Capricorn (Makara)

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This month carries exhilarating and positive vibes of the previous month so you still have time to consolidate this energy. You are ready to take some time off to spend doing what you love, whether it’s having a long vacation or practicing your hobbies. At the same time, you are unlikely to ignore work or business either so expect frequent “bleisure” moments. Spending on children may increase around this time but you need to be a bit prudent and not end up cash-strapped. On the positive side, new foreign sources of income could develop too. You may also inherit an ancestral property this month.

You would come out of your inhibited self and spend more time with friends and people you are close to. Inclination towards spirituality and occult fields and subjects might be felt too. This could lead to a spiritual trip or a lot of charity and virtuous deeds eventually. A work trip is also in the cards, which may turn out to be highly rewarding. However, some disrepute is also possible this month so be watchful. Overall, this is an activity-oriented and busy period.

Career: Planets may reward your efforts with a promotion or pay hike but relationship with seniors needs to be maintained. A workplace romance is possible too at this time. Work pressure could be high this month but you have the patience needed to get through this demanding period. For businesses, this seems to be a favorable period with possibility of relief in disputes and upgrade in skills. A new business could be launched as well but competitor research is necessary beforehand. Solo ventures should be avoided for now.

Love and Marriage: Single? Someone you like may reciprocate your feelings this month. Expect a passionate relationship with ample romance and regular dating practices. Your emotional bonding and physical intimacy would improve at this time and you may also feel more interested in your partner’s family too. Your spouse would get recognition and gains at work if you were married. He or she may also help you in career related matters and share a good understanding with you.

Money and Finance: There could be some new opportunities from abroad, which would be lucrative for you. You may also acquire a new asset, particularly property with the help of your father. On the downside, unexpected expenses and spending on luxury travel could affect your financial stability so be cautious. Speculation could be a profitable area of investment for you this month but caution is advised.

Children and Students: Your children would feel energetic, active and more inclined towards change and betterment. Performance in studies would be satisfactory and so will your bonding with them. However, you may have to watch your social involvement if you are a student as too much of it could affect results later. Scores anticipated this month would be satisfactory though. In the second half of the month, anger could shoot up keeping you upset so better keep a watch.

Health and Family: Physical health seems to be in a positive state but mental does not. An unwanted transfer or family feud may keep you upset this month. Father’s health is also a cause of concern now. On the positive side, a celebration at sibling’s place is possible this month, which would help cement your bonding. Travel with siblings or family trip to a holy place is also indicated.


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