VIRGO June Horoscope


Overview: Virgo, your monthly horoscope is here & things are looking delightful in June. The month begins with luck in your favor in the personal matters. You are likely to remain very busy now & will get little time for yourself. This can cause some stress & a balance should be maintained. Success will be yours in most of the ventures you undertake, & your active mind & clever approach will fully support you. If you face any confusion while stepping into a new project, always turn to your seniors for best advice & great results. Land related profits are also indicated. Your temper will remain on a rise & can damage your prospects greatly.

Thus, you should keep it under control. Maintain cordial relations with relatives now. You will be full of energy & enthusiasm this month, yet absence of mental peace is quite likely. Taking a holiday & embarking on a journey can help you find peace. From 15th June onwards, be careful while speaking with your parents & keep a humble approach, since chances of clashes & arguments with them are high. Luck will be by your side & you should make the most of it. Keep up the hard work & success will be yours. Nonetheless, stay alert as you face the possibility of being cheated upon by a close one.         

Career: The monthly readings highlight a splendid term for your profession. Post 9th June, new work or projects will keep you busy & your funds rising. All financial transactions should be made with utmost care since possibilities of a setback are likely. Payments that are made online, should be verified upon completion. Your business partners & associates will prove useful & rope in the expected profits. You should make it a point to complete all commitments within the designated time, since delays from your workers or labor can’t be completely ruled out.

If you are looking for a job, you should proceed patiently. It will take time & eventually your efforts will pay off! Yet straining yourself over matters out of your control is not a wise practice & only cause tension.
Salaried persons, a job change is not advisable now. You may encounter a very bright looking offer. However, measure all aspects carefully & don’t jump to conclusion in a haste. Colleagues can try to be troublesome & initiate unwanted clashes. Avoid getting involved & keep calm. Your work is likely to get you noticed by your superiors & help you win your boss’s appreciation. Rise in salary or appraisal is also on the cards.     

Love & Marriage: The monthly indications for love & marriage show a bumpy ride ahead. Love birds, proceed diplomatically & push your egos aside. Work on bringing harmony in your relation now, as the planetary positions might act on pulling you two apart. Keep a soft speech & avoid losing temper over minute issues. Show your love & affection openly without hesitation. If needed, try to keep some distance from your partner for some time. This will give you both the space & time needed for better understanding of the situation. Also, always be willing to help your partner when they need you. This shows how much you care for them.

Singles, you need to relax & remain calm. The period does not favor new beginnings & trying to move in this direction can majorly backfire! If you were planning on proposing to the partner of your dreams, then the time is not favourable.

Married couples, pack your bags & grab the first tickets! You are going on a beautiful romantic trip this month that is bound to bring back the lost spice in your conjugal life. Now is the time to let all the confusion go. Sort your feelings for each other & hear out what your partner has to say. To make things even better, throw in a few surprises that will sweep your partner off their feet. You should remain watchful towards your partner’s wellbeing, though.

Money & Finance: Virgo, the monthly predictions depict a flourishing term for your finances. New sources of income will be added to your portfolio apart from your regular income. Nonetheless, keep a complete documentation of it & work within legal limits. Trying to evade taxes can prove fatal in the future. You are under the scrutiny of a retrograde Saturn who timely punishes any wrong doers. This is not the time to be investing on speculation. Your own business might require some expenses, & any such fiscal involvement is likely to reap beneficial results. Income from land is highly possible.

After 15th June, a stable increase in your funds will be accompanied by a similar rise in expenses. Be watchful of friends who tend to be around you only for your money. You should avoid spending on such people. A very attractive investment deal is expected to come your way near the end of June that might promise extraordinary profits. Be sure to analyze it, & calmly decline the offer, as it is most likely a hoax.

Students & Children: For students, the month looks only average. Your anger & aggression will be on a rise this month. Frequent quarrels over meaningless issues are indicated. You may lack serenity & under all the chaos, your career will have to suffer if care is not taken. Try not to waste your energy on fake friends, who only seek your money. If preparing for competitions & exams, pull up your socks & give it your best shot! Success can only come with single minded hard work. If you are careless now, you may not get the admission in a university of your choice & you will repent it for the rest of your life.
Your kids are likely to maintain a distance from you now. Their wellbeing looks unstable & behavior might turn rash. Planning a family trip can calm their senses & help you bond with them to work on your relation.      
Family & Health:                         
The monthly horoscope puts family front under mixed conditions. Family members will respect each other & relations will mostly remain cordial till 15th June. Nonetheless, the latter half indicates chances of fallouts & quarrels with your parents. The atmosphere at home may deteriorate & you will be held responsible for the ruckus! Thus, make sure you take the needed steps to keep things in place & maintain a strong communication within the family to avoid misunderstandings. Your family thinks highly of you, & you should likewise, rise to the occasion. A family gathering or celebration is possible now, & can improve matters on the domestic front. Your wellbeing looks in an improved shape this month, though anger & stress will leave you with low energy. Practice yoga & exercise regularly for betterment. If ongoing illness has been bothering you, remain extra careful towards it now.             
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