Leo June Horoscope


Not an easy month as you might find your plans & various avenues blocked this month. It is a period of high activity but with great amount of hurdles too. You will experience a better period after the 15th June 2019, although the level of stress would improve after the 27th June 2019.Scope of your work & various activities would increase this month. There will be rise in responsibilities as well as pressures at the same time.Some family issues of the past could come up to haunt you again. Avoid conflict with family.

Level of bonding at home could subside. Career would be a challenging period. You might lose some coveted assignments if you are overly aggressive. You need to remain passive & wait to cross the 27th June 2019 , before any meaningful progress is possible at work. There would be multiple influences in career and very good creative as well as dynamic efforts would be made by you. Still real results are likely to elude you.Work environment will remain aggressive.

Be careful of what you say & communicate.Ego hassles with co workers could effect joint projects adversely. You need to remain cautious and keep your communication channels open. Love life would not be very satisfactory this month. Blocks due to ego hassles and pressures in career possible. You need to be patient and not try & force new friendships now.

Relationships could be pressured due to ego & unnecessary need to overpower your partner. If you can control this impulse the month could be positive & happy.Marital matters will be positive but still very volatile. Temperament of spouse could be unsteady. Avoid verbal conflict of any kind. Money matters will experience a sudden pressure in liquidity.

Gains would be good till the 23rd June 2019 & see a dip thereafter. You might have to spend a lot for a family commitment or for repaying an old debt.Income will be good till the 22nd June 2019 & dip thereafter. Investments will bring in rich results for you. Family life would be challenging & bring in some distances & lack of bonding. You need to be careful how you speak with family members and further what you commit monetarily. Health will be good throughout.

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