Taurus October Horoscope


Overview: The month of October will begin with full excitement and high energy for Taurus moon sign and things will remain the same until 15th October. But you need to try and refrain from getting over-excited and over-confident during this month as it may not go in your favor. Try and maintain a safe distance in matters related to a certain female otherwise; you will get the blames and allegations for things you are not responsible for in the first place. This month will be good in the sense that your siblings will also be extremely supportive to you.

Consulting your Father or senior before taking any major decision in life will be beneficial for you during this month. There are good chances that you will get interested in some research-based work and will involve yourself in the same. You will also have a strong inclination towards occult science and due to this eagerness you will also find new opportunities in the respective field as well.

Self-pampering will make you spend money from your pocket as you will spend money on buying new clothes and self-care. The health of your father will need your immediate attention during this month and try and refrain from having any sort of dispute or argument with him as well. You will also spend money on outings and traveling which will prove to be beneficial for you in the long run. It will be good if you avoided spending exceedingly on your friends and family this month. This is not a good month for those of you associated with politics and popularity.

Career: This month you will invest your time and money into your business and travel related to the same. But you need to be patient and calmly wait for things to work as you may face delays and obstacle in work and the forthcoming results. Try and avoiding anyone with your work and do not plan to get into a partnership. If you are planning to invest in your business, getting a loan will be a good idea. Though, it is highly suggested that you drop the plans of expanding your business for growth this month as it may backfire.

Do not have blind trust in your workers during this month. If you are in a government job or are looking for a job change, then this month is going to be good for you as well.  Stay away from distraction and put you’re your hard work and dedicated focus to get good results or output in your work. You might not be in the good books of your seniors and boss this month but you need to be patient as things will turn around soon. Your colleagues will help and support you this month.

Love and Marriage: If you are single and looking for a partner, your wish will come true this month. You can also propose and get a positive response from your lover as well. Keep your friends away from their involvement in your love life. Good and romantic times are ahead of you this month and you will spend some quality time with your lover or partner on movie dates, long drives, parties, and religious places.

Married people may not have a very good and pleasant experience this month. Unrequited conflicts and arguments may surround you creating a distance between both of you. The best way to get out of it will be to sit and sort out the differences between you two and have a strong mutual understanding. Try and spend some alone time with your life partner and go on a trip together.

Money and Finance: This is a financially good month for Taurus moon sign. You can exchange your money and go for a loan too this month and both will remain in your favor. You will also receive some good return from past investments this month. Try and refrain from large investments this month otherwise; you any have to face huge financial loss. Keep control of your extravagant expenses to show off yourself to others.

This month you will not stay back from spending money on pampering yourself and will purchase some luxurious and materialistic things to make you happy. It is a good month to make an investment in speculative activities and real estate. You may also purchase a new home or furniture as well. There are hood chances of getting a sudden gain from ancestral or family property as well.

Students and Children: Students will be able to get admission in a new academic or career-related course in the month of October. Over-confidence and internet distraction can prove to be extremely bad for you during this period of time. Till 15th October, you will hear some good news related to your results. The money will be spent on buying new books and course fees as well. Be careful during this month as you may either get involved in a conflict or argument or you may fall sick pretty bad.

Your children will perform well and will also get admission in a new coaching class this month. There are good chances that they will get interested and participate in new sports and other extracurricular activities as well which will help them in their overall growth. Teachers will remain supportive of your children during this time.

Family and Health: Things don’t look bright on the family front as you may get into a conflict or clash of opinion with your father or your sibling this month. However, your mother will stand in your support during this time. Try and arrange a getting family together in order to ease things down a bit.  There are good chances that you will be able to sort any kind of dispute related to your ancestral or family property this month.

Take care of your father and his health may not remain good. You will spend money on buying new furniture form your home. Most probably, you will meet your relatives who have settled abroad as well.
Healthwise, the month looks good but you need to be careful and do not drink and drive this month. If you have thyroid or diabetes, you need to be extra careful.

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