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You should control your over-thinking, which will affect your skills. You will increase your hard work this month for good results from 6 Sep onwards. You will spend time on research and save money. You need to control disputes and debate. You will increase your effort in advertisement for good business from 6 Sep when Venus transits in Libra. Try to be calm and patient to overcome your problems. Your luck will favor you this month.

You will have increased religious travels, and spend money on charity or in spiritual places. Your hard work will increase, so tighten your back for struggle from 14 Sep. Do not lose your behavior in adverse situations. Your foreign connections will increase and you will be busy in meetings for new projects. New opportunities will knock on your door after 17 Sep, when Sun transits in Virgo.  
You need to take any major decisions in your career with the help of seniors. Your business will grow with foreign help. You will do well in business with your hard work. You will get new projects and successful deals, but you will face obstacles from 14 Sep. A partnership is favorable with a good mind. There are good chances of a government job and new connections with high companies. You will get a call from some company for an interview but you should not lose your confidence, otherwise you will not get the job. Colleagues and workers will support you and you may increase personal relations with them. Your boss and seniors will also praise your work and sales. This is a good time to transfer, so you should talk to your seniors about this if you want to change your workplace.    
Money & Finance
You will come out from financial crises. There will be recovery of loans and income from investment. You should start speculative investment this month and dealing with real estate will bring prosperity. Spend money on home and vehicles. Make renovations with extra care on the expenditure. Be careful while dealing with money and take out loans for work. Take advice from seniors if you invest in a new business. You will get monetary support from your mother. You will get income from past investment or start rental income. Try to stop your hand in purchasing jewelry this month. You can start a part time business and invest money on it. 
Love & Marriage
This is a good month for lovebirds. You will meet more and go for parties, travels, surprises and gifts. You should avoid doubt and try to understand your partner's emotions and support each other. You will have a passionate relationship with your lover. You will fall in love this month with your friend, if you are single. You should go ahead and propose and share your state of mind for a positive answer. Try to avoid being angry with your partner. Try to understand your spouse's work problem, if he/she will not give you time. Your spouse gets new opportunities in their work and a chance to increase gain in work. You may spend time with your spouse.

Students & Children
Students should avoid emotional nature and negativities and try to become practical for concentration in study. You will get good results from past exams. You will get admission in a Govt College. You will also get a loan from a Govt bank. You will also give a good presentation in competitions and get sufficient results. Avoid spending time networking and on friends. Children feel irritated and want guidance for study. They will perform well in study but not well in health. Spend time in competitions. Parents should spend their time with children and focus on their study and arrange guidance if required.    

Family & Health
You will get into disputes and start debates because of your ego in the family. This is a good time for heritage property. You will arrange parties and get-togethers and remove confusions in the family. Your friends are not good with you and will use you so you should be aware of them. Your parents will support you in your work. Your responsibilities will increase in the family. You need to be careful regarding your health. You should stay away from heavy food and food from outside otherwise, stomach infections are there. You should take care of timely medicine for better health.

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