Taurus Horoscope 2022- Read all about Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope 2022: This is a productive and gainful year for Taurus people. Your luck will be good and will bring you many opportunities to fulfill all your dreams from the past. Your contacts and network may increase.

2022 Taurus Horoscopes is based on Moon Sign. The Vedic Astrology system prescribes predictions based on Moon Sign for more accuracy. If you do not know your Moon Sign, find it out instantly.

Saturn will transit in Aquarius during 29 Apr-12 July, so you will have to work harder at your workplace. You should stay alert during 27 June-10 Aug as there are chances of some accident taking place as Mars is in Aries.

Jupiter’s transit in Pisces from 13 April is good for open secrets and achieving sudden gains in your life. You may develop an interest in hidden things at this time.

At this time due to Rahu, you will have many foreign travels and build new connections. But watch out for expenditures that may rise. From 5 June- 23 Oct due to Saturn retro, you should handle your investment with caution.

This year you should avoid being involved in disputes and court cases. If you have any past cases pending, you may not handle them easily at this time. You should avoid overthinking at this time and take all your decisions wisely and calmly.

Your relationship with your loved one will create mental tension and stress for you. So you need to give each other space and bring down your expectations.

Career Horoscope for Taurus 2022

Saturn will transit in the 9th house till 29th April. Which means that you have to maintain cordial relationships with your seniors and you need to avoid being lazy for a good career.

If you put in efforts, you will come across good opportunities in your career in foreign countries from 12 April, but you need to avoid making any major decisions or making any big investment during 5 June-23 Oct. There will be several ups and downs and you might be stressed, so you should completely focus on your career to keep it going smoothly.

If you are in business, a partnership may bring in good things for you this year. You will land big projects and great deals and have contacts with influential people. You will also get a new job and a good salary hike from 27 Feb-18 June.

During June to Sep, some senior of yours may play an important role at your workplace, so you need to try and maintain cordial relationships with your seniors at work. You should beware of workplace politics after August this year.

After Oct, you may get a dynamic role at your job and might also get a new project along with promotion. It is also possible that your place will change.

Finance Horoscope for Taurus 2022

At the start of this year, you will get new opportunities for income. Your financial condition will improve this year and stay good as you will get new sources of income. But you need to take care of not showing off and spending money unnecessarily after 12 April due to Rahu’s transit in the 12th house from the zodiac sign.

You will invest in land and property during 15 March to 16 July. From 17 Aug-17 Oct, it is a good time for you to invest in your own property or renovate your own house.

You can do long term investment in speculative activities after May this year. You have to stay alert regarding the share market in the July-Sep period. If you want to invest in mutual funds, you should consult your seniors before that.

Till the middle of this year, it is not a good time for loans and payments, but after Sep, it is a good time for loans. The end of the year is a good time for recovery payment when done with a keen mind.  

Marriage and relationships Horoscope for Taurus 2022

Your extramarital affair may be a reason for disputes in your marriage till 7 April. This is not a good period for marriage, so you need to take care. After 17th May, the time will change and there will be bliss in your marriage and you will feel peace.

Your life partner will support you in your career and in your life too. You will spend time together at some religious place at the end of the year.

You should avoid having expectations from friends because that will only make you incur expenditure and pain in life.

Your family life will be good at the start of the year, but your siblings may cause you problems after May. Your parents will support you and give their blessings to you. Take care of your relationship with your father after the middle of the year. He might support you in your business at the end of this year.

Love and Romance Horoscope for Taurus 2022

At the start of the year, a new person will come in your life and you will fall in love, if you are single. You have to be cautious about making sudden decisions in your love life as there might be problems during 6 March-25 April.

You will have chances to meet your partner at your workplace or educational institute. You will go on long holidays with your partner and be in a happy mood. There will be a lot of romance after June 2022. But their temperament may be high, so you need to effectively communicate with them in this period Sep-Oct.

