Leo December Horoscope


Overview: The month of December will open with you feeling highly energetic and full of vigor. Your focus will be majorly on your home and will also put your plans of purchasing some land into action (if you have been contemplating it for quite a while now). This month will also give you the chance to do things for you and you will enhance the quality of your life by following your hobbies and passions during December 2019. However, you can feel a bit under pressure during this time. Since you as a Leo Moon sign native are ambitious in nature, you will feel compelled to execute your dreams and ambitions with full throttle and will put in your best foot forward to accomplish it.

It will be good if you started work with patience and a calm mind and abstained from doing work in haste or while you are infuriated. This month can open doors for new opportunities to fly in for you at your workplace which will sure shot be your doorway to success. Your good leadership skills will help you get success if you are professionally active in the field of real estate in the first half of the month. Those of you who are interested in politics will also find good opportunities in the same.

After the mid of the month, mental stress and anxiety can cloud your thinking process for the Leo Moon Sign. Ergo, it is essential that you stop overthinking and do not let mental stress and workload hinder your process to improve your skills. This month, refrain from investing money on your old vehicle as it will not bring any benefit for you and will be waste of money.

December is the month for Leo Moon Sign native to emerge victorious over your enemies and you will also get relief from any court case you have been involved in (if any). This will not be a good time for you to spend money on females or children. Short distance traveling can become the reason for your increased stress during this month.

Career: December 2019 will be a good month for you as a Leo Moon Sign native. You will get new and better opportunities in your current workplace. You will be able to bag a good job opportunity with a foreign company as well during this month. There are good chances that your official meeting and planning will see a rising surge during the mid of the month. However, you can face delay bringing the plans into actions due to various reasons. Investing money in a cosmetic business will not be a good idea for you this month. It will be good if you refrain from getting into a conflict or an argument with your business partner this month. From 20th December to 31st December 2019 will be a good time for you to achieve great heights in your business for the Leo Moon Sign. There is huge scope of financial gains for you during this period of time as well.

Just in case you are planning to join a new job this month, doing so after the mid of the month will be a good idea and will be beneficial for your professional graph. There are good chances that you will remain dissatisfied with your current profile. Yet, you need to work with patience and wait for the right opportunity to come your way. You will have all the support from your boss and seniors in your current profile which will help you grow in your career; hence try and not plan to make a move from this profile as of now. Try and stay as far as possible from office or workplace politics as your colleagues will try their best to pull you down with it. It will be good if you do not discuss your private matter with your colleagues as well as they just might use it against you.

Money and Finance: During the month of December 2019, you will invest money to buy your house. However, try and abstain from spending money on buying a new vehicle or any other luxury expenses. You are completely advised against taking up any sort of financial loan during this month as you will be unable to recover from the loan you will incur.

It is essential for you to be extremely vigilant while making financial transactions or exchanging money with anyone at all. It is not a good month for you to invest money in speculative activities such as lottery or share market. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy; hence it is important for you to take a break every now and then to relax your mind. Ergo, you will spend money on short distance traveling and self-pampering to relieve the workload and stress of the mundane life. There is a good chance that you may buy a piece of jewelry for a certain female friend of yours this month.

Love and Marriage: This month is not a love and marriage friendly month for you. If you are in a relationship, then there are good chances that you will come face to face with certain stress and tension lingering in the air with your lover or partner that may strain your relationship during this month. The lack of faith in one another and high expectations will be the root cause of multiple doubts and problems between you two. You may land into trouble and unwanted dispute with your lover due to the date you might have canceled earlier with him or her.

If you are single, there are chances that you will fall in love with your friend during this month but it is important that you do not express your love right away to him or her. Rather, it is strongly suggested for you to wait for the right time to come.
If you are married then it is imperative for you to maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse. For any relationship to last long, it is imperative that you have mutual respect and understanding of emotions for one another and same goes for you. You need to understand and acknowledge the emotional need of your spouse and address them respectively. This month you can go on a trip with your spouse in order to spend some good quality time together which will also ensure good communication between you two. Your relationship with your spouse will remain healthy and on the positive side and your spouse will get some new opportunities at his or her workplace.

Students and Children: This will be a stressful month for you if you are a student. As a result, you need to spend most of your time studying and focusing on your academics. Try and refrain from getting distracted from your target or ultimate goal that might be a mere wastage of your precious time and energy. During this month, your seniors and teacher will remain supportive and will help you whenever required. There are strong possibilities for you to qualify for a foreign university for higher education and can also get admission in some reputed college in your country. This month your competition will increase on the academic front hence you need to put in all your hard work and efforts and do not waste any time at all.

This month you will remain unsatisfied with your children and their academic achievement which becomes the reason behind your mental stress and tension especially after the mid of the month. During the same time there are strong chances that you will end up being hurt by your kid’s attitude and behavior. This is not a favorable month for your children and they will need your support and guidance to be pointed to the right direction or path.

Family and Health: Until 16th December 2019, you will share a healthy and cordial relationship with your parents along with the full support of your siblings. However your relationship with your parents could get strained post this date. Ergo, it is imperative for you to abstain from having any sort of conflict or heated argument or debate with your family members during this month. Try and remain calm as aggression can ruin things for good for you. In order to maintain your respect among your children, you need to have a healthy relationship with your children so as to avoid any problem to disrupt your happy family. There are good chances of you traveling to some religious place accompanied by your mother during this month. You will also organize a get-together party at your place to spend a good time with your relatives.

It will good for your health if you abstain from traveling unnecessarily during this month which could lead to multiple health issues in the long run due to exhaustion and fatigue. Try and keep yourself away from things or topics that could become a reason for your mental stress and anxiety this month. You need to be excessively careful about your health as you can face issues related to your stomach and heart.

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