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Overview: According to Capricorn August 2020 Horoscope, this month is going to be quite challenging for you. Saturn is retrograde in its sign. Therefore, you’re advised to curb your expenditure desires and avoid making decisions based on impulsive approach. Since there is the influence of Sade Sati, you may get stressed and anxious from time to time. You are likely to face a lot of problems at the beginning of the month. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind and keep your full focus on your career and education. You should avoid travelling until and unless it’s an emergency. Businessmen should cancel those business trips which are not very important. There are chances that you may have to spend money on repair of an old vehicle.

The situation will improve after 16th August 2020. This period is quite favourable for the politicians and government employees as they’re likely to enjoy great benefits during this time. You are likely to receive some of the shares of the property that may belong to your ancestors. However, on a separate note, there may be disputes with female colleagues. It is going to be a stressful period but hopefully, the situation will improve in the coming days.
Plan a budget for this month to avoid unnecessary spending. Don’t let your temper highjack your life.

Career: According to Capricorn August 2020 Career Horoscope, you may face some problems with colleagues at the start of the month. If you’re planning to expand your business, then you can apply for a bank loan after 15th August 2020. There are good chances that you will get new opportunities to enhance your image and reputation. Some of you may start a new venture with a female friend or relative. However, you should always take advice from a senior before making the final move. Businessmen are likely to make good progress during mid-month. Artists, creative designers and beauticians may do great this month.  
Job employees should only focus on the upliftment of their career. You can look out for better career perspectives because this might be a good time to think about a job change. However, promotion and appraisal are also on the cards! So, think about all the pros and cons before switching your job. Businessmen may have to go on a lot of business trips. It may be a great work month for the Capricorn natives.

Money and Finance: According to Capricorn August 2020 Finance Horoscope, mixed outcomes are expected in terms of money and finance. There will be an increase in your expenses but you may receive profit from past investment and business venture. You are likely to get good raise this month. Thus, income flow would be improved.
You’re advised to abstain from investing money in real estate. However, this time can be used for buying shares and stocks. You may also get financial help from your spouse’s parents if required at all. The Horoscope is indicating chances of financial gains during the last few days of the month.

Love and Marriage: According to Capricorn August 2020 Love Horoscope, you may experience a sort of coldness in your relationship till 15th August 2020. You may face a few misunderstandings in your relationship during this period. But these won’t exist for too long. Hopefully, there will be an improvement from 16th August 2020.
You will start devoting quality time to your partner and will bring you both considerably closer to each other. Your mutual understanding will also increase.

If you’re married, then the starting of the month may be pleasant for you and your life partner. However, there are chances of some conflicts during the mid-month. You’re advised to maintain a proper balance between your professional and personal life. You can expect love and support from your partner. Your marital bond will be fortified during the last few days of the month, and there are good chances that your partner would get some amazing opportunities at his/her workplace.

Students and Children: According to Capricorn August 2020 Education Horoscope, you may find it hard to focus on your studies as your mind will be distracted towards other activities.  You need to regain your focus else it will adversely affect your learning powers and memorising skills.
Higher education students may perform well and learn something new. If you’re waiting for an admission call, then you can expect uplifting news during mid-month. Undergraduate students may experience great fluctuation. Students may feel a lack of energy and motivation. Some of you may experience a low concentration level. You should start reading books as it is one of the best exercises to regain your focus and concentration.

Family and Health: According to Capricorn August 2020 Family Horoscope, this seems a great month for you as far as family relations are concerned. The atmosphere at home front would be pretty much cordial. You will get the support of your siblings from mid-month. However, there could be an increase in the responsibilities on the home front but you will fulfil them with utmost perfection. You would likewise receive the expected support from your parents and they will stay with you through thick and thins. Your father may get promoted to a higher rank and this calls for a celebration!

According to Capricorn August 2020 Heath Horoscope, you need to take additional care of your health, especially your mental health. In case you see any symptoms of ill health, consult a doctor without any delay to avoid future complications. Take a nutritious diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle routine. Practice Yoga and do some light exercises in the morning. This not only gives energy to the body but also helps in keeping the health problems at bay.

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