Virgo December Horoscope


Overview: This will be a highly energetic month for the Virgo Moon Sign native. You will remain courageous and optimistic while confidently making the decisions throughout the month. Just be sure not to make hasty decisions or become overconfident that ruin things for you. Instead, you need to have a very positive attitude towards your problems and use your intelligence while solving them.
During the month of December 2019, life will remain enjoyable and you will experience positive progress in your work. This month calls for you to have control over your expenses. However, it is possible that you will buy a piece of jewelry. There are strong possibilities that you will develop interest in fields such as media, sports, writing, and travel during this month.

The health of your mother will become a matter of great concern for you. Hence you will have to take extra care of her in order to avoid any health condition that may appear. There are good chances that you will visit some religious places with your mother this month.

On the professional front, things might remain on the heavier side as you can face some sort of problem in your work. This will lead to certain mental stress and tension to develop and bother you from 10th December to 22nd December 2019. Unrequited traveling can also become a reason for your mental tension and stress starting from 16th December 2019. The various court cases and disputes can also appear to be major issues but you will be able to handle them well this month. Your personal bond with your relatives and other family members will improve and strengthen this month. In case you have an inclination towards politics, there are strong possibilities that you will be able to pursue it with a new post in the same.

Career: Some good opportunities in your business will knock at your door this month but will be accompanied by some stressful situations that may need your immediate attention. There will be some delay in the timely completion of projects as well as payment. With the help of your courage and hard work, you will be able to achieve your post in your company. You will be able to get some benefits or gains that are sure shot to be received from any foreign country. From 16th December to 30th December 2019, there are strong chances that the frequency of meeting to rise which will ensure that you will bag a new project related to the meetings. The placement of Rahu in your Tenth House (House of Career) will be the reason behind all your confusion you will face this month.

This month you will face a delay in joining a new job as a fresher and it will be clubber with some stressful situations that will not be easy to handle for you. If you already are in a job, try and refrain from changing your job or planning a job change. During the mid of the month, you will remain susceptible to fall prey to the office politics so be excessively vigilant to whom you speak to and abstain from sharing any personal information at all. Towards the end of the month your boss and seniors will stay on your side and will help you in improving the quality of your work.

Money and Finance: This month, you will probably end up spending money on cosmetic related business or any technical work that will require your immediate attention. Apart from them, you will be spending money on luxury items, renovation of your home, and will also endow money to resolve any land-related dispute in December as well.

Wealth investment in the share market from the mid of December will be a good financial decision for you as Leo Moon Sign native. Try and refrain from spending money on the maintenance of an old vehicle as it will do no good to its value or your pocket. It is imperative for you to maintain a decent balance in your bank account and be careful about your debit or ATM card this month. The money will be spent on the obvious things such as your children’s education and other miscellaneous expenses. With the help of your contacts, you will be able to figure out more than one way to earn extra income that will be good for your financial growth.

Love and Marriage: It is important that you control your feeling and do not confess your love until the mid of December 2019. This month is going to be a bit of a rocky road for you in terms of relationship with your lover. Ergo, you need to maintain good and healthy communication with your lover or partner in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding to overtake your relationship. Some relief can be foreseen from the ongoing stress and confusion in your love life starting from 20th December to 30th December 2019.
In the month of December 2019, there are strong possibilities that you will take your partner or lover on a romantic getaway to some warm destination where you two will be able to spend some romantic and quality time together. You can also go on a long drive this month.

If you are married, then you will start having a strong feeling for your spouse than before and your bond will further strengthen during this month. It is very important to have mutual respect and understanding for one another in a marriage for it to be successful. Your In-Laws will also remain supportive towards you and you will organize and enjoy some religious activities held at your place. During this month, your spouse will get some new job opportunity will be good for his or her career.

Students and Children: During the month of December 2019, the student will feel lazy and will remain distracted from their academic goals. If you do not choose the subjects according to your choice then you will lose your self-confidence as well in the long run. It will be good if you consult your teachers or seniors before finalizing your selection of subjects for your course or if you are willing to change your subject. In December, you will emerge triumphant in the examination you had appeared for earlier. Try and focus more on your academics than getting distracted by your friends and other mundane pleasures.

It is important for you to follow a study routine no matter if you are at your home or in a hostel away from home. It will help you stay on track and do well in your academics. Along with your studies, you also need to take care of your health for which eating right is essential. Try and abstain from any sort of involvement in the controversies of your educational institute. Students need to be truly dedicated to your studies and should never forget to have high regards and respect for elders. In December your children will get an opportunity to display their athletic skills and will participate in various sports-related activities.

Family and Health: December will be a month dedicated to your family. You will make some fun-filled family trips and can go on a foreign trip as well. There are good chances that you will organize a religious activity at your place during this month. Your Father will come to your financial aid and will support you in every aspect of life. However, the health of your Mother will need your immediate attention and you need to maintain a cordial relationship with her as well. The discussion or issues related to the ancestral properties can be the reason for conflict or dispute with your elders.

It is imperative for you to be extremely vigilant while driving or traveling to any place at all. Do remain cautious while handling any electric gadget as well. Keep your health in check and try and adhere to a healthy lifestyle as there are chances of your facing health issues especially related to your chest area. Just in case any major issue occurs, you need to immediately get the required medical assistance for the same.

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