Virgo October Horoscope


Overview: Ego and aggression will become your biggest enemies if not controlled during the month of October for the Virgo moon sign since Mars and Sun are transiting in your moon sign at the beginning of the month. If you do not control them, you may cost you with your most cherished and valued relationship with people who matter to you. With the help of your hard work, efforts, and good luck you will get new opportunities. Happiness can be seen everywhere for you during this month. You are going to stay mentally strong and will take successful decisions with full confidence.

Health will remain low this month. This will not be a good time to get into any sort of disputes or arguments with anyone at all. Your good and sweet style of communication will help you get financial gains. You can try in politics as a career and will become a good politician. You will get social recognition and popularity as well. The creative side of your personality will also come out in public and will be highly appreciated by others.

You will be successful in sports-related activities. You will have all the support from your parents to pursue the career of your choice and other important decisions related to your life. Time and money will be spent on luxury traveling and business-related trips and they will prove financially beneficial for you.

Career: You will get great benefits and achievements in business this month. Also, you will start a new business and invest money for its expansion. Your growth rate will be high this month at work and will get a chance to work with a foreign company. Just in case you are already with a foreign company then you will get a new project with them and your worker will be supportive to you as well in order to complete the project within the given time frame.  During this month, delays and obstacles will come in your way in order to get a new job or join a new job even after a good interview.

Work-related to designing, art, garments and creative work will become a good source of income for you. Try and postpone any plans for changing your current job this month. Your boss and seniors will remain happy with your hard work but you need to make sure that you are miles away from office politics as well; as your colleagues will not support you at all.

Love and Marriage: The beginning of the month of October does not look promising for the love birds as you may fall victim to multiple arguments and clashes with your lover. So, try and maintain some distance for some days. For those who have recently got into a new relationship, try and keep your personal details with you for now and do not share them with your new lover. Try and spend as much time as possible with her or him and do not forget to surprises them.
If you are single, there are high chances of you falling in love with your colleague this month or a friend from overseas.

Married couples will have a smooth month but try and stay away from befriending your partner’s friends. If your spouse is not with you for a while now then there are good chances that they will come back to you this month. You will go to visit some religious with your spouse and will also get a new job opportunity this month.

Money and Finance: This is a good month in relation to income and expenditure as your economical situation will remain favorable for you. You have financial gain from your work. This month looks good to make all your dreams come true.

Other new sources of income will open up for you this month. Do not take a loan as there will be no need for one this month. Do not waste money otherwise you may land up in some sort of dispute this month. It is not a good month for making any investment in share market or purchase of land or property. The money will spent lavishly on the purchase of luxury products and jewelry. Expense made on land or home will also be a wasteful expense this month. Your vehicle may trouble you a lot this month but try avoiding spending any money on it this month.

Student and Children: The extreme cut-throat competition in academics and the pressure of getting into a good academic institution will cause high mental stress for the student this month. But you need to remember that you are brilliant and are mentally strong to take on any challenge coming your way head-on. Therefore, simply focus on your study this month. Your friends and seniors will also help you with the notes and guide you through the tough subjects. You will be able to get educational loan this month and will also do extremely well in your academics.

This month your children will stay distracted and won’t be able to focus on their studies due to their laziness. You need to make sure they focus on their studies and if required, arrange a new teacher or guide to help them with their studies.

Family and Health: Family life will remain good for Virgo moon sign in the month of October. You will enjoy family time and organize a party and get together this month. The money will be spent on the family as well. Your parents will support you.

This month, take care of the physical and emotional health of your children and try to understand their feelings. This month will be a relaxing one for you. You may suffer from health-related issues such as leg pain and any disease from the past. Try and avoid eating outside food and junk food in order to avoid stomach aches and infections this month. Health issues related to lungs or chest or mental tension may also trouble you due to your prolonged health problems that had been a major concern in the past.

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