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Overview: Capricorn, your December horoscope indicates a time for sincere efforts. Hard work would turn destiny in your favor. Increase in work responsibilities would need a patient and calm approach. Around mid-December, frustrations and an irate nature could spoil the bonding in your relations. Expenses seem to rise considerably. You might spend heavily on an item or work from abroad. You would successfully complete any ongoing govt. related work this month. Love life looks good. Inclination towards personal luxuries & self-entertainment seems to increase. Be careful and patient while driving. Stay away from any kind of quarrels or clashes. Prizes & rewards in sports are quite likely in December. Relief in an ongoing legal matter is possible. Indulging in social work would improve your reputation.

Career: Capricorn, your career prospects look bright during December. If you hold a business, gains from a recently started work seem to improve this month. Things at work seem smooth and largely favorable. Work pressure might cause stress and uneasiness. Remain calm and humble at work. Plans to start a new work might face delays this month. If in a business partnership, doubts or confusion might hamper your bonding with your partner. Completing an old or paused deal is quite likely this month.
If working in a job, prospects look bright this month. Good chances of a promotion and the desired salary are present in your horoscope. Plans to work abroad would succeed and you would get suitable opportunities. Work atmosphere seems peaceful and comfortable.

Love & Marriage: Capricorn, your love and marriage life look harmonious throughout December. If dating someone, long drives and romantic outings would enhance love and understanding in your relationship.
If single, you are likely to meet your partner this month and spending quality time with them would help lower your tension.

Capricorn, with Rahu transiting your marriage house, doubts or misunderstandings are quite possible with your spouse in December. Speak softly and talk with your soulmate politely to avoid quarrels.
Chances of a remarriage seem good, if looking for a second marriage. Gather all the necessary information and take any decision after careful scrutiny. An inter-caste marriage is possible.

Money & Finance: Financially, December looks rough for you, Capricorn. With an increase in expenses, your stress levels also seem to rise. You might spend on travels abroad or shopping. However, profits and gains appear good. Finances appear stable largely. The period till 12th December looks unfavorable for any kind of investments. Payments for an old loss are indicated in your monthly horoscope. Avoid plans to buy a house, land, or vehicle in December, since it could lead to a possible loss. Financial help from a female friend would boost your morale. You might spend on a female this month. You may apply for a loan in December, if needed. Keep a humble and soft speech while talking to your mother. Chances of a property dispute with her are indicated and could be stressful. Financial help from your father would help you get out of a bad situation.   

Students & Children: Capricorn students would have to be careful towards financial management. Your expenses on self-enjoyment seem to rise significantly. Focus on your studies, as thinking too much about the opposite sex would distract you and affect your results. Follow a timetable and spend your time wisely. Your career related decisions would be good and beneficial. Plans to study abroad might face some difficulties.

Capricorn, your kids would get along very well this month. You might have to spend heavily on them in December. However, don’t get angry at them for no reason. Admission in a college of their choice seems likely. Results seem good. Pay attention to their health near mid-December.

Family & Health: Family life for Capricorn looks disturbed. Family expenses seem to rise and affect your financial condition. Talk politely with family members to avoid any clashes. From mid-December onwards, problems might arise due to issues with the govt. Parties are likely to celebrate the achievements of your kids.

Health wise, December looks mostly good. Yet some stress is possible. Be careful against possible skin issues. Going on a family trip would help you relieve your stress.

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