Capricorn October Horoscope


Overview: The responsibilities will be higher for the Capricorn moon sign in the month of October. Work will demand you to be extra hard-working. During this month, you need to take out some free time in order to dedicate it to your loved ones and to relax your body and mind. Do not let anxiety control your actions this month. The expenditure will rise on your health and family.

Your foreign connection and traveling will also rise exponentially this month which will be beneficial for future endeavors. There are strong chances of you getting social honor. This month looks good for people dealing in garments, beauty, and creative work. October is not the month for you to blindly trust anyone at all. Your spiritual roots are calling for you and hence, you should start getting involved in spiritual and charity work.

Since Saturn is influencing the House of Wealth for the Capricorn moon sign, you will feel the financial crunch this month. Luck will be in your favor and will bring desirable results if you are determined to work hard and have the patience to wait for the positive results to reflect. It will be good if you avoided starting any new work after 16th October as it may not go in your favor. Some auspicious events will take place at your home front towards the end of the month.

Career: Starting a new work until 16th October will bring good results. You will get success and new opportunities if you are associated with creative works this month. There are high possibilities that you will endow a huge investment in your business. Be gentle and humble while talking to your workers. Any unfinished work that was stalled due to some reason will be restarted by you this month.
You will also finalize an important deal this month that may change your career completely. This is not a good time to plan a job change; wait for the right time to make a move. Your colleagues will support you and you will be highly praised by your seniors and Boss during this time. With your hard work and efforts, you will be able to get a new deal from a foreign company as well.

Love and Marriage: Love is in the air for the Capricorn people. If you are single, then most likely you will fall in love with your colleague at the workplace and will also openly discuss your feeling for him or her for which you will get a positive reply. You will spend some good and romantic time together over a long drives, multiple dates, and meeting over the month. There are good chances that your ex-lover may come knocking at your door but you will have to be strong enough not to let him or her back in your life this time.

If you are in a relationship then good and romantic times are coming for you and you will spend some quality time with your lover.
For those of you who are married will have a smooth month and also will get the unfailing support of your spouse. You will go on a long vacation with your life partner to some romantic destination to spend some quality time together. During this month, your partner will get new opportunities at his or her work. If you are planning to get remarried again then by the end of the month the chances of your second marriage look brighter.

Money and Finance: The financial crunch will be a constant factor in the month of October for the Capricorn moon sign. Your hard-earned money will get stuck somewhere for various unknown reasons. The money will also be spent on overseas traveling. It is a good month for short distance traveling and donating in charity and spiritual places. There are good chances of you purchasing a luxury car and a new house this month and will also spend money on the renovation of the house as well.

Your female partner will give you the required financial support this month. You will buy some gift or jewelry for your partner this month. If you are in a job then you will most likely get an increment or bonus this month. Your parents will come for your financial aid this month and you will also find a new source of income.

Students and Children: It will be an enjoyable time for the students this month and you will get interested in making new friends as well. You will hang out together and spend money on various outings together. Your academic results may not rise up to your expectation due to your overconfidence and staying distracted on various social media platforms. You will also face delay in joining the new academic session at the foreign university. This month you need to strike a balance between your friendship and studies.

This month, your love and attraction for your children will rise and you need to understand their viewpoint in the most loving and understanding manner. You really need to be patient with your children this month as irritation can ruin your image in front you’re your kids. There will be expenses incurred on your child’s study and new academic session fees.

Family and Health:  High expense on the family front will become a reason for your mental stress this month. It is imperative for you to maintain a healthy relationship with your family members. There are high chances of money being spent on your children and their travels and there will be a celebration at home that will also become a reason for high expense this month. Some auspicious event will take place at home and the family will celebrate and enjoy all the festivals this month as one happy family.

You need to be rigid with your medical time table as your health may not support you and you might feel uneasy this month. It will be extremely difficult for the doctor to get to the root cause of your health problems this month. In case you are driving, you need to be extremely careful while driving to high altitude areas. Also, you need to take special care of your eyes as well during the month of October.

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