Taurus April Horoscope


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Taurus Monthly Horoscope: Overview
Planet of Influence: Venus, Rahu & Mars
Predominating Emotion: Unorthodox approach in life and major focus on foreign gains

Taurus natives may travel abroad and make new connection with people wherever they go. You might have to face ups & downs in life. Chances of having differences with family members are quite possible at this time. Some of you may even make unconventional decisions during this month. However, on a positive note, the planets will create celebrations and blissful moments in your love, married & family life. Family reunion is quite likely in this month. Taurus natives may switch their jobs in April 2021.

Taurus Career:
Planets of Influence: Saturn & Jupiter
Major trend: Stiff competition at workplace

According to Taurus Career horoscope of April 2021, this month is going to bring some new changes in your professional life. Job change/transfer is on the cards this month. There are going to be ups and downs in your business. You may have to travel abroad for work purposes. However, you won’t be satisfied with the results. Nevertheless, there are high chances of earning money through foreign sources. You are likely to face stiff competition at your workplace this month, so be prepared.

Love, Marriage & Relationships for Taurus
Planets of influence: Mercury, Mars & Jupiter.
Major trends: Enhancement of physical intimacy

As per Taurus Love, Marriage & Relationship Horoscope of April 2021- your love life will blossom like a beautiful flower as you are going to get a lot of opportunities to know each other better. You will build emotional & physical intimacy with your sweetheart. A romantic trip with spouse is quite likely which will take your relationship to the next level. However, on the other hand, married natives may face some differences with their life partners, as the planets are not in a favourable position. You are advised to be practical, mature and realistic in the marriage matters to ensure a happy & peaceful married life.

Taurus Money & Finance Horoscope
Planets of Influence: Mercury, Jupiter, Mars
Major Trend: Unexpected gains in first half

According to Taurus Money & Finance Horoscope of April 2021, you are likely to incur unexpected gains from speculations in the first half of the month. However, the latter half of the month may not be very good in terms of finances & wealth. Expenses will see a high rise during this period. As a result, you will not be able to save & accumulate money. Try to keep a healthy balance between income & expenditure. You may earn additional income by managing other people’s finances.

Health Horoscope Taurus
Planet of influence: Jupiter, Venus & Mars
Major Trend: Ups & downs in health condition

Taurus Health Horoscope of April 2021 states that if you have been suffering from health related ailments in the last few months, you will be on your path of recovery. However, there is a thick possibility of you facing health related problems such as skin allergy, abdominal issues in the last parts of the month. Chances of hospitalization are also there in your horoscope so be extra careful.

Taurus Students & Education Horoscope
Planets of Influence: Mercury
Major trend: Rewarding period for students

Taurus Students & Education Horoscope of April 2021 says this may be a rewarding month for the aspiring students preparing for competitive exams or admission in any university abroad. Some of you may even get a government job during this month. Your horoscope foresees success in job interviews. You will make a decent progress in first half of the month and your accomplishments will be appreciated publicly.

Taurus Family Horoscope
Planets of influence: Mercury, Sun Mars
Major trends: Good time with family members

According to Taurus Family Horoscope of April 2021, this is going to be a good month for the Taurus natives as far as their family life is concerned. Reunion with the family members is quite likely in this month. As far as your family business is concerned, the horoscope shows positive outcomes and an increase in income with luck is quite evident.
However, there are chances of some aggressive conflicts over ancestral wealth/property.

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