CAPRICORN April Horoscope


Capricorn, the monthly horoscope implies a period with blended results. After 14th April, you may undertake a some research work in a field of your interest. For people working in creative fields or fashion industry, the term till 20th April looks positive. For wellbeing though, the term after 14th April depicts signs of concern for one of your family members. Care should be taken along those lines. For singles, the month looks promising & chances for finding your soul mate are quite high. Remain warned in the matters of luck, though, & avoid any speculation or gambling for now. Marital bonding might remain affected as health of your partner looks under hampered conditions. Spirituality will reach new heights, almost setting you apart from the worldly pleasures & luxuries. Energy levels appear low for most of the month & ailments can keep your health as well spirits dampened.

Career: The monthly forecast for career shows a variety of possibilities depending upon your field of work. People working in creative fields, or fashion industry are likely to observe an exceptional term till 20th April, while for others, this may remain only an average month. You are likely to be recognized at work for your knowledge and consulting skills. Your professional image will improve with superiors & you will land in their good books. Nonetheless, the politics at work front can severely damage your bonding with coworkers. A rise in pay or an appraisal is possible. Stepping into new projects with promising rewards should not be missed. A job change should be avoided for now. Businesspersons face the chances of fiscal letdowns this month & thus, should avoid taking any risks. Business associates can take impulsive or aggressive decisions this month that can further cause more damage than profits to your business.

Career Advice–Business holders seem to observe a tough time due to their partners’ actions. Thus, keep an eye on their work & do not rely blindly on them. For jobholders, it is time to stay clear of any politics or confrontations at work. Maintain a peaceful & diplomatic relation with everyone at work.

Love & Marriage: The monthly readings for love and marriage denote a hazy picture in April. Bonding with your partner appears to lack harmony. The perverse nature of your partner can make them act illogically & against your will. Peace of mind will mostly be absent on the conjugal front & lack of romance is likely.
For singles, the period after 20th April can bring favorable results. New relations and affairs approached in this period will mostly flourish. Progeny is not too brightly denoted. Chances of a cesarean are high till 20th April & ample rest is advised to avoid any risks. From 20th April onwards, matters look better and positive.

Money & Finance: The monthly indications for money and finances indicate a bumpy ride in April, Capricorn. Success in financial matters is not likely for you. A rise in expenses can make your budget tumble. Pay a close attention to any wasteful expenses this month. Chances of financial setbacks are high & carefully scrutinized decisions are needed to be made. Avoid lavish spending and work on your money saving techniques. Investments need to be avoided, as the period is highly unfavorable. Stock market trading can ease the financial pressure to some extent but should only be put into action after 20th April. Flow of funds seems to remain below expectations.

Students & Children: The monthly predictions for students and children brings forth a period of stability. Their health looks mostly under stable conditions. After 20th April, this will only improve. They will display wisdom and a charming personality.
Students pursuing advanced education seem to lose focus this month. Attraction towards the opposite sex can drive them away from their career paths, & distractions will cloud their minds. Strict discipline needs to be imposed. Success will require diligent hard work & will not come easy this month.

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope for family & health signifies a rough term ahead. Your own wellbeing appears to be affected due to issues related to the lower body or skin ailments. This is likely to continue for almost the entire month & proper medical treatment should be considered. Avoid carelessness & follow the doctor’s advice religiously.
Domestic front should mostly enjoy a comfortable atmosphere this month. Though minor clashes and quarrels are indicated, the planetary positions hold promise for peaceful resolution of any such issue within this month without any serious damage.
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