Pisces April Horoscope


A challenging month somewhat due to a very high level of activity, even though real progress could elude you, leading to some amount of frustration. Attitude would remain aggressive & quicksilver. Avoid impulsive decisions.
You will find a steady level of opposition to your ideas would remain. It would be a good idea to avoid controversy during this period.
The hard work and hassles endured in the last few months would be rewarded well and you can expect a gainful and happy period from next month.
Career – will be in a focused and growth oriented phase. You will find very good gains from next month, while a foundation for the same would be made now. The phase of high activity in surprises in career, draws to a close now. You will see a more stable and steady phase from next month too.
Work environment will be good throughout, although ego issues could come often and spoil the outlook somehow.
Support of coworkers would be felt after the 14th April 2019. You could progress due to the good work of your colleagues too.
Money & financial matters will be favorable. There would be gains & certain amount of self indulgences too. Overall you might get inflow of funds which don’t belong to you. If looking for loans, the money could come in after the 15th April 2019.
Income will be good this month but remain volatile.
Investments will be good. You need to avoid making any impulsive investments. The phase will be better after the 16th April 2019.
Family & health – Family life will be good. Some amount of ego could creep in after the 15th April 2019. Health will remain good throughout. You need to be careful about sudden injuries. Chronic sufferers of hypertension & blood disorders need to be cautious.
Love & marriage – Love life will be good overall. Period beyond the 14th April 2019 could be very interesting. You will see a rise in your sex appeal and find great amount of social success. Very good chances of finding love this month. Passions would be high and you need to control your impulses and avoid putting yourself in any embarrassing positions.
Relationships would be good throughout. You need to ensure partner is in a reasonable mood at least till the 16th April 2019.
Marriages would be in a challenging phase. You could find spouse in a very unsteady mood and of unstable temper.
There could be frequent arguments and issues this month. You need to avoid controversy at any cost. Be extra careful till the 16th April 2019.
Second half of the month would be better than first half of the month.

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