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2018 Comprehensive Horoscope prepared under the guidance of Pt. Onkar Nath will be a 'personal guide’ to the events expected in the next 12 months of your life. This report prepared on your date, time & place of birth, will predict the events & occurrences in areas of Career & Profession, Love & Marriage, Romance, Health, Family Life & Spouse; Finances & Monetary gains.

Indianastrology2000.com has been following the tradition of bringing out the annual predictions since the year 2001. Pt. Onkar Nath who has been practicing Vedic astrology consultation, has served over 2 million patrons already with his detailed astrology solutions & prediction.

How & why your life will change?

Life is impacted by the transit of planets and their aspects on your birth chart. You would experience the results of transit of Jupiter in Libra from September 2017 till October 2018, after which the Guru Planet Jupiter would move in Scorpio. The time after Jupiter's move to Libra could vary as per the changed configuration of the planets in each one's horoscope. Mars would retrograde during the mid months of 2018. A planet is said to retrograde when it starts moving backwards in the heavens. In Vedic astrology, retrograde planet is a sign of strength, producing very strong results. Earlier, Saturn had made a strong move into Sagittarius on 26th January 2017, which had affected the financial status of individuals majorly.  2018 Comprehensive  Horoscope, as prepared under the guidance of Pt. Onkar Nath will take into account the effect of these planetary transits & combinations with your Moon Sign, rising sign, nakshatra and dasas in casting your comprehensive Horoscope for 2018.

This report will be a guide for the next 12 months, as it will unlock the key facets of your life ahead. You can count on this report to know the important events of your life including timing of marriage/ relationship; purchasing of vehicle, property, making investments, foreign travels, if applicable in the coming 12 months.

You can expect the following features from this personal report for you:
  • An overview of the next 12 months.
  • Detailed analysis of the next one year
  • Love & Romance trends
  • Marriage Prospects & Marital Life trends 
  • Career & Money trends
  • Health pattern in 2018

2018 Comprehensive Horoscope

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