Pisces February Horoscope


Overview: February 2020 will bring in positivity and optimism for the natives of Pisces moon sign. You will be full of energy and vigor and will be able to use your energy in constructive pursuits. Your willpower and determination will help you achieve your career goals and you will formulate new plans for professional advancement. You will be courageous to take career related decisions and accomplish your tasks. Your religious and spiritual inclinations will increase this month and you might spend time in religious places. Friends will be supportive during this time and your network circle will expand as you will meet new and influential people. You will feel confident to take on challenges and overcome them, however try to avoid being adventurous and risk taker.

If you are involved in a job or work related to machinery or sale, purchase of property, this month will prove to be gainful. Time after mid of the month will be favorable for initiating new ventures and projects, however Sun’s and Saturn’s transit requires you to be cautious and prudent in professional and financial matters. You should take care of your health and be careful while driving this month. If you are planning to purchase a new house or renovate the existing one, this month will be supportive in doing so. You might face adverse situations, which might lead to stress, however, you should not lose hope as support from friends and family will help you to sail through difficult situations with ease.

Career: This month is promising for career growth and professional development, however you might have to face obstacles off and on. Mid of the month onwards will be a better time to begin new projects or partnership ventures. You will receive cooperation and support from your partner, which will help to grow your business. Avoid being overbearing and dominating with your partners or business associates as that might turn your relationship sour. You might have some confusions or misunderstandings with your employees or subordinates this month. If you are working with a multinational organization, you will be involved in foreign projects and assignments, which will be beneficial for your professional growth. Meetings and collaborations will be fruitful and you will establish new contacts.

Those who have joined a new company will find the working environment conducive and will be able to adjust well. However, if you are considering a job change, you should not be reckless or hasty in taking a decision as ill-thought-out move could backfire. Try to maintain a good relationship with your colleagues and be tactful and diplomatic in your approach while discussing about your promotion with boss.

Money & Finance: This month will overall be good for financial growth, however you will have to be careful with investments during the first week of the month. You should avoid borrowing or lending money till the mid of this month as recovery might be difficult. Past investments will bring profitable returns and the last part of the month will be better in terms of gains. You should be cautious while investing in share market and speculative activities. You might be lucky to receive your share from your ancestral property or family assets this month. You should avoid trusting anyone blindly in money matters this month and adopt a wise and prudent approach towards expenditures and investments.

Love & Marriage: Love life of Pisces moon sign natives will be exciting this month as there will be opportunities for romantic relationships and encounters. You will plan outings, parties and long drives with your partner which will bring you to closer to your significant other. There might be some misunderstandings between you and your partner due to the involvement of a third person. However, you will be able to mend your differences with your communication and patient approach. Singles will be lucky to find the love of their life this month, however you should not be overwhelmed by your desires and act with patience and wisdom. Married couples will have an easygoing relationship this month as there will be love and better understanding in your relationship.

Students & Children: Students might find this month stressful as lack of concentration and focus might affect their academic performance. You should avoid wasting your time and energy in irrelevant pursuits and restrict your use of social media during this time. You should also curb your tendency to be spendthrift and avoid spending money on travels, friends or entertainment. You might consider joining a professional course to enhance your skill set and expand your knowledge base. You might also start a part time job for extra income.

Those planning to study abroad will be able to get financial assistance or loans during this month. You will get opportunities to be involved in sports and extra-curricular activities and will be rewarded for your performance. Your children’s health might be a cause of concern this month and you will have to special care in that regard. They might be affected by seasonal allergies or ailments due to which you will have to devote extra time and care for their wellbeing.

Family & Health: Family life might go through a slightly tough phase, as misunderstandings with siblings might cause you stress and unhappiness. You will have a clash of views with your elder sibling, which might escalate into a conflict. Hence you should not be egoistic and try to make your best efforts to resolve the differences in a friendly and amicable manner. You should take help from your parents to iron out thee differences with your siblings and maintain a peaceful environment at home. You would also need to be civilized and courteous in your conversations and avoid using harsh and abusive language. You might have relatives from abroad or foreign guests visiting your home this month which will keep you engaged. Your father will be encouraging and supportive of your career related decisions during this time and his guidance will help you in your professional endeavors. Health will remain good this month, however you should drive with caution.

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