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Overview: Leo, your horoscope for October hints at a bright time ahead. You will come across new chances of work with promise of good rewards through a govt. related work or someone working at a high post. Keep your expenses in check and remain careful against a possible loss or deceit. A raise in salary and appreciation is likely around mid-month and you should continue to work diligently. You will see a rise in your social reputation. Before starting a work, follow your heart instead of seeking advice from others. Don’t share your work details with others. Spend economically and try to minimize wasteful expenses. If you work in the area of luxury items or services, then good gains are likely for you. Stay away from worthless clashes or arguments with anyone.

Possibility of meeting new influential personalities is there around the start of the month, and this will boost your future prospects as well as confidence. A foreign trip is likely around mid-October, but be careful, as you may be cheated on this trip. You are enthusiastic and sharp minded, yet an angry approach would hurt your chances. The month looks good for your career prospects. If involved in a lawsuit, then stay alert & be patient. Matters will take some time to settle. Taking a loan may not be favorable and should be avoided this month. Drive carefully.             
Career: Leo, the month looks good for your career. However, plans to start a new work or work expansion should be carried out at the start of the month only. If working in a partnership, delays due to your partner are likely. Govt. help is expected to reach you before 16th October, if you seek it. Hard work will turn destiny in your favor. If you work in the fields of jewelry, media, garments, art, creative, or decoration, then hefty profits and gains are likely for you. Your business will grow with the growth of your social network.
If in a job, some difficulties are likely. Misunderstandings with colleagues might lead to clashes. Be careful, and avoid arguments at work. You may get the chance to work at an old job or company. Frequent work related travels are on the cards. Avoid plans of a job change this month. Avoid any arguments with your boss or seniors.
Love & Marriage: Saturn is direct now and transits your house of love in October. Matters of love and marriage are depicted under rosy conditions, Leo. You will enjoy a mostly cordial relation with your partner. Share everything with your partner to make your bond stronger. Don’t dwell in the past and focus on the future of your relationship.

If you have proposed to your love or planning to do so, then delay in response is likely. Wait patiently, as it will most likely be a positive response. Stay away from a love triangle, as it will deeply hurt your reputation. The period after mid-October might bring some friction.
If married, then you may face problems due to your anger. Stress may prevail due to misunderstandings. Be careful towards your partner’s health.
Matters related to a love marriage are likely to face delays this month.    
Money & Finance: Leo, this month looks splendid for your finances. Financial stability will improve, though rise in expenses may trouble you. Stress due to wasteful expenses will prevail. Don’t spend to impress others. A foreign trip is likely, but might remain profitless and would add to your worthless expenses. Watch out for a new female contact. You may spend on charity this month. Borrowing or lending money should be done very carefully. After mid-October, stay alert against a possible loss. Avoid investing in land or land related work. Investments in share market seem to bring the desired profits. Your work prospects will improve with some help from a foreign company. Your sibling might need your financial help.
Students & Children: The month of October seems to be a time for hard work for students. Competition is likely to be tough and you should prepare well. Stay away from laziness if you wish to avoid confusion or losses. Spend limited time with friends, and manage your time wisely. Overconfidence can hurt your prospects. Results will broadly match your expectations. You may get admission in a college of your choice.

Academic performance of your children seems good mostly; however, energy appears to be low. They may win prizes in sports, which will raise their confidence. A lot of their time would be spent with friends or traveling.
Family & Health:                       
Leo, October looks to be a comfortable period for your family. Relations with family members seem cordial and harmonious. Everyone would love your cool-minded nature and spending quality time with family will bring you peace of mind. Stress due to a domestic issue might trouble you. Plan a family trip for relief. Younger siblings will support you. Your parents’ health should be your top priority this month, and avoid arguments with them.

Your health might suffer to some extent now. Blood pressure related issues are possible & you should remain careful. Drive carefully. Avoid overthinking over petty matters. Be careful while working around fire or with fire related objects. In case of fever or infection, have it checked by a doctor immediately.

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