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Overview: The monthly horoscope of a Pisces moon sign indicates that the transit of retrograding mars on your zodiac sign will bring exciting experiences at your workplace. You will be blessed with new opportunities that will help you explore news skills and achievements in your professional life.
The 12th zodiac sign Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, and it is placed in the house of career. It implies that a new wave of changes will help you enhance your creative skills. It will help you think clearly about your professional goals and aspirations. You will be able to save more as the possibilities of earning money increase from various sources of income.

You will be sincere, hardworking, and responsible and put double the amount of effort into successful endeavors in your professional life. You will also get the benefit of gains from an unearned income this month. The transit of Venus in the 7th house in a debilitated sign till 17th November will incline you to spend more time and money on your hobbies and interests.

You may find a love companion this month and might be able to spend more time with her. The lord of luck and fortune Mars transits in the Pisces sign bringing you an abundance of luck to you after 14th November. However, do not rely too much on your good luck. You will need to continue to work hard for the betterment of your personal and professional life.
Refrain ego clashes and arguments with people around you, or it could lead to unwanted stress in your life this month. Investing money on the land, home, or property will not be a fruitful investment as Mercury is present in the 8th house of your horoscope. There will be several delays and obstacles in foreign traveling; however, be patient and do not lose hope in challenging times.
Be bold, confident though you will need to control your aggressive nature. Be considerate towards people’s sentiment, and be mindful of how you converse with people in your surroundings.

Career: Your horoscope concerning your career suggests that you will get good outcomes from your hard work in your professional life till 20th November. Try to keep a calm demeanor at work as envious people may try to bring down your image. You must continue to work on your professional goals without getting diverted due to office politics. Be honest and dedicated to your commitments, and do not stress unnecessarily about work. Taking too much stress could affect your professional life, resulting in poor outcomes. Pisces natives will get the opportunity to work on new deals in association with overseas clientele. It is also important that you must have the patience to bear the fruits of your hard labor.

Working on your patience will help you remain calm and avoid stress at work. You will frequently meet with prospective business opportunities, but you will progress slowly towards achieving desired results in your life. Avoid substantial changes in your working environment as the favor of luck is on the lower side.  
Due to a debilitated sun in the house of service or profession till 16th November, it could result in an inharmonious relationship with your boss or senior. Those expecting a salary hike or promotion may receive good news after 17th November. You will find a guide in your seniors who will help you enhance your skills.
Do not indulge yourself in office politics, even though your co-workers will be actively engaged in backbiting you. Pisces moon signs who are fresh out of college will get their first job this month. Traveling will increase, and you will be more new projects during the last few days of November.

Love & Marriage: The love horoscope for Pisces moon sign suggests that you are likely to fall in love this month. However, your prospective partner may not reciprocate your feelings as you anticipate. You may have to patiently wait for the lady luck to work its charm on your love life. People in a relationship may experience a difficult time during the first week of the month.
Understanding nature and being respectful to one another’s sentiments is the key to a successful relationship. Be vocal about your romantic feelings and emotions more often to incite romantic moments within the relationship. You may go for romantic evenings and spend quality time with your partner at his or her home in the festive season.

The marriage horoscope for Pisces moon signs warns of a difficult start to your month. You will need to more considerate towards your partner as the month would start with the difference of opinion and conflicts of ego with your spouse. There will be a state of confusion that could be ignited due to the involvement of your in-laws.
Try to forgive and forget the past experiences and move on in life with your partner, keeping an optimistic approach in life. Your marital life will see positive changes after 20th November. You are blessed with a spouse who dearly loves you and supports all your aspirations in life.

Money & Finance: The finance horoscope of a Pisces moon sign shows an unexpected windfall of unearned money after 14th November 2020. This month is quite favorable to you in terms of speculative activities for long term purposes. However, you should consult your seniors who can advise you better about how to maintain a steady financial life.

The monthly horoscope predicts your involvement in the disputable matter related to property. The period from 1st to 20th November is suitable for investment in real estate, however, after that avoid any kind of investment transaction to be on the safer side.

You must not take any kind of loan till 15th November to avoid unfavorable financial circumstances. Be aware of fraudulent activities or suspicious calls that concern your credit/debit card or ATMs.
Your father will support you after 15th November in terms of professional and personal endeavors. Fathers of the Pisces moon signs may get new opportunities and promotions or even get retired from their services after 15th November 2020.
There are indicative hints on additional expenses on your hobbies. However, Pisces moons must try to curb their irrational expenditures this month.

Students & Children: You will obtain commendable results in your exams as per the education horoscope of Pisces students. Children interested in games will receive exciting opportunities in their choice of sports.
An aggressive attitude with your friends will lead to an unwanted disturbing relationship. It is essential that you approach your friends with a calm and easy-going personality. Students seeking admission for higher studies will get through interesting offers.
Those who want to take up a student loan can apply this month as you have the favor of luck in your horoscope.  Do not be overconfident about your abilities, or try to be boastful. Avoid traveling unnecessarily as it could hamper your studies.

Parents shouldn’t worry about their children with Pisces moon signs as they will fare really well in their academic performances. However, their health may go through some low points which would need your immediate attention.
There could additional academic expenses in terms of study material for your children. Guide your kids in times when they feel confused or have undivided attention in all aspects of their life this month.

Family & Health: As per the family horoscope of a Pisces moon sign, your involvement in the religious functions and ceremony will keep you occupied on the domestic front. Expenditure in the form of investment in the family business can be foreseen from your monthly horoscope.
A rift in the relationship with your younger sibling can be avoided with a calm and patient mind. Trusting about your money with someone should carefully be considered. Keep in mind that when things can go awful between people when money transaction plays a role in the relationship.

There are a few celebratory functions within the family that will give you a chance to bond new ties and relations. However, the on and off disturbances in the family atmosphere may make you feel disturbed and constantly worry you. You will get the support of your parents’ right after the middle of the month about all your personal or professional desires.
You will need to watch your tone and language while conversing with the people around you at home. Put your best efforts into maintaining the decorum of the home environment. As per your health horoscope, Pisces moon signs will need to cautious.

People with stomach-related issues will need to be careful about eating out or not leading a healthy lifestyle. Pisces moon with blood-pressure health issues will need to be alert and keep a close eye on their fluctuating health. Regular exercise and yoga activities will help you lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle.  

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