VIRGO April Horoscope


Virgo, your monthly horoscope for April shows a lackluster period at hand. You expenses appear to take steep rise after 14th April & economic spending needs to be imposed. Your health may suffer due to issues in private parts. Professional stability appears to be missing almost throughout the month. For married couples, the term may not be too favorable, as health of your spouse may suffer & their temperament may not be too cordial. The demeanor of your siblings can be variable & as such, your relation with them may take a hit. Energy levels look lower than the previous months. By the grace of Jupiter, minor improvements on the professional front can be expected as the month progresses. Your interest in spirituality will mostly remain missing this month. Govt. related work can take you on a journey, though it is likely to prove useless. Foreign trips are also on the cards.

Career: Virgo, the monthly indications for your career point at a bumpy ride ahead. Professional stability is not brightly depicted this month. Businesspersons face the possibility of financial letdowns, and thus, caution is advised. Fiscal risks should be completely avoided. Professional relations with superiors may not be too soothing. Getting involved in any clashes at work will not be suitable for your image & only add to your stress. Colleagues do not appear to be cooperative. Rise in pay is not on the horizon. Stepping into new ventures or projects can put you under more pressure & thus, should be avoided for now. Business holders seem to experience a sluggish term, as profits may not match your expectations. Business partners & associates will most likely be unable to rope in the desired profits, though they can add to your savings up to an extent.

Career Advice - The month is not favorable for the career front & difficulties are likely to crop up. Remain patient and avoid any clashes at work. Financial risks & lavish spending should be avoided.

Love & Marriage: Virgo, your monthly readings for love and marriage imply an average term in April. The planetary positions do not favor harmony on the conjugal front & friction is likely to prevail between married couples. Your spouse can act illogically at times, & might even take extreme measures just to act against your will. The spice of romance may mostly remain absent, leading to a largely tasteless love life this month.

Singles seem to observe an unfavorable term, as new relations are not supported by the celestial powers this month. Any affairs or budding relations will soon be clouded by the feelings of detachment & disconnect. Progeny is denoted under stressed conditions. Expecting mothers should take ample rest and avoid taking any risks.

Money & Finance: The monthly forecast for finances brings forth a term with blended results. The first half of the month looks positive for money matters & funds accumulation. Profits appear to be only mediocre. There are possibilities of facing monetary setbacks. Hence, only calculated financial decisions should be taken. Investments or stock market trading should be completely avoided. The period following 14th April can see your expenses rise. Flow of funds will fail to meet your expectations.

Students & Children: The monthly predictions for students and children signifies a hazy picture ahead. Children are likely to suffer due to issues in the lower body. Their wellbeing appears to be affected for almost the entire month, and this can make them temperamental & aggressive.
Students pursuing advanced education appear to observe a tough time. With a negative outlook building towards studies, feelings of disconnect can take over their minds. Proper counseling and dedication will be needed to bring out the best in them. Academic results are likely to be affected & may not match your expectations.

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope for family and health implies a mediocre period. Issues related to private parts or skin ailments can keep your wellbeing affected this month. Drink plenty of water & take proper care.
Domestic front looks to be in stress this month. Arguments & quarrels are possible & disharmony will mostly prevail on the family front. Patience and diplomacy is needed for better prospects.
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