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Overview: December horoscope for Leo marks a time for fulfillment of goals. Sun, the ruler of your sign, transits your 4th house. You may witness a boost in your confidence and enthusiasm. With the beginning of December, you may buy or ask for a property from your father. If involved in a land related problem, things would clear this month. Your mother would support you in most of your decisions. Possibility of your mother earning a new accomplishment is indicated this month. Marriage life might face frequent clashes. For betterment, talk politely and keep your anger in control. If needed, stay away from each other for some time. The period between 10th and 13th December 2018 might remain stressful.

Don’t think too much over petty issues. Traveling abroad is on the cards and might be for work or for fun. Keep your expenses in check and avoid wastage of money. Expenses are depicted on decoration, arts, creative work, or jewelry, which would accompany new learnings in these areas. A female would help you in a tough situation. New research would grab your attention. Investments in your own work seem profitable. New projects and work orders would bring additional financial profits.
Career: Leo, December seems a period of growth and profits for you professionally. If working in the areas of marketing, designing, creative arts or cosmetics, then good flow of income and profits is likely for you. You might travel to a foreign country for work. The month seems favorable for starting a new work. Investments made now would bring you good profits in future. If working in a partnership, your relation with your partner seems to suffer. New work offers are likely. Accounts related work would bring additional gains. If you are a counselor, December looks promising with good professional progress possible.

If in a job, work related confusions are possible as December starts. Stress is possible due to work. A job change seems unfavorable. The time near mid-December seems bright for new job seekers. Avoid a discussion about increment or appraisal with your boss in December, as possibility seems low. Be calm at work and avoid quarrels with everyone.              

Money & Finance: Leo, increase in expenses keep your financial condition in a state of confusion. Spend economically. Remain alert against a woman who might try to misuse you for your money. Purchase of a land or house is likely. Expenses on home decoration are indicated. Avoid arguments with anyone, as it could lead to a financial loss. An ongoing legal case or health related issues might demand some expenditure. Investments in share market seem unfavorable. A loan might become a cause of stress and should be avoided as far as possible. Your bonding with your father might suffer. Profits from inheritance property are likely in December. Expenses on traveling would rise. Profits and gains from work look good and would easily counter your heavy expenses this month. You may benefit from an old investment in December.   

Love & Marriage: Love and marriage prospects for Leo seem average during December. If dating someone, expect less from your partner. You might not make much time for each other this month, which could cause possible issues. Chances are your partner might have to travel for work, leaving you and your plans to spend time together behind.

If you are single and in love with someone, then be patient and express your feelings at a later time. December seems unfavorable.
December looks average for your marriage life. Speak with your spouse politely and keep a diplomatic approach. Domestic life seems stressful. Keep your anger in check.

Students & Children: Leo students would enjoy an eventful period in December. New learnings and a new research would catch your attention. You would get the desired results and admission in a college of your choice is possible this month. If participating in competitive exams, clear any confusions in advance and proceed with a single minded approach. Help from seniors or teachers would boost your confidence. Be active and careful while choosing subjects of specialization.

Leo, December horoscope depicts a pleasant time for your kids. With a positive and focused approach, they would get the desired results this month. Support them and help them find the right person who could guide them towards a successful career. Sports and entertainment would interest them more. Impose a timetable that would help them manage their time wisely.
Family & Health: Family life for Leo seems pleasant in December. Financial help from family members would get you through a tough situation. You may even purchase a house this month with the help of your kin. Relations with father seem rough and might become a cause of clashes with your mother. Talk to your parents calmly and keep things smooth. Siblings seem supportive and you may plan a trip with them this month. Plan a party or celebration at home to bring everyone together.
Health wise, December might see an old ailment troubling you. You might have to spend on medical treatments this month. Work related stress might prevail & practicing Yoga and meditation would help you get rid of it.          

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