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It is best to take a break and relax since the Sun will be in a transit with Saturn until March 15th, which will cause mental strain and stress.
As a consequence of your sincere efforts and diligence, your career will see fresh growth. This month, your financial situation would also be favorable, your efforts will yield the necessary results.
However, Mercury is weak this month, which means there will be financial difficulty till March 16th. Avoid using unlawful or quick fixes to increase your earnings.

To maintain harmony in the family, refrain from using foul language at home.
Avoid doing something that will damage your reputation since it can have an impact on your political standing. You could be interested in participating in extracurricular activities and sports. Pending court cases, if any, will be resolved in your favor.

After March 12th, it will be advantageous for business. You could establish new relationships and meet new people who can aid in the expansion of your firm.
In this month, any designing or artistic-related firm would prosper. You may even finish a new project this month. After March 16th, luck will be on your side in helping you get a new job, if you're seeking one.
At work, there might be challenges that will need a lot of effort on your part. Try hard to improve your abilities so that your supervisor or senior at work would respect you.

Money & Finance
Mercury, the lord of the house of wealth, will be weakened starting March 16; as a result, your financial situation may not be satisfactory.
Limit your excessive spending and avoid making investments at this time. But a small amount of investment in the share market would be profitable. Due to Mars's passage, this time period is also beneficial for investments involving land.
Heritage homes could be advantageous for you.

Love & Marriage
Jupiter is in its own sign, however, this is not a good month for romantic relationships. Your relationship may suffer due to misunderstandings with your partner. To clear up misunderstandings, try to have an honest and constructive conversation with your spouse.
If you're married, this month will be tense for you and your partner. There may be a breach between you and your partner due to ego or miscommunication. Be patient – the issue will start to go away on its own after March 15th.
At work, your spouse can receive a sizable offer.

Students & Children
You may not receive the expected academic results despite your best efforts, so this month will be full of ups and downs for you. It is advisable to put in extra time and effort to prepare for tests.
Being overconfident might undermine your commitment to your studies and compromise your performance in academic endeavors.
In this month, you might enroll in a new course. You may continue learning extracurricular activities and something new in this month.

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