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Overview: The December horoscope for Virgo depicts a time to follow your interests and aspirations. Your hobbies would occupy most of your time this month. Traveling with friends would help you recharge your senses. The period between 7th & 11th December 2018 might be stressful due to domestic issues. Pay attention to health of your mother. Jewelry and exotic food would be the center of your expenses in December. Rahu is transiting your income house this month, Virgo. You would gain money through new or unexpected ways.

Don’t get into quarrels with anyone, as it would be your own loss. Stay alert when around animals. Be careful and patient while driving. Chances are you would be able to rebuild a broken relationship in December that could majorly help you in the future. Work related travels might take you to a foreign country and result in enhanced reputation and profits. A religious trip with parents would help you find peace of mind. Virgo students should manage their time wisely and work towards building a strong career foundation. With good energy levels and a strong focus level, success would be yours in most of your endeavors.
Career: Professionally, December seems favorable for you, Virgo. If starting a new work, good profits are likely. If you have started working on a new project recently, growth looks slow in December, yet flow of income would be good. Delays are likely in getting of new projects. New work opportunities and new sources of income would improve your financial condition. Traveling for work would profit you. If working in partnership, bond with your partner looks mostly stable this month.

If holding a job, be careful in December. Play safe at work and avoid getting into arguments with anyone. Speak softly and keep your anger in check. Doing so would help improve your reputation with your seniors and would boost your career prospects in future. December seems unfavorable for a job change. New opportunities would come to you if you work as a journalist or in the fields of sports.  

Money & Finance: Finances are shining in December, Virgo. Increase in your income and savings is quite possible this month. Purchase of an expensive item would add to your expenses. Investments in share market seem unfavorable. Avoid taking a loan in December. Getting your money back from someone could be a tricky task and would need a strategic approach. You might have to spend heavily on your children, if any. Investing for long terms in land or real estate would benefit you. An old land investment could profit you in December. Your monthly horoscope speaks of a possible purchase of expensive gifts or items. Traveling abroad would be expensive. Rewards from work and pay hike are likely. Financial help from your lover or father would come to you.

Love & Marriage:
Love life for Virgo seems disturbed in December. If in a relationship, clear out any doubts or misunderstandings to avoid problems later.
If single, you may find a suitable partner or develop feelings for someone. However, December is not a favorable time to express your feelings. Wait patiently and be sure of your own feelings. Chances are everything would be sorted by March 2019.

Marital life for Virgo seems stable and peaceful this month. Plan a pilgrimage with your life partner to strengthen your bond. If somehow you have been living separately till now, December horoscope shows a good possibility that this is about to change. Bringing surprise gifts for your partner would boost love and harmony in your relation. Your spouse might witness work related profits or raise in position. In case of an issue, speak clearly and politely with your partner to clear things immediately.
Students & Children: Virgo students need to work hard this month. You might lack concentration in December, which could cause stress. If you are waiting for results this month, results would match your expectations. Choose your subjects and stream of specialization carefully. Take help of your seniors if in doubt. Avoid wastage of time. Speak politely and keep your anger in control. Actively work towards your goal of studying abroad, as possibility looks good in December.

Virgo, your kids seem to be the center of your expenses in December. They would be more interested in spending time with friends than to study. Help them understand the importance of this time. Competitions would demand hard work and sincere efforts for success.         

Family & Health: Family life for Virgo seems comfortable in December. Parties and celebrations are likely at your home that would help sort any ongoing family issues. Bonding with elder siblings appears to get better now. Support from younger siblings would boost your morale. Financial from father is possible. Pay attention to the health of your mother. Chances are you might have to stay away from your home this month. Be careful while driving.

Take care of your health in December. Operate with electrical equipment with care. To stay away from stress, avoid arguments with anyone. A blood related infection might cause problems & you should immediately take medical help.          

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