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Retrograde Jupiter transits your zodiac sign, so, avoid over-excitement at workplace till 24th November. You could earn money from various places with your self-efforts. You will get sudden gain from unearned income. Venus transits 9th house after 11th November, so, you will spend time and money on your hobbies and for your enjoyment.

Meet with female friends and spend time with her. Luck Lord Mars is retrograding this month, so, increase your efforts for better results. You should not depend on your luck. Avoid court cases and arguments with someone otherwise you might get stressed. Don’t spend money on land or home as property lord Mercury is in the 8th house till 13th November. You will face obstacles and delay in foreign travels, so, be patient and don’t lose confidence. Control your anger and avoid abusive words.
You will get good results in your profession after 24th November as Jupiter is in direct position. You should avoid to quarreling with someone at your workplace or you may harm your image. You should fulfill all your duties honestly in your job. You should not take unnecessary tension and stress, or it will affect your professional life. You will get new deal and offer from foreign land, but it might not be successful soon. So, be patient and avoid stress till 16th November as Sun transits debilitated sign.

Meetings also increase but results get lower. Avoid job change and any arguments with Boss till 16th November because Service Lord, Sun, is debilitated. Promotion, hike in salary, and increment will be possible after 17th November. Seniors will help and teach you skills. Colleagues start politics behind your back, so, you should be aware in office. Freshers get new job this month. You will get new projects around the month-end and travels will also increase.     
Lucky Dates: 9, 12, 18, 30   
Love & Marriage
You will fall in love this month but not get positive results soon. So, wait before getting an answer. You might be involved in disputes with love partner during the first week in month. You should purchase gifts and try to arrange surprises for love partner to maintain relationship.
You will go on romantic dates and spend time at his/her home for religious functions. Your in-laws get involved at your home and create confusions. You should go for travels and outings. Marriage life will be blessed and happy after 13th November. Your spouse will love and support you, which will motivate you.
Lucky Dates: 5, 12, 21, 20

Money & Finance
You will get unearned money after 14th November. You can make investments in speculations for long-term with advice of seniors. Avoid any investments or other activities for land or home. Also be aware of property disputes till 13th November. You will invest in real estate and property for own use after 13th November. You should not take loan till 16th November after which you can go for a loan.
Avoid fake calls. You will get support from your father after mid of the month and your father also gets new opportunities or promotion or retirement after mid of the month. You will spend money on your hobbies and purchase luxurious things.
Lucky Dates: 2, 11, 23, 27

Students & Children
Students will get good results in their exam and get opportunities in games. You should keep try to keep yourself calm with friends. Students also get a chance in high college and can get a loan for studies. Try to avoid travels and showing off in front of friends. Your children will do well in exams. Spend money on your children’s health and study materials.
Children want to go on picnics and want to purchase luxurious things or games. Teachers will praise them in other activities at school. They will need more help and guide for studies.
Family & Health
You can get involved in religious program in home. Spend money on family business. Avoid disputes with younger siblings and don’t give them money. You will arrange a small party with family and get-together but not feel at peace in your home.
Parents will support you after the mid of the month. You should also control on your language at home and try to keep calm for peace. You might face problems in your stomach. Blood pressure problems also can disturb you. Avoid junk food and eat staple food. You should go for regular exercise and yoga.

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