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Jupiter is state of luck, which will be very auspicious for you, and you will get success in your work. Your stalled work will also be completed. If you are going somewhere outside in the hilly areas, then there is a possibility of accident, so be careful. If you suddenly get angry on something, be careful to not lash out on others. There will be more interest in any research, and you will show it by doing something new. Interest in the work of religion will also remain and religious travels will also continue.

Responsibility for some new work may come; you will have to do all the work on time, due to which your financial condition will be even better. Do not take any decision in haste or by being over-enthusiastic, instead of following your mind at this time. It will be better if you take someone's opinion. If you want to travel abroad, there may be delay or interruption due to some reason, due to which work may also be interrupted.

In your field of work, do not delay any work; try to complete the work on time. If you want to start a new work in which you have to invest more, then it will be better if you wait till 16 Jan. A good deal can be signed, or an offer of a big position may also come. Whatever project you get from a foreign company, try to complete it on time, only then there will be economic benefits. The search for government jobs will be completed this month till 14 Jan; those who are already working, they will get good position and prestige. There will be a good rapport with the boss, and you will also get praise for your hard work will be there, due to which you will get your desired. After 14 Jan, be careful at your job front as there can be trouble due to Saturn transit with Sun.

Love & Marriage
The person you love may get a good offer related to some work this month. You should also support them for their good life, then only your love will be recognized properly. If you are going to express your love to someone, then do not wait for a positive answer. The desired answer will not come from 18 Jan onwards, so do not express your love now. Mutual tension may increase after the middle of the month.

Your married life will be better before 18 Jan. Due to being very busy at work, there will be some resentment in your partner for not giving them time. Life partner will need your support in their work, you should take care of their needs. You will also get full support from your in-laws and your life partner. You will spend a pleasant time with them and will also go for outings. There are also chances of some gains from the in-laws.

Money & Finance
You may have unnecessary expenses till 16 Jan, due to which there will be some mental trouble. Some expenditure may also be such, which will be beyond your comprehension. The money involved will be less and the expenditure will be more. If you are thinking of buying a property, do it till 18 Jan as you can get cheated. Deal very carefully. Do not invest in the stock market after 18 Jan. Money invested in some old place can come back. Do not think of taking a loan from 14 Jan onwards.

If you need money for work, then look for another way instead of taking loans as it might get you into debt. The totality of ancestral property remains intact. Financial support will also be available from any woman. You will also get some big gift from your in-laws' house which can be in the form of money or property.

Students & Children
Time will such that students will have to do hard work. If any subject has been chosen now, then there will be some tension about whether the right course has been chosen or not. You will get admission in your desired college. Your hard work and luck will support you, study hard and you will get a positive effect of hard work. There may be an argument with an old friend, due to which there will be some mental tension.

There will also be unnecessary expenses. You will have to prepare more for competitions or interview. There may be some reduction in hard work. Your behavior with children will be somewhat irritable. A complaint can also come from school; handle the matter very comfortably and patiently. This month, children may not understand some things at the right time, you should handle the matter in a very delicate way.

Family & Health
There will be harmony within your family from 16 Jan. But you may still face some mental problems. There may be some tension due to unnecessary expenses at home. If someone in the family gets some high position, a party can be organized in your house. There may be a religious journey with your parents and stay away from any kind of arguments with them.

Problems related to the stomach or liver can be a problem, do not be careless due to laziness and get any treatment done on time. Drive your vehicle carefully and be careful of heights as accident can happen.

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