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Overview: October 2020 horoscope suggests transit of the Sun in Virgo moon sign takes place till 16th October and retrogression of Mars aspects Virgo moon from 4th October 2020. The effects of such planetary movements will lead to aggression and ego clashes. You will need to keep away from argumentative circumstances. Losing your temper unnecessarily may break your relations. It is best to keep yourself calm and carry on with life. Avoid making major decisions this month. A lot of good opportunities will come your way that will bear the fruits of your hard labour. This month is quite favourable in terms of your professional front. Some expenditures on luxuries and traveling are foreseen as well for leisure purposes. 

Virgo moons are responsible and intelligent people. Hence, you are a better judge of your emotions and responsibilities. The Jupiter transits the 4th house that governs home and family, making you more sincere towards domestic commitments. You are endowed with good decision-making skills that will help you attain success in your professional life. However, on the health front, you will have to take care of yourself. Pay attention to the needs of your wellbeing as you may face a few ups and downs in terms of your health. Due to the debilitated Sun on the second house from 17th October, the placement hints dispute with someone. Try to avoid getting into a situation that may lead to lose your calm and get aggressive. Those keen on politics, the month of October favourable to get success in this field. You will get support from your peers and achieve recognition in the society.    
Career: The career horoscope for October 2020 foresees both success and benefits in business for Virgo moons. You might get into a new business venture and invest money to upgrade your professional skills. You will experience growth in your workplace and also get a chance to work on a project with a foreign company. People with Virgo moon who are already in connection with clients in abroad will get through a new project with a great deal. You will get complete support of your co-workers and juniors in the completion of your work within the deadline. In terms of work, you will get new opportunities that will result in numerous gains. Those planning to change their job or joining a new workplace, it is a suitable month till the 15th of October.

There can be some delays or obstacles in getting a new job after the 17th of October 2020 due to the weak placement of debilitated Sun in your horoscope. Those in the artistic field will gain financially from their profession in designing, arts, fashion, and other creative-rich professional fields. Your immediate boss will be quite pleased with your work. Seniors at your workplace will support your professional endeavours. Due to the presence of Rahu, there can be some confusion that may lead to unfavourable moments. Try to avoid circumstances that may confuse or divert your attention. You will get incredible support from your co-workers as well.

Love & Marriage: The love horoscope for Virgo moon signs in October 2020 predicts a fair share of ups and downs in your relationship. You will have argumentative moments with your partner but will be able to resolve the conflicts. Try making up with your love companion and enjoy cherishable moments together. Those who are secretly in love with that ‘someone special’ - try not to share your feelings with them. It might lead to unfavourable results. Have some patience and you will find the right person to spend your life. People in a relationship should take some time out to bond with his/her partner. Things may not be in your favour this month. Hence, try to find a balance in your love and work life. It will help you strengthen your bond with your love partner.

The marriage horoscope for October 2020 foresees a rough time for Virgo moons. There are inclinations of ego clashes. You will need to be patient and keep a check on your temperament. Marital life for Virgo moons may see turbulent moments due to the retrogression of Mars in the house of marriage from 4th October 2020. Try to avoid bringing up hurtful comments or conversations that may have led to an upsetting past with your spouse. You may visit a religious place or temple to seek blessings for a happy and smooth marital life with your partner. Your spouse will be emotionally attached to you, and he/she may get exciting opportunities in their professional front in the last few days of October 2020.

Money & Finance: The money and finance horoscope for Virgo moons looks good both in terms of income and savings this month. October 2020 looks promising for you with an improved economic situation. There is a good possibility that you may expect monetary gains through your work. There is a promising increase in your income that will favour your investment plans. There are quite a few favourable financial gains from other source income. You may take a loan in case of an economic emergency. However, avoid any monetary transaction after the 16th of October 2020.

The period is not favourable for any kind of transaction or else it may lead to unavoidable disputes. Virgo moons keen on investing their money for the long term in the stock or share market, it is a favourable month for you. Keep a check on your expenditure as you may want to spend money on luxurious comforts such as jewels. Those facing issues with their old automobile try not to spend money unnecessarily on repairing it. You may also go through a dispute over ancestral property.

Students & Children: October 2020 education horoscope predicts a period of stress for the students. You will have to work hard to achieve the desired results in your academic performance. Try not to spend too much time idling around or being lazy. It will only delay your efforts in finding success in your studies. Virgo moons are intelligent and have incredible mental power. Use this ability to attain good results. There is too much competition all around. You will have to increase your efforts and be more sincere and responsible. Your classmates and friends will support you with helpful study notes. You will also get help from seniors or experienced fellows in understanding subjects that you find complicated. Students born under the Virgo moon sign will get through with loans from a government bank for further studies. You will get good marks and desired achievements in competitions if you focus on your studies.

Family & Health: The aspect of the family for the Virgo moon sign in the month of October 2020 looks good. You will share a happy and prosperous time with the family. The period after the 16th of October you may see some disturbance. Clashes or disagreement in the thought process may arise between the members of the family. It is best to keep a calm personality and keep moving forward. There are some indications of a family get together and you may spend money on providing the wants and needs of the domestic life. You will get complete support from your parents. This month you may want to rethink any concern about heritage property. October 2020 is not an ideal month for such matters. Pay close attention to the health of your parents and be emotionally available, especially to your children.

It is important to pay heed to their emotional and mental vulnerabilities in this testing time. Health horoscope for the month of October 2020 suggests that you should a break from your hectic life. You may experience pain in your legs and some health complications that were problematic in the past may rise up again. Eat home-made food as much possible, particularly in between your traveling. You may be prone to stomach aches or infections, hence, avoid eating junk food. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it may lead to mental pressure. Pay attention to your overall well-being as health issues related to the chest or lungs may keep you worried. Also, drive slowly and carefully.

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