Leo Health Horoscope

Leo are steady and sturdy, both on a mental and physical level. You possess long face with solid bones and beautiful bright eyes. You are sociable; love to be the apple of others’ eyes. You enjoy being the focal of attention, and love showing off your talents to others. Your egocentric temperament sometimes drives people away, however, giving and generous nature is enough for others to open up space in their heart for you. You are very enthusiastic, not one of those who take a back seat. You like to have an opinion and know how to make it heard.  Sun (the ruling planet of Leo) governs heart and bones. Heart is connected with warm emotions and generosity, the qualities that Leos display.  Due to high bone strength, Leos often excel at physical activities such as dance and athletics. However, if Sun is ill placed or if there are adverse planetary positions, Leos face many health disorders, detailed analysis of which is given below.

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Leo & Love for Food

Leos cherish the finest things in life, especially when it comes to indulging their taste buds. If it is food, you prefer the most expensive ingredients, the best china, and the finest wine in luminous crystal glasses. You are a gourmand, which often leads you to obesity, indigestion, high blood pressure, and heart problems. Too much of good living can bring about these health issues, thus you should avoid over-indulgence at all costs.

The wholeHEARTed care

Sun rules the heart, thus if afflicted, heart health becomes one of the major concerns. Leos have to avoid greasy food, smoking, watching too much TV, diet sodas, alcohol, and so on. Keep your weight on check, and do not ignore the warning signs such as snoring, day sleepiness and depression. You are quite active and enthusiastic towards work assigned to you, thus often suffer from muscle pain and nerve exertion. Upper back and area around the heart is often prone to pain. You often feel your heartbeat tapping in your head. The expression “one’s heart is in mouth” definitely originated with you in mind.

Health Hurdles for Leo

Leo are generally known for their longevity as they are under the strong influence of Sun, which is characterized by growth, vitality, strength and good health. Generally, Leos do not get sick but if Sun is afflicted, there are certain health issues that you may have to face. Being ruled by Sun, Leos are vulnerable to ailments corresponding to bones, stomach, skin, and most importantly heart. You must slow down in later years of life in order to protect yourself against heart attacks. You are often subject to bone related problems such as Osteoporosis (bone loss), joint problems, and Rickets, which is caused by deficit of Vitamin D, the main source of which is sunlight. A weak Sun in the natal chart is likely to cause frequent high fever and mental illnesses.

Activities and Lifestyle Changes for Leo

Due to overeating, your waistline may be expanding and you are likely to have slow to average metabolic rate. You should avoid fatty food items, as they are not positive for your heart and looks. If exercising is not you cup of tea, you could involve yourself in activities that help you channelize your energy like playing with kids or fundraising, as these give you emotional boost and help burn off excess calories.

Leo Diet

If a weak sun is causing low energy levels, you could spend a lazy afternoon in the sun to take in Vitamin D. To absorb it better, you need to take calcium and magnesium. Cheese, dairy products, green vegetables, and sardines are all good sources of Calcium while Cocoa, sunflower seeds, nuts, and pumpkin abound in magnesium. If you are not a fan of dairy products, you could also include cod liver oil, fish, egg, pork, and mushrooms in your diet. Vitamin K also helps your body absorb Vitamin D, and sources are basil, spinach, scallions, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard greens, parsley, and so on.
If bad placement of Sun is causing health concerns, getting your chart read by a learned astrologer is the best bet as each horoscope has planetary alignments unique to it. A horoscope reading helps to get a preview of your overall well being in present and future.

Health Profile / Medical Astrology is another useful reading, you may like to read.

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