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You should take care of your language while talking to others as you may lose your relations due to harsh language, or there might be loss in career because of confusion, aggression and ego. You will get new opportunities with your hard work and good luck. From 17 June, Venus transits in own sign, brings enjoyment and happiness in your life. You are a responsible and intelligent person. You know your responsibilities and take care of the emotions of your relations. You are mentally strong.

Jupiter transits in the 7th house in own sign with Mars, hence, you may take decisions to become successful in your life. There may be ups and downs in your health. It is wise not to get into disputes with anyone. Your diplomatic mind will become the source of earning money. You can be a good politician and achieve victory in elections. You may get name and fame in society. Your art skills will be appreciated, and you will achieve success in sports and other activities. Parents will support you and you may spend time in games.
You may not get satisfying achievements and benefits in business from 15th June as Sun transits in Gemini. You may start a new business and invest money for enhancement, but, it is better to think twice and thrice before taking any major step. You will grow in work and will get new opportunities from new projects from a foreign company, but the growth will be slow. Colleagues/co-workers will help you in completing past projects on time. You will get new opportunities to gain benefits in your work.

There will be hurdles and delays in getting a new job even after being successful in the interview round from 5th June, so, don’t change your job. There will be good income from art, designing and creative work, and in sector such as garments from 17th June. Your boss will be happy with your work and seniors will support you. Don’t get into office politics as colleagues may not support you.

Love & Marriage
You may have disputes with your partner, so don't argue with them and try to maintain distance from 5th June. Avoid sharing your feelings with your new partner. If you fall in love, there are chances of delay in getting a positive response. You should go on a small date or give surprises if your relationship is going well and smooth. You may fall in love with your colleague or any friend from foreign shores.

Marriage life will be good in this phase. Don't involve your friend in your married life. Your partner may come back to you in case they are far from you. You may go to a religious place with your spouse. Your spouse may get emotionally attached to you and get new opportunities in their work.

Money & Finance
This is a good month for income, but expenses will increase too. Your financial situation will be fine. There will be a chance of gaining money from work. Your investment may be fruitful this month. You may face hurdles while achieving your desires. You will get money from other sources as well. Avoid taking a loan this month and avoid unnecessary transactions, otherwise, problems may arise. This is a good month for speculation and investment in the share market. You may spend money on luxury items or jewelry. You may get heritage property. Don’t spend money on buying a vehicle or home, or land.

Students & Children
Students may get stressed because of overburden in studies and because of wasting their time in the past. You are intelligent and have good concentration power, so, you should wake up on time and focus on your studies. Friends will support you when you need notes, seniors will be also helpful with regard to hard/tough subjects. You will be able to get loan from a government bank. Also, you will get good marks and achievements in competitive exams with your focused and intelligence.
Parents should be careful about their children as children may waste their time in laziness and, hence, they will not focus on their studies. You should hire a new teacher or guide for your children so that they can focus on their studies.

Family & Health
Family life will be good and happy. You will enjoy with your family and organize a get together or party to spend more time with your family. Parents will support you and this month is good for gaining from heritage property. Take care of your parent’s health and emotions of your children. Try to understand their feelings.
You will feel relaxed in this phase. Take care of your leg pain and of any past diseases. Avoid junk food, otherwise, you may suffer from stomachache or liver infection. Chest or lungs will be a matter of concern if you are suffering from any past problem.

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