Capricorn December Horoscope


Overview: As a Capricorn Moon Sign native, you are going through the Sade Sati phase of Saturn. Ergo, you should control your expenses this month from surpassing your income source. Therefore saving will be a tough nut to crack this month. The work-related travels will be fruitful for you and your hard work will reward you with the sweetest fruits of growth and success. It is important for you to make a decision with a calm and cool mind and it is equally important for you to wisely choose your company that is good influence on you and not vice versa.

During the month of December 2019, you will emerge victorious over your enemies and will come out of court and legal cases with flying colors. However, you will face tough luck in the field of politics as you won’t be able to get the desired post in the same field. Just in case you are interested in sports and other physical activities and participate in the same, it will be worth your effort as you will win awards in it.

Career: The new job will treat you well with decent success however you will feel under pressure and need to keep good control over your habit of over-thinking and stressing about work. As a Capricorn Moon Sign native, field such as cosmetics and garments will bring you job opportunities and will be fruitful for your professional growth 15th December 2019 onward.

This month you can also start your own business in partnership and will share a strong bond with your partner that will go a long way both personally and professionally. Just in case you have been dealing with work-related issues and problems in your job, you will soon get closure for them as solution is right around the corner waiting for you this month. But you need to keep working hard to achieve your professional goal and do not let anything knock you down!
As a fresher, you will be able to crack the job interview smoothly. At the workplace, your boss and seniors will not get tired of praising you for your good work and great performance. But stay cautious of the office politics being played against you behind your back by your colleagues and coworkers and do not blindly trust them.

Love and Marriage: This month is going to favor your love life as you will find your special someone but try and avoid confessing your love to him or her this month and wait until 15th December 2019. Things will be painted in the warm shades of red and pink of love for you after the mid of the month. You will spend a romantic time with your lover and will surprise each other with gifts and dates.

There are strong chances that you will have various episodes of miscommunications, conflicts or disputes at the beginning of the month with your lover or partner. Ergo, it will be for the greater good that you restricted your frequency of meeting one another for few days and adhered to communicating over call and messages during the starting of the month. It is very important to have low expectations from one another for any relationship to sustain longer.

If you are married then all the confusion and chaos existing in your conjugal or marital life are about to vanish in thin air this month and things will be settled back in their original order! This month you will plan to go on romantic outings together and your spouse will be your constant support throughout the month. You will also get the support of your In-Laws during this month.

Money and Finance: December 2019 will not be a financially favorable one for the Capricorn Moon Sign native. There will be high expenses along with disturbed income status for you. Hence, you need to keep an extremely tight hand in your pocket and follow a strict budget to get through the month. It will take a lot of struggle along with patience and hard work for you in order to make some financial profit and wealth accumulation during this month.

Try and abstain from going on unrequited traveling this month. However, work-related traveling will fetch you good financial and monetary gains or profits. This month, try and drop the idea of getting an expensive gift for your lover as your budget will not allow you to do the same.
Making an investment in real estate will prove to be a profitable idea for you. Also, you can endow money in the long term investment in share market 16th December 2019 onwards. This is not a favorable month of loaning or lending money for you. There are strong possibilities of you inheriting some ancestral or parental property and money this month.

Students and Children: Students will have a gala time with their friends during the month of December 2019. However, it is important for you to understand your limitations and avoid wasting your precious time meant for preparing for your bright academic future. Try and stay away from distractions such as social media and games. On the contrary, you need to skillfully strike a balance between your studies and your social life. You need to choose your subjects wisely after consulting the same with your seniors.

If you are planning to complete your higher education from a foreign university, chances are that you will have to face a lot of struggles and obstacles during your admission process.
Your children will waste most of their time over games, sports and friend circles during this month. Your children will experience and have a closer connection with your family and you than before which will further strengthen your bond together. From the mid of the month, they will fully concentrate on their academics and will perform well in their school. There will a school picnic organized and your children will be willing to go on the same with their school friends. Their teachers will be highly pleased by performance and will not get tired of praising them.

Family and Health: Due to high family expenses, you will feel anxious this month due to which can have an argument or conflict with your sibling. During this month you will all the support of your father and will visit some religious place with your mother. The party mode will be on and you will throw a birthday party or get together at your place. With support of your parents, you will be able to get the ancestral or parental property and money. However, you will not be able to get the support from your sibling for the same.
Just be careful about your health especially your eyes and travel to some religious place in order to get the most desired peace of mind.

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