Pisces June Horoscope


June 2019 could turn out to be a challenging month for you. A serious concern could be your status or reputation. A position of trust could be violated & you need to remain cautious on that count.You might find some controversies from the past might be revisiting you & opposition to your ideas might build up.
Challenges in marriages as well as joint areas of life could be quite high during this month. These pressures & undercurrent of tensions will improve now. You might have some open hostilities after the 23rd June 2019 that could help move you towards a solution eventually.

Career will be in a growth phase & new opportunities could come in. You need to be careful not to get into a situation where youlose your position as such. Efforts at marketing and promotion will give you rich returns this month.New partnerships should be avoided in any case.Hostility in work environment will remain. You should be careful till the 22nd June 2019. Thereafter work area will improve.Team building efforts would be positive. You will be able lead effectively now. Team members might be unsteady in temperament. You should give them guidance & keep a close watch till the 27th June 2019.

Love life will be very exciting. Your sex appeal will be high & social life will be quite hectic. Chances of a new relationship would be high. Make the most of this period.Relationships will be average. Certain controversies could build up distances. Avoid any sort of verbal conflict this month.Marriage matters would be tough. Temperament of spouse could be difficult & tough. You need to understand & not let things affect you. Once you cross 27th June 2019, an improvement in marital matters would come about.

Money matters would be somewhat difficult. You need to avoid unnecessary debt. New investments in business should be avoided.Income will average this month & fluctuating somewhat.Investments would be average only. Avoid new investments. Family life will be below average. You might find certain distances & controversies. You need to be conservative now. Health might cause concerns too. You need to be cautious.

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