Taurus (Vrishabha)

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You would want to make the most of life and may spend a lot on attaining luxury comforts and fulfilling desires. Level of income would be satisfactory yet you should keep away from unnecessary expenses in the second half of the month. When it comes to social circle, “bigger the better” seems to be your motto. With these positive developments, you may also have to shell cash to settle disputes with adversaries. Career wise, your involvement with foreign prospects would increase, brining more income in your share. Your elder brother or siblings would help you launch as an entrepreneur or to start another successful venture of your own.

A foreign trip is in the cards if you are married! There is also the possibility to go abroad with business partner to expand your horizon. You would be more in touch with your inner self now. Inclination towards occult subjects and spirituality would increase this month, and you would feel more reflective and philosophical too.

Career: A job offer is in the cards, to work for a company that would be much closer to your home. However, you would have to toil hard to fetch this job. Transfer to a new location by your current employer or through a job change is possible. Positively, remuneration would be much satisfactory. Coworkers and boss would have your back this month. Don’t lose hope yet for that promotion either. Your competence level and optimistic outlook would prove highly rewarding. Businesspersons may have to struggle a bit though. Be more in touch with your workers as something might be going on while you are away. Partnership activities and earning prospects would be much better in the second half of the month.

Love and Marriage: Still not over your ex? Well, planets are giving you one more chance to patch up.
Embrace this opportunity with open arms, as it seems to be a promising move. If already in an active relationship, this would be that time when you would spare no effort to impress your partner, which is a good thing but do not end up going cash-crunched. Some sensual moments are also in store for you. If married, expect a more lively relationship after 13th April. Before that, minor issues might persist. This seems to be a perfect time to surprise your partner with an unexpected dinner date or a romantic gift. This could really restore the energy back in your married life. Wish to get married? April seems to bring some good news for you and a decent marriage proposal too.

Money and Finance: They say the best investment you can make is in yourself. You seem to be taking this advice quite seriously this month with Sun (your outer self and soul) illuminating your house of income and gains. What you earn would likely go into personal development, family comforts, and luxury living, thanks to Venus involvement. In fact, this could be a very progressive period if you are into a creative field. Do not expect lady luck to do it all for you though. You will have to make some serious efforts to get things going on the financial front. More...

Children and Students: Your children may not feel very energetic due to health issues. Possibility of injury persists as well. This could lead to a long leave from studies. If you are a student, spending on education matters would increase substantially, probably because of efforts to study abroad. After 17th April, it would be favorable to ditch overconfidence as it could affect results. This is a good month to take part in competitions and debates.

Health and Family: Health would mostly remain on track but aggression could give you some anxious moments. This is particularly valid after 13th April. In family matters, there could be some feud in the first few days, which your friends might help resolve. Relationship with siblings would remain cordial. This month, you may inherit a property too. A family occasion may be celebrated as well around this time.


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