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Venus transits Libra sign till 11th November, so do not get involved in any female-related disputes or issues or you will be blamed for it. Refrain from making any hasty decisions this month, as retrograde Mars transits with your zodiac sign. As four planets transit debate house till 11th November, you may face issues with enemies and competitors.
Maintain control on your diplomatic language. Jupiter transit Pisces during this time, which is good for taking interest in occult science or another research. Do not share your personal ideas and thoughts with others. As the luxury’s planet, Venus, transits Scorpio after 11th November, you will be spending time and money on yourself. You will be successful in new business ventures. So, be patient and work harder.

As Saturn demands patience and gets aspect on income house, you must be patient to be successful and benefit professionally. Avoid anxiety and tensions and keep focusing on your goals for success. New foreign companies will give you chances in the form of big projects and regularly invest in the business.
Take care of your relationships with other workers and office staff. You will new projects from abroad after mid-November. Avoid searching for or changing your job till 11th November. Colleagues and workers are trying to conspire behind your back, so, beware. Boss and seniors will be happy with your work.
Lucky Dates for Career: 6, 12, 15, 24

Love & Marriage
You will fall in love with someone at the starting of the month. However, you should refrain from sharing your feelings after 13th November. Love Lord Mercury transits Ketu and Venus, so, avoid love triangles or disputes with love partners. You should keep a check on your ego this month to save relationship with your love partner. Save and give some time for romance and long drives. You will face disputes with life partner due to retrograde Mars. However, you must increase the time you spend and improve communications with spouse to clarify misunderstandings. Give presents and surprise your spouse for better relations. Your life partner will be the reason of your increased income.
Lucky Dates: 6, 11, 24, 30

Money & Finance
You will spend money on luxuries and other things you desire. However, avoid buying home or land till 16th November. Take care about not being involved in any disputes related to properties or you will have to deal with it for a long time. Take care of your vehicle and avoid spending money on an old car. Invest in share market after 13th November. You will receive some unearned income like rent or interest after the mid of the month. You will receive financial support from your mother after 16th November. In addition, there are chances of getting an increment, promotion, hike in salary, or other incomes as well. You should avoid spending any money on your friends.
Lucky Dates: 2, 12, 15, 24 

Students & Children
Students’ competitions will increase post 11th November. So, if you feel tensed and confused, be patient. You will get good results from past exams till 13th November. There are good opportunities round the corner in new courses and admissions in good colleges. There is a possibility for admissions into colleges abroad as well. You should be confident and direct all your focus towards your studies and exams. Teachers will praise you for your hard work in assignments.
You will have good health this month and should spend some time with your family and friends.

Family & Health
You will have better relations with your family and should try to spend some time with them to improve the relationships. Partying and getting together will be the key to happiness with your relatives. Avoid disputes related to property till the 24th of this month. Look after your father’s health. Avoid the involvement of any females in the family. Take care of your eyes, stomach, head, and be cautious while driving. Back pain might disturb your focus in work. So, take care.

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