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Overview: The December horoscope for Taurus speaks of an action-packed period. An energetic approach would keep excited and motivated with the start of this month. All pending work from the past would complete this month. Rahu transits your 3rd house. Taurus, your passion and confidence makes you a skilled risk taker with new work opportunities. Between 8th December to 10th December 2018, work related tension might trouble you. A rise in religious trips is likely. Stay away from clashes or quarrels with everyone. Be very careful while around women, as chances are an issue might cause financial loss if you are not careful. Relief in an ongoing legal matter is possible during December. If you hold a business, difficulties with your employees are likely. Saturn is currently transiting your 8th house and aspecting your career house. Beware of an unknown competitor working against you. Don’t share your secrets with people on the work front.
Taurus, your career seems variable during December. Stress levels seem to rise. If you are holding a business, remain patient at work and avoid clashes. If working in partnership, relations with partner seem rough. Good profits from a new work are likely, yet be careful, as chances of being cheated are present. It would be better if you wait patiently for a better time to start a new work.
If in a job, December horoscope speaks of a mediocre term for you. If working at a new job, remain careful against someone trying to cheat you. If working at an old job, remain patient and maintain pleasant relations with seniors and boss. Traveling for work to foreign lands is likely, though you might not get the desired results. Frequent short trips could be stressful and you should avoid them.            

Love & Marriage: Love and marriage life for Taurus looks rosy this month. If you have feelings for someone, tell that special person how you feel immediately. Delays are possible in their response, yet it would most likely be positive.
If in a relationship, chances of clashes with your lover are likely in December. If you want to save your relationship, stay away from each other for some time till things improve.
December 2018 horoscope shows good possibility of a love marriage.

Marriage life for Taurus seems rough this month. A patient and humble approach could help you avoid all possible clashes with your spouse. Possible issues due to interference from your in-laws may occur. Financial problems might further hurt your bonding.
Money & Finance: Taurus, December looks good for your finances. All pending work would complete. You may invest profitably in land related work and share market. Old investments might yield good profit now. Expenses are likely on a vehicle in December. Stay away from quarrels or clashes, as it might lead to a financial loss for you. Financial help from your mother would get you through a tough situation. Relation with father might suffer due to property related issues. Your siblings might seek your help this month. Be careful not to spend for others out of influence or emotions, especially for a female. A salary hike would take time. Avoid wasteful spending.

Students & Children: Taurus students would enjoy a pleasant time in December. Results seem to match your expectations. You would get admission in a school or college of your choice. Spend limited time with friends and manage your daily routine carefully. You may join a new course that would be good for your career. Plans to study abroad would take time to become a reality; till then, wait patiently and prepare consistently.

Taurus, results for your kids might suffer due to lack of focus. They would get new opportunities in sports and may even get the chance to play at higher levels. Pay attention to their health during the last week of December and take precautions against a possible accident. Desired results and admission in a college of their choice is quite likely.

Family & Health: Taurus, your family life looks comfortable during December. Financial help from siblings would boost your confidence and morale. A religious celebration might take place at your home. A pilgrimage or a religious trip with your mother is on the cards. Be patient and calm while talking to your father and avoid any arguments with him. Tension due to inheritance property is possible around the end of the month. For peace of mind, plan a trip with your family.

Taurus, your health looks mostly stable during December. Energy levels look good. Yet avoid overthinking, as work related stress might keep you tensed. Eat healthy to avoid stomach related ailments around the end of December. Be careful while driving. Avoid excessive traveling, as it can be physically tiring.

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