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Overview: November 2020 horoscope for Leo moons shows a month full of excitement and new possibilities. The month will start with a good financial period giving you ample time for savings. Leo moon signs will be bestowed with a confident and optimistic strength that will help them succeed in challenging times.
The lord of Leo moon Sun is in weak placement in the house of courage till 16th November. It could affect your sense of determination and courageous personality. Your ego may increase your anxiety, which is why you need to be more patient than ever. Be as bold as ever, and do not lose hope in a darker time.

Your horoscope predicts luxurious expenditure in terms of enhancing the look of your abode. The transit of Venus in its sign from 17th November will exceed your expenses, especially on fulfilling your hobbies.  A careful watch on your overspending will help you keep a steady financial month.
You will possibly incline to social activities from 20th November onwards. These actions could result in obtaining better social stature from society or politics. You will be highly confident about your personality in the last few days of the month.
Rahu transits in Taurus in the house of career, suggesting you to be extra careful about any substantial move in your professional life.

Career: The career horoscope for the Leo moon this month suggests a fulfilling period of professional endeavors. However, people in the beauty, clothing, and designing sector will need to be careful about their work/project till 17th November. The presence of Venus in the debilitated sign could have an impact on your professional front.

The period after 17th November will bring you new opportunities and sources of income from your profession.  15th of November, onwards, you will need to be more patient, determined, and focused on your work. The suitable time to start a new project or make an investment in businesses is after 20th November.
You should seek professional advice from your seniors, in case you are uncertain about your professional choices. If you are passionate about something, this month is quite favorable to pursue it professionally. Those contemplating new partnerships or amid disputes with an associate partner should avoid any form of any interaction in November 2020.

You will help your working staff in your firm to sail through tough times. Leo moons will have an opportunity to work with foreign clients/companies. Your luck is not in your support in changing jobs or getting a new job offer. You will have to find you way out in case of handling a challenging work as you may not receive any help from your coworkers.
Try not to share personal information with people at work as it may lead to problematic circumstances. You will need to be more patient about appraisal or promotion, also, your boss/seniors may not appreciate your hard work. However, do not let that hamper your determination to work harder.

Love & Marriage: November love horoscope for Leo moon sign indicates a good month for those who are seeking a love companion. You may feel confused about your feelings for the person due to the debilitated position of Venus. However, try to maintain a warm, cordial relation with the person.
Leo moon signs should try to find more time from their schedule to spend it productively with their partner. Make an effort to understand your love partner and meet the needs of the relationship for a long-lasting companionship. Trust your partner is crucial for a relationship. It is the fundamental aspect of any love relation.

Jupiter and its benefic influences nests in the house of love till 20th November, making it favorable for the Leos to find new love or a new turn for those in a relationship.  Your partner will be quite supportive of you.
The marriage horoscope for married Leo moon indicates a stressful period till 15th November. You must control your ego to maintain your marital relationship. Your spouse would need your support, both mentally and emotionally. You may try visiting a religious temple/places to seek blessings that could help in avoiding misunderstandings between the couple this month.

Spending quality time will help in improving your relations. Do keep in mind that you must resolve marital conflicts with mutual understanding without indulging anyone from outside.
Also, do not let the past episodes hamper the peace of your present life. Be considerate and helpful to each other. It will strengthen your bond. Take care of your spouse as his/her health may get affected this month.

Money & Finance: The financial horoscope for Leo natives promises you a good start of your month financially. You will obtain prosperity in terms of gains and income. You will have to watch on the overspending of your money on your friends from 10th November onwards. The progressive Mars from 14th November will help you get through heritage property or other estate-related disputes.

Those in a relationship will spend their money on their love partner after 21st November. People in the design or creative field will become part of many good opportunities that will give a boost in their careers. It will also bring them a lot of valued income before Venus transits in its sign. 

Leo moons will also invest in land/property this month. Be careful about your expenditures as you may upgrade your home with new furniture or other decorative items after 17th November. Those thinking about long-term investments can make mindful choices about speculative activities until 20th November to avoid bitter experiences.
Refrain from lending money to anyone and be especially careful while using your Debit/Credit ATM cards. Your financial horoscope indicates traveling and indulgence in personal expenditures. Your parents will support you in case of financial emergencies. During the last few days of the month, your money will flow aimlessly due to legislative/court cases.

Students & Children: The educational horoscope of Leo children and students warns not to waste their precious time after unnecessary luxuries. It will only divert your mind and harm your studies. You will need to be more focused on enhancing your skills that will improve your grades and performances.
Your strength and willpower will help you become motivated and focused, 15th November 2020 onwards. Limit spending time with your friends and check on the irrational overspending of your money. Those who are waiting for the results of past exams will obtain good results after 17th November.
You will experience an increased pressure of competition around you that could affect your hard work. Thus, the poor results will eventually impact your admission process in the preferred courses/colleges. Do not be egoistic or boastful.

Children will either lag behind or become inactive in their academic preparations/performances. Parents will have to push their children to do better and guide them to manage their time productively.

Family & Health: November 2020 family horoscope for Leo natives indicates a period of joyous moment in this festive season. You will spend good quality time rejoicing, traveling, and bonding with the family. The festival period will host wonderful moments for Leo moons with a get-together and celebrations.
Keep a steady hand while splurging on decorating your home. Your family will incredibly be supportive of you and your emotions. If you are younger in the house, your siblings will support you both in the financial and professional front. There could be some misunderstanding with your elder brother, but you will have the wisdom to let it affect drastically on your relationship with him.

There is an indication of religious trips with your parents giving you an extra chance of binding with them. The hectic work schedule will tire you mentally and physically, hence you should take rest to rejuvenate your body.
The health horoscope of Leo moon suggest you to take care of your health. Also avoid eating unhealthy food as much as possible. Follow a strict and simple healthy diet for a healthier lifestyle. Those who are undergoing stomach-related health issues should not delay their medical check-up or consult a liver specialist.

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