LEO August Horoscope


Overview:  Your monthly horoscope is indicates an average period ahead. Wasteful expenses may keep you stressed at the beginning of the month. Friends will support you. Children will bring good news to you. You may buy a vehicle now & long trips are on the cards. You will indulge in home decoration this month. Family front looks stressed & a dispute may occur. After mid-Aug, you may get a good position or work with the help of a high authority personnel, which will boost your confidence. A female friend will result in wasteful expenditures.

Work related travels would result in confusion with no substantial gains. Avoid traveling if possible. Spending on religious work is possible. If in politics, you will come across new ways to reach your favored position. Rise in reputation & honor due to social work is possible by the end of this month. Destiny will be on your side. Beware, as an accident is indicated this month & you should be very careful while on road. You will outshine any competitors.   
Career: The month looks only average for your career, Leo. Work will largely be smooth, however any investments should be avoided this month. New work should be started only from next month. At the beginning of the month, the ruler of your sign, Mars, is in retrograde, the lord of profession, Venus, is debilitated & lord of finances, Mercury is retrograde. You can face losses if money is invested in your work. Giving free advice without being asked & hasty decisions are to be avoided.

If in a job, the month will be hazy. Restlessness will push to run away from responsibilities, which can be costly for your job, thus, be careful. Avoid arguments with boss or seniors. Chances of rejoining an old company might come your way & if considering rejoining, then wait till September.

Love & Marriage: Prospects for love & marriage look rough this month. Lack of time for your partner will lead to clashes & stress. Sort things by effectively communicating with your partner & improve conditions. Keep a calm & humble speech.

Singles, the term is not favorable & you should wait patiently to open your heart to the one you love.
Marital life will see heavy expenses. Planning a trip together will allow you to spend quality time together & strengthen conjugal bonding. A prevailing issue may resurface to create problems with your spouse.
If looking to get married, then things will be delayed. Have patience.

Money & Finance: Your finances appear to be moving at a sluggish pace this month. Spending under someone’s influence is not advisable & will be wasteful or lead to a loss. Don’t spend for showing off, it will only be your own loss. Avoid making any kind of investments. If you have recently taken a loan, another one might be needed now. Make transactions with care. Expenditure on luxury items & enjoyment of a female friend are indicated. Work related matters should not be compromised. Stay away from spending on house or land related issues. Foreign travels are possible & will leave a hole in your pocket. 
Students & Children: For students, a period of improvements is highlighted. You are likely to get help from the govt. or a loan around mid-August. Avoid lethargy, as it can spoil your performance. Success in exams & competitions through your hard work is likely. Stay away from wasting time & money on friends or social work.
Your children will experience a joyful period. They will demand some expenses & you should deal with it maturely. They may win prizes at school & make you proud.

Family & Health:                 
Family front appears to be facing a mediocre period now. Family may not support you. Clashes among family members may keep you stressed. Parents will also not be supportive. Inheritance property can result in issues, thus adding to your tension. Plan a family trip or gathering by the end of the month for restoring the harmony.

Your health may suffer to some extent. A stomach related ailment is possible. Drive carefully & remain watchful when traveling at heights.
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