Taurus January Horoscope


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Overview of the trends in January -
Planet of Influence: Venus  
Predominating Emotion: Self-image and unknown worries.

As per the Taurus horoscope for January 2021, the native get chances of change at the workplace. A transfer of some sort is definitely on the cards. Your religious outlook may see a shift to something else in the coming months. You may get more interested in deep research and higher learning. Undiagnosed health issues may be the cause of some kind of worry for you. The January 2021 horoscope for Taurus suggests that you may meet someone with a similar thought process as yours and there are chances that you might fall hard for this person. There's a possibility that you might forge spiritual connections with them. Your father may get promoted this month. Also, if you are someone who is looking to re-marry, January 2021 will be a perfect time for you. The month promises that you will be more creative this month and will definitely build some secret connections.

Career -
Planets of Influence: Saturn
Major Trend: Changes at workplace with higher responsibilities

According to their horoscope, the professional life will be full of luck for the Taurus native in January 2021. Your creativity will be recognized and you will be given tougher and more interesting opportunities in the workplace. Possibilities of promotion and salary hike are also pretty high. However, January 2021 will not serve as a good time for your business as your interest will lapse with time and you will not feel comfortable with the places it takes you. January 2021 horoscope for Taurus indicates that you will also be bored by the monotonous routine it brings to your life. Try to find some new creative ideas and do some practical changes in your business. Traveling abroad may provide you with new connections in your professional life.

Love, Marriage & Relationships -
Planets of Influence: Mercury & Mars
Major Trends: Spiritual inclination may keep you away from physical intimacy

The placements of planets in the Taurus native's January 2021 horoscope reveal that the month may bring some sort of religious inclination in you. You may also seek and find a spiritual connection with someone. However, your spiritual growth may prevent you from getting more intimate with your partner. Also, your natural instinct may lead you to lean towards some secret affair. Hence, it is a possibility that you may become indecisive in your path of spirituality and sensuality. If you want to marry for the second time, January may give you chances.

Money & Finance -
Planets of Influence: Mercury, Jupiter
Major Trend: Favourable income and more savings  

According to the January 2021 horoscope for the Taurus native, you will have smooth sailing as far as financial conditions are concerned. You will be lucky on the work front with a possible hike in your salary. Speculative activities will also bestow you with good profits of some sort. Taurus horoscope for January 2021 also indicates you may however spend some of your savings on a religious pilgrimage this month. Your father’s income may also see some kind of gains this month. Some of the natives may also invest money in improving one of their skills for higher education.

Health -
Planet of Influence: Jupiter & Venus
Major Trend: Undiagnosed ailments may cause you trouble

In January 2021, the Taurus native's horoscope indicates that they will have to face some kind of unprecedented and undetected issues in their health. The lower abdomen and thigh area along with joints and bones are the most sensitive area to be monitored in January. It is suggested that the native should get their diagnostic tests done on time. However, as per Taurus horoscope for January 2021, the placement and lordship of Venus also indicate that once you are determined to get your health back and take the necessary steps to keep yourself healthy, you will get rid of all diseases and possibilities of contracting new ones.

Students & Education -
Planets of Influence: Mercury
Major Trend: Higher education or some new skill development.

January 2021 will be a favourable time for students to get selected in some form of higher education. Getting admission to some higher education institute will not be as difficult as they supposed. This is a good time for the native to start with a new skill development course. Taurus horoscope for January 2021 says that you may get offers to start post graduate courses of some kind from a foreign university. This new course may also give you the chance to move on to the internship phase at the end of the month. If you want to study some religious scripture, then January can also provide you the chance to do so. Literature related to spirituality will also attract you.

Family -
Planets of Influence: Mercury, Sun
Major Trends: Family will be lucky and supportive

In the first half of January, your family members may have some internal hidden differences or disputes over some paternal property. However, after mid-month, all such disputes will be sorted out and you will get enough support from all family members. You might just get some creative ideas from your family members which will contribute greatly to your career too. Taurus horoscope for January 2021 suggests a long, religious journey with the family is also possible. Overall, harmony will prevail.

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