TAURUS February Horoscope


Overview: Taurus, the span of February appears to bring varied tastes for you on different fronts of life. Formation of a good "Raj Yoga" till 13th Feb 2018 due to positive astronomical changes will bring promising outcomes inside the given time. Period after 13th Feb 2018 is particularly favorable for Govt. related issues & you can expect high levels of success. This period is also likely to be profitable for people managing father’s business. Domestic front might face minute clashes or minor issues, but situation would have improved before the month ends. Exclusively for businesspersons, great "Dhan Yoga", the wealth generating combination is being framed for the whole month and they can expect an improved state of things on the work front as such. Your destiny will heavily rely on the level of hard work you may be willing to put into your endeavors. You have great vitality and stamina. This may often result in a heightened emotional reaction by you under sensitive situations. Keep your anger in check otherwise, it can prove detrimental for your relation with life partner. Spirituality may take a back seat. Possibilities of undertaking travels for various purposes are likely, with adventure being the center for all such trips. You are likely to maintain your wisdom and your sensible decisions in critical situations will reflect your skillfulness.

Career: The monthly readings for career indicate a bumpy ride for Taurus in February. Private job holders might have to row harder to reach their professional goals. Hardships are to be seen developing on the work front too. Connection with manager or bosses may weaken. Coworkers may not be cordial either. A strenuous workplace can lead to loss of mental serenity. An excessively unfavorable work culture can be replaced by considering a change of job or location. This should bring peace of mind as well as better professional performance for you. Businesspersons may observe strained relations with partners during this time. Your partner’s decisions can be hurtful for your work and it will most likely be accompanied with an unpredictable temperament of the partner. Hold your horses and use a patient approach while dealing with such situations. Anger can only further hamper the work culture.

Career Advice- Private job holders need to make adjustments on the work front as the ride ahead is likely to be rough. If conditions worsen beyond repair, a change in job can bring relief. Likewise, businesspersons are advised to remain patient and avoid hasty actions during this period. All monetary decisions should be carefully scrutinized before finalizing. Impulsive actions may lead to financial losses.

Love and Marriage: The monthly forecast indicates a thorny picture for romantic endeavors for Taurus in February. Volatile natures of both partners are likely to spoil the conjugal peace. Romance is scanty almost throughout the month, and patience is advised.

Singles may not enjoy fruitful results either. This period is not likely to bring you any closer to a potential future partner. Progeny is not brightly denoted. All precautions are necessary and must not be ignored at any cost.

Money and Finance: The monthly readings imply different financial scenarios for different occupational fronts. Private job holders may observe a more strenuous period in February than business workers. For job holders, the month appears to bring scanty monetary profits. Careful and patient approach is needed while managing of funds in this time. Hasty decisions can possibly lead to fiscal losses and you are advised to keep a safe distance from any kind of gambling or speculative exchanges. Your gathered riches may see a decline and flourishing isn't much indicated. Businesspersons on the other hand, may see better financial prospects.Nonetheless, the net profits and accumulation of wealth is likely to remain below the set goals. Overall expenditure is expected to rise this month, leading to unstable flow of funds.

Students and Children: February should see your children with improved intelligence and greater knowledge than the previous months. They will be more understanding, in broader terms. Their willingness to learn may expand their information base. Nonetheless, care is needed towards their health as they feel a bit under the weather during this time.

Students pursuing advanced education will see the events turn in their favor as the celestial powers bestow a greater sense of business and public dealing upon them.They will experience high levels of concentration and are likely to focus better on their career. Pursuing business related streams may bring outstanding results in this month.

Family and Health: The monthly predictions bring along a significantly stable period for health & family well being in February. Your prosperity is denoted as steady. However, the chances of catching ailments remains high in this period if proper care is not taken. Follow healthy eating habits & consume food from clean sources only to avoid stomach or urinary infections.

Health Advice - Choose the active mode of living and regularly give your body the taste of a good workout. Stay away from unhealthy diet and increase your water intake. For mental balance and serenity, you may also practice yoga or meditation.

Household may see minor issues and arguments cropping up due to difference in opinions but all should be sorted peacefully within the month. Mostly, you can expect a cordial atmosphere on the domestic front.
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