PISCES February Horoscope


Overview: Pisces, the monthly horoscope indicates largely a mediocre period for you in February. The period before 15th Feb is likely to see an increase your sources of income. Low energy and stamina are expected during this month. You would see a rise in competition, particularly after 13th Feb. The term appears unfavorable for your mother’s health and it may cause concern. For business holders, this month is expected to rope in added benefits and monetary profits. Business partners will prove their usefulness amid February. Keep away from an immoral way of living as it can hamper your social image and stature. The term after 15th Feb indicates chances of fiscal disappointments. Hence, proceed with caution and avoid speculation in this phase. Your siblings are likely to become a source of rewards for you this month. This period demands additional care to be taken on the financial front. All monetary decisions should be carefully measured before making the final call. The celestial changes turn your deep desires into greed in this term. You need to be careful about your wants, otherwise, expenditures are likely to see a sudden increment. The month may see a drop in  your spiritual slant.

Career: The monthly projection for Pisces shows a mixed period on the professional front. Stability of career is under questionable terms this month. Atmosphere on the work front may remain unsatisfactory. Relations with superiors and colleagues are likely to remain disruptive, and support may not be expected from your coworkers. A change of job could be considered if better prospects are seen. Delay in payments is possible in this span. Stepping into new projects could make your situation worse. Hence, stay clear of any new professional commitments in this period. For business holders,the span up to 15th Feb promises good fiscal gains to flow in. Past that, a decline is likely in flow of profits. Funds need to be carefully managed this month.

Career Advice - The period sees a slower progression of professional matters. Avoid hasty decisions or jumping onto conclusions. Trust people but carefully. All financial decisions must be taken after due consideration. Be patient and take a diplomatic approach towards professional relationships.

Love and Marriage: The monthly forecast for love and marriage demonstrates a harsh period for Pisces in February. The presence of Saturn and Ketu, the dragon's tail negatively influences your conjugal life and frequent quarrels and clash of opinions are seen throughout this month. Absence of romance leaves little room for any improvement on matters. The period demands diplomacy and patience.
Singles may dwell into attempts for new beginnings;nonetheless, the chances of obtaining positive results are highly unlikely. Progeny is depicted under dark clouds. Take proper care and follow all the possible precautions.

Money and Finance: Monetarily, the monthly predictions denote a period of mixed opportunities. The initial stages of the month brings signs of more than one source of income. The term till 15th Feb appears to bring along good fiscal profits. However, the span after 15th Feb tends to turn things around, as the flow of gains may reduce. Jupiter graces you with its presence and marks for an overall rise in your accumulated funds this month. The period isn't appropriate for investments or speculation, as either would lead to monetary losses. Expenses are likely to remain within safe limits. Cash flow may remain limited and careful spending is needed this month.

Students and Children: The monthly horoscope for Pisces implies a period of slumber for kids. Well being of children may remain affected with chest issues in this period. They may remain disturbed mentally and display temperamental behavior due to frequent illnesses.
Students pursuing higher studies need to regain their focus as diversions can lead to lower concentration levels amid this period. Follow a strict schedule for studying. Academic success will demand dedication and hard work in this term.

Family and Health: The monthly indications for family and health signify a term of lackluster for you, Pisces. Your personal well being might suffer under the influence of a bad stomach or water borne issues. The chilling winters can result in a hurtful back as well amid this period. Stay alert along these lines and take proper care. Maintaining a healthy diet and following a fitness regime will definitely help you amid this period as well as in the long run.

Domestic environment will experience the strong and adverse influence of Mars & Saturn in the 4th house, as the atmosphere may turn aggressive and rough this month. Frequent arguments and clash of opinions between family members are likely to occupy a large part of the month. Jupiter is known to counter these effects, however, its position is weak and will only lower the damage done under the given circumstances, rather than avoid it completely. Patience & diplomacy will be your best assets in the given situation.

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