Rahu in 9th House

Rahu in 9th House: Usual Effects

This placement inclines you towards religion. You practise religious activities with deep interest and may even engage in activities to enhance your knowledge in this field. You may even spread and preach the immense knowledge that you have and, as a religious preacher, you may earn immense popularity and fame.

This house is associated with travels and journeys; governs your religious deeds and cross-cultural relations that impact your life; your wisdom and moral values; your philanthropic endeavours and connections with your spiritual mentors; and also gives an idea about your philosophical inclinations and inclination towards learning and education. It reflects your desires for soul-searching and knowing your inner self. This houses also gives an idea about your relationship with your father.

Rahu in this house may bring you good fortune and luck; with fortune well supporting your actions and leading to success in all aspects. Your luck will support you with financial gains; there will be many opportunities for journeys to foreign land, which will offer you opportunities to explore the cross-cultural aspects of religion and, thus, enhance your knowledge. This position blesses you with abundance in finances and accumulated wealth. There will be an attraction to earn and accumulate property; materialistic pleasures will draw you and you may spend considerably for your comforts.

Philosophical studies will be your forte - you may pursue higher education or research in this field and it will bring you immense success, including good grades or rewards. You will gather a fan following because of your knowledge and the way you articulate it.

Positive Rahu in 9th House

It brings you several fruitful travels that benefit you financially, mentally and professionally; improves your relationship with your father; you may even take your father’s suggestions to advance in life. For you, religion will be a way of life. You may have deep religious connections.

Negative Rahu in 9th House

It may at times deviate you from your path. Will make you pursue religious deeds for your personal gains. However, you may get frustrated when you may not be able to get good results as you are not prepared for this. There may be some misunderstanding with your father at times, which will resolve soon. There may be some challenges vis-à-vis children.

A few notable sign placements for Rahu in 9th House

  • Rahu Taurus: It blesses you with immense wealth and financial gains; amplifies your secret sources of income; gets you sudden profits, especially from foreign deals; holds prospects of working in an MNC or in a foreign land that be good for you professionally.
  • Rahu Scorpio: It steers you towards a career in occult sciences or some secret service; gives you profound skills related to handling secrets or things of secretive nature (e.g., documents, information, etc.); adds a mystery to your personality.

Some common Yoga positions with Rahu in 9th House

  • Shankachood Kalsarpa Yoga: It is formed when Rahu is in the 9th house, Ketu is in the 3rd house and all planets are in the grip of the Rahu-Ketu axis. It will create a stressful relationship with your parents, especially your father, and may deprive you of their love and affection. It will make you courageous and you will be able to take risks.
  • Guru Chandal Yoga: It is formed when Rahu combines with Jupiter, bringing many obstacles in life, including difficulties to complete tasks. It may also make you indulge in abusing your position for drawing gains. It is said that this yoga carries the curse of your mentor or guru.
  • Grahan Yoga: When Sun or Moon combines with Rahu, this yoga is formed. When formed with Sun, it causes troubles related to the Government, e.g., you may face some losses in government projects or may get involved in litigation. When formed with Moon, it causes mental stress and agony.

A few famous people with Rahu in 9th House

  • APJ Abdul Kalam (Former President of India): He was born and raised in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. His father was a boat owner and the imam of a local mosque; and his mother was a housewife. His ancestors were wealthy Marakayar traders and landowners. However, the family lost most of its fortunes by the 1920s and was poverty-stricken by the time Kalam was born. Rahu in 9th house played a big role in his life as he grew up to study physics and aerospace engineering; and came to be known as the Missile Man of India. He was an Indian aerospace scientist who served as the 11th President of India during 2002-2007.
  • Charlie Chaplin (English Comic & Filmmaker): He is regarded as one of the most universal icons of cinema, worldwide. His parents were from the entertainment industry - father a vocalist and actor; mother an actress and singer, reputed for her work in the light opera field. When his father died before he turned ten and subsequently his mother fell ill, it became necessary for him and his brother to fend for themselves. Rahu in the 9th house of his horoscope played a big role in his meteoric rise as he became immortal in the entertainment industry with his depictions like ‘The Tramp’ and films like ‘The Gold Rush’, ‘The Great Dictator’, ‘City Lights’, etc.

Some other notable people with 9th House Rahu

  • Agatha Christie (English Writer)
  • Megan Fox (American Actor)
  • Manoj Bajpayee (Indian Actor)
  • Dilip Kumar (Indian Actor)
  • Saif Ali Khan (Indian Actor)
  • Varun Dhawan (Indian Actor)

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