CAPRICORN February Horoscope


Overview: Capricorn, the monthly horoscope is indicative of an average period in February. Your well being is likely to see a slump in this term with minor issues on the cards for you. Give your body the needed rest, and remain cautious about your diet. The term is unfavorable for taking major decisions, especially after 13th Feb. Thus, take a patient approach and avoid hasty decisions in this phase. Matters of debt may not turn out fruitfully. Hence, avoid lending of money this month. Stepping into a new investment is not advisable. Monetarily, the forecast shows a brighter picture this month, as chances of a rise in accumulated wealth are likely. You are adaptable and accept changes that come your way. This will allow you to grab new opportunities and gather new assets in this period. There are possibilities of inheriting a property in this term. Materialistic comforts may be added to your list of expenses in February. Expenditures may also be directed towards improving your physical condition. Spiritual slant may take a break as the worldly temptations capture your attention this month. Traveling may prove mentally and emotionally beneficial.

Career: Capricorn, the monthly predictions denote a positive period for career growth in February for you. The period after 6th Feb is essentially favorable, as Jupiter’s strong presence makes way for a favorable professional journey ahead. New learning will improve your skill set and greater knowledge will lead to a greater understanding of professional matters. A change of job is not on the horizon. Relations with superiors are expected to remain cordial and you can receive appreciation for your hard work in this period. Colleagues may not be too supportive and can act against you. Along these lines, you are advised to remain alert. A rise in salary or pay is almost likely in this month. New projects may be undertaken if fruitful rewards are promised. The period after 15th Feb appears profitable for businesspersons with gains and fiscal rewards indicated. Your business associates however, are likely to show a variable temperament in this phase. Their aggressive and blunt approach can prove detrimental for your work, Hence, keep a check on their actions and take calculated professional decisions in this period.

Career Advice - For work holders and businesspersons alike, the key area of concern is the actions of your coworkers. They are not to be trusted blindly in this phase. Their activities are likely to be against you. Try to take decisions under your full jurisdiction and keep an eye on all matters that are directly connected with your professional development.

Love and Marriage: The monthly indications for love and marriage portray a disruptive image for Capricorn in February. Relation with spouse looks to be under grey shades as lack of understanding can result in frequent quarrels and arguments. Dedicated efforts will be needed to turn the tide. Spending lavishly on dinners and outings can help the two of you to communicate better, spend more time together, and strengthen your bond.

Singles may experience a period of more lust than love. With similar opportunities on the cards for you, a fulfilling bond may be seen with partner this month. Progeny seems denoted to face a few hiccups, and a Cesarean is conceivable. Care and precaution are advised.

Money and Finance: The monthly readings for monetary matters for Capricorn appear to be appealing and dynamic in February. Prosperity is highlighted in general. Monetary trends appear to be mostly favorable in this month. Fiscal profits and gains are likely almost throughout the month. Investments in real estate made during this period are likely to bear fruitful rewards.

Stock market trading should be completely avoided in this term as it will only lead to financial losses. Expenditure costs will mostly remain within the safe limits. Cash flow is likely to remain positive. For greater financial stability, economic spending is advised.

Students and Children: The monthly forecast for kids demonstrates a period of growth and thriving in February. Children will enjoy a mostly stable health in this time. They will possess a heartwarming personality and will improve on their learnings. Nonetheless, they are likely to be temperamental. Their aggression may hike if provoked unnecessarily.
Students pursuing advanced studies will hold a strong and positive viewpoint towards studies. But lack of focus can drag them off track if left unsupervised. Following a time-table for studies can prove to bring in the required discipline, and will be accountable for greater chance of academic success.

Family and Health: Capricorn, the monthly horoscope puts your well being in a phase of uneasiness amid February. A major part of the month, especially the period after 13th Feb appears unfavorable for your lower body. Ailments with legs or thighs are likely in this phase.Medical help should be called for, if needed.

Family well being is expected to be mostly in a positive state despite a few minor seasonal ailments. On the family front, Jupiter graces you with a peaceful period. Chances of quarrels and disputes are high, yet due to Jupiter’s presence, peaceful resolutions are likely within the month. Take a patient and humble approach while dealing with family members.
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