Significance of Mars Retrogression

Mars is a hot and an aggressive planet. When it starts retrograding that is moving backward, it gets more powerful and gives out results which are highly pronounced and felt strongly. Retrograding Mars is very significant from the point of view of sudden and unexpected changes we feel in our life. Mars retrogrades once in every 2 years for 70 to 80 days approximately. This period is therefore important and we must understand what to expect then. Though Mars is not a planet that gives too many chances. Mars gives and takes away all of a sudden! This is where we help our patrons through the pages of Spotting trends ahead of time and issuing them to you is what we continue to aim at and endeavor to do. Currently, Mars is transiting closer to earth.  

What to expect now, as Mars gets closest to earth!

This year, Mars had started retrograding from April 17 in the sign of Scorpio. A retrograding Mars is like an aggressive child, full of energy, aggression and fire ready to go off-hand, the moment the mother blinks her eyes. That’s because the retrograding Mars is high-energy planet that makes the effects even more explosive and changeable. And now Mars would be more so as it would remain in the company of Saturn in the sign of Scorpio, with whom it is not friendly with. All of these celestial events point to a time period which will be anything but dull. Expect a complete action-packed phase more so as Mars is getting closer to earth. Around 30th May 2016, it can sighted with naked eyes from earth. It is the only time when the Mars is the closest to planet earth. No wonder that the extreme power and energy of Mars is reflected in our life in form of extreme changes we will experience now. The presence of Saturn actually increases the propensity of retrograding Mars to do more harm. This is no time to start off things afresh. But it would be in our best interest to keep our temper in control and keep a check on our words as it may lead to unnecessary controversies at work and strain the relationships. Such influences would have very strong effect on your destiny also. A high energy Mars could bring a meteoric rise and substantial power and progress if Mars is in a favorable position for you. Mars in a difficult position brings sudden setbacks, hurdles & an extremely challenging period. The learning you could take away for this period would be to avoid taking any sudden decisions or unnecessary aggression, as the setbacks suffered during this period are though avoidable but are totally irreversible.

Why go for a Horoscope Reading?

You would need to understand the effects of this sudden and unreliable transit to sail through it with least harm and at the same time to capture any opportunity it throws open to maximize your gains before it gets missed.

We would be preparing Mars Retrogression report which would study the effects of retrogression on your life. You can expect the following from this report:
  • Results & possible changes expected due to the placement of Mars
  • The combined effects due to Saturn with Mars.
  • How to leverage this phenomenon for significant professional growth at this time & the tips to avoid taking any wrong decisions & suffer setbacks in personal life & career.
  • Specific days & remedies to help you protect from any errors during this tough & uncertain time ahead.

Mars Retrogression Report

Mars Retrogression Report

USD 39 / Rs.2145

Mars Retrogression Report with dates

Mars Retrogression Report with dates

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