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You should trust in your hard work and not take stress and anxiety because of the sade sati period. Stop spending this month on yourself. You will face many responsibilities in work. You should go with confidence and courage in work. Take care of your eyes and head this month. You will feel irritation and see late results in workload but luck is in favor of you, so keep patience.

You will face family disputes and confusion. Avoid legal disputes with the government and take care and complete all your documents from 17 Sep. You will take interest in politics and research. Avoid driving and going on hikes and mountain travels. You need to control your straight language and way of talking. You should get involved in activities. Try to come out from court cases.                
You may start new work or get good profit from creative, design, furniture or marketing work from 6 Sep due to Venus’ transit in Libra in the career house. Try not to argue with workers and have patience with workers. Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn from 14 Sep, so avoid advice from new people. You will face delays and obstacles in your business but you need to keep patience for any big deal. This is a good time to change jobs and get a new job if you are a fresher. You should avoid confusion and enhance personal relations with colleagues. Your boss and seniors will support and praise you. You will get a new proposal for a project from the company.

Money & Finance
You should avoid extra expenditure in this month. You will face obstacles in savings and regular income. Your financial condition will not be good this month. You can take out a loan to get out of financial situations. This is a good time for recovering the loan. You can invest in speculation and lottery from 6 Sep when Venus transits in Libra. You can purchase any property or land for investment or residential purposes. Avoid spending money on jewellery. If you want to expand your businesses, you should try to invest money.

Love & Marriage
You will be passionate about your love life and able to spend time with your partner due to Venus being its own sign. You will spend a romantic time, give surprises, and get deep in love with each other. There will be long drives, dating, flirting, meetings and new plans on the cards this month. You will fall in love with your friends, if you are single. Try to avoid proposing and talking with your friends. You will feel harmony and romance with your spouse. You will also avoid past memories which create negativity. You can go for spiritual activities at home. Your spouse will support you with emotions and money. You should try to surprise them with gifts to make them happy.

Students & Children
Students will spend money and time on their enjoyment. Expenditure on studies will increase and they will fill the form or course for professional competition. You will not get sufficient results from past exams so start your hard work and increase concentration on study for better results in the future. Children will respect their parents and go with your advice. There will be increased expenditure on books and tuitions. Avoid outer travels and friends’ interference in home for better concentration in study. Take care of children's health and mental situations.

Family & Health
There will be increased disputes in the family due to wasteful expenses, confusions and ego. You will get to plan religious travels with your family and do spiritual activities at home. You will have a good relationship with your mother and avoid disputes with siblings. You will spend money and time at birthday parties and enjoy life with children. You should spend time with children and get together to improve relations with relatives. Take care of eyes, skin and head. Drive carefully and avoid harsh driving and drinking.

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