PISCES June Horoscope


Overview: Your monthly horoscope is out, Pisces, & things are looking promising in June! This month, you are likely to spend plenty of time indulging in self-enjoyment & hobbies. Mid-June onwards, your work will occupy most of your schedule & might drain your energy. Repetitive work can make things look dull & you might face cancellation of some orders as well. Maintain a diplomatic tone of speech now, as wrong words at the wrong time can land you in trouble. Make commitments only after due consideration & work well to fulfill them in time. This will further boost your reputation. Chances of an accident are indicated this month, & you need to remain very careful while driving. Avoid hasty decisions or working under someone’s influence. Follow your own instincts. Traveling frequently for work is on the cards now. You are likely to taste success in almost all of your ventures with your consistent hard work & persistent efforts. Do not opt for taking a loan against your house, as it can leave you completely stranded. You will don a brave & enthusiastic persona this month. If engaged in a legal case, then results are likely to be in your favor.  

Career: The monthly readings depict mixed results for your profession. The month starts on a positive note for your career. But frequent issues are likely to keep you occupied for the entire month. Tension may rise due to nature of your work. Frequent travels for work are possible, though unknown reasons might result in failures or delays in work for you. All business related decisions should be taken after consultation with your partner or your mother. A foreign related work that you might be working on can face severe delays this month. If looking for a loan, apply for it only during the initial days of the month.

Jobholders, you will enjoy a pleasing working atmosphere in June. A pay hike or an appraisal is quite likely. To improve your chances & prospects, deal with your superiors and boss diplomatically. This will keep you in good books with them. Colleagues appear to be cooperative & can provide a helping hand when you need them. 
Love & Marriage: Matters of love & marriage are a bit average this month. Clashes & quarrels will keep you distressed. For betterment of conditions, you should take time out for each other from your busy schedule & show your love through gifts & surprises. Possibly, a third person is likely to be the cause of this friction.

If you are a single, this period holds promise for new beginning for you. Feel free to open your heart to your loved one now, as their response will most likely be positive. If you are still on the lookout for your soul mate, then expect a proposal from someone soon.

Married couples seem to enjoy a comfortable time now, though matters may seem a little dull on the domestic front. To spice up your relation, you should go on a trip with your spouse & reignite the lost spark. Chances are that your soul mate may come across a lucrative offer to start working. They should accept it wholeheartedly. There are also possibilities for you to work with your partner & provide professional assistance. Your in-laws will be cooperative & provide a helping hand when needed.

Money & Finance: The monthly forecast implies a flourishing period for your finances, Pisces. However, a simultaneous rise in your income as well as expenses is depicted, which might cause some instability. Saturn transiting Sagittarius can cause repetition of some expenditure to be made by you. Keep a close watch on your expenses. Some gains may flow in from the govt. sector this month. Be watchful of your monetary transactions. If any cheques are involved, carefully check all the details before finalizing the deal. If you are interested in putting your money in speculation or share market, consult your father or an expert for guidance. Though financial profits are depicted in plenty, the influence of Mars with Ketu can lead to delays. Land related profits & fruitful returns from earlier investments are also possible this month. Expenses may also be made towards the family front. If working in the areas of export garments &/or education, then financial condition is likely to improve greatly.  

Students & Children: Students are likely to fall prey to distractions this month. You should focus only on your career now; otherwise, you will have to repent for the rest of your life. You may not be able to study for long hours at stretch due to falling concentration levels. Confusions & uncertainties will reign your mind. Clashes & quarrels are possible among friends now. Success in competitive exams will come only through consistent hard work.

Your kids are also likely to face similar uncertainties this month. You should deal with them with care & guide them politely. Keep their actions under check & scrutinize their academic performance. A family trip with children is also on the cards now. If you are working towards sending them to foreign lands for further studies, then you will have to put in consistent unwavering efforts till you see the light of success. They will perform well in the field of sports now.  
Family & Health:                  
Your family front looks to be under uncomfortable conditions in June. Keep your speech in check & remain alert to keep all matters sorted without brewing of misunderstandings. A harsh tone can be detrimental for family harmony. Make efforts to keep your family together. Clash of opinions are possible now with your father that can affect your relation with him. Siblings may not support you & you will be left by yourself.

You will enjoy a mostly stable health throughout the month & will be self-reliant & brave. You will be confident while taking risks & will possess the capability to come out victorious. An ongoing issue with the lower body, especially with your knees can slow you down & you should remain watchful. Yoga & regular exercise should keep you fit & moving.
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