Saturn Transit 2020 For Pisces

Pisces is the twelfth sign of all the zodiac signs and is ruled by the most benevolent planet Jupiter. The Saturn transit in Capricorn will commence from 24th January and will take place in the Eleventh House (House of Income) from the natal moon for the Pisces moon sign. Saturn will stay here for the coming two and a half year and the transit will end on 29th April 2022.  During this transit, your level of confidence will rise and will help you face the difficult problems and challenges coming your way during this period.

Saturn will be in retrogression from 11th May to 29th September 2020. The presence of Saturn in the Eleventh House which stands for financial gains, friend circle, social media, and elder siblings will be strongly affected during this Saturn transit in Capricorn for the Pisces moon sign in 2020.

Saturn Transit in the Eleventh House and Its Results

Though Saturn and Jupiter share a neutral relationship between them, still Saturn will never forget its duties and hardships as it is the hard taskmaster. So Saturn will be unbiased with Jupiter and will treat Pisces moon sign similar to the rest of the signs where in order to get good fruits or results, you need to work hard with patience and perseverance.

Since Saturn is the natural malefic planet and according to the Vedic astrology, if any malefic planet transit in the Eleventh House of a moon sign then it is considered to bring good and positive new for that particular zodiac sign.

Therefore, this Saturn transit in Capricorn will be a  good transit for you (Pisces moon sign) as a malefic planet in the Eleventh House is said to give you courage to fight the adversities of life and will keep you strong enough to face them head-on.

Though there will be some bad effects of the Saturn transit that you will have to face during this period. As Saturn will be placed in your Eleventh House, it will shrink your friend circle during this period and if you are not careful in your verbal communication, you may lose your good friends as well.

The financial gains and growth will be on the slower ebb during this time and nothing will seem to work in order to make things work faster than the given pace of gains and growth.

You may feel distant from your siblings as well due to a communication gap between you two. So the Saturn is asking you to try and avoid any sort of argument with your sibling and sort out any differences and misunderstanding created during to the lack of communication between you two.

Pisces moon sign will get financial benefit and business from foreign land during this Saturn transit. But you will have to be patient and work really hard to achieve it as things may take time. Saturn is known to delay the results but has never denied it to anyone. You will be awarded good results and outputs as per your efforts once the transit of Saturn in Capricorn ends in 2020.

This is a good transit period for the professionals who are working independently or as freelancers. You may feel disconnected from society and social interaction during this time. The presence of Saturn in the Eleventh House from Pisces Moon Sign will result in slowing down your regular source of income. Just in case your regular income is directly related to Government then there are high possibilities that you will have to face hurdles for receiving the same. But if the position of Saturn is good in your natal chart then this Saturn transit will favor you to get new sources of income and project from Government easily.

Effects of Saturn Transit 2020 for Personality, Health, and Wisdom

Saturn is placed in the Eleventh House (House of Income) and will influence the First House (House of Ascendant, Personality or Character) for the Pisces moon sign during this Saturn transit in Capricorn sign. During this period of time, Saturn will limit your though process by narrowing your thinking prohibiting you from looking at the bigger picture. Yu negotiation skills will also suffer and settle for things less than what you deserve.

Apart from this drawback, this transit will provide you the capabilities to introspect and analyze things, situations and people around you and how do they create an impact on your life. But Saturn is asking you to be patient and take wise and logical decisions in life so as to not lose good friends in this process.

So Saturn is asking you to be wise while making decisions and analyzing things. Do not over-analyze things that may cost your good and healthy relationship with those who genuinely care for you.

Effects of Saturn Transit 2020 for Intelligence, Love and Romance, and Children 

During the Saturn transit in Capricorn in 2020, Saturn will be placed in the Eleventh House and will be aspecting the Fifth House (House of Intelligence, Study or education, Love, and Gains) for the Pisces moon sign. This transit may bring some bad news on the personal front for you as your relationship with your children may feel distant and there are possibilities of a misunderstanding of communication gap to crop up between you two.

Those in love will get into unrequited clashes and conflicts with their lovers and will have a tough time clearing the misunderstanding that might have entered from nowhere. So Saturn is asking you to be patient and wait for the Saturn transit to be over. Once this period is gone, things will get back to normal and you will be able to build a stronger bond than before. Try and avoid taking any strong decision related to your relationship during this period of time.

If you have a business or work overseas then you will feel the desired recognition to be missing from the scene. But Saturn is watching all and is asking you to have patience as recognition will come to you at the end of the Saturn transit in Capricorn period in the Eleventh House.

Just in case that you are planning to conceive this year then Saturn is asking you to calmly wait for your good time with patience and to try after the Saturn’s transit period will be over. In case that you’re pregnant then be cautious during this Saturn transit especially from 11th May to 29th September 2020 when Saturn is going retrograde. Also, be careful from 30th March to 30th June and take special care of your pregnancy during the specified period.

Effects of Saturn Transit 2020 for Sudden Wealth, Sudden Gain, and Health Issues 

In 2020, Saturn will be placed in the Eleventh House and will be aspecting the Eighth House (House of Age, Unexpected Gains, Gains in Ancestral Properties, Result of Previous Life’s Karma) for the Pisces moon sign during the Saturn transit in Capricorn sign.

Any prolonger disease of the past will resurface during this period of Saturn transit. Your savings will be used mostly for health-related issues.

This Saturn transit period is not a good time to invest money in any of the speculative activities such as share market, stock, gambling and the likes of it.

Your interest in occult science will rise drastically during this period of time and you will have a strong inclination towards meditation, Yoga, mountain trekking and other adventure sports which will become your new point of interest during this period of time. But the fulfillment of the same will be possible or not depends upon the placement of Saturn in your natal chart or birth horoscope.

Saturn is asking you to take care of your health in order to keep extra expenses on health in check. It is also asking you to be extra careful in your money-related matters and avoid investing any money during this Saturn transit as your money will be a lost affair if invested during this period of time.


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