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This month is ideal for enjoyment and entertainment. You might spend money on yourself and on learning new things.
It is best to avoid confrontations at work this month, this will help you build a solid reputation. A substantial offer for a better position can come your way.
Although it is advised to cut back on unnecessary costs, there would be more money from other sources. This month, any research-related work will see great success.
It is also a favorable month for marriage. There can be a lot of travels too.
Be careful and attempt to keep your distance from an old acquaintance who may be bothering you.

Mercury is combust this month, so you should avoid making any work-related decision without consulting your superiors.
To succeed at work, you must put in a lot of effort. But relax, you'll do well at work; and thanks to the completion of a new overseas agreement, your financial situation will also be favorable.
However, you may experience greater job difficulty due to Saturn's transit, which might keep you anxious. Try not to change jobs till March 15th.

Money & Finance
In terms of money, this month is average. The passage of Ketu in the wealth house may cause some financial ups and downs. Unexpected and unnecessary costs would worry you.
So, start saving money for rainy days. Venus is exalted until March 12th, you may spend extra on vacation and other personal expenses.
This month, investments in real estate or land will be profitable. Nonetheless, get the counsel of a share market specialist before investing because there may be a danger of loss.

Love & Marriage
You should use caution in your romantic relationships until March 15th since Saturn, the God of love, will transit with the Sun. Don't let anybody else meddle in your romantic relationship. To keep the partnership harmonious, avoid ego confrontations.
There will be joyful and romantic times with your partner if you are married. Your partner could also advance professionally in this month.

Nevertheless, once the middle of March arrives, the Sun's position in Pisces will cause ego conflicts with your spouse that will sabotage your marital tranquilly. Try to be patient and let this difficult phase pass.

Students & Children
During this stage of your studies, you must put in a lot of effort. Be careful not to be overconfident because it might hinder your achievements.
You should work harder if you are getting ready for competitive exams.
This period is ideal for participating in sports and learning new things. You will perform well in academic endeavors and pick up new extracurricular hobbies this month.

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