CAPRICORN June Horoscope


Overview: Your monthly horoscope is out, Capricorn & the picture looks hazy for times ahead. With Mars & Ketu transiting in your Moon Sign, you are likely to remain irritated & aggressive. Remain cautious about your approach, as an angry temperament can deter your own health & stability in relations, particularly with your spouse if married. Confusions & misunderstanding can be the main cause of mental strain now. This month, you will be brave & confident in your actions. You should spend economically, as financial instability might prevail. Take care of your conduct when around females, since after 9th June, a female could land you in trouble. Matters related to house or land will require a lot of hard work to be sorted & will keep you in low energy levels.

You may also have to spend sufficiently on it as well & keep resources handy. Jupiter is transiting Libra & your work prospects are expected to be positively affected. Success & new projects or ventures will soon land your way. An accident is indicated after 15th June & you are advised to remain alert & cautious while moving at heights. Plenty of travel opportunities are likely for you & they may be long journeys or short trips. This period is not favorable for you becoming a witness in a lawsuit or to make unreasonable promises.

Career: Professionally, the monthly readings imply a favorable term for you. Nonetheless, repeatedly being involved in the same kind of work can make you feel frustrated. Lack of fiscal stability can bring strain. You need to focus on keeping your anger in check if you want to maintain a strong reputation with your workers. Work related trips can take you to foreign lands but will leave a hole in your pocket, as more than one trip might be needed to get things done. Clashes with female associates is possible this month & can lead to strenuous conditions at work. Thus, be cautious. You may step into new projects or ventures now. Gains & rewards will demand more efforts now.

Jobholders need to work harder this month. A change in job is favored now, with good opportunities coming your way. Colleagues appear to be cooperative. Chances are that you will develop harmonious & personal relations with them now. A raise in salary is quite likely. Continue with your diligent efforts & keep diplomatic relations with superiors on the work front. If work requires you to travel, you may push it for some other time in future.    
Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast depicts mixed results for love relations. The month starts on a positive note & love relations will see budding romance & flourishing harmony. But after 10th June, misunderstandings & unfulfilled expectations can create issues. Frequent arguments with partner can make you feel irritated. Keep your anger & aggression in check for better results.
Singles, the time is not favorable for new beginnings. If you are planning to express your feelings to a loved one, then remain patient. First & foremost, clear your mind & understand if it really is love that you feel or just a temporary attraction.

Married couples, confusion & uncertainty can cloud your mind now & will influence your marital bond as well as other relations in life. Old issues may resurface & cause tension with your spouse. Keep a patient & humble approach & make efforts to restore the harmony in your relation. Hefty spending is on the cards & they are likely to be directed towards your partner. Keep their wellbeing in check.
If you are looking to get married soon, then this month is not favorable for making a final call. Take your time & decision at a later date.

Money & Finance: The monthly predictions signify a bumpy ride ahead for your finances. Financial stability is not broadly highlighted. The ruler of your house of income is an exalted Mars & will keep your salary in a good shape. However, Mars is also being afflicted by Ketu, which can lead to difficulties or delays in receiving of this income. Unknown expenses are also possible & will keep you confused this month. Repeated work related travels can affect your funds & cause your savings to deplete. Avoid investing in speculation & share market without prior investigation. Do proper research & then decide after a few months. Any hasty investments in land out of public opinion should also be evaded from. A good looking deal can cause irreversible damage to your finances. Inheritance property will fetch you good profits.
Students & Children: Students are expected to experience mixed results in June. The month begins on a good note but as time passes, uncertainty may take over your mind. Tension due to studies & frequent ailments bothering your health can make for strenuous conditions. Though success in competitions & exams is quite likely for you. Your mind & body will work in synchronization & all your efforts will bring you success. Remain cautious around female friends & maintain a strategic distance from them.
Children are expected to waste time on social networks this month. Their academic performance might be a cause of your concern & need to implement a diplomatic strategy to deal with it. Kids would be highly interested in traveling now & you may plan an exciting getaway with family this month. This will help you too to get rid of your worries.

Family & Health:                
Family front looks to be under uncomfortable conditions this month. Difference of opinion with family members might result in frequent clashes. Your destructive behavior can cause tension on the domestic front & distance you from relatives. Relations with father will mostly be soothing. This period looks bright for your father & he may earn an accomplishment or a post in the govt. sector. Bonding with your mother may take a hit & matters will be stressful. You need to work on bringing back the lost peace on family front.

Your health looks mostly stable & energy levels appear high. However, your short temper & tensed conditions can make you feel incomplete this month. Keep your blood pressure levels in check regularly. Fever is also possible. Take all the necessary precautions.    
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