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Overview: Capricorn, the monthly horoscope looks promising and brings chance of a delightful time in October. Mars and Ketu transit your sign. With your confidence reaching new heights, some frustration is also possible. After 12th October, your capability to take wise decisions will greatly improve and this would be the golden period for taking all major decisions in your life. Take well calculated actions though. Strenuous conditions may develop now, yet move forwards bravely towards your goals. If in politics, the month seems favorable. Calculated risks will bear the desired profits. Success in debates or competitions is almost certain. You may undertake frequent foreign, though profits will take time to reach you. Improvements would be seen for your father’s health. He might come across some problems with the govt. due to lack of paperwork. Expenses seem to be rising; nonetheless, wasteful expenses appear to be in control.                       
Career: Capricorn, new work beginnings are favored this month. You may get the chance to enter a beneficial partnership with a female now. Before starting a work alone, consult a female friend for improving your chances of success. If working in creative, designer, art, decorative, or beauty areas, unexpected profits or orders are quite possible for you. Despite on-time completion of work, some stress might prevail. Work with a foreign company will fetch you good monetary rewards, though payments are expected to take time to reach you. Be very careful while making financial transactions. After mid-October, you may get a govt. job, but if you are being referred by someone, then be alert and careful. Problems with supervisors at work are likely. If waiting for a tender, chances are you will get it and earn good profits from it. If working as a private secretary, this is a delightful period for you, with appreciation and promotion at work possible. Colleagues will help you.            
Love & Marriage: Love and marriage prospects seem to enjoy rosy conditions this month. Relation with your lover seem cordial and harmonious. Partner will be supportive and any ongoing problems will be sorted. Surprises from your partner will boost love in relations. Planning a trip or long drives together will further improve conditions.
If single, love may develop at work for you.
If married, be patient. Have faith in your partner and deal with any issues diplomatically without getting angry.
Money & Finance: This seems a mediocre month for your finances, Capricorn. Your expenses look to be in control, though regular spending will continue in the same fashion. Stress and tension might prevail. Lending money under someone’s influence is to be avoided. Profits from an old investment or a govt. related work are likely. You may spend on your lover. Work related expenses seem stable in October. You may apply for a loan, if seeking one. Investing in share market seems a profitable option. Avoid investing in land or property till November.
Students & Children: This month looks favorable for students. Hard work will bring you success. Stay focused and spend limited time on social media, friends, or other such sources. Your wastage of time might irritate your parents & your relations may suffer. Sports can bring new chances of fame for you. Academic performance looks good mostly. Success and rewards in a debate or competition are likely. You may find a part time job now.
For your children, television and activities other than studies seem to be more attractive this month. Your bonding with them looks mostly cordial. Keep their teachers in loop and track their performance regularly.
Family & Health:                      
Your family front seems to face financial stress this month. Support each other & offer a helping hand in time of need. Your bonding with your mother seems disturbed and you may have to spend on her. Your family will have to spend wisely, and this can cause some tension. Father will be supportive. He may observe good profits on the work front.
Be careful against possible leg and joint aches for you. Stay alert while dealing with fire or electric equipment.

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