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Overview: Pisces, October brings new and bright opportunities for you. In your horoscope, Jupiter, the ruler of your sign, transits in the 10th house of career and profession from 12th October. Any major decisions taken now will prove beneficial. You may capitalize on new work opportunities with your energetic approach, and find success. Work related stress might prevail but would fail to stop you from succeeding. Indulging in a new research now will bring you achievements. You may be inclined towards religious work, which might result in a pilgrimage. Maintain a peaceful relation with your father and take care of his health. Financial stability seems to exist. Watch out for a fake friend that might backstab you or try to misuse you this month. Don’t trust people blindly. Delays in work related matters are possible, though eventually all work will be completed. Be patient. Foreign travels may face difficulties. Enjoyment and personal luxuries will occupy your time and energy this month.
Career: This month looks sluggish for your career. Delays are possible and might cause stress. Complete your work within the designated period for getting maximum profits. A big deal or position might come to you this month. Projects with a foreign company can greatly benefit you. Focus on your goals and stop thinking too much over petty issues. You may get the chance of getting into a partnership with your friend; however, avoid doing so for now.

If looking for a govt. job, your odds are looking good though some difficulties are possible. If already in a job, a promotion is possible and relations with boss seem comfortable. After 16th October, work front may face unexpected problems and be careful to keep a clean image at work.
Love & Marriage: Matters of love and marriage seem to face mixed results in October. Relation with your lover seems rough and stressful. After mid-October, things may worsen and for improvement, try to spend some time away from your partner.
If single, wait patiently to express your love to The One, as a positive response may take time and the period does not seem favorable.

If married, relation and marriage life seem mostly cordial. If newly married, frequent clashes due to lack of time for each other might trouble you, yet remain patient. Your spouse will be supportive and can help you financially. Take care of your partner’s choices and health. Minor quarrels are possible near the end of the month.       
Money & Finance: Pisces, the monthly horoscope shows variable results for your finances. Your expenses seem to rise now. Savings may suffer and you should be careful. A property loan should be avoided this month, as a loss is possible. Avoid long-term investments in share market. Returns from an old investment are likely to profit you this month. Expenses on a govt. work are depicted. Stay away from helping a female friend financially.       
Students & Children: The month looks splendid for students. You may get admission in a college of your choice. Selection of subjects might cause confusion, though things are likely to improve soon. Hard work will bring you success. An old enemy might trouble you with their actions. Wasteful expenses seem to increase this month. Success in competitions or interviews would require topnotch preparations. Support and rewards from the govt. may come your way.

Your kids seem frustrated this month. Complaints from school are possible and you should deal with it diplomatically. You may get admission in a school of your choice.   
Family & Health: Pisces, your family front seems disturbed in October. Differences among family members can make for a stressful environment at home. Wasteful expenses seem to be in control. A party to celebrate the achievements of a family member can bring some improvement. A pilgrimage with parents is on the cards. Avoid clashes or arguments with them.
Your health might face head or heart related problems and you should be careful about it. A possible accident is indicated and you should be careful while driving.  

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