Leo January Horoscope


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Overview of the trends in January:
Planet of Influence: Sun
Predominating Emotion: Education and profession in the forefront.

As per the Leo January 2021 horoscope, you will be thoroughly engaged in your professional goals and education pursuits. The month bestows you with a competitive spirit that will help you win challenges even though you may feel confused at some point. Those Leo natives who recently got married will get registered in the law.

People with Leo signs who wish to pay back their debts or may have applied for loans will get a sanction this month. The Leo January 2021 horoscope also suggests that you and your spouse will have a challenging time in terms of your health.

Planets of Influence: Rahu and Venus
Major Trend: Sudden change in profession may increase competition but you will win over.

The January 2021 horoscope for Leo signs says that sudden changes in your career may create some confusion on the professional front. You will find the energy of the workplace has become fierce as you receive more competition from your counterparts. However, the month blesses you with a courageous and fighting spirit that will help you fight over your enemies.

The January 2021 horoscope for Leo advises you to refrain from getting into unnecessary conflicts in your professional environment. Those Leo people who are currently undergoing legal cases will get the favour of luck helping them to win the argument. You will be brave, and this month you will sail through any hardships.

Sportsperson with Leo sign will accomplish great achievement in your professional endeavours. Leo people in the business sector should not try to start a project or a business this month. However, the first month of 2021 will see prosperity as well with gains and reward from your existing profession.

Love, Marriage & Relationships
Planets of Influence: Saturn & Jupiter
Major Trends: Love bond will grow and start of new affair.

January 2021 will bestow the Leo natives with a lot of opportunities to meet the love of your life. The placement of Venus in the house of love for the entire month will strengthen your bond with your lover. The month after 15th January will create a prosperous time for those Leo natives who are planning to settle down.

For those getting married in a court marriage or getting their marriage registered will have a fruitful period this month. Leo people will need to be careful about their spouse as they may get sick. Try to stay careful about your partner's health and lead a healthy regime for good self-immunity. People with Leo sign who are long-undergoing divorce dispute may get the desired outcome this month.

Money & Finance:
Planets of Influence: Mercury & Jupiter
Major Trend: Inflow of money will remain constant. Expenses on your property case may lead you a win

The wealth and finance chart of the Leo' January 2021 horoscope suggests a regular inflow of monetary gains this month. However, while you see income coming your way, costs on the legal expenses will also increase substantially.

Leo man and Leo woman may apply for loans this month, which will get a sanction. Those who are in debt may have to clear their previous loans this month. People with Leo signs undergoing dispute on the ancestral property may hear good news in their favour. Leo people may use some of their earnings for the welfare of their pet animals. The loss of the partnership may keep you worried and mentally occupied.


Planet of Influence: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury
Major Trend: Initial half may give some unexpected ailments which may be recovered in later hal

Leo's January 2021 horoscope reading shows that you may suffer from health issues this month. It is why you will need to be more cautious about the safety of your overall wellbeing. During the first half of the month, you should take care of your dietary changes as some skin-related ailments might cause you trouble.

Balancing your work life along with your domestic life is crucial as things may take a toll on your health. Insomnia, for instance, may hamper your productivity throughout the day. Yoga and meditation is the best possible way to relax and calm your mind.

Try taking your eyes off from the screen as it may affect your sight. Maintain a proper sleep schedule and eat food on time to avoid additional health issues. The latter half of the month would bless you with vitality to recover speedily from health issues if any.

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Jupiter
Major Trend: Lucky period for students

The education chart of the Leo students and children signifies that you will achieve success in academic pursuits. The month endows you with great spirits and enthusiasm to make it through competitive and academic challenges.

Students with Leo signs will begin a new professional course. Aspiring students and children appearing for Pilot aptitude tests may successfully attempt the exam. Leo law students who wish to take a judiciary exam, January 2021 is a favourable month for you. There is a high possibility that Leo girls and Leo boys may get admission in a management or a technical course in an abroad university.

Planets of Influence: Mercury, Mars & Jupiter
Major Trends: Family members may lose communication

The family chart of the Leo sign in January 2021 suggests that there will be a little difficulty in keeping a harmonious relationship among the family members. January 2021 horoscope for Leo indicates some disputes concerning ancestral property can create differences.

People with Leo signs should look after their family as health may keep everyone worried. Relationship with the in-laws will see a downhill, Leo sign people should try to keep up their spirits about family relations.

Leo man and Leo woman should consider becoming the bridge of communication this month among all the family members. You have a crucial role to play that will bring everyone together in the family.

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