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You should control your language and fulfill promises for better relations. You will feel peace at home and mind through knowledge, education or spiritual truth from 24 Nov when Jupiter is direct. Venus is transit with Ketu till 11th November, so, think before purchasing expensive things, take care of your money, avoid exchanging money with someone, and adding extra expenses. You will become more responsible for your home. You shouldn’t invest in business till 13th November.

Luck will be favorable after 11th November. You will spend your time with friends and travelling. This is a good month for social activities and helping the needy. You will be involved in politics, if you take interest in it. Foreign journey and connections will help you to get closer to your goal.

You should start focusing in progressing in your career. Luck will be favorable in gaining benefits and growth in professional line. There will be an increase in contacts and meetings from abroad and get new offers and start new projects. Take care of your major decisions after 13th November as retrograde Mars is in career house.
Avoid disputes and debate with workers and competitors. You should stay calm and be patient with your partner. Try to maintain a good relationship with your colleagues at your workplace. You will face delay and obstacles in job and workplace. It is a good month to change your job. Your senior has understood your mental stress and will help you in promotion.
Lucky Dates: 5, 15, 23, 17, 30  

Love & Marriage
This month, you will face ups and down in love life till 11th November. You should be careful about the relationship with your lover. Avoid any third person involvement and love triangles in your life, otherwise you could lose warm relationships. You should remove all negative influence in his/her mind.
Married life will be rough and tough till 24th November. So, take care and control your aggression. You should try to calm down if you don’t want to spoil your relationship. Your spouse will motivate you when you feel low. So, maintain a good relationship with him/her. Both of you will understand each others emotions after 24th November.

Money & Finance
Your financial position will improve after Sun moves from wealth house to courage house from 16th November. Your will power will increase and give birth to new plans in mind due to the increased wealth. However, try to avoid making any major investments in business or lending money.
Spend money on travels and get positive results. Spend money on land, to purchase a home, or for renovating home and furniture. This is a good month for speculations and other long-term investments. Disputes arise in family due to heritage property or other financially issues.
Lucky Dates: 3, 6, 15, 22       

Students & Children
This month is fine for students. You should focus on their studies and try to come out of their overconfidence. Competition will increase in school or colleges. Take interest in new activities and you will get a good achievement. Avoid spending time with friends and on the Internet or social media. Children are also understanding value of time and studies. They are also spending time in assignments and school functions. Children should focus on studies and increase their confidence. Parents should also take care of tuitions and guidance for them.       

Family & Health
There will be an increase in expenditure in your family. You should understand your responsibilities at home. Get-togethers and entertainment will remove depression and loneliness. You should try to plan and travel with your family. You should also plan religious programs at home. You need to take extra care of your health due to mental tensions. Involve walks and yoga in your daily schedule for a better life. Take care of your blood pressure and chest infections if you have had issues in the past.

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