Pisces October Horoscope


Overview: This month, you will spend most of your time with your Father, Boss, Seniors, and other high officials as the Lord of your moon sign Jupiter will help you to get the deserved appreciation for your hard work and good performance. You need to be extremely patient during this month otherwise you may have to face negative result after 16th October. This is not a good month for thinking of a job change. This month, you will be full of high confidence and stamina until 16th October. You need to keep your head while taking some important decisions this month and your luck will also be favorable in helping you make the right move. Occult science will attract you towards it.

Try and maintain a safe distance from any negative or controversial issues this month. This will be a good month to develop an interest in politics and social activities. Some unfinished work that got stalled in the past due to various reasons will be restarted by you this month.

Career: In order to have a better career, you will take some strong and important stands for yourself this month. After 16th October, try and avoid taking up any new work or job change. There are high possibilities of having a misunderstanding with your business partner during this period of time so just be a little careful while working together. An ex-employee might approach you for work; you need to give them another chance to work for you. Try and maintain a healthy relationship with your competitors.

This month, you will get new proposals from Multi-National companies and will also make new connections which will result in increased overseas meetings related to your career. A job change will not be a good idea this month. There are good chances of getting promotion along with a salary hike and also to bag a Government job if you are interested in one.

Love and Marriage: October is a favorable month for lovers as your relationship with your lover will improve. You will spend time together over coffee or movie dates, long drives and weekend getaways to hilly places. Getting into a love triangle or developing feelings for your lover’s friends will not be a good idea and will ruin your relationship completely leaving you alone at the end. Give surprise gifts to your love partner in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

With each passing days, your love will get stronger for your lover. If you are single, you will fall in love with your friends towards the end of the month.
For those of you who are married will get to spend pleasant and quality time with your spouse. Ego, anger, and confusion do not hold any place in your relationship and will be best if you keep them aside in your relationship this month. There are strong possibilities that you may go outstation to spend some quiet and alone time with your spouse in order to further strengthen your bond together. Your spouse will get a good opportunity at this or her workplace this month.

Money and Finance: This month, you will spend money on your business and it is a good month to invest money in speculations as well. It will be good if you avoid any confusion or doubts while purchasing a new piece of land or a new home. Be extremely careful while exchanging money with anyone at all. None of your work will stop due to the lack of proper finance or money.
All your financial dreams of earning goodwill come true this month and will also be able to buy a new vehicle as well. Your income and standard of living will improve exponentially this month. Parents will come to your financial support if you need one this month.

Students and Children: In October, students need to focus more on their studies and less on their emotions and feelings in order to get good results. You will work harder than before during this month and may also start a new professional course as well. Your parents will help and support you in order to join any new course or other matters related to your academics. It is essential for you to stay as far as possible from any issues outside your college. Health issues such as physical pain may trouble you this month so maintain a good healthy lifestyle in order to avoid any such pain from surfacing.

It is imperative for your children to keep their patience especially while spending money on clothes and other items. Distractions such as internet and overspending time with friend may lead to a bad result for your children this month, so you need to step up and keep them focused on their studies. You also have to be very careful about your child’s eating habits this month.

Family and Health: You will spend some really good time with your family this month and will also arrange a party or get together at home to double the enjoyment. This month, there are high possibilities that you will go to some religious place along with your parents. Your Father will get new opportunities or post at his workplace. After the mid of the month, the health of your sibling might need your immediate attention. Good chances of going on a family trip can be seen for you. This month, you will spend some happy and cheerful time during the upcoming festivals.

This month, you need to be cautious from any of your past disease. Therefore try and refrain from eating outside in order to avoid any infection and to maintain a healthy liver. Practicing Yoga and going for morning walks will also work like a charm for you in order to be healthy.

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