Leo April Horoscope


April 2019 will bring a few challenges and keep you low profile in the initial parts of the month. Your confidence and luck would rise tremendously after the 15th April 2019, which would transform you and how you handle matters in the second half of the month.
You need to avoid tackling new and hectic projects till the 14th April 2019. Thinking will be clearer now and you can look forward to a better time and more positive outlook from next month.

Career – could see some blocks due to hurdles and issues with partners and in joint avenues of work. You need to put ego and complexes behind to progress well now. Some improvements will come after the 14th April 2019 but overall the level of opportunities would remain depressed and low throughout. Good improvements will come from next month.
Work environment will remain stressed and erratic at times. You need to control speech else you could end up making enemies at work unnecessarily.
Colleagues will not be very supportive or act as a team now. Some improvements after the 14th April 2019.

Finances and Money - Money matters will see some shrinkage in resources and unnecessary outflows, which could cause some amount of worry now. You will continue to find inflows from unexpected sources. Liquidity will remain uncertain, while you will also see expenses due to spouse and partners. Handles finances cautiously.

Income will be average and fluctuating this month.
Investments will be quite poor and disappointing at times, You should not take major steps now but wait for May to begin. Any divestment should be on hold too.
Speculation of any sort should be avoided.

Family & health – Family life will not be very promising now, You will feel distances. Avoid controversy.
Health & stamina will remain poor till the 15th April 2019 & improve significantly thereafter.

Love & Marriage – Love life will be unsteady and not very promising now. Minor improvements will come in after the 14th April 2019 but the month will not see much excitement or progress.
Relationships will still see complications. You need to wait till the next month for life to improve.
Marriage matters will be average. Temperament of spouse will remain unsteady. Keep a control on speech or relations could backfire badly. Improvements will be felt after the 14th April 2019. Control your latent anger.

Second half of the month would be better than first half of the month.

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