Leo September Horoscope


You may have boost in courage and will power but avoid showing off. Avoid taking decisions with over confidence and anger. With your efforts, you may get high position in politics and get high income. You may start your own work with your friends. Be care with your language and avoid blunt straightforward words with anyone after 21st June. Avoid showing off and control your expenses. You may purchase a land or own house and get heritage property. You might start taking interest in research and occult sciences. Try to avoid court case dates this month.                   
You can start new business and invest income in career in the beginning of this month. You may have a better time in career and gain profit in beauty, creativities, garments, luxury items or designing work. You may get hold of new opportunities from new projects and foreign order. Avoid taking decisions with over confidence. Stay away from new partnership in business after 21st June. It isn’t a good time for change or join job after 17. Try to maintain good relationship with Boss and seniors.  Avoid sharing important things with colleagues as they may feel jealous.

Money & Finance
You may have a good financial condition. You may be able to fulfil your dreams and get new income with friends in politics, counseling, or advisory business from 7th June as Mercury transits with Sun. Stay away from taking decision with someone with regards to income. Avoid taking loan after 17th.  You may invest in speculation and share market. You may get income from past investment. Avoid investment in land or property. You may purchase luxury items for home and expend money on vehicle. You may also spend money on spouse unnecessarily .       
Love & Marriage
You may fall in love with someone but might not get positive response, so have patience. If you had breakup with your lover, he/she might come back. You may feel confusion with lover and have disputes. Your partner might cheat on you. Your lover may want your support at new work. Marital life may not be favourable this month. you both may be feel confusion and disputes between each other. Avoid getting in influence of a third person in your marital life as it might cause stress and tension. Praise and support your partner when/ if he get award at work. Maintain your relation during this time as you both may face ups and downs in your marital life.              

Students & Children
if you are a student, you will be supported by your parents. You may get profit from part time job. Your expenditure might increase due to friends and on luxurious things.  You may get desired results if you increase your physical efforts and hard work. You may complete your uncompleted work. You may get loan for studies. You can go for foreign studies. Children may get reward from school. Friends may try to waste your time. Your expenses may increase due to tuitions and external guidance for studies. You may spend time in hobbies and games. Be aware of cheater/friends. Children may raise demands for luxury clothes. You can take interest in media or internet.              

Family & Health
You may spend in luxury things for home. You may solve your disputes with family but try to avoid involvement of any female at home. You may feel mental tension due to spouse. Parents will support you. Take care of your mother’s health. Be careful while driving. Your stomach might bother you and you may show signs of past diseases. Be careful near fire.      

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