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Travel may increase, and you might feel overconfident and mentally stressed this month due to extra expenses and financial problems till 24th November, as Jupiter is in retrograde stage. You will be disturbed and tensed because of the second last phase of sadde saati. Career lord Venus transits own sign till 11th November, so, luck favors you for creative, design, software, and artwork. You should take interest in research and occult sciences to relax and change your mind. Control on your commenting voice, otherwise disputes may arise. Also, avoid being witty to someone. You will win on court cases and enemies. Competitions will increase in career and studies. Family relationships will be good. Small travel will also be one of the reasons of stress.

You should avoid starting new work till 16th November as Sun debilitates in career house. You will enjoy and profit from designing, beauty, creative, and garments work. You will get new offer from a foreign country but be patient for success to avoid stressful situations in professional life.
Problems can arise due to travels in career till 24th November. Partner will support you in work and you will get new contacts and deals. You can change the job till 13 Nov after this date change with advice. Boss and seniors will support you and you will get promotion or hike in pay. Transfer will be also possible to your favorite place. Colleagues will play politics with you, so, be aware.        
Lucky Dates: 6, 5, 23, 26 
Love & Marriage
You will fall in love and share your feelings with him/her and get positive results. Your love partner will gain at his/her workplace. You will enjoy with your lover on long drives, meetings, romance, and outings. After 11th November, your lover may go far away from you, so, you should maintain your relationship and distances and avoid any harshness. Conditions can get better with spouse in this month, but you need to take care till 24th November. There is a possibility for you to get support from your life partner. Increase warm relations with spouse to help him/her in workplace. You are likely to receive the bonding and support from your in-laws. You will also take care of the health of your partner.
Lucky Dates: 2, 6, 11, 15, 24

Money & Finance
You will also face stress related to financial crisis due to extra expenditure till 11th November. After that date, you will feel good in financially and get your money back from someone. You should try to avoid money-related transactions with emotions. You should never try to lend money to anybody.
You should try to solve your difficulties with your own efforts. Good month for long-term in speculations. Also, a good month for real estate business, but after 13th November, take care and take steps with help of seniors. You will spend money on your children and love partner. You will also get income from heritage property after 16th November.
Lucky Dates: 6, 9, 12, 24, 17 

Students & Children
This month is good for education but try to control your stress for good results. You will not get satisfactory results from past exams. Avoid confusions and manage your expenses. If you focus on your studies and competitions, you will get admission in foreign education center.
Take the help of seniors for guidance. You will also join professional courses. Children spend their time enjoying and with friends. They purchase luxurious clothes to show-off in front of friends. Parents should take care of the studies and health of their child. Parents should also spend time with children and teach him/her their lessons. They will try to achieve success in assignments.

Family & Health
You will solve disputes and confusions between family members. You need to control your speech and abusive language. You should respect your parents. You may try to spend money on family business for positive results. Your father will support you professionally and help get an achievement in your career. Your mother also wants to spend time with you, so, you should go with her to any spiritual place. You should avoid stress and go to any enjoyable place to relax. Control your blood pressure and skin problems. Infection and fever might disturb you in study or career.

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