Virgo June Horoscope


June 2019 would be a happy month as you will experience a wave of good luck as well as rise in your status & position. There would be increase in personal pressures but all the effort & hard work would make you feel relevant and so the pressures would be worth it for you to take.Some lack of communication with siblings would be present but overall the outlook would be better than before.Travel would be happy & with lot of pleasure.

It is a time when you might feel blessed about the things life has given you.Recent wasteful expenses would now give way to more prudence in money matters after the 22nd June 2019. Career will rise and bring in gains once again due to overseas sources & better luck. Creative work would be well rewarded. There would be very good growth due to your artistic outlook between the 5th & 21st. Your position & authority would rise after the 15th June 2019 .Pressures will rise in your work environment.

There would be unsteady trends till the 27th June 2019. Avoid any sort of conflict.Team would not be very supportive in joint projects & there would be some issues going forward. It would be better to keep a close eye but delegate some work too. Love life will be very happy. You will be the cynosure of all eyes socially. You will have very good chances of finding love now. Still it would be better to avoid any commitment in relationships till the 27th June 2019.

Relationships would be somewhat taxing & difficult to manage. You need to avoid conflict and any testing of loyalties at this stage.Marital matters will be quite happy. Chances of a happy holiday with spouse around the corner. Spouse will do very well professionally now. Money matters will be happy. A special money combination called ‘ Lakshmi’ yoga would operate for you now.

Good & substantial inflows possible in money matters now.Income will be good throughout.Investments could be challenging. You need to avoid any risk in money matters. New investments should be avoided at all times. Family life will be very happy throughout. Avoid misunderstandings with family matters. Health will be good but chronic issues could resurface. You should be cautious till the 27th June 2019.

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