Astrological Remedies is a specialized branch of Vedic Astrology that serves up the dual purpose of decoding the issues / problems/ events which are likely to have negative impact on life’s certain aspects like - marriage, health, money, business, career and then provides the Astrological way-outs, also known as Remedies as they are popularly known as, to help alleviate those problems.

Astrological Remedies

Feeling stressed, under pressure due to financial, career & business problems or have a marital discord? Lack of energy and health issues. All these and more could be the result of malefic planets or the week planets in your birth chart . Get Pt. Onkar Nath to scan your Chart and prescribe practical remedies to better your life situation.

Vedic Mantra

Vedic Mantra is a powerful tool in our hand to achieve higher inner strength and peace. It in turn lead to more focus and well being

Astrological Remedies & Yantra

Yantras is a mystical diagram used as a plaque and is put in use in combination with Tantra. Yantra is recommended when the person in question is unable to follow other forms of remedies due to distance, some ill health etc.

Gemstone Report

Besides being used for their Remedial powers, Gemstones are known to be the harbinger / or the change agents for good times. They bring in good luck & fortune to the user. That is the reason they are immensely popular nowadays.

Astrological Remedies & Tantra

Tantras are used only when Mantras do not work and cannot work to lessen the problems caused by the malefic planet sitting at a certain position in your horoscope.

Live Chat with Pt. Onkar Nath

Specific issues which are a cause of your sleepless nights can be resolved by setting up a live chat session or a phone call appointment with Pt. Onkar Nath

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