Privacy Policy

We, at understand the need for privacy for our members and are fully committed to protect their personal information. We take all possible steps to ensure that transactions at are absolutely secure. Below are the details of our privacy policy.

Members’ Information

When a user signs up with in order to avail our free and paid services, they are required to submit information such as name, gender, birth information, e-mail ID, password, etc. This information is utmost important to us to create their horoscopes and provide personalized readings to them. The e-mail ID and password so submitted by them are used to protect their personal profile on the site. This in turn helps us serve them with personalized astrology services. We do not disclose, share or misuse our members’ personal information.

We honour the privacy of our members and clients at all times.

The data from our members is used to deliver free & personalized reports and services and to improve their experience on our website. We use the data to deliver the occasional astrological email notifications to members based on their consent for the same. We do not, as a matter of policy, disclose the personal information or the data with us to any third party.

Use of cookies

When user browses our website, we are likely to store some of this information in the form of cookies on their computers. This is done with the purpose of customizing their experience on our site. It gives them an improved and personalized usage of the content and delivers them the content that is relevant to their interest for all their future visits to our website. We would also save passwords, so the clients don’t have to re-enter it every time they visit the site. However, the users have the option to set their browser to notify when a cookie is dropped and accordingly they can decide whether to accept it or not. It must be kept in mind that the best experience on our site that offers personalized and customized content is enabled when cookies are accepted.

Use of e-mail address

The members’ email ids that are submitted by them for receiving our services and reports are all safe with We never disclose them to a third party. All email notifications, products, services ordered by them are sent exclusively by to their email ids.

Security does not collect any payment information. This is solely handled by our payment gateway partners. It is hereby understood that we have put in place, and are committed to follow the standard technical procedural methods to protect our members’ personal information from any unauthorized access. Still, it must be fully understood that neither nor any other website can fully eliminate such risks.


Should the members have any doubt or query regarding our privacy policy or the procedure to deal with us, they can contact us at

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