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Overview: Virgo, as the month begins, Sun will be transiting your sign. You will possess a bossy nature now. Sincere efforts and hard work will bring you success. Courage and confidence levels look good. Your monthly horoscope indicates that around mid-October, profitable good offers and projects are possible due to your new foreign contacts. Issues related to a govt. work will be resolved. Virgo, your reputation is likely to rise this month. Stress and frustrations seem to be lesser now. New opportunities at work will bring you higher profits and a rise in reputation. Significant career growth is likely. Personal luxuries and decorations will be the center of your expenses. You may purchase expensive jewelry this month. Don’t trust people blindly, or you may be cheated. Purchase of a luxury car or house is possible. If working with your father, your bond will be harmonious.   
Career: Professionally, this month brings favorable results, Virgo. Peace of mind will prevail. Appreciation at work is likely due to your efforts and innovative ideas. Avoid overthinking and be brave. New projects from abroad are likely to come to you. If working in a partnership, your partner will bring profitable deals for your business and you should take decisions after consulting with them. If working with your father or a father figure, you will see good gains and rewards at work. Flow of income seems to match your expectations.

If in a job, a job change is not favored this month and you should wait patiently. Focus completely on your current job. Atmosphere on work front looks peaceful and colleagues will support you. Hasty actions should be avoided. Continue with your hard work, as it will eventually bring you the desired gains. If working under a female supervisor, appreciation for your work is quite likely.
Money & Finance: The month brings positive results for your finances, Virgo. However, after mid-October, lending or borrowing of money might cause confusion. Completing projects and offers from abroad would improve your financial condition. Investing in share market should be avoided this month. A fresh work might come to you unexpectedly, with promising monetary profits. Loan related matters might face delays. If planning to borrow money, do so near the end of the month. You may make an expensive purchase item this month. Investments in property or real estate are favored.
Love & Marriage: Prospects of love and marriage seem dull in October for you, Virgo. If planning to propose to your love, then delays are possible in receiving a positive response. Relation with your lover might face difficulties and you should proceed patiently and carefully. Keeping low expectations would help things settle down peacefully. Keep your anger and ego in control.
If single, you may receive a proposal this month.
Marriage life seems good in October. Bonding with spouse looks cordial. Plan a trip to further strengthen your relation. Chances of a promotion look good for your partner this month. An old lover might re-enter your life, however, you should focus on your present.
Students & Children: Students seem to be irritated to an extent in October. Your monthly horoscope shows signs of distractions that may shift your focus and cause mental stress. Academic performance is likely to be affected. For success, focus on your goals and work hard towards them. Results will at par with your expectations. Spending too much on friends should be avoided. You may get admission in a reputed college this month, Virgo. Chances of getting a part time job along with your studies look good.
Your children might cause frustration with their behavior and you might keep a distance from them. Try to help them build a reputation with friends and push them to become more social. Their view towards studies seems largely positive.      
Family & Health:                       
Your family front looks mostly comfortable in October, Virgo. Peace of mind will exist. Celebrations and parties will keep everyone in a jovial mood. Planning a family trip in October will boost harmony in relations. Spend wisely. Your mother’s health seems to improve this month. Relation with father will mostly be cordial. Virgo, a journey abroad with your father is possible.
A prolonged illness can trouble you now. Be careful against joint or backaches. Take care of your health and avoid excessive traveling.

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