CAPRICORN August Horoscope


Overview: Capricorn, the month looks unsettling for you & you should proceed calmly & patiently. A retrograde Mars is transiting your sign with Ketu this month. You are likely to be aggressive & irate for no reason. Redoing the same work repeatedly can drain your focus. Heavy spending on yourself is depicted. You can make frequent foreign travels this month. Work related trips would bear positive fruits. However, avoid leisure trips, as they will only be a waste of your money. Hard work & sincere efforts will fetch you success. Stay away from impulsive decisions or taking action under others’ influence. Spend economically.

Spending on vehicle or land should be avoided this month. Avoid any kind of investments, as a loss is possible. Keeping a diplomatic speech will help you maintain harmony in relations. If in politics, the month looks fruitful for you with a rise in position & support on the cards this month. After 16th Aug, profits from parental property are possible. If in research, your image is expected to improve significantly. Short religious trips may be taken. Overconfidence & hasty actions can lead to confusion & should thus, be avoided. Be careful of a female companion who may try to misuse your trust & love for her.

Career: A professionally stable term is implied for you, Capricorn. You will focus on new ventures & work expansion. Proper planning & avoiding of overconfidence are needed to achieve your goals this month. Work will be smooth with good gains indicated. Arguments with partner can create difficulties at work. New projects may not bring the expected rewards.

If in a job, then getting your dream job will only be possible in or after September. Till then, some uncertainties are likely & you should remain watchful of office politics. 
Love & Marriage: For love & marriage, the monthly readings depict some uncertainties now. Love relations are expected to face some difficulties, which can irritate you. Health of your partner may remain affected. Spending time together will help you restore the harmony in relations.

Singles, the period is not favorable for new beginnings & you should avoid taking any steps in this direction. Next month looks to be more promising.

Marital life looks deteriorated this month. Misunderstandings & doubts can make things bad & even adversely affect your work. Your partner will travel frequently due to work, & you may not be able to spend enough time with each other.        

Money & Finance: Finances, the month brings juicy results for you. Your expenses will be focused on your needs & not lavish spending. Work related income could still see some hurdles or delays. After mid-Aug, gains from parental property or an old investment are quite likely. Don’t plan or think about repayment of a loan for now. Avoid taking a loan till September. Any house, land, or property related work or purchase should be stayed away from. Investments in share market are not favored. Friends & siblings will be financially supportive. Remain watchful about the financial dealings you make this month. From 27th Aug onwards, Mars will be direct. Land related profits may come your way.

Students & Children: Students will observe a period of growth & success this month. Your dream to study abroad may finally come true. Your concentration is likely to improve now. You may start earning a part time income. Friends could be a cause of stress. Stop over-socializing & focus on your studies & career. Success in competitions would keep you satisfied.

Your children would spend more time on entertainment than studying. Their expenses are also likely to rise. Sports will interest them more now.

Family & Health: Family front appears to be peaceful now. Coordination & mutual respect among family members will keep matters smooth. Supportive siblings will bring you happiness & confidence. Coordination within the family will be substantially good; however, a relative may try to hamper this stability & you should remain watchful towards it. Your parents’ health might need your attention now. Rewards or appreciation is likely for your father at work, & this will make for celebrations on the domestic front.

Your health looks affected to some extent. Headache or skin infections may keep you down. An undetectable can also possibly trouble you now & you should handle it patiently. Consult a specialist & avoid laziness.   
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