Leo (Simha)

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This month will highlight your traits of being a lion sign. Your pleasing and impressing characteristics will come to the fore. Authoritative yet noble gestures by you will seem attractive to others. September will be a fortunate month for you, Leo. Cash inflow will be sufficient but you may overspend on luxuries. You need to control your  desires for the time being. Planets will bestow many opportunities this month.
Socially, there will be fame, name, and respect in store for you. Travel abroad is on the cards. Briefly, everything will be in place and you will feel positive with the right developments. However, pay attention to your health especially stomach in the latter half of the month. Control your anger as positivity might turn into negativity giving you a tuff time ahead.

Leo Career Forecast in September: Career monthly horoscope seems positive in the initial days of the month but it may see a downfall as Jupiter transits in Libra. There might be some foreign contacts created by you related to your current projects. Things will slowly stabilize but do not expect a salary appraisal. For those in business, it will be a good idea if you stay away from partnerships. However, if you still plan to launch a new business with the help of a partner, period after 12th September is suitable.

Love and Marriage Predictions for September:
Leo, you will be sexually driven this month. Those who are planning to ring the wedding bells, period after 12th September would be appropriate. Married folks will receive mixed results this month. Overall, happiness will flow in your relation but progeny prospects will remain low. However, there are chances that peace and romance will improve in the latter half of the month.

Money and Finance: Income and financial prospects seem positive this month, Leo. Your wealth and earnings will flourish when Jupiter  moves to Libra around mid month. Towards the end, there will ample monetary growth opportunities for you. In terms of investments, period after 27th September is suitable. Your inflow of cash will be fine. Major earnings might come via business.

September for Students & Children:
Children may feel disappointed regarding their growth at this time. They may behave cold and rude sometimes. However, they will perform well despite all obstacles. Your rapport with them will be fine. Their results in studies will get better in the second half of the month.If you are a student planning for higher education, expects some hurdles in your path. Give your best, put in some hard work, as success is not a smooth sail. Learn to combat tuff competition to come out as a winner.

Family and Health:
In the beginning of the month, health would be positive. The second half of the month though indicates some health related problems. On the family front, things may become messy and only patience can work out some peace for you.


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