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You will spend your time with seniors, father, or reputed persons this month. Zodiac Lord, Jupiter, will help you to get praise for your performance. You should control your impatient nature, otherwise, you may face negative results after 15th June. This is a good period to change your career line, but, the first phase of Saade Sati may increase your obstacles. Your confidence and willpower will be good in this phase. Sun transit will try to maintain a peaceful mind that will help you in taking right decisions.

Your luck will be favorable this month. Your foreign connections in career will increase this month. You will take an interest in occult sciences. Avoid being in controversies and stay away from negative people. This is a good time to take interest in social activities and politics. You may be able to start a work which had stopped in the past.
You may take a major step in your career to get better results. Don’t switch your job without taking advice from seniors or experts. Be careful, as there might be misunderstandings with your business partner. Ex-employees may want to get back in your company, so give them a chance to work there. Avoid confusion with your business partner. Maintain a cordial relation with your competitors.

There will be delays in new proposals from an MNC Company. You may face delays in new connections regarding career. This is a good phase to change your job. Your senior will be in your favor and colleagues/co-workers will respect you. A govt. job may happen, but you may face delay in promotions and increments.

Love & Marriage
You will need to improve your relationship with your partner. Postpone any long drive, coffees, meetings, dinner, or spending romantic time together in this phase. Don’t get into love triangle and avoid taking interest in partner’s friend. You should give surprises and gifts to your partner to maintain your relationship. Your relationship will grow day by day. You may fall in love with your friend.

Married people may spend a pleasant time in the spouse’s company. Avoid ego, aggression, anger, and confusion with your partner. You spouse may get opportunities at their workplace.

Money & Finance
You should spend money in your business. This is a good phase for speculations. Don’t get confused while purchasing land or home. Be careful while lending and borrowing money. You will fulfil your desires with respect to money. You may buy a new vehicle. Be careful while dealing with finances and don’t lend money to anyone this month. Your income and living standard will increase. Your parents will support you financially. Avoid spending money on women.

Students & Children
Students should avoid distractions and focus on their studies to get good results. You will work harder than earlier. You may start a new course that is related to your career. Parents will support you in studies and you may join a new academic course. Don’t get into colleges for external issues. There is a chance of bodyache and injury, so, be careful.

Children should not waste money on purchasing clothes and other items. Avoid wasting time on internet and spending time with friends, otherwise, you may face bad results in exams. Take care of your eating/food habits to maintain your health.

Family & Health
You will spend a good and happy time with family. You may organize a small get together at home or you may organize a religious program with your parents. Your father may get new opportunities or a good position in his career. Take care of your sibling’s health after mid of June. Avoid outings with family in this phase. Spend happy time at home.
You should be careful about any past disease, if any. Avoid junk food to maintain your health. Take care of your liver and be careful about infections. Practice yoga and go for morning walks.

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