Taurus Horoscope 2021- Read all about Taurus Horoscope

Taurus horoscope 2021 brings a mixed bag of fortunes and experiences for you this 2021. Many unprecedented events may take place in your life. Saturn is the ruling planet of the house of profession, and luck is creating a benefic combination for the native, showing a promise in the Taurus horoscope for the year 2021. You will find many sudden gains and opportunities in your career this year.
However, on the other hand, minor health issues and relationship problems may bother you in between. Also, this year 2021, your self-critical approach will compel you to make many plans and generate various new and unconventional ideas in your life. A trip to some holy place may be possible with your siblings and friends during 2021.

2021 Taurus Horoscopes is based on Moon Sign. The Vedic Astrology system prescribes predictions based on Moon Sign for more accuracy. If you do not know your Moon Sign, find it out instantly.
Taurus horoscope 2021 suggests that at the beginning of the year, the Taurus moon sign will witness a positive gain in their income and professional career. You may get some invitation from a faraway place to either publish or present your research work as well. It is a good time for Taurus students in terms of academic performance in 2021. Taurus lover will also see some favorable period in their love and relationship. February can be quite rewarding for lawyers, sportspersons, and aspiring students preparing for competitive exams.
2021 Taurus horoscope predicts that from April to June, some unexpected events may happen in your professional and personal life. The sudden source of gains may come directly or indirectly from overseas or sources related to foreign.

This time is a mixed period as, on the one hand, it could be quite productive and favorable; at the same time, there are some possibilities of unexpected loss and expenses. Taurus 2021 horoscope also indicates that the effect of Rahu transit on Taurus makes this situation very tricky, and only a further detailed analysis of the individual's placement of planets in a particular horoscope can reveal the real outcome.

The time between July to September 2021 will be more of a smooth ride for the Taurus moon sign. You may expect a good family reunion during this time. Education 2021 horoscope indicates that the students with the Taurus moon sign will be able to concentrate better on their studies. This period in the horoscope also indicates a time to buy a vehicle if you are planning one.

The last quarter of 2021 may again bring mixed results to the Taurus native. The house of partnership and relationship demands more of your attention and focus. You will need to be more considerate towards your spouse's feelings and emotions for a smooth relationship in 2021.

Taurus career 2021 horoscope indicates that you will incline towards research and development for the betterment of your skillset and career. You will obtain significant gains in your profession through sudden events in your life this year.
Health 2021 horoscope for Taurus natives points out an unfavorable time this year. You will need to more cautious about health issues and give more time to taking care of yourself. Taurus natives need to be mindful, particularly in January, October, and November, regarding their health. The well-being of your spouse should also be considered, especially during March and towards the very end of 2021.

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Career Horoscope 2021: Taurus

As per 2021 Taurus horoscope you will witness many unprecedented changes and events. Your career horoscope 2021 indicates that there will be promotions and a rise in power and status in your career. You will also beam with confidence. Career horoscope 2021 says that the presence of Rahu in your sign may influence you and give you a sense of misleading pride and illusion.

You should work hard on your goals and refrain from taking short cuts to success. Those in the professional field in MNCs' can expect good things on their way. However, for those self-employed Taurus natives, the beginning of the year may not seem prosperous for you. There are some indications you may undergo sudden losses. March 2021 to April the situation will turn and you may notice profits in your business.

You will also put an effort to expand your business. Those interested in speculations may try their luck in July or September 2021 as the period is in your favor. April, May, and September 2021 will remain one of the most profitable times in your professional life for the Taurus moon signs. However, it is advised that you must stay away from taking any major professional change or decisions between June and October 2021.

Love & Relationship Horoscope 2021: Taurus

Love and relationship horoscope 2021 suggests that Taurus lovers may feel tensed in their love paradise. The placement of Ketu in the house of relationship may bring unharmonious energy to your life partner. Married Taurus natives or people in a committed relationship should be extra cautious between 22nd February and 14th April 2021 as the transit of Mars takes place in your sign.

During this period you may get aggressive or get into unnecessary arguments with your partner that may ruin your sweet bond. The duration between 2nd June and 20th July 2021 indicates tension and clashes with your partner. However, stay strong and keep away from any conflict that could be the cause of the in harmony of your relationship. Be particularly attentive to the wants and needs of your partnership with your spouse or love partner during 20th July and 6th September and in December 2021.
The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in 2021 may allow you to settle down for those looking for a prospective partner for their second marriage. The favorable time for the second marriage prospects is in the first quarter or between mid-September 2021 and 20th November.

You will have a strong emotional bond with your life partner in this period. In September and October 2021, you will share an intimate and passionate relationship with your lover. Single Taurus natives should try to explore and meet new people as they might stumble across the love of their life. January, February, May 2021 is the transit of Mercury and Venus will in the favorable houses bringing positivity to your love life.

