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Overview: Pisces, your December horoscope shows a comfortable period ahead. You would indulge in religious activities this month. Elders would largely support you in your decisions during tough times. As December starts, a prize or a new accomplishment would make you proud. If in business, variable income might cause stress. Chances of reworking on an old pending work are there. Avoid taking a foreign related work, as it would only add to your confusion. Stay humble and talk softly if you wish to maintain your reputation and relations. After mid-December, problems due to a govt. related matter might trouble you. Frequent work related travels might stress you out. Tension can make you indecisiveness post mid-December. Inheritance property would bring you financial gains this month.

Career: Professionally, December horoscope shows a sluggish period for you, Pisces. Don’t take any major decisions or work related risks. If in a partnership, profits from your partner’s actions or advice are likely. If holding a business, possibility of an old rejoining you seems likely. Stress levels seem to rise after 16th December.
If working in a job, stay humble and patient at work. Chances look good for getting the desired govt. job this month. You may favorable change your job in December, Pisces. However, make all important career decisions before mid-December. Be very diplomatic and polite while dealing with people at work.               

Love & Marriage: Pisces, your love and marriage prospects seem bright during December. If dating someone, avoid getting angry with your partner over petty things. Understand their point of view and discuss things patiently. Remain calm and take time out for each other. Exchange of gifts could help you express your love in a better way.
If single, possibility of meeting an old lover seems strong in December, yet stay away from a love triangle. December appears unfavorable for expressing your feelings to someone you love. Be patient and do so in 2019.

Pisces, marriage life seems comfortable this month. Your spouse would support you through thick and thin. Your responsibilities at home appear to rise now. Post mid-December, a tight working schedule might keep you busy, leading to possible clashes with your soulmate. Chances of monetary gains are likely for your spouse in December.

Money & Finance: Pisces, your finances look disturbed in December. Spend wisely and control your expenses. A govt. work would fetch you financial profits this month. Good returns are possible from a work project, though the gains might take some time to reach you. Your parents might not be able to help you financially this month. Strictly stay away from clashes or arguments this month, as it might lead to a financial loss. You would get the needed financial support from the govt. Loan related matters don’t look good near mid-December. If awaiting returns from an old investment, keep low expectations.   

Students & Children: Pisces students might face some confusions in December. Be positive and focus on your career this month. Follow a timetable to manage your time wisely. You would get the desired results through sincere efforts and hard work. You would get the needed student loan in December. Results in competitive exams would match your expectations. Admission in a college of your choice is likely.

Pisces, you would enjoy a lovely relationship with your kids this month. Traveling with family would be fun and peace giving. Their focus on studies seems good. Pay attention to their health now. Your plans to send them abroad for further studies would take more efforts and patience.

Family & Health:               
Pisces, your domestic life during December seems difficult. Tussles with family members are possible & you should remain patient while dealing with them. Parents would be supportive. Family gatherings and outings would bring improvements. Stay alert against people who act as your friends and might try to take advantage.
Health wise, problems due to fever or an old ailment are possible. Be careful against headache or bone related pains. To avoid stress, practice meditation and think less. Your father’s health might need your attention.

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