Education/Health Horoscope for Taurus 2022

This year is good for education but you have to avoid friends and travelling. There will be new opportunities for competition and you will learn new courses along with your seniors during April-Aug.

This year will demand hard work and focus from you for desirable results.

You should take care of your skin and any infection at the start of the year. You need to control your addiction, if any, otherwise your liver may get damaged.

Avoid going to high places in June-Sep and avoid driving, as you may face an accident during this time.

Monthly trends for Taurus Horoscope 2022

 January – You should avoid making any major deal in this month and making any serious promises that you may not be able to adhere to. You will be low on energy and have weak health this month.   

February – This month will bring in good income. You should focus your mind on your career and increase your hard work for name and fame.  

March – You will have new sources of income this month, which will enhance your finances. You will also be active and in good health.

April- This month will increase your travel and activity, and bring good energy to the body. Make sure to avoid ego or leadership from 14 April.   

May-  You will have high expenses and you will waste money on luxury travels and stay. You will get investment opportunities with new investors.

June- This is a good month for income and relations with the family. But you need to avoid ego in the way you speak.    

July- In July, you will have good health and this is a desirable period. You will get support from govt authorities.   

August- You need to avoid being egoistic and wasting time with friends or travelling. You are likely to have issues with your children after 17 Aug, if any.  

September – This is a progressive period and you will maintain your good status this month. You will gain from real estate and investment.  

You will have a happy and prosperous love life this month. You get new and better ideas and thoughts. Your relationships with your friends also improve.  

November-  This is a confident and active period for you. There are chances of long travels and meeting with old friends.

December –  You will make good progress in your career and you will get opportunities in your new job. Your health will be good and you will be active.

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Read About Taurus Horoscope

Taurus is the boulder stone of the zodiac, solid and dependable, but too hard to budge. These individuals are headstrong just as their mascot bull. As long as, you do not feel threatened, you are fine, but when the ‘bullshit’ is too much to handle, you hit hard. If you know a Taurus, better not to be a ‘red rag’ to them. Taurus bull is not like a ‘bull in a china shop’, destructive to be precise. This Taurus Horoscope reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important astrological mark to know your future. Are your a Taurus Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly.

Moon in Taurus makes them reserved, cautious & tolerant, thus when a difficult situation comes up, Taurus know how to ‘grab the bull by its horn’. Taurus people know how to handle the bull-like tendencies in themselves and use them to their advantage.  You will gel well & are compatible with practical and patient signs like Virgo and Capricorn over someone impulsive like Aries or Sagittarius. Venus is your ruling planet, which makes you a slave of senses. You are driven towards all things that feel good to your senses, be it the touch of a silk cushion, the taste of dark chocolate, the sight of natural scenery or the sound of soothing music. You love material possessions and luxury; it gives you a sense of security and satisfaction. You are an earth sign, thus have a realistic outlook and a rational approach, driven to the materialistic side of life. You stay grounded and never are pretentious. However, you are also stubborn, and have set ideals & values, thus never budge an inch unless you want to. This is also because you share a fixed quality, thus too rigid in your ways. You are not receptive to change. Stability, permanence and security are your ultimate objectives. Therefore, it would not be wrong to call you ‘stubborn as a bull’.

Your biggest strength is your practical approach. Even when the whole world feels confused, you come up with a plan, a workable idea. You always have a practical solution that is likely to work. This is why you come off as a dependable person. Also, you tend to be loyal in relationships too. Patience and diplomacy also works as an asset for you in situations when you have to deal with impulsive and deceitful people. Nevertheless, you are not flawless, thus have weaknesses that pose hurdles. The biggest weakness of Taurus is that you are resistant to change, even if it is to be fruitful. Thus, you sometimes have to face trouble in relationship, as you never agree to compromise. Over-indulgence and lethargy are also some negative effects of Venus on Taurus. This page details out more fascinating facts on Taurus Man, Woman, Lover, Boss & Taurus traits.

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