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This month is full of excitement and better financial positions. You will be saving some amount in your bank and get a reward in debate. Sun is debilitated till 16th November in courage house, so, avoid losing your stamina and will power. Your ego level will be high, and you will observe an increase in anxiety. So, be patient and try to cool your mind.

You will enjoy luxurious items and other decoration items and fulfill your hobbies, as Venus transits own sign till 11th November. You will take an interest in social activities and earn name and fame from society/politics. Your stamina and power will increase. Rahu transit Aries sign, so, think before taking any major step in career. Jupiter is direct from 24th November, which is good for occult research and heritage property.
This month is good for creative, beauty, garments, and designing work. You will get new opportunities and increased income in business. You will need will power till 16th November, as the Sun is debilitated. So, be patient and focus on your work. You should take advice from seniors if you plan to start a new work or make huge investments in business till 13th November. You can start the new work related to your hobby.

There will be new partnerships and disputes with partnerships will be solved this month. You will get support from your workers and staff after 13th November as retrograde Mars moves from career house. Build new relations with foreign companies. This month is good for a new job and change the job. While colleagues will support you, avoid sharing personal official documents with them. Boss and seniors will support you, while promotion or transfer is also possible.
Lucky Dates: 1, 3, 9, 10, 18, 27, 28    
Love & Marriage
This month is not good for love and attraction till 24th November as Jupiter is retro. You will face confusions in your love life so keep in touch to maintain relations. You should go for romantic long drives if your partner feels alone. It is very important for you to have trust in your love partner. You will get support from your lover.
The situations can be stressful in terms of marriage life from 13th November. You should control your ego to maintain relations. Your spouse needs your emotions, support, and help. Avoid any third person interference in your life. Don’t start any past disputes. Take care of your spouse’s health and emotions.
Lucky Dates: 3, 12, 15, 20, 23         

Money & Finance
You will get good income and gain at the starting of the month through your efforts. Mars is retro in gain house from 13th November, so, you should be patient for income. This is good month for heritage property and to come out of any property disputes from 24th November. You will get good income from designing or creative work.

You will invest money in land. You will purchase furniture and other items for your home. You will do long-term investments in speculations after 24th November. Avoid taking and giving loans and stay aware when using ATM or Debit cards. Spend money on small travels and enjoy yourself. Parents will provide you with financial support.
Lucky Dates: 5, 9, 24, 27

Students & Children
Students will waste time on outer things and luxuries. They will focus on study and increase their will power from 24th November. Students should avoid friends and not waste money. Good results from past exams will be shared after 13th November. Competition is increasing but you do not get sufficient results for better course or admissions.
Control your ego and overconfidence. Children feel laziness in studying. Try to focus on children’s health. Children take interest in hobbies and might spend money with friends. You should arrange for tuitions and guide them.
Family & Health
You will feel enjoy with family and go for a trip. Enjoy at home parties and get-togethers. Spend money on home articles. Family will support you and understand your emotions. Siblings will support you financially and professionally.
Avoid confusions with elder brother. You will go to religious places with parents. Your health needs attention and you should relax. Take care of your eating habits for a better stomach. Get your liver checked if you feel any pain or other stomach-related problems.

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