PISCES August Horoscope


Overview: Pisces, this month brings energy & enthusiasm for you. Your dreams & aspirations are likely to be fulfilled. Plenty of romantic ventures are on the cards. However, avoid overexcitement, as it can hurt your prospects. Your decisions should be well thought of. Any new work or venture should be avoided for now. Sale/ purchase of house or a related matter may be delayed due to tussles; thus, keep such work at bay this month. After 16th August, some relief is expected from any disputes that you were involved in.

Avoid work related to home décor or decoration. Self-entertainment & self-improvement will be the focus of your expenses. Be careful while driving. Your father will be supportive. There is a possible promotion for your mother, if she works in the govt. sector. Your position is also likely to improve now. You will get the help you need with a bank related work. You may lend or borrow money but only by the end of the month. Delays are likely for foreign related work or travels. After 27th Aug, Mars will be direct. New sources of income & clearing of hurdles are indicated this month.
Career: This month looks tough for new professional beginnings. Ruler of the house of income, Saturn, is retrograde. Confusions may prevail in partnerships, resulting in a strenuous work environment. Difficulties may crop in at the hands of a female partner at work & diplomatic approach would be needed. A work related loan can be taken but only after mid-August. You will get the needed govt. help. Avoid helping anyone financially this month.

If in a job, work politics can put you in a fix on the work front. You may get a promotion & pay hike by the end of the month. A new job may come your way after 16th Aug. If in a govt. job, you are expected to observe a delightful term with a possible promotion this month. A job change is favored only by the end of the month.

Love & Marriage: Love relations seem to face a troubled period this month. Harmony may mostly remain absent. If you have proposed to someone & waiting for a response, then a positive response is less likely.
Clashes due to a third person may create misunderstandings. Lack of understanding & doubts can result in rough times. Take any decision after consulting with your partner & support them financially, as & when needed.

Marital life will remain spoilt due to arguments & quarrels. Stress & lack of harmony is likely to exist. If looking to get married, then carefully check all the details before taking a decision. Avoid hasty decisions.      
Money & Finance: Financially, the monthly indications bring blended results now. Major transactions should be made only after mid-August. After 16th Aug, lending or borrowing of money is favored. Work patiently. Financial conditions will see ups & downs now. Govt. aid will come your way if you need it. Avoid hasty actions. Finances are expected to improve by the end of the month. Profits & gains will be lower than expected. Don’t lend money to a friend or elder brother. Do not invest in share market or real estate this month. Parental property can benefit you now.    
Students & Children: New beginnings are likely for students this month. You will work hard & efficiently, though fruits will reach you only after mid-August. Avoid overconfidence. After 15th Aug, desired accomplishments in academics will come your way. Support from friends & family will boost your confidence. Your chances of going abroad for studies look good now. Govt. aid related to studies will come your way.

Your kids may not be able to fulfill your expectations at start of the month. Make their health your top priority & keep a watch on the time they spend on mobile phones & internet. By the end of the month, Mars will be direct. Your kids will enjoy success later in the month.
Family & Health:                    
Family atmosphere looks to be facing troubled times this month. Relations with elder siblings may take a hit but proper communication can sort matters peacefully. Keep your speech in check, as it can deter the peace within the family. Long distance relatives may meet you after a long time. This will boost everyone’s spirits & restore family peace.

Your health appears in a good shape. Nonetheless, your mother’s health might need your attention. Avoid aggression & always remain calm.
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