Pisces January Horoscope


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Overview of the trends in January -
Planet of Influence: Jupiter
Predominating Emotion: Friendly, Confident, Direction oriented.

The January 2021 horoscope for the Pisces natives indicates that the native will taste success in almost everything they take up. This will boost up their confidence to a greater level. Friends and siblings will be quite supportive of your endeavours. Also, gains will be there in all areas of your life. If you are single, you will get an opportunity to tie the knot this month. You will finally get the direction and aim of life and will move accordingly. Your priorities and decision making will be precise and very clear. Your business and life partners will help you have more gains this month. Overall the month will see good earnings, savings, and a rise in career.

Career -
Planets of Influence: Jupiter, Sun, Venus
Major trend: Clear vision, Direction and Achievements

According to the Career horoscope for the Pisces native in January 2020, the native will have a clear goal. Your ambitions on the other hand will be pretty unidirectional. Name and fame will come to you automatically. Short travels related to work will bring you success in your profession. The month brings with it the chances of promotion and salary hike along with social status. You may emerge as a leader in your workplace. Any interaction with the government will be successful. If you have applied for any senior administration post in the government, you will get it. If you have a partnership, it will work well for you.

Love, Marriage & Relationships -
Planets of influence: Moon, Mercury
Major trends: Marriage possible, New love partner for singles, Passion in love.

If you are planning to get married, then January 2021 is obviously the month for you. The Pisces moon signs horoscope indicates that singles may also get the chance to meet someone truly special. One of your colleagues may develop a crush on you and there is a high probability that a new affair may start with them or with someone whom you meet through professional work.  Your friends and siblings may also play an important role in bringing you close to your potential lover. Your spouse or committed partner will be very lucky for you and you may get gains with his/her support. You may plan a getaway trip with your lover and there will be lots of opportunities to get intimate and passionate with your partner. Overall, January 2021 will be a sizzling month with romantic cuddles and giggles.

Money & Finance -
Planets of Influence: Mars, Saturn
Major Trend: Stable income from multiple sources.

As far as financial growth is concerned, the January 2021 horoscope for the Pisces native shows that it will remain smooth. It also predicts that the native will get more options in the month to raise their income. Since there's a possibility of promotion at work, it will only add to your overall earnings. You are also likely to receive money from a foreign source. Savings will also remain good as you may also invest in a few more saving schemes. Your luck in the share market will also give you more profits. Your family will be ready to cooperate with you and you may have some joint savings or assets together. Enjoy your favourable time to the full and save as much as you can. You may however spend a good lot of money on your skill-building or on that of your children.

Health -
Planet of influence: Venus, Mars, Sun
Major Trend: health will be generally good

According to the Pisces health horoscope for January 2021, no major health-related issues will come up. However, there are some precautions you need to take in order to avoid any sudden issue. The placement of Mars and Saturn may give you some injury while driving or working with sharp tools this month. Stay careful and follow all safety measures. There is a possibility of the native injuring their back or knees. So, all you need to do so that you stay healthy is to avoid unnecessary risk and to follow all safety rules and regulations.

Students & Education -
Planets of Influence: Moon
Major trend: Very favourable time

According to the January 2021 horoscope, students who belong to the Pisces moon sign will find themselves very lucky this month. They will get a college of their desire and will pass their exams with good grades. If you have appeared in some competitive exam for a government scholarship or a job, there are high chances of availing success this month. Students looking for some internship will get offers from good multinational companies or organizations. Your zeal and passion for your subject will remain unmatched and your dedication will be noticed by everyone.

Family -
Planets of influence: Mars, Mercury
Major trends: Siblings and friends will give ample support

Your family will give you full support and their involvement will prove lucky to you too. According to the family horosocpe for the Pisces native, January 2021 will bring with it the start of an investment cycle that you will serve as a joint saving scheme for the family. Also, you may buy some joint assets that will be helpful in posterity. Your siblings may also help you in meeting your soul mate or love of life. Your healthy relationship with your family this month will give you lots of gains on the professional front. Love life, education, and fulfillment of your ambitions will be a strong possibility.

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