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Leo April Monthly Horoscope 2021
Leo Monthly Horoscope: Overview

The horoscope suggests that there will be an expansion of business where you will either get good opportunities or growth in an existing business. Besides that, you will get authority at your workplace. However, you need to be extra careful while driving as there is a tendency for you to get involved in accidents. The exaltation of the Sun will help you lead a luxurious life in April 2021. This is also the best period for work-related travels. Leo natives will be able to fulfill their desires during this period. You need to keep control over your anger, especially between 14th April and 30th April, as Mars will transit in your eleventh house at this time. There are chances of your involvement in a court case. So, be mindful about your actions & words if you do not want to fall in a ditch of unnecessary problems. Try to maintain a healthy relationship with your father and siblings.

Leo Career

This may be a rewarding month for the Leo businesspersons and artisans. You will find many sudden gains and opportunities in your career this year. This is not the right time to start a new partnership business as the concerned planets are ill-placed in your horoscope. You are likely to face stiff competition this month, which is why you need to upgrade your old practices to reach a level of excellence. The horoscope suggests that this is the right time to put an effort to expand your business. April 2021 will remain one of the most profitable times in the professional life of Leo moon sign natives. April is not a good time for switching your job. Moreover, your colleagues may try to play dirty politics behind your back so be very careful. However, the period between 14 April and 30 April is when Sun will transit in Aries sign. Chances of promotion and appraisal are quite possible at this time.
Leo Money & Finance Horoscope
This appears to be a financially rewarding month for the Leo natives. You will get unearned income at the starting of the month. The month will show you a favorable time regarding financial growth. This is also a good time to invest in real estate and share or other speculative activity. Expenses will see a high rise during this month, as you are likely to spend a good lot of money on the purchase of luxurious things. You are advised to watch your expenses during this time and save & accumulate wealth for future needs.

Love, Marriage & Relationships for Leo 
The horoscope indicates that the month will bring good results for your love life. There will be some improvement in your relationship. Moreover, the closeness between the two of you will increase during this period. If you like someone, this is the right time to propose to him/her. However, you shouldn’t expect a lot from your partner else you will face disappointment. Try not to impose your decisions on your lover. The horoscope advises you to spend quality time with your partner to develop a strong bond with them. Married Leo natives should be extra cautious, as the concerned planets are not in a good position. Take our partner on a romantic weekend getaway to revive your relationship and rekindle the spark between the two of you.
Leo Students & Education Horoscope

Students with the Leo moon sign will be able to concentrate better on their studies. They will be successful in competitive exams. This may be a rewarding month for the research scholars and students pursuing Hotel Management, Designing, and Media-related courses. They may get a chance to attend online workshops, which will help them reach a new level of excellence. Chances of admission to the desired college are highly likely in your April 2021 horoscope.

Family & Health Horoscope of Leo   
You will enjoy good family time this month. Your family members, especially your father, will be supportive of you. The horoscope suggests you shouldn’t get involved in unnecessary arguments with your mother. The month predicts prosperity of home, vehicle. You will also see progress and improvement on the business front. Chances of getting ancestral property and wealth are highly likely in your April 2021 horoscope. Some of you may even plan to buy a new house this month. The planets will create celebrations in the family. Some auspicious programs may be held at your place. However, on the other hand, the month demands more attentiveness towards health issues related to the abdomen area. A general health checkup is highly likely to rule out any health complications.

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