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Venus, the lord of your zodiac is retro and will give you many troubles and will also not support you in fulfilling your wishes. Someone will push you away before you go down a wrong path. If you have a guru, then you have to be in touch with him/her. Unnecessary travel will also continue this month. From 14 Jan Sun will transit with Capricorn, so you may have to face some problem related to your house. Any new work will also start, and you will get success only by your own efforts.

You can also come under stress due to an enemy. If any old court case is going on, then that too can suddenly be solved. There will also be success in the field of politics this month. Your valor and enthusiasm will accompany you; no difficult task will become a hindrance for you. If there is mental disturbance, going on a religious journey will give you relief. Meeting an old friend will refresh your childhood days.

Due to workload, projects will be completed with delay and new work can also stop and get delayed. Be patient for new work. Do not invest money in a hurry or on the advice of anyone else. Money will be spent in work related to abroad and time will also be wasted. Any old work can be started again. If you do it, you will benefit from doing two things together. But do not spend too much money in your old work. Work in partnership will not be fine. The job seekers will not get new job, and the time is not better to change the job on their own will, an offer may come again from any old place. Time is not better for salary hike and promotion. Be patient now and increase your hard work, your laziness can make you lose a big opportunity. Don't think about transfer now.

Love & Marriage
There may be some estrangement with the one you love. Suddenly the relationship can also break. However, do not try to cheat your partner in any way. If you are single, then at this time there is no hope of a new partner coming. You will definitely be attracted to the opposite sex, but the matter will not be serious. Do not express love to anyone in this month. There may be confusion with your life partner after 16 Jan due to Mars transit in 8th house.

Married life will not be pleasant and romantic. You should plan to go out for a walk to resolve your mental angst. Try to give valuable gifts to your partner, which will make the relationship more sweet and old anguish will also end. You will also get help from a partner, and you can also get an idea of doing some new work with them. Life partner will also benefit from your work.

Money & Finance
Someone can deceive you, so be careful about your transactions and do not trust anyone. Do your documentation carefully and sign by looking at the papers and cheques. Don't sign assignments in a hurry. Time is not right to take a loan, but you will get financial help. Take less interest in land related work and do not think about investment now. Time is not better for share market too. Unearned income can come from anywhere. Keep pace with the rental rates. There will be expenditures in traveling again and again and along with religious travel, money will also be spent in charitable activities. From end of the month, your economic condition will be better than before, and money will also come.

Students & Children
Time is not good for the students; there can be any kind of loss. Do not be lazy and do not waste time. You will not get admission in your desired college, or you will not be able to choose the desired subject even after the results are out. Don't get into any fight with a friend. You have to work even harder to go abroad. You will have to pay more attention in studies in this month.

Children's health will have to be taken care of. Suddenly their mind may be distracted from studies and confusions may start to come. As a parent, you should help your children. There will be a need for a separate guide, you will have to help them at the right time, where is shortage.

Family & Health
There may be some time difference with your family and there will be confusion and arguments due to money. You will have more responsibility and mental problems too, but you will be able to manage everything. There will be a small party with the family and religious functions can also take place at home. Taking care of the health of your mother is of utmost importance. Suddenly, one of your parents can get hospitalized. Your health will be fine, and you will have the zeal to take care of all the work. Women have to take special care of themselves and get treatment done without any negligence. If there is pain in your feet, then take rest for some time and reduce running and walking.

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