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The Sun, the lord of your zodiac, is transiting along with Venus in the starting of the month. So, do not take any decision in a hurry and do not work even with the advice of anyone. Take care of your health and don't be careless. Do not do any work related to the land, you can be cheated due to Mars and Ketu transit in property house. Investments already made will be beneficial. Doing work of your choice will give mental peace and the mind will also be happy. Time will be busy for the person traveling abroad and with more expenses, income will also increase.

Drive your vehicle very carefully and be wary of accidents and do not be careless. Stay away from controversy from 14 Jan onwards as Sun will transit with Saturn. Whatever work you do with dedication and hard work, you will get the same positive results. Never make a promise to anyone that you cannot fulfill. There will be a tense situation if you are in the political field. Do not get into dispute with anyone.

It is not a good time for new business success, but money will come from design, decoration, and clothing business/work. Venus is transit in retro position. It will benefit you from the work of the commission, from the work of the vehicle/property. If there is a delay in a project from abroad, then there will be a blockage in it, due to which you will be busy in your work with income. Partnership will be sour, and you will not be able to get along perfectly. If you do not follow advice, differences will increase from 18 Jan Mercury will combust.

You should not change your job and there will be only confusion after 14 Jan. Keep your mind under control and don't think about change. Your hard work will increase your salary and promotion will also work. Don't hesitate to transfer now. Agree to a new project very thoughtfully. If there is some difference of opinion with your colleagues working with you, then you should remain silent.

Love & Marriage
The situation with the one you love may be somewhat tense, due to which you will remain irritable with anger. Your partner will try to keep you happy, but it is because of you that the situation will remain full of differences. The search for a new partner will not be complete yet and even if someone likes it, then talk about your heart only after the middle of the month. Meeting with partner will be less and due to busy work, mutual love will also decrease.

You should make time for your partner and spend romantic time with them. There will be some tension in your married life and the conversation will also reduce. Spend some time with your partner, but some acrimonious talks said by your partner will cause tension and conflict in the relationship. Sometimes the rules made by you will also disturb the peace of the house.

Money & Finance
Any old investment will strengthen the financial condition and will also get benefit from land. But this month, no one should invest or do anything related to land after 18 Jan. Money will be spent in the decoration of the house and money will also be spent in any religious work. Invest money in the share market only after 16 Jan.

Financial help will come from your partner. Avoid extra expenses and show off. Put money in business too slowly. You can get property from your father and will also get the benefit of ancestral property. You can invest for a long time to get benefit from the share market. Avoid loan transactions and do not give money by coming in someone's influence. Money will be spent on your mother's health. Do not make any kind of investment at the end of the month.

Students & Children
There is the time to put a lot of attention in studies, due to laziness or delay, the mind will feel less and will not be able to study properly. There will also be tension in the mind and do not waste time on others' matters. If you study according to the rules, then the desired result will come. To avoid spending more, buy only those books which are necessary. Do not change any course/subject this month. Children's mind will also be more in distraction and will not be able to read by the rules. Some new friends will also be made. Also take the help of a good guide and cooperate in studies in time. If you talk about the change of any subject, then this time will not be right.

Family & Health
Time will be right with family but there will be lack of cooperation. Before making any expenditure at home, take help of your elders. The support of parents will remain, and financial help will also be available. There will be some events in the house, which will remove the differences between everyone and the sourness will also be less. A new guest will arrive in the house. Any old illness can trouble you, due to which there will be stress and you will feel less motivated at work. There will be pain in your feet and there will be less agility due to exhaustion. Take special care of eating and drinking from 18 Jan onwards. Your throat can get sore and there can be trouble due to skin issues.

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