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Your will power, courage and power will increase due to Sun and Mars over your Moon sign in the starting of the month. You will get support from the Govt and get a Govt job. You will get a high position as well in politics or in your job, you will fulfill your dreams and get high income in this month with effort. Rahu transits in the career house, which is the reason for confusion in your profession. You may take interest in your hobby after 6 Sep due to Venus’ transit in Libra. You may start your own work with your friends.

You should control your language and avoid being straightforward with anyone as Sun transits in the language house from 17 Sep. You should control your expenditure and avoid showing off. You may purchase land or own a house and get heritage property. You may get stuck in court cases, so avoid disputes.
This is a good month for you if you work in beauty, creativities, garments, luxury items or designing work from 6th Sep. You will get new opportunities from new projects and foreign orders/deals. You shouldn't make decisions in a hurry if you face confusion in any deal. You will get support from the Govt and a high position in your career. Try to avoid business with a partner. This is not a good time for a new job or changing your job after 14 Sep due to Jupiter transit in the service house. You should keep focus in the workplace for good relations with your boss and seniors. Your colleagues will feel jealous of you, so avoid sharing important things with them.

Money & Finance
You will get income from your counselling or advisory business due to Mercury in exalted sign. Think before taking a decision in exchange for the income to someone. Try to avoid taking loans this month due to Saturn retro. You may spend money to invest in speculation and share markets before 14 Sep. You will get heritage property and gains this month. Your parents will support you with money. You may get income from past investments. This is a good time to invest in land or property. You will purchase luxury items for home and spend money on a vehicle. You will also end up spending money on travels without reason.

Love & Marriage
You will fall in love in this month but not get positive results/response easily, so you will have to wait with patience. Your ex lover will come back this month, if you break up. You may feel confused with your lover and that might lead to disputes. Your partner will try to cheat on you. Your lover may start a new job and want support from you. Your married life may not be good and favorable. There will be confusion and disputes among both of you. There will be tensions due to the interference of a third person in your life. Your partner will get an award for his/her career, so you should support and praise them.  
Students & Children
Students will get support from parents at home. Students will also get income from part time work. Expenditure will increase due to friends and purchasing luxury things. This time you should start a professional course. You should increase your effort and hard work for good results. After 14 Sep is not a good time for education and competition, so you should increase hard work and focus. You will get a loan from the government bank for study. This is a good time for foreign study. Children get rewards from school. Expenditure will increase on tuition and extra guidance for study. Children will spend time on hobbies and sports. They will start to raise demands for luxury clothes. There will be an increase in interest in media or the internet.                   
Family & Health
You will spend money on luxury and purchase furniture for home. You will solve disputes with your family but you should try to avoid the involvement of any outer person in your home. There will be a party at your home but you will not feel pleasure. You may feel mental tension due to your spouse. Your travels will increase and you will enjoy it with your family. Parents will support you. You need to take care of your mother's health. You should also drive carefully. Your stomach will be disturbed this month and some past disease might resurface in this month. Do not go to great heights and in front of fire/electricity carelessly.  

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