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You must obey the rules and proceed in a methodical manner since Saturn, the Sun and Mercury are all in Capricorn. Also, the final stage of Sade Sati could make you anxious. Be patient; anxiety will cause you to have a muddled thinking.
You may pick up where you left off with a previous project. Manage your spending and attempt to start saving money right away for unexpected needs.

Your costs will go up as a result of travel. In religious locations, you can spend both money and time.
When signing a check or other crucial papers, take caution and carefully read the tiny print.
For those who are salaried, this month will be beneficial. You may succeed in your job search if you put in the necessary effort. This is a good month if you are in politics.
Harmony would prevail in your relationship with siblings.

It wouldn't be simple to invest in a company or to start a new job at the beginning of this month because of Ketu's transit in the house of business.
Whether your company is in the fashion, design or any creative industry, you will see financial growth. You could establish new commercial relationships.
Up to the 15th of this month, you shouldn't change jobs. With your current job, you could be presented with a lucrative chance.
Avoid arguing with your employer or superiors.

Money & Finance
Saturn's conjunction with the Sun from now to March 15 suggests that you should consult professionals before making any investment.
Be cautious when investing in land or real estate since there is a danger of losing money. But future stock market investments would be quite profitable.
This month's travel costs might increase. Venus may also cause you to spend more money on jewellery purchases.

Love & Marriage
Mars will be in the house of love until March 13th, so you could feel enthusiastic about your relationship, spend more time with your spouse and create plans for the future.
If you're single and Venus is exalted till March 12th, you could find love during this time.
There may be a breach between you and your partner due to ego or miscommunication. You must proceed in a civil and humble manner if you want to keep your marriage happy.

Students & Children
Up to March 12th, you can feel sidetracked from your studies. Your mind will be refreshed if you become interested in sports or extracurricular activities.
This month, any work that is linked to research will be successful. You will have opportunity to do so throughout this time if you are getting ready for higher education.
This month will be good for competitive tests.

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