Taurus February Horoscope


Overview: Taurus moons, your sign lord Venus will remain in good dignity almost throughout this month and will be favorably placed in the house of income and gains. This month will bring fulfillment of your desires and will present new and lucrative growth opportunities. You should try to make the maximum use of this beneficial time and maintain discipline and balance in your life. You might get opportunities to travel to foreign lands and religious places, which will give you satisfaction and peace of mind. Friends will support you in your personal and professional endeavors and you will make new contacts during this time. Your network circle will expand during this month as you will get to meet influential people who will help you in career growth.

However, you should avoid being overconfident and excited and take care of your words and tone of voice during interactions. You should avoid making hasty decisions and plan your moves with a calm and calculated approach. You will be lucky in legal matters as long standing disputes or court cases will be resolved in your favor during this time. If interested in politics, you will be able to develop a strong foothold in the political arena and reputation this month and will find the necessary support. You need to be careful while investing in land and property during this time and also be careful about your relationship with your mother.          
Career: This month is favorable to initiate a new business or partnership, as the planets would support new ventures and projects during this time. Working professionals will have a busy time, as they remain occupied in meetings and new business proposals. Your efforts will bear fruits and you may be involved in foreign deals and projects. If involved in luxury, garments, designing and cosmetics business, you will get good opportunities and gains during this time. If you are in job or service, you should maintain a cordial relationship with your seniors and boss and avoid getting into arguments.

There might be difference of opinion with your colleagues, however you will be able to handle them with patience and maturity which will turn them supportive towards you. Second half of the month will be beneficial for job change and getting new job offers. If you are unemployed, there are good chances of landing up a job during this time along with the desired profile and salary. However, chances of promotion are less for existing work professionals and you might have to put in more efforts.

Money & Finance: Money inflow will remain sluggish during this month and you will need to keep a tab on your expenditures. You should avoid giving loans or promising money to someone and also avoid borrowing for home and vehicle till the middle of this month. Investments on land and property should be postponed till the later part of the month and if you must, take premeditated and well thought of decisions. However, you may invest in share market during this time.

You may get profitable returns of past investments during this time and may get your share of ancestral property. Your financial standing will improve as the month progresses and your parents will support you during your financial woes. You might spend money on luxuries, entertainment and outings during this time. If involved in business, you should try to avoid partnership with your relatives during this month.                

Love & Marriage: This month will be favorable in love and marriage matters as you will get to spend romantic and quality time with your spouse or partner. You will have pleasurable moments together and might plan a dinner date or long drive. You will develop a better understanding and emotional bond with your partner during this time and will also have an amicable relationship with your in-laws. You will support your partner in their career and help them financially. If you are single, you may come across someone special at your workplace. However, you should wait till the mid of the month to express your feelings and propose to your love interest. Even though love life remains on the brighter side, you should still curb your tendency to be egoistic and harsh in speech as that might give rise to unnecessary conflicts and disturb domestic happiness.     
Students & Children: Students will find this month favorable for studies if they are able to maintain their focus and avoid distractions. You should try to restrict the use of social media and spending too much time with your friends as that will affect your academic performance. You also need to control your expenses and spend wisely on necessary things only. This month requires you to work hard and put in extra efforts to achieve your goals.

Those planning to pursue higher education from foreign universities will find success in the second half of the month. Children should be respectful towards their parents during this time and try to use their beneficial advice for their own benefit. Parents would also have to take care of their communication in front of their children and try to handle them with love and care. You should not try to force your choices and opinions on your kids as that will lead to stressful situations at home.  

Family & Health: Family life will remain peaceful during this month and there will be harmonious relationship between family members. You will enjoy a pleasant time with your loved ones and may plan a short vacation with them. Parents will be helpful and supportive in the second half of the month and there could be religious journeys together. However, relationship with siblings might go through some challenges. You should try not to be egoistic or dominating and handle disputes with wisdom and maturity. Your father may get new opportunities at workplace this month and a professional achievement will bring in joy and happiness in the family. Your health needs care and attention during this time as work overload could take a toll on your physical and mental well being. Taking a break from work and adopting relaxation techniques will help to de-stress.

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