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Overviews: The monthly horoscope of Capricorn this month indicates that the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius till 20th November will increase the prospects of your traveling. You may feel overconfident that could lead you to make irrational decisions without thinking through about your choices.
The level of your stress will increase which would make you more anxious about unwanted expenses and financial instability. The ongoing second phase of Sade Sati would make you feel aggravated and disturb your day-to-day life cycle. It would cause turbulence in the career and professional life.
However, Saturn demands a lot of hard work, determination, and basically, tests your perseverance teaching you important life lessons. You may feel low at times, however, you will need to pull up your best efforts and work hard to move ahead in life.  The debilitated Venus in the house of career will bring no luck or fortune in the professional motives till 17th November. Hence, restraint yourself from taking up new work or working with new clients.

Adapting to a new change of environment will also seem difficult for you. Keep yourself busy with steady day-to-day activities without bringing any substantial changes in your life this month. Later in the month, you may incline towards occult science or research work but there could be a change of mind and heart about pursuing it further.

Try not to interfere too much in other people's businesses as it could give rise to unavoidable and disputable circumstances. People undergoing legal battles or attending legal issues will find victory. Things will become aggressive and competitive for Capricorn students and children. They will need to be more sincere and responsible for their academic commitments.
Family and domestic life will have more low points this month. Striving for a healthier relationship is the key to a harmonious environment on the domestic front. Avoid traveling after 21st November as Jupiter is present in a debilitated sign with Saturn that could indicate misfortunes in your travel plans.

Career: The career horoscope for the Capricorn moon sign indicates that the lord of profession Venus will take place in the house of fortune till 17th November. From 1st to 17th November, the natives should avoid taking up new work or projects to avoid unfavorable circumstances in their professional life.
People in the creative and artistic fields such as designing, beauty, and fashion sector will flourish in their career 18th November onwards. Capricorn natives will get exciting offers from overseas that will give them more exposure in their field. However, do not get overwhelmed with the quality of the work, and have patience for the outcome of your hard work. 

There could be a work-related stressful situation that would require you to maintain a peaceful and patient personality. A lot of traveling is also on your cards that could give rise to problematic situations in your workplace. Avoid traveling during this period as it may hamper your work life.
The month is not favorable for any activities for businessperson till 15th November. Your partner will be quite helpful in bringing new work and contact that indicates the prospect for more growth and business. If you are contemplating changing jobs, seeking a second opinion from an expert will assure you about your career choices.

You will share a healthy relationship with your boss and seniors, as they will be quite supportive of your professional endeavors. Those expecting an increment in the salary or transfer to a new positing in the desired location may hear some good news. Be aware of your working environment as office politics may divert your mind from your work.

Love & Marriage: The love horoscope indicates exciting times ahead in the month of November this year for Capricornian. You will fall in love and muster up the feeling to share it with your love companion. Do not worry too much as s/he will reciprocate your feelings.
The minute detail of your horoscope also indicates professional success for your partner in his or her workplace. The transit of Rahu in the house of love and romance may make you feel confused about your love life. However, there is plenty of joyous and bonding time with your partner this month. It will help in strengthening your relationship for a smoother course in life.

The period after 21st November reveals that your partner will leave and go far away from you for personal or professional reasons. The distance in the romantic relationship will demand more time, energy, trust, love, and warmth. Be considerate towards the sentiments of your lover and try to express your feelings more for the betterment of your relationship.
The marriage horoscope for Capricorn natives suggests that this month you will have improved relations with your spouse. However, a period after 20th November would need more respect and understanding of one another’s nature.

There is an indication that you may get supported from your life partner. Work together in every aspect of your life for a harmonious relationship with one another. You may obtain professional help from your partner’s workplace that will increase the strengths of your bond together.
You will also connect emotionally with your in-laws. The month of November would require you to pay attention to your partner’s health as well.

Money & Finance: The financial horoscope of Capricorn points out an anxious period in the month of November due to the uncertainty of finances. However, you will receive sudden gains from someone who will return your money.
The monthly horoscope also foresees an increase in the expenditure which will add more tension to your financial stability. Try to save money and withdraw only when absolutely necessary.
Curb your shopping expenses that could be a dent in your finances this month. Refrain from a financial transaction or lending any money to anyone to avoid bitter some experiences.

In the case of financial adversities, try to resolve the conflict on your own with the help of your wisdom. The month of November after 17th is a good month for those who wish to invest money for long-term purposes.
14th November onwards it is suitable for Capricorn to either invest or deal in real-estate businesses. Understand the value of financial stability and take superior’s advice when in need. You will spend money for the well-being of your children and your love partner.
You may obtain wealth from heritage property after 16th November giving you a respite from the financial anxiety during the beginning of the month.

Students & Children: The education horoscope indicates a good month for the students and children with the Capricorn moon sign. Children will undergo a lot of stress due to the persistent pressure to excel in their academics. You should try to balance your time, giving equal importance to mental health and relaxation.
Students expecting the outcome of their hard work in the recent examination will need to work harder to get better results next time. Yoga, meditation, exercise, or a simple walk in the morning will enhance your power of concentration. It will also help you stay active, organized, and keep you focused on your goals. You will need to find a way to control your impulses on irrational expenditure.
Capricorn children may feel confused or distracted, however, the determination to keep up with your goals will help you in many ways. Aspiring students who wish to seek admission in foreign colleges or universities will get through if you concentrate on the competitive exams.
When in doubt related to your career choices or studies, take expert advice from your seniors who can guide in the right direction. Capricorn children can join professional courses this month to their preference and upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Family & Health: The family horoscope for the Capricorn moon sign indicates a stressful family environment. You may go through disputes in the family that could lead to a confusing moment among the family members.
The influence of planetary movements may impact your speech. Hence, it is essential to be mindful while conversing with people around you. Be respectful to your elders, especially your parents. Forgive and forget bitter moments and continue to move ahead in life for the betterment of your relationship with family members.

You may incline on spending money on the family business; however, the results will not be in your favor. Your father will support you in the professional front that will help you achieve your career goals. Your mother would want you to spend more quality time with you. It will best that you could accompany her to spiritual places.

As per health horoscope for the Capricorn moon sign, your health demands more relaxation time. Get away from a stressful environment, and enjoy some time off from the hectic schedule of your life. People with blood pressure or skin-related health issues would need to pay more attention to their well-being.
There are some indications of infection or fever that could disturb your daily lifestyle. Eat healthily, introduce more rich and fiber nutrients in your diet. Avoid eating junk or outside food and meditate for a healthy and peaceful mind.

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