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This month is full of excitement, but try to stay away from showing off and being overconfident and also try to be aware of strangers. Take every decision with the help of seniors and your parents. This is a good month for starting a new business or changing your job. There are chances that you might purchase a home and vehicle this month. Think before talking, otherwise you may get into disputes in your relationship. You will spend money on yourself for enjoyment. This is a good time for govt projects, work, or jobs till 17 Sep due to Sun’s transit in its own sign. You may attain a position in a political party.

Use your diplomatic mind to come out of any disputes. You should try to behave normally with your friends. Your dreams are fulfilled by foreign projects from 6 Sep, when Mars transits in Virgo. You may get excellent opportunities in foreign jobs. Try to avoid disputes with enemies this month, otherwise, you may be defeated. You can start a research project, which stopped in the past.  

You will get new opportunities to start a business with your family or friends. This is a good period for partnership and starting to freelance and a part time business. You may take out a loan for business investment. You may get a new project in business but try to start before 14 Sep due to Jupiter’s transit. Mercury starts retrograding from 27 Sep, so avoid taking any decision in your career. You will get a new job or change your current job. You may get help from your seniors. You should only focus on your job and complete your project for promotion. It may take you more time to get a promotion and a salary increment. This is a good time for preparation for a government job.    
Money & Finance
You will spend money on your enjoyment and luxurious things after Venus’ transit in Libra from 6 Sep. You will get recovery money if you wait for it to pass. Try to stop your hand on spending money on others. Also, try not to show off anything. You will get income from investments. You may take out a loan for business or other purposes. This is a good time for investment in speculation and the share market till 27 Sep. Take care of money on your own. You will earn income from heritage property. Investment on land may be profitable for you now.

Love & Marriage
You may fight with your mind and heart for your love partner. Try to listen to your mind for a better relationship. When you fall in love with someone, try to propose after 6 Sep. If you want, you can maintain a relationship with your ex-lover, but don’t make a triangle in your love life. You should help your partner in their work. Spend time with your partner and go on a long drive. In married life, your relationship may improve.

You can come out of disputes that were created with your spouse in the past. You should try to maintain a blissful relationship with your life partner. Increase communication with him/her and go for enjoyment. Your marriage will take place on a fixed date in this month.             
Students & Children
Students should avoid wasting time on movies and the internet. You will get good results from past exams. You should concentrate on competition and study for better results that you want. You will get admission in a govt college and other academic courses, if you are looking to apply. You will also get good opportunities or awards if you are interested in sports. You might also get admission in a foreign college, if you are aspiring to. Your children will get awards and praises from their school. Keep patience and stay calm if your children waste their time in other activities instead of studying. Take care of skin problems and stomach aches/infections this month.            

Family & Health
Your siblings will support you and you will start getting along better with your family. There will be get togethers and parties at home after 7 Sep. You will renovate the home with the help of your family. They may support you in business. Your parents will also praise you and support you in your endeavours. If you make a major decision, then you should discuss it with your parents. Take care of stomach and neck infections. Take ample amount of rest if you feel pain in your back or legs. If you have sugar or thyroid, be serious about your health.        

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