Virgo April Horoscope


A challenging month where your own thoughts and complexes could create challenges for you. You would remain undecided and come across as unsteady and fluctuating in temperament to people in contact with you. Try and remain focused and rational when dealing with joint areas of life as well as relationships. Improvements in temperament after the 16th April 2019.
You will be aggressive at times and find many opportunities in joint areas. Key to your success this month would be a clam and steady approach to life.

Career – difficult and confusing trends would prevail in work matters. You might still be tempted to try other options, but you should avoid a change as steady and very good progress could come about from the next month.

Joint areas of work will open up but not much progress is expected as there would be confusion and lack of clarity on most of the opportunities. You should still try and get some projects started after the 16th April 2019 as the opportunities could slip out next month.
Work environment will be difficult and cause some amount of pressures on you.
Coworkers will remain critical and oppose your work at times. Avoid controversy.

Financial & money matters – Money matters will see some amount of challenges. You should avoid unnecessary loans during this time. Some blocks in money matters would be felt mostly.
Income will be average and remain fluctuating at times.
Investments will be average too. New investments are avoidable, while you should divesting till next month. Keep a conservative approach.

Family & health – family life will be unsteady as some amount of competitiveness and distances with family members possible. You need to ensure spouse does not spoil the atmosphere.
Health will be average. Stamina & immunity could be lower after the 15th April 2019 and so be careful.

Love & Marriage – Love life will not be very positive. Work pressures and other issues will ensure you don’t have much time or inclination for romance. Avoid trying too hard.
Relationships will remain challenging and unsteady. Avoid verbal conflict of any kind and wait for June, for improvements in relationships.

Marriages will be very good but very frequent verbal conflicts and name calling could spoil the outlook. You need to be on very good behavior and avoid controversy.
First half of the month would be better than second half of the month.

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