LEO June Horoscope


Overview: Your monthly horoscope has spoken, Leo & philanthropy leads the way for you! Your involvement in social welfare will greatly increase. You will be kind & helpful to others & can become a symbol of hope among people around the mid of the month. Your financial stability will largely improve with hefty profits on the cards. Traveling abroad is broadly indicated, which will rope in more gains & expand your network to new lands. Your positive & brave approach towards life will bring you success in most of your ventures now. Friends will be supportive & can bring in new opportunities for work. Additions will be made to your business now & will help you earn more rewards on the work front. .

This period marks the beginning of your reign in your field of work. Your courage & single minded approach will fetch you victory in all your endeavors. The planetary position of Jupiter in Libra indicates some hurdles on your way & having a plan will help you greatly now. Traveling abroad is supported by Rahu’s position in your house of foreign matters & these trips will open new gates of professional options for you. You should remain alert in matters related to purchase of a house, since arguments can take a rough turn leading to a lawsuit.              

Career: The monthly readings show a rosy term for your profession, Leo. Career stability will largely prevail now. Your diligent efforts will be suitably rewarded. Existing area of work as well as new projects & ventures will bear juicy rewards.Salary will be as per your expectations. Rise in repute is also likely. Your employees or workers will respect you & cooperate sufficiently. However, relations with business associates or partners may take a hit. Possibilities of work coming in from foreign lands are also present. You will manage to complete all commitments & projects on time now. Stepping into a govt. project may bring you an additional source of funds to boost your finances.

Jobholders, you are likely to experience some hindrances related to your job. You might feel unappreciated now, as your hard work may not be noticed & your salary might be lower than expected. Non-supportive colleagues can result in an uncomfortable work environment. Some confusion may crop up with your boss this month that might keep you on the receiving end of their anger. Salary hike is not depicted & you will have to wait for some time.

Love & Marriage: The monthly predictions for love & marriage imply a passive period, Leo. Adopt a patient approach towards matters of heart. If you feel attracted towards someone, then the time is not favorable to open up your heart to them. Keep your feelings to yourself for some time if you want a positive response. Making any attempts in this direction this month will only lead to delays & a lot of confusion.
Love birds, your focus should be a better understanding of each others’ needs now. Hang out together more often & talk to each other openly. Your bond is at a very sensitive stage & you need to approach carefully to avoid any serious damage.

Petty matters can lead to sudden outbursts & spoil your relation. Surprise your partner with gifts & show your care & affection for your partner without hesitating.
Married couples, you have to be very careful now & scrutinize every step you take. Old issues can make a comeback & shake your conjugal life. Deal with the situation diplomatically & calmly. Help your partner with their work on a daily basis & remain cautious about their wellbeing.
If you are looking to get married, prospects look good but matters might be delayed.

Money & Finance:Your finances look in a stable & shining condition this month. Professional advancements will help your salary to rise & boost your profits this month. Controlled spending is broadly indicated. If your work involves cosmetic products, art or beauty related accessories, then the period around mid-June promises an increase in your gains. Foreign travels may induce some expenses. Some unknown or unprecedented expenditure is also likely for you. Investing in speculation or real estate should be strictly avoided. A domestic issue or property related legal matter might result in worthless expenses now. If some of your work is on hold in a govt. office, then putting your money on the table can get the work done. Stay away from borrowing money this month. Paying it back in time can stress you out.

Students & Children: The monthly predictions show a term of hard labor for students. You may turn lethargic now & plenty of time is likely to be wasted because of a lazy approach. If preparing for competitions & exams, you will have to prepare well & work very hard to get success. Keep your planning to the best of your capabilities & develop a disciplined approach. Your aggression may rise this month & you should work on keeping it in check. Evade worthless quarrels with people now. Such petty issues might result in your loss.

Your children appear to face an unstable health in June. From 15th June onwards, your kids will hold variable opinions & friction may exist between them. Your guidance can help them choose the correct way of living. Chances for them to get admission in a school of their choice are quite good, nonetheless, you will have to pull up your socks & be prepared for a lot of hard work to get things done.  

Family & Health: Your family front appears to enjoy a comfortable period this month. Family members will be supportive & respect each other. A holiday with family can further improve this stability & bring you peace of mind. After mid-June, keep an eye on your mother’s wellbeing & help her keep low stress levels. Some confusion with your father might result in clashes with him. Stomach or abdominal ailments might affect your own wellbeing now & you should remain careful along those lines. Fever & blood pressure related issues can make you feel low on energy. Stop stressing over meaningless thoughts & keep a cool mind.
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