Finance Horoscope 2021: Taurus

As far as the financial horoscope for the Taurus native is concerned, 2021 will be a pretty good year. The conjunction of Saturn - your ruler of luck with Jupiter the planet signifies your gains in your house of luck. It will definitely show you a favorable time regarding financial growth. Starting from 5th January, the planetary positions reflect that your luck will favor your savings and you may have ample opportunities in gaining wealth.  

Your expenses however may rise from April 16th up until May 1st when you will get the urge to spend on some foreign trip. This is also the time you should resist yourself from investing in any share or other speculative activity. You may end up losing your savings. Also, watch your health during this time and take a medical insurance in advance as chances are high that you may have to pay some medical bills as well.

During September and October, your investments may get high as you may have to spend it on your higher education or for some study in a foreign country. This expense will yield positive results later. Try to avoid last week in September and the entirety of November and December as far as taking some kind of important financial decision is concerned.

However, the period between 5th January until 16th April and then 1st May to 25th July is when Mercury will stay in a favorable position. It is thus the best time for speculation and also finance related decisions can be made.

Health Horoscope 2021: Taurus

You will need to be very careful about your health from the start of the year itself. According to the Taurus moon sign horoscope for 2021, the Sun's presence in your house of spontaneity and Jupiter - the ruler of the house watching your moon sign from Capricorn, makes it a very difficult situation health-wise.

Venus is the ruler of the house of diseases, conjoined with the sun also adds more problems to it. There could be some sudden undetected issues related to health so you are advised to keep your full health checkup done. Take care of your bone and joints while playing any outdoor game during January and February. Wear all safety gear in the playground and also use your helmet while riding a bike.

The time between 22nd February and May 4th can even land you in hospital for some sports-related injury or fever. Stay protected in advance and take precautions. Time after 4th May until mid-September is a relief for you and you may regain your health during this period. In fact, even if you have some chronic ailment then it’s time to go for some therapy which would be successful.

The last quarter again will be a bit troublesome regarding minor problems in your lower abdomen area. Pay attention to your spouse’s health during October. This year you are advised to keep your health insurance ready and also to keep a strict diet coupled with regular yoga to maintain your health.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope 2021

Taurus 2021 January Horoscope: Taurus's January 2021 horoscope indicates that you are ready for a job change or find a new love partner for those who are presently single. A long-pending transfer is quite possible as per your January 2021 horoscope. There would be sudden changes in professional responsibilities. Those in the job profession will gain. However, people with businesses will make average gains. Expenditure may rise high this month, which is why you will need to keep your finances in control. For those Taurus people seeking a love companion, a second marriage is possible. Pay attention to your health. Any health issues unknown to you may give stress you this month.

Taurus 2021 February Horoscope: Taurus's February 2021 horoscope shows that you will get recognition at work for your skills on the professional front. You will also get authority, and people who are expecting a promotion may hear good news. Expenses in business will rise; however, you will also earn additional income from overseas sources. Eat healthy food to maintain great immunity. You will share a harmonious bond with your love/life partner. Luck will favour Taurus lovers to meet more often than usual. The student with the Taurus sign will be successful in competitive exams. Sportspeople will also excel in their endeavours.

Taurus 2021 March Horoscope: Taurus's March 2021 horoscope suggests that there will be an expansion of business where you will either get new opportunities or growth in an existing business. Transfer in the job is also quite possible. Innovative ideas will stick to your mind. Stay careful in your partnerships. Relationships with business/life partner may become bitter as misunderstandings are quite possible. Stay cautious to avoid injury on the head, left eye, or foot.

Taurus 2021 April Horoscope: Taurus's April 2021 horoscope suggests that you will get profits from foreign either by traveling abroad or earn additional income from overseas sources. Professional visits abroad can be favourable for you this month. Business growth is quite evident. Financial investment or rise in expense will take place after mid-of April 2021. Brace yourself as there could be sudden career changes. Some minor compatible issues in your marriage may trigger tension in the first half of April 2021. However, you will notice a more romantic and passionate time with your love partner in the second half of April 2021. You will have sound health this month.

Taurus 2021 May Horoscope: Taurus's May 2021 horoscope suggests that there will be a lot of savings for you this month as this a good time for financial gains. You will have a strong immunity that will help you get away from any health issues. Taurus lovers will enjoy the warmth of love and intimacy with their partners. May 2021 horoscope says this will be one of the best times of the year for you.

Taurus 2021 June Horoscope: Taurus June 2021 horoscope says that there will be a windfall of easy money for you this month as multiple sources of income coming your way. You will share a close bonding with your immediate family. People close to you will praise you for your speech and eloquence. You will impress others with your diplomatic abilities. Love and marriage may not be perfect but as per your horoscope 2021, there will be minute issues only.  It is essential to be transparent in your relationships.

