VIRGO August Horoscope


Overview: Virgo, your monthly horoscope brings delighted flavors for the period ahead! Travel and enjoyment will keep you occupied. Your focus will be on yourself & you will spend on clothes & vehicle. Finances may greatly improve. Some delays in payment may occur. Support from friends & relatives will boost your confidence. An old competitor may create hurdles at work & you will have to stay alert. A govt. related work will bring you new sources of income & after mid-August, it will bring you additional profits & rewards. Family issues are likely. Foreign travels are possible. Work will keep you stressed. You will be aggressive now & may take hasty decisions under pressure. An ongoing lawsuit would require an alert approach. Arguments with younger siblings are indicated. Rahu is in Cancer now. Overconfidence & indecisiveness may cloud your mind. By the end of the month, your efforts will bring you new work opportunities.     
Career: Your career seems to move sluggishly now, Virgo. Any work related decisions should be postponed now & overconfidence should be avoided. Avoid arguments with partner, as it will result in your own loss. Taking loans should be avoided. New work or projects of expansion are favored only after September onwards. After mid-Aug, govt. aid will come your way, if you seek it. Foreign projects will help you expand your network in the near future.

If looking for a new job, then chances will come your way only after September. If working under a female boss or supervisor, then you will observe a comfortable period with chances of a promotion or pay hike.

Money & Finance: Financially, the month brings possibilities of improvements. Extravagant spending on yourself needs to be avoided, as it will lead to financial instability. You may face delays in payments. Avoid investing in share market for now & existing investments should be left untouched. Land related work should be avoided for some time. Expenses towards an old land related issue are possible. Luxury items for a loved one will lead to some expenditure. Loans should be completely avoided this month. Lent money will get back to you after some efforts. Expenses on vehicle & foreign trips possible & should be controlled as far as possible.  
Love & Marriage: Prospects of love & marriage may see a rough period. Love relations will face frequent clashes. Your partner will take initiatives to sort things out but you may not be willing to play along. Lack of time is likely at the hands of excessive work.
Singles, the period is not favorable for new beginnings & you should wait till next month to express your feelings to the one you love.

Marital life will see reduced stress levels & support from spouse. New work opportunities are likely for your partner. Planning a long trip together will further boost the harmony.
If looking to get married, you may see a suitable proposal coming your way this month.

Students & Children: For students, the period brings uncertainties & doubts. Irritations & frustrations may make you feel detached from family. Social networking & internet surfing will occupy most of your time. You should focus on your career now, or your performance may suffer. Results will mostly be as per your expectations & admission in a college of your choice is likely.
Your children will be cordial & jovial this month. Family trips & enjoyment will keep them happy. The materialistic world will attract them more than their studies. Efforts to send them abroad for further studies will succeed now.  
Family & Health: Family front experiences a pleasant atmosphere this month. Family will be supportive & coordination among members will be good. Any major decisions should be taken after consulting your family. Parents will mostly share a cordial bond with you, however, relations with siblings may suffer to some extent. Children will be supportive & you too will fulfill your responsibilities.
Health issues due to a prolonged illness can dampen your spirits. A stomach or blood related issue will need careful attention.       
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