PISCES April Horoscope


Your monthly horoscope is out, Pisces& organizing of work is what it asks for! You will be wise and see your creativity rise this month, especially after 20th April. Nonetheless, overexerting yourself can take a toll on your health. Take proper rest and be cautious. Money lending or borrowing may not be beneficial for you and can lead to setbacks. Thus, avoid it this month. Wellbeing of your mother & life partner seems to be affected and can cause concern. Economic spending is visible & saving of funds is given importance. Professional front does not appear too bright and difficulties may crawl in your path to success. Spiritual inclination can remain missing for most of the month. Short journeys for rejuvenation can be undertaken after 20th April. The entire month shows a sluggish term and will need patience and planning. Organize your work accordingly to avoid exertion or panic.

Career: Pisces, your monthly predictions for career imply a bumpy ride ahead. Professional stability seems to be largely missing. Professional relations with superiors may take a hit. Clashes and quarrels can occur, making the work front all the more uncomfortable. Coworkers will mostly be supportive and can prove to be beneficial, particularly after 20th April. A relocation or job change may not be of much help & might not bring any benefit. A rise in pay is not indicated. Stepping into new projects should be avoided. Business holders will most likely observe a similar term with lowered gains & profits. Business may not give fruitful returns. Partners & associates are also likely to fail to make a mark on the net profits.

Career Advice- Professionally; this may not be the best of times. Adjustments need to be made. Plan accordingly & avoid panic. Remain patient, as this is just a temporary phase. Avoid taking any risks this month.

Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast for love and marriage depict a rough period in April. Marital bond will remain uncordial mostly. You should approach with patience and diplomacy. Try to spend more time together. An aggressive approach can deteriorate conditions further & you should work hard on keeping a softer approach.
For singles, this term is not at all favorable & any attempts towards new affairs should be avoided. Clashes and arguments are likely & can lead to further loss of mental peace. Progeny prospects are shown with mixed results. Caution & rest should be taken. Avoid carelessness.

Money & Finance: The monthly readings for finances imply a decent term, though not too bright. Financial stability should prevail, yet economical spending is much needed this month. Avoid spending on professional front for now, as positive outcomes are less likely. After 14th April, you can expect your savings to rise considerably. Total profits for the month may only remain average. Investments and stock market trading should be completely avoided this month. Expenditures appear to stay under control. Flow of funds is likely to be lower than expectations, yet it should be decent.

Students & Children: The monthly indications for students & children highlight a period full of hurdles. Wellbeing of children is likely to remain under questionable conditions this month. Lack of peace will soon follow & their behavior may remain unpredictable. As the month progresses, they may develop a self-esteem which will be visible in their speech.

For students pursuing advanced education, a negative attitude towards studies is indicated. With distractions like lust & obsession clouding their thoughts, they are quite prone to develop feelings of mental chaos & solitude. Parental check and proper counseling will be needed. Academic results may remain average.

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope for family & health depicts a rough scenario in April. Your own wellbeing is likely to remain affected due to stomach ailments for the entire month. Be careful about your diet and consume only hygienic food. Yoga and regular exercise is advised.
Domestic front looks under stress this month. Clashes and quarrels are broadly indicated. Patience may lack within family members and matters can take an aggressive turn. Practice patience while dealing with family members. If needed, consult the elderly wise for peaceful resolution of any issues.
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