Taurus 2021 July Horoscope: Taurus's July 2021 horoscope suggests that you will have the favour of luck in speculation, allowing you to invest money in the share market. Gains from some source will add to your savings this month. Taurus natives may also meet their lovers’ parents for a marriage proposal. Those who are single will get chances of meeting someone new. Opportunities for domestic travel are highly likely in your July horoscope 2021. Mother’s health can be a concern for the Taurus natives.

Taurus 2021 August Horoscope: Taurus August 2021 horoscope indicates that lovers will enjoy a romantic time with their partner. For those planning to settle down, marriage for Taurus people is on the cards. Romance and intimacy will stay between the Taurus love partners. Married partners may undergo some mild conflicts. Try to keep your anger under control. You may work too hard in your profession; however, you will need to balance your work and domestic life. Those who are single may find their soulmates. Sudden plans to invest in house renovation or vehicle purchase are highly likely. Taurus natives residing abroad may plan a trip to their homeland.

Taurus 2021 September Horoscope: Taurus September 2021 horoscope indicates that this is the best period to invest your money. The month blesses you with good luck. However, there will an increase in your expenditure as well. You will need to keep a close check on your money for a stable financial month. Health issues may trouble you, which is why you will need to take care of your diet and exercise regularly. Get your cholesterol check-up done. Taurus natives will need to put a hold on any new projects. Intimacy and passion will keep you close with your partner. This month you will get multiple opportunities to be with your lover. However, there are chances that you may get into heated arguments with your partner.

Taurus 2021 October Horoscope: Taurus October 2021 horoscope shows a difficult period both in your marriage and your career. You will need to give your time equally to both the important aspects of your life. You will also need to be careful about your spouse and your health as it will be a bit of concern this month. Taurus natives will need to be careful about their finances as expenditure related to medicine will be on the higher side.  There are some chances of misunderstanding with your business partner/spouse. Try to think calmly during adverse situations. Manage your money quite thoughtfully.

Taurus 2021 November Horoscope:
Taurus's November 2021 horoscope points out that month may not be favourable for your marriage and business. You will need to stay strong. Keep good care of your health along with your partner's wellbeing. There could be expenses that may go high and your income may lessen. It is essential that people born under Taurus become proactive in saving some money for rainy days. Try to keep your temper under control. Your stability of mind is quite crucial for making important decisions this month. Arguments with your partner are highly likely. 

Taurus 2021 December Horoscope: Taurus September 2021 horoscope says that you will get some respite from the challenges in your life. You will notice that the end of the year will see a better understanding with your partner. However, there are chances of trivial conflicts and aggressiveness that can be in control - if the native chooses to be wise and considerate in the relationship. Career opportunities may give more options in the job, as change is quite visible in your December 2021 horoscope.  Expenses will be high, and that would also give rise to new revenues.

Read About Taurus Horoscope

Taurus is the boulder stone of the zodiac, solid and dependable, but too hard to budge. These individuals are headstrong just as their mascot bull. As long as, you do not feel threatened, you are fine, but when the ‘bullshit’ is too much to handle, you hit hard. If you know a Taurus, better not to be a ‘red rag’ to them. Taurus bull is not like a ‘bull in a china shop’, destructive to be precise. This Taurus Horoscope reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important astrological mark to know your future. Are your a Taurus Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly.

Moon in Taurus makes them reserved, cautious & tolerant, thus when a difficult situation comes up, Taurus know how to ‘grab the bull by its horn’. Taurus people know how to handle the bull-like tendencies in themselves and use them to their advantage.  You will gel well & are compatible with practical and patient signs like Virgo and Capricorn over someone impulsive like Aries or Sagittarius. Venus is your ruling planet, which makes you a slave of senses. You are driven towards all things that feel good to your senses, be it the touch of a silk cushion, the taste of dark chocolate, the sight of natural scenery or the sound of soothing music. You love material possessions and luxury; it gives you a sense of security and satisfaction. You are an earth sign, thus have a realistic outlook and a rational approach, driven to the materialistic side of life. You stay grounded and never are pretentious. However, you are also stubborn, and have set ideals & values, thus never budge an inch unless you want to. This is also because you share a fixed quality, thus too rigid in your ways. You are not receptive to change. Stability, permanence and security are your ultimate objectives. Therefore, it would not be wrong to call you ‘stubborn as a bull’.

Your biggest strength is your practical approach. Even when the whole world feels confused, you come up with a plan, a workable idea. You always have a practical solution that is likely to work. This is why you come off as a dependable person. Also, you tend to be loyal in relationships too. Patience and diplomacy also works as an asset for you in situations when you have to deal with impulsive and deceitful people. Nevertheless, you are not flawless, thus have weaknesses that pose hurdles. The biggest weakness of Taurus is that you are resistant to change, even if it is to be fruitful. Thus, you sometimes have to face trouble in relationship, as you never agree to compromise. Over-indulgence and lethargy are also some negative effects of Venus on Taurus. This page details out more fascinating facts on Taurus Man, Woman, Lover, Boss & Taurus traits.

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