Career Astrology
2018 Career Horoscope

  • Get to know how your career will progress in 2018.
  • Plan your career moves as per the favorable movement of planets in your birth chart
  • Explore the wisest next steps you should take on your career path

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Career Consultation with Pt. Onkar Nath

  • Keen to make a change to your career - talk to our Vedic astrologer
  • One-to-one chat with our astrology expert
  • A personal discussion wherein you can discuss career related problems & get astrological solutions

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Career Scan Report

Career Scan predicts how you would do in your career in the next one year. Using principles of Vedic Astrology and modern predictive tools, our expert Vedic astrologer will study your horoscope to find out how your career will shape up in the forthcoming year.


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Vedic Astrology uses zillions of combinations to study various aspects of life. It is a well developed science that studies and analyzes meticulous calculations in a horoscope.


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Career Analysis Report

  • Are you confused about choosing a suitable career?
  • Find out what professions fit your personality
  • Identify career interests and get ready to define career pathways

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Career Transit Reading

  • Predicts the favorable and unfavorable timings
  • Foresee and overcome the challenges in work or profession
  • Provides remedies to doshas affecting other areas of your life

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Career Planner Report

  • Career Horoscope for success & better earnings
  • Find answers to ‘what’s my suitable profession’ and ‘when will I get a job’
  • Know how you can be successful & achieve great heights in your career

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Finacial Status & Wealth Combination

The Financial Status & Wealth Combination Report is a very detailed report that can help predict  your wealth accumulation potential.


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Business Partnership Analysis Report

If you are into a partnership business or forging a new partnership, Business Partnership Analysis Report can help foresee the future of such a partnership & its resultant effect on business.


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Career Cartography Reading

  • Need a little career direction?
  • Need help navigating your career?
  • Identify the location, direction or the place which can produce amazing results and can alter your destiny

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