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This month is good for creative work with excitement from 6 Sep due to Venus’ transit in Libra. Your mental power will be strong as Mercury is an exalted sign. You may start any calculative work in this period and increase your communication abilities. You can command your work and win debates. You may start a new business this month and you may get your name and gain, but avoid any decision after 27 Sep due to retro Mercury. Solution in court cases may be delayed and that might irritate you. Travels this month will be fruitful and you need to control your expenditure. You will solve all your problems at home and take an interest in occult science and research. Politics power also increases and Govt high officers favor you.            
Your luck may favor you this month in your career. Your work problems will be solved and work will run smoothly but you need to avoid confusion from 6 sep. You will get a good deal of projects from foreign countries. A new foreign project will start with your effort. Your partner will also favor you and help you but take care of your relationship from 14 Sep. Avoid new jobs or changing jobs. Hard work will increase in the workplace. Your colleagues will be creating tension for you. You will get an offer from any previous job but you should not join it. This is a good time for a govt job and promotion. Transfer is possible, as you want. Small travels will increase due to work.

Love & Marriage
You will face disputes and confusions with your partner. Your past lover will come back in your life but you should avoid him/her from 14 Sep due to Saturn and Jupiter together in the love house. Don’t get into love triangles. If you see any call or message on your partner’s phone, then avoid doubting your partner, otherwise that will lead to separation. You should keep patience and think with your mind. Do not propose in this month, if you fall in love. You should go for a long drive and give surprises to solve all disputes. Your married life will not be happy this month. You will get a proposal of marriage from a foreign country, if you are single. You will give help and support to your spouse in their new work for a smooth relationship.     

Money & Finance
You will spend money in court cases, disputes, on luxurious  things and furniture. You will be able to recover your loan. Avoid taking the loan again. Your expenses  will increase on travels from 6 Sep. Open your eyes to exchange the money with someone. Your financial situation will be good. You should avoid investment on land, speculation and share market. But you will earn a good income from past investments on land. You will spend money on renovating your home. You will also get sudden income from heritage property. Your friends will help you in your financial situation. You will start to get income from freelance/part time work.   

Students & Children
There will be feelings of distress and slowness in your study and memory. Competition will increase, so you need to keep patience and will power with confidence. You will get a loan from the bank if you want to study. Your time is not good in studies from 14 Sep. Your travels will increase but you need to focus on studying for better results. Children also face tension and distraction in studies. They get involved with friends and waste time in films and other activities. Their interest will increase in sports and outdoor activities. You should take time and listen with patience to their problems. Help your kids with tuition and a new guide if needed.             
Family & Health
From 6 Sep, it is a good time for your family, but you need to control your confusion and expenditure. Your siblings will support you. You will spend time with your friends, get togethers and parties at home. Avoid disputes with women at home. There will be religious programmes at home and you will spend money in religious places. You have to take care of your past diseases and drive carefully. You will suffer fro pain in your leg and back. Go for yoga if mental tension is increased. Take care of your BP. You should take time out for relaxation and entertainment.        

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