Leo October Horoscope


Overview: Bravery and confidence are your inbuilt features which will help you a lot in the month of October and will also make you feel powerful. Keep your ego and blunt speech on the back burner this month else it can become a reason for unnecessary disputes and conflicts for you. If you are looking for some sort of support in your work from the Government then you will be able to get it during this month. Your strong will power and courage will help you get things that are important done for you.

This month, you will be successful in every aspect of work and whichever project you take will bring good results and appreciation. You will take out time to pamper and relax and will spend money on your entertainment as well.  Traveling will be a beneficial affair during this month for you. You will remain victorious over your enemies. High expenses can be foreseen for you. This month, you will spend good time with your friends and special someone. There is a strong possibility of you getting interested in occult science as well as research-based work.

Career: October is a good month for Leo moon sign to start any new work specially related to creativity, beauty, and designing work. With your efforts and hard work, new career opportunities will make its way to you and will also enhance your professional growth. It is not a good time to start any partnership based work this month. You will remain ahead of your competitors as well and will win over them. Work-related travel will also remain a constant factor for this month.

There are chances that there will be some expenses related to the health of your labor this month. You will also receive the good news of a new business proposal from a foreign company. Avoid changing your job or joining a new company this month. For those of you who are in job, this month may not be all favorable for you so try and maintain a good rapport and relation with your colleagues and juniors. Your boss and seniors will remain happy with your hard work and performance and the chances of you getting promoted are highly possible for you this month but you will have to put in a lot of effort to prove yourself worth it. There is a good chance that you may join a Multi-National Company this month.

Love and Marriage: This month does not look like favoring your love life as you may feel tension and stress in your relationship with your lover. Try and avoid unnecessary disputes and arguments else you may break up during this month. It is not a good month for proposing the love of your life and hence, just wait for a little longer to do so. This month is asking you to spend some good and quality time with your lover to sort things out and go out for movies, dinner, coffees and long drives in order to get a better understanding of his or her expectation and feelings for you.

If you are married, things will remain on a good end as you will celebrate a special day with a party. Your relationship with your In-Laws will also improve and strengthen this month. Try and avoid the involvement of your friends in your married life and matters related to it. Your spouse may need your emotional and personal attention as they may not be feeling emotionally or physically well.

Money and Finance: Financial expenses may become the reason for your worries and stress this month. There are high chances of wasteful expenses for you. Stay conscious while dealing with lending or borrowing money during this month. You may take up a loan for investment in your home. Those of you who are planning to get your own house; this is a good month to make your dreams turn into reality. You may buy a new house of land for residential purpose this month but try and avoid taking long-term EMIs else it can become a problem for you in future.

This will not be a good time to invest in speculative activities such as the lottery. The money will be spent on the education-related expenses of your children. It is a good month for matters related ancestral property. This month may be able to find multiple new sources of income. You will spend money on luxurious traveling and also friends and siblings.

Students and Children: Students will join some new academic course and will be successful in them with good results. It is the right time for you to put in your best to your studies and also try and increase your will power in order to stop getting distracted by temptations and wasting time on them. Try and avoid spending much of your time with friends and concentrate on your studies for better results and hence a future. If you are planning to study at a foreign university then the required educational loan will be sanctioned to you somewhat easier than you had expected.

Your children will feel lazy and will stay distracted from their studies. It is important that you restrict your children from going on an unnecessary trip with friends that may hamper their educational process and becomes a reason for distraction. Expenses related to your children’s tuition and other academic activities will also take place.

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