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Overview: The horoscope prediction for Taurus natives shows that Venus transits in the debilitated sign Libra that may excite a lot of things in your life this November. You may want to keep a low-profile this month as some events may get you over-excited unnecessarily. Keep a check on your impulses while maintaining a calm demeanor. Indicative circumstances such as hasty decisions and issues with your contemporaries could happen due to the presence of sun in debilitated sign till the 15th of November 2020.

As Rahu transits on your zodiac sign, it will likely influence your personality. It is imperative that Taurus natives have control of their diplomatic approach and language to avoid undesired situations. The benefic planet Jupiter transits in Capricorn zodiac with Saturn from 20 November onwards which will incite interest towards occult science or research. Exchanging personal information with others may bring the unnecessary conflict in life. Refrain from getting too close to people with dubious agendas.

Your monthly horoscope indicates financial impulses on yourself after 17th November 2020 due to the transit of Venus. Taurus moon sign entrepreneurs will need to be patient about their business taking off. You will, however, need to continue working on your skills and business to taste success in life. After 16th November, you will find good news from a household dispute, though, you must prioritize your health as well. You will have to find more time to strengthen your bond with your father. You may also donate some money to a charity or NGO for a humanitarian cause.

Career: The career horoscope for Taureans suggests you should never run out of patience while dealing with the demands of your profession. This month you will gain extensively due to the transit of Saturn in the 9th house. The ninth house symbolizes good fortune with a positive aspect of the Saturn in the income house as well.

Do not stress or get anxious about your work as it would only affect your mental health. Remain focused and determined on working hard on your goals. Your strengths will be impacted due to the presence of a debilitated Sun until the middle of the month. You may go through Government-related litigation matter with higher authority because of the weak placement of Sun in your moon sign.

People in the business sector should consult expert's advice on new and regular investment transactions in their enterprise. Try maintaining a cordial and harmonious relationship with your co-workers and office staff for a smooth day at your workplace. If you are awaiting new projects, you will soon hear positive news from a foreign company after 20th November. This month is not favorable for seeking a new or changing your job. Be aware of your surroundings, and do not indulge in office politics. Continue to work hard, your boss and seniors will appreciate your good work.

Love & Marriage: November 2020 love horoscope indicates love is in the air for you as you fall for someone at the beginning of the month. If you want to share your feeling, refrain from doing so after 17th November as luck may not favor you. The lord of love, Mercury, transits in Libra that may develop a love triangle or trigger disagreement within love partners.

Keep a calm temperament, and work on ways to have a mindful conversation with your companion. The hectic lifestyle can take away romance from your relationship but be hopeful. Find time to actively participate in common interests that could spark romantic moments between both of you. The monthly horoscope also foresees disputes/disagreements with your life partner due to retrograding Mars till 14 November 2020.

Ketu in the house of marriage may also disrupt the harmony of the marital life. Increase the amount of quality time. Try opening heart and emotions for more direct communication over things you two feel concerned about. Due to the progressive Mars, some exciting work might come your way through your spouse after 14th of November that could be an addition to your income.

Money & Finance: Wealth and financial horoscope state that you will splurge luxuriously this month. You should consider not purchasing a home or real-estate land till the 15th of November. The period is not auspicious for such activities. You will need to be careful while dealing with legal disputes about the inheritance of property.

Keep a check on your vehicle as it might be the cause of sudden expenditure. It is best not to spend money on an old car as it will prosper to nothing. Those who are willing to invest should consider the share market only after 17th November. You can expect a windfall of wealth from an unearned income in the form of rent or interest after 15th November 2020.

The period after the middle of the month also indicates financial support from your mother. People expecting an increment, promotion or other sources of income should have some more patience. You will receive the fruit of your hard labor in due time.

Students & Children: Monthly horoscope 2020 indicates that you will need to be more ambitious and work hard in your academics. There will be competition around you, especially after the 17th of November, which is why you need to work on your patience. It will help you to stay calm, especially when you are perplexed or worried about your academic preparations/performances.

You can expect good results from your previous exams. Students will get through admissions to their desired colleges and courses. If you are preparing for overseas studies, the favor of your luck will be on your side. Your health will have a smooth run this month, but it is crucial to maintain a healthy diet.

Family & Health: Taurus moon sign family horoscope 2020 indicates the month of November will see an improvement in terms of your relationship with your family. However, try to spend more time with them for a continuous effort. Try staying away from disputes over heritage property this month.

You will need to take care of your father as his health may undergo some trouble. Taurus moons need to take care of your eyes, stomach, and look out for any injuries to your head. Too much work pressure and avoiding health requirements may result in back pain. Also, be careful while driving.

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