Leo February Horoscope


Overview: February 2020 will give mixed results to the natives of Leo moon sign. There will be good success and growth during the month, however, beginning of the month will be marked by some complications in your personal and professional life. You should adopt a wise and practical approach while handling tough situations and avoid getting into conflicts with anyone. There might be moments of confusion and obscurity but they will be temporary and you will be able to come out of them with courage and resilience. You will emerge tough and victorious after confronting difficult situations and there will be an increase in your energy and stamina. The first week of the month is favorable if you are planning to purchase a home or vehicle.

You will get to spend time with your friends and will feel happy in their company. There might be an increase in work related travels however, not all of them will fructify into something positive. You might feel lack of support till the middle of the month. Avoid getting into arguments and conflicts with your family during this time and try to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Time after mid of February will be much better in terms of good opportunities and gains. You may involve yourself in social activities and pursue your hobbies and creative interests during this time. Business persons will undertake long distance journeys after the mid of this month which will turn out to be profitable.     
Career: Career will be on a positive growth track during this month as you will get new opportunities albeit with initial struggles. You should not make big investments in business due to over confidence and carefully weigh all the pros and cons before taking important decisions. Maintaining stability and perseverance in times of struggle will help you get through the challenging situations at work with ease.

You may face complexity while making important decisions, hence seeking wise counsel or advice from experienced people will help to make correct and well thought decisions. Your meetings will result in success and you will get new offers and projects but you might face some hurdles in meeting deadlines. You might have to put in extra efforts to achieve the desired results, however you will taste success in your endeavors as placement of Saturn in the house of job and service will give you the necessary strength and stamina to work hard and remain focused. If you are considering job change, you should wait till 16th February as hasty decisions might lead to troubles. Freshers and unemployed will get good job offers this month and existing work professionals might benefit from a salary raise. You will get appreciation from seniors and boss however colleagues might not be supportive till the mid of the month.

Money & Finance: Money and financial prospects will go through an average phase this month. You may start a new business or venture and might have to incur considerable expenditure in that account. It is a good month for investment in real estate, land, property and share market. However, you should avoid borrowing and lending money this month without proper documentation as you might have to face difficulty in recovering your money. If indebted, you might have to wait this month to be free from your long-standing debts. Do not reveal your personal account related information and be careful while signing important documents.

Old pending conflicts will see resolution in your favor, however you will have to incur expenditure on that account. You should avoid getting into disputes and conflicts this month especially with females as you might have to face financial troubles. You should keep your expenses in tight control and avoid extravagance and show off. You might receive financial support from your parents this month and might be able to generate extra sources of income.  

Love & Marriage: Love and married life will go through a bright phase this month as you will get to spend quality time with your partner or spouse and might exchange expensive gifts. You will have a loving relationship with your partner or spouse and might plan a romantic getaway or vacation, which will add spice to your relationship. However, there could be minor misunderstandings arising out of past incidents, hence you should try your best to forget bitter experiences of the past and start afresh with love and care towards each other. Avoid being egoistic and give priority to your relationship. Singles will be lucky to come across someone special this month and might get involved in a new relationship. However, you should not be too choosy in your approach as you might miss out on the right person.

Students & Children: This is a good time for students planning to take admission for higher studies or start a new professional course. You will have to put in extra efforts in your studies this month as there might be distractions from various sources. You should avoid laziness and remain focused if you want to achieve the desired goals. Those participating in competitions this month will have to work hard and increase their will power to be successful. You should be careful in your academic pursuits as flings and attractions might distract you from your target. If you are planning to study abroad, you will be lucky to receive financial assistance or loans during this month. Parents will have to devote time and attention towards their children to ensure good scores. You will spend money in buying luxury items and gifts for your children this month.

Family & Health: Family atmosphere will remain peaceful this month, as you will have a cordial relationship with your family members. There might be family outings and get-togethers, which will bring joy and happiness. You might also plan a long distance travel with family during the first week of the month. Siblings will largely have a supportive attitude towards you, however there might be a few arguments. You should handle such situations with love and care to maintain domestic harmony.

You might purchase home or other expensive thing with financial support from your family and may even receive your share of ancestral property or parental wealth. However, health of parents will need attention during this month and your own health too would need extra care as there are chances of head and stomach related ailments. You should be careful about your health and drive with caution.

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