Indianastrology2000 Platinum Care

When the same astrologer expert looks at your birth chart every time, you get the benefit of continuity, personal care & a very high level of accuracy in the advice. This is the philosophy behind our Platinum care service. Once you become a part of the platinum service, you have the entire range of services at your disposal and a single dedicated Indianastrology2000 astrologer certified as one of the best in India.

The Platinum service has at it core a very thorough approach for every new member that upgrades as below:
  1. Birthtime Rectification & Precision Services - Firstly, we carry out a rectification of your time of birth. This is done by obtaining 5 specific events of your life and working backwards by reverse engineering the timing so that we get your birth chart that is absolutely accurate & reliable for predictions.
  2. Vedic Scan - A thorough initial scan of your horoscope to understand the areas that need to be strengthened.

Once we have crossed these two steps, you would be ready to experience the Platinum Service and be at the core of Indianastrology2000 services.

Platinum Care Benefits:

  • Highest priority in response to your consultations, queries & requests.
  • Your consultation opportunity by email, phone or web chat as per your choice.
  • Your Horoscope for the day ( personalized ) to help you plan your day - by email / watsapp as per your wish
  • Special 15% discount on all other services you order.

You can choose from a Limited Platinum &
Unlimited Platinum service:

Limited - $39 /Rs.2145 set up fee + $29 /Rs.1750 for the first month & $29/Rs.1750 billed on a recurring basis every month on the same day of the order.
This would cover one consultation every month.
  • Unlimited - $39 /Rs.2145 set up fee + $49 /Rs.2950 for the first month & $49/Rs.2950 billed on a recurring basis every month on the same day of order.
    This would cover as many consultation as you require during a month
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to use Indianastrology2000 Platinum Care

    STEP 1

    After you place the order for Platinum Care, you will receive an email link on your registered email id. The link opens into Platinum Care Page on which you can start using the services


    STEP 2

    Next, fill & submit important events of your life to help us use Birth Time rectification process & reverse engineer your exact time of birth to the last few minutes and place request for your Vedic Scan which will identify any gaps or low strength areas in your horoscope that need to be fortified using Vedic Techniques


    STEP 3

    Click on Activate Daily Horoscope to get this service started for you


    STEP 4

    A Personal Vedic astrologer will be assigned to prepare these two reports for you


    STEP 5

    After you receive your birthtime rectification & Vedic Scan reports, you are ready to request Consultation with your personal astrologer. You can choose from the options provided.