Saturn Transit 2020 For Scorpio

Scorpio moon sign is ruled by Mars who is renowned as the Fighter or the Commander-In-Chief. It is said that Mars has the power to fight against the adversity along with the in-depth insight to see hidden things. Scorpio moon sign is known to have a hidden zone within them which has almost all the secrets are known and well preserved within their physical exterior. You are a fixed sign and are determined to do what you plan. Ruled by the fiery planet Mars gives you the wildest combination that helps in bringing the drastic transformation in your life.

In 2020, Saturn will transit in the Capricorn sign from 24th January 2020 to 29th April 2022 as Saturn takes around two and a half years to move into another sign during a transit. From 11th May to 29th September 2020, Saturn will remain in retrograde (directed or moving backward) motion.

Saturn Transit in the Third House and Its Results

In 2020 Saturn is going to give you courage as it is transiting in the Third House (House of Siblings, gallantry, and Travels). Saturn riles communication, self-effort, courage, homeland, Mother, happiness from home and short distance traveling.

As Saturn is placed in the Third House of the Scorpio moon sign, it shows extreme hard work in the coming two and half years and during this period, you will feel the need to work hard strongly especially from 11th May to 29th September 2020 when Saturn will be in retrogression. This will cause or build a feeling of agitation or frustration in you and will force you to put in more effort and hard work and push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

2020 Saturn Transit Results for Scorpio Moon Sign: Controlling Your Feelings and Speech Will Go A Long Way

30th March to 30th June 2020 is not a favorable period for you as you may get into a conflict and you will also be harsh and rude in your verbal communication. This will take a heavy toll on your finances as you may incur huge monetary losses during this period of time. This period will also make you have conflicts with your children. Love life will remain dry and disturbed and you will not be able to live up to the expectations of your lover.

Saturn is asking you to avoid arguing with your kids during this transit of Saturn especially when Saturn in retrograde period. It is also asking you to avoid getting into a new relationship or proposing your lover during the retrograde period of Saturn transit.

Sudden short distance traveling or overseas traveling will become the reason for your mental stress and anxiety.

During this period, you will get interested in reading religious scriptures and will have a strong inclination for religion and spirituality. Your Father or Guru (Teacher) will also help you work on your religious journey and those who have not found a teacher or guide yet will soon find them during this period of Saturn transit.

Among all the Nine Planets, 3 planets have special aspects. These three planets are Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. And in 2020, Saturn is going to influence with its 3 aspects in the life of the Scorpio moon sign. Aspects mainly represent the desires of the planet and to know what Saturn desires for your Scorpio moon sign, you need to keep reading ahead.

Effects of Saturn Transit 2020 for Intelligence, recognition, Children, and Romance

During the Saturn transit in Capricorn in 2020, Saturn is placed in the Third House and will be influencing the Fifth House (House of Intelligence, Study or Education, Love, and Gains). The Fifth House is also known as the Mantra Bhava in Vedic astrology as well. So Saturn’s aspect is asking you to put in extra effort in love and romance. You need to push your limits and make sure that you live up to the expectations of your partner.

There are high chances that you may face problems and issues related to the education and upbringing for your children (if you have any and this may become a reason for your ever-growing mental pressure and stress.

If you are going for an interview or are waiting for recognition at your workplace, Saturn is asking you to sit back with patience as good things come to those who wait. You need to work hard to get that interview cracked or appreciated by your boss in your work. Let your results hard work and perseverance speak for you. Saturn is also asking you to stay calm and work things out between your lover and you and wait for the Saturn transit to be over as things will automatically fall into place. Your children will also need your special attention and support during this time; do not fail to provide the same to them.

Effects of Saturn Transit 2020 for Boss, Senior, Higher Education, Foreign Travel and Settlement

In 2020, Saturn is placed in the Third House and will be aspecting the Ninth House (House of Fortune) for the Scorpio moon sign. During this period, your relationship with your Boss will be extremely fragile, so Saturn is asking you to be extremely cautious and avoid getting into an argument or disagreement with your boss otherwise the resulting consequences do not look good or in your favor at all.

Your Father’s health needs your attention during this Saturn transit. You may also experience a communication gap between your father and you as he would probably not listen to any of your pieces of advice during this time even if it is in his favor. So, Saturn is asking you to work with patience with him and talk politely and gently are known make him understand your point. It is time for you to devote your time to his health and care.

Your luck will also feel not very favorable for you and would not work as well as you want it to be during this period of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Scorpio moon sign.

Effects of Saturn Transit 2020 for Unplanned Expenses and Mediation

Saturn is laved in the Third House and is influencing the Twelfth House (House of Spirituality, Expenses and Overseas Travels) for the Scorpio moon sign. During this period, there are high chances of unplanned foreign travels for you. You might have to face a delay in case you are planning to study at a foreign university. There will be expenses incurred at a hospital-related to your Father during this period of time. Therefore, Saturn wants you to be extremely calm and patient during this period and handle the critical situations wisely. Things will soon turn around once the Saturn transit is over.

If you want to build or buy a house then your dream might just come true. But you need to wait until the Saturn retrogression period is over as things may not be fruitful if planned earlier or during the time when Saturn is retrograde.

Saturn is asking you to be calm your mind and then make decisions in life. Practicing Yoga or meditation will be helpful for you to ease down your hyperactive and tensed mind and will also enhance your decision-making skills to make wise decisions.


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