Capricorn January Horoscope


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The transit of Saturn is going on in your zodiac. The sadde saati second phase is running due to which you will also remain irritated this month. There will be trouble in taking any decision and you should not postpone or hand over your work to someone lazily. Any decision taken out of anger or overconfidence will only harm you. Time will be better for those working in the field of politics. By transiting combust Mercury from 18 Jan, your mind will run more than necessary and will also be adept at taking risks.

Even if you are going in a debate or competition, avoid getting over-enthusiastic. Foreign travel can happen, which will not be beneficial now but after some time due to retro Venus. Take care of the health of your father from 16 Jan, and due to some government work or paper, there may be a problem from 14 Jan as Sun will transit with Saturn. The sum of the expenditure of money is also there; unnecessary expenses will be less this month.

There is a possibility of starting some new work this month, there will be an offer to partner with a friend. If you are thinking of doing some new work right now, then you do not have to invest much. If you are doing any work related to creative, art, designing or decoration, then suddenly good offers or orders will come your way. This will improve your financial condition and you will also have a name in the market. The work which is already going on will be completed on time, but mental trouble will remain. Working with a foreign company will also benefit, but the income will be delayed, and obstacles may come.

There can also be a delay in the payment of a cheque or in the bank. There are good chances of government job till 14 Jan. For some time now, it is not the right time for a new private sector job where you have been working. There could be a rift with your senior over the slightest thing, due to which you will have mental trouble. Whatever happens, you yourself will have to keep quiet. Now there could be confusion even in promotion or salary increase. Colleagues working together will also talk to you for their own benefit.

Love & Marriage
This month, you will be more likely to be angry with the person you love, but this sweet annoyance must be removed soon by giving you a surprise. Plan to spend a long time with them and wherever you go, do not do such a thing which will cause you any trouble again. If possible, help in the work of your partner, so that they can get relief in your workload. Do not fall prey to any kind of misunderstanding. In your married life, things will increase and there will be tension in the house. Any small misunderstanding can cause big problems from 14 Jan. Life partner will doubt because of any outsider. Don't hide anything from your partner and stay away from any wrong doings. Take full care of your partner's health.

Money & Finance
The situation regarding money will be normal from your side because this month you will not spend in vain. Whatever will be spent, you will do it only on essential things. Even after all this, mental trouble will remain. Do not give money to a friend by coming under their influence, otherwise your friendship may be lost. If you have invested in any government place, then there will be financial benefit from the old, deposited capital. The money situation will also be favorable due to the income from business with some abroad company.

Avoid taking or giving loans and avoid taking money. Do not keep items such as gold or house papers as a collateral against any loan. Invest in the stock market for short term. If you are doing any work related to land or house now, then there will be benefit. The payment coming from abroad will come late but will come for sure.

Students & Children
Hard work, this month will give good results. But your attention will also be more on external things than studies. You may waste time on media or online or due to friends, you will feel less inclined towards studies. Parents may get angry with you on this matter. Competition will increase but you will feel over confidence. Children's attention will also be more in T.V or other things. Sometimes even they may remain irritable with you too. If there is any issue, then explain it with love and talk their teachers, so that you can keep getting the updates of your child’s performance. You should maintain the right harmony with your life partner, so that it does not have a bad effect on the children.

Family & Health
There will be ups and downs regarding money in the family, differences will also be removed only by mutual cooperation, and the work of need will also be completed because of you. There may be tension you’re your mother and money will be spent on her medical treatments too. Your father will support you. There is hope of profit for your father regarding his field of work, which will bring good color this month. Worries will remain with your child. There will be tension in the house due to an outside influence. This month, any problem related to the skin can bother you; if there is any kind of infection, then do not be careless. Headache and eyes problems may persist. There may also be pain in the feet. Beware of fire and electricity.

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