Horoscope Reading
Detailed Horoscope Reading

An indepth study of your birth chart will predict your future in great detail. This will not just give you peace of mind by removing the elements of uncertainty from your future, but will also help you prepare ahead of the low periods and leverage the good phases in the coming years. more

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Detailed Life Reading

Detailed Life Reading is a comprehensive, in depth and a very detailed life reading available. It offers your 'complete life account' & a very descriptive analysis of your birth chart. more

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Composite Astrology Reading

It scans your life & provides visibility for the next 20 years. It may throw up some unexpected or life changing events and paints the 'Big Picture' for you. This is the most detailed and significant astrology report you could ask for.

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Starting a key event on a Vedic Muhurtha has the ‘destiny changing’ powers. A Vedic Astrologer can come up with the auspicious timing of starting an event, ensuring the outcome and success of the event. more

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Urgent Questions

Your urgent questions are answered on a priority by our Vedic Experts. Take this popular service for peace of mind on your pressing issues.

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Specific Matter Consultation

Specific Matters Consultation Services has been devised for such personal problems for which you want to seek an immediate solution but do not know how to resolve them. Vedic Astrology can provide answers to each & every of your pressing issues. more

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Unknown Birth Time!

Our expert Vedic Astrologer can reverse engineer your Birth Time by calculating on the basis of the date of the occurrences of 5 specific event in your life. It will give you precise time of your birth. more

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Varshphal - Annual Birthday Horoscope

Varshphal or the analysis of your life for the next 12 months starting from your Birth date is important & significant for planning your next one year.And this reading can foretell how your year is going to be!

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Yoga & Raj Yoga Analysis

This report will decode all the Yogas, the planetary combinations forming in your birth chart, bestowing you with special benefits and the timing of their manifestation.

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