Leo Boss

Leos are in general very proud and bossy. They want to become and be called unquestionably superior to the rest. No wonder, then, as a boss they can come across as very domineering and authoritative.

Leo boss has good organizational and planning skills. He can delegate responsibility really well. It is not unusual for him to have achieved many awards of recognition in his life, which he will boast off time and again to anyone and everyone. He is open to experimentation and implementation of fresh, daring ideas and strategies, which can be very beneficial for the growth of the company.

This Leo Boss Personality reading is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free!

Leo boss will be all ears to your original, creative ideas but will unlikely give you the credit for them. It is not that he is unappreciative of your ideas and talents. He just wants to make sure that you do not over-shine him and that he appears as superior and smarter in every possible way. This attitude can be frustrating at times.

Leos are fond of keeping their surroundings luxurious and glamorous. Leo boss keeps his office space well decorated with fine furniture and expensive, classy items. He would come to office dressed up in polished and elegant outfits. He will also notice what you wear to office and how well you keep your working area.

Leo boss would not mind giving you his best piece of advice and help on your personal matters. If you are one of his favorites, you will be at the receiving end of his limitless generosity.

How to impress a Leo Boss?

Leo boss likes employees who are good listeners. To continue to work with him peacefully for the long run, you should obey all his orders and also compliment him time and again.

What can make a Leo Boss angry?

Leo boss does not like any kind of opposition. They seek out-and-out obedience from their employees. Do not show direct disapproval of his ideas even if you feel he is going wrong. If need be, put forward your point very tactfully such that it doesn’t attack his vanity. You may also like Career Analysis Reading. It is an intuitive Vedic analysis to understand how your career would shape up in the coming years. 

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