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Overview: Taurus, the monthly horoscope indicates a positive period for you ahead. Saturn is transiting direct in Sagittarius now. Expect completion of any pending or halted work. Expenses on your enjoyment and luxuries are likely. Jupiter is transiting your 7th house and is aspecting the ruler of your sign. Your health will improve and energy levels will mostly be good. Spending for home decorations is indicated. Purchase of a luxury car is favored till mid-October. Hasty actions should be avoided. Consult people you trust whenever in doubt instead of proceeding under confusion. Hard work would turn destiny in your favor. Start a new work with great care and caution. Maintain a harmonious bond with your father and do not get into arguments with him. Avoid any controversies. Foreign trips are possible; however, sort out all confusion as it may result in a loss. Confusion related to finances and profession may prevail. Investing under someone’s influence would be a bad idea and should be avoided at all costs. If working in politics, then you will see a rise in your image.
Career: Saturn, lord of your career house, aspects the house of career from the 8th house. Delays are likely; nonetheless, all work will be completed timely. Be patient with the new work you start and do not expect sudden profits and a huge income. Minor hiccups can stress you out now. Avoid working towards plans of expansion now. Quarrels with your workers can slow work down; be careful. If in a partnership, then some friction with your partner is possible now. Keep your aggression under control.
If in a job, then the month may remain strenuous. A job change is favored and you may find a suitable job offer. You may get a govt. job, if looking for one. Coworkers will support you. Relation with boss and seniors may remain under confusion. Remain patient, as salary and promotion related matters would take time to deliver.
Love & Marriage: This period looks splendid for prospects of love and marriage. Relation with your partner will be cordial. A third person might help you sort any prevailing misunderstandings. Keep a healthy communication with your loved one and clear any issues as soon as possible.
This period is highly favorable to open your heart to your loved one. Expect a positive and early response.
If married, relation with spouse may face some friction. Fighting over matters of the past will do you no good and you should let your relation grow happily. Your spouse may face difficulties with their younger siblings. Keep a calm approach and measure your words before you speak.
Money & Finance: The month looks sluggish for your finances. Flow of income looks mostly good, but a rise in expenses will lead to confusions. Spending on home décor, personal enjoyment, and luxury items is indicated. A home or work loan may be applied for. Lending money under someone’s influence should be avoided. You may invest in property or real estate. You may get a govt. job, if seeking it. Long-term investments in share market are not favored. Expenses on children will increase. Around mid-October, difficulties related to new work are possible. Benefits from a parental property are possible in the form of money or land.
Students & Children: The month looks rough for students. Avoid overconfidence and lethargy. Till mid- October, time is good for your academic performance. However, after that you will need to work harder. You may get admission in a govt. school or college. Prepare well and keep all the study material ready and handy. Spend economically.

Your children are likely to be filled with laziness. Maintain a cordial bond with your kids and don’t scold them without a reason. Admission in a school or college of choice is quite possible, yet subject selection may create confusion.
Family & Health:                      
Family front seems comfortable now. Relations with family members will improve. Your diplomatic speech will further enhance the environment on the domestic front. A guest might grace you with their presence and bring celebrations in the family.
Your health looks mostly good. However, stress may bother you. If you are diabetic, track your blood sugar levels regularly and remain careful. Remain cautious towards a possible accident. Remain careful when around fire, at heights or in secluded areas.

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