Taurus (Vrishabha)

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Cheerful, spontaneous and full of energy, you are a doer this month. New experiences and connections is what you seek the most at this time. You may spend a lot of time with people you care about. Activities that inspire beauty and peace would strike your fancy, be it a lavish spa experience or a creative art class. Interest in music would also increase around this time and in things, which promote satisfaction and mental solace. You seem to care a lot about improving your lifestyle this month and may work actively towards it. A property purchase is in the cards too, possibly on a foreign land or a place far off. You may also earn from foreign sources this month.

With Sun in house of seclusion and spiritual activities, you may find yourself probing your beliefs and the purpose of your soul. In the second half of the month, fiery Sun would be conjunct red-hot Mars, so expect a lot of heat in your temperament at that time. To enjoy easy and smooth relationships, you may want to keep anger and ego in check. When it comes to mental peace and triumph over opponents, first half of the month could be more rewarding.

Career: It’s a busy month ahead with chances of some work related trips and a lot of hard work. While a pay raise can be anticipated but fortune may not favor much in case you are expecting a promotion. Unwanted transfer is possible so this is no time to ruffle seniors’ feathers. This is the time to have some patience and keep your focus intact on improving your image. Colleagues would be highly supportive this month. If you are thinking to start a business, put these plans off for some time. If you have a business in partnership, do not make decisions against the opinion of partner. Employers may also want to be more cordial to their workforce to enjoy better professional growth.

Love and Marriage: Planets are fanning the flames of desire and attraction towards opposite sex. However, love life could be a bit perplexing as you may see some old issues resurfacing and souring your existing bonding. Parting of the ways is possible but you would quickly be over and find a new suitor. New relationships started around this time should be based on values like truthfulness and honesty. Married folks would enjoy a lot of romantic moments this month. Indulgence in luxuries and pleasures would heighten now. You should however be careful to not get attracted to other suitors.

Money and Finance: You may enjoy good income prospects but it would take some effort. It seems foreign deals and investments made around this time would be fruitful. Your mother may back you if you plan to buy land or property in the second half of the month. Chances of unexpected inheritance are there too. May seems to be a good time overall but you may want to cut down on expenses. Resolution of disputes and legal matters could eat up your cash so better keep calm and avoid such issues.

Children and Students: Children may suffer a bit on the health front so in need of extra care. They may also indulge in bad social circle, time to be a bit strict. This could also affect their focus in studies. As a student yourself, lack of focus could result in unexpected results for you as well so maintain your concentration. Having said that, this month could be promising if you were making efforts to study abroad. This could however shoot up expenses on education. Some discredit may follow this month so be careful and avoid hanging out with bad company.

Health and Family: Health may demand care at times. Caution is particularly advised when driving or walking on the roads. Some stomach related issues or headaches could trouble you this month. On the positive side, you would get support from family at this point. If there were some conflicts or disagreements earlier, you would see improvement in the situation. A celebration could take place too. You should make efforts towards building a cooperative and harmonious atmosphere at home. Father may be experiencing financial issues and in need of your assistance. Expecting parents should be very careful this month.

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