promoted at work.
Working as a freelancer during this time period will help you earn more money.

Money & Finance
Be cautious while making any business investments since Mercury, the ruler of wealth, is combust and will transit with Sun and Saturn until March 16th.
Venus' transit with Rahu beginning on March 12th can cause unforeseen costs, but with patience and your senior's guidance, you can get through these problems.
The time is right to acquire or sell land for a profit as of March 15th. This month, you should absolutely avoid investing in the stock market.

Love & Marriage
Your love life will not be enhanced by Mercury, the ruler of the house of love that will be transiting with the Sun and Saturn. It's possible that you won't have time for your lover. You could feel constrained because of your workload even in a brand-new romantic relationship.
But if you're single, you can meet your soulmate this month.
Your marriage will have pleasant times up to March 13th; nevertheless, avoid becoming aggressive. Your spouse could have new employment prospects this month. Help your partner stay healthy.

Students & Children
Your focus on studies may begin to wane due to combust Mercury, making it difficult for you to study for your test. You must, thus, make a sincere effort and work to sharpen your focus on your academics.
For any significant decision related to your studies, consult your professor or a senior member of staff. With the help of your parents, this is a good month to apply for admission to the college or institution of your choice.
If you are overconfident, you may disengage with your schoolwork.

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