Aries Woman

The Aries woman in marriage makes a very strong, zealous and even somewhat bossy wife. She is an independent, go-getter individual who doesn’t need a man to support her dreams and ambitions. Her ruling planet Mars lends her great energy and enthusiasm to take charge of her own life.

You must expect her to behave like anything but a damsel in distress seeking your help. She knows how to get things done herself in her own smart way. She doesn’t appreciate an overly dominating husband, but would also get bored if someone is too submissive and passive.

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Aries wife will be career oriented, and her profession will remain important for her even after marriage. Don’t expect her to sit at home all day long waiting for you to have dinner with her. The Aries woman in relationship or marriage might appear self-seeking sometimes, but it’s just that she demands total equality in love. She will believe in your dreams and ambitions, and would want you to believe in hers.

It is a typical Aries nature to be over-idealistic about her husband and her marriage. She is very direct about what she wants and what she thinks. Love and romance will be an important part of marriage and relationship for her, and this is one of those very few areas, where she will not mind you taking the lead. Aries woman in bed

Deep down inside, the Aries woman in bed wants her partner to control her fantasies and consume her in a strong masculine force. She may not be very open about this. However, if their partner is a bit shy or nervous in expression, she would happily and readily take control. In fact, Aries women are one of those very few ladies you will meet who won’t mind making the first move in romance or giving a proposal for marriage.

Qualities you will love in your Aries Woman:

The Aries woman in love is extremely loyal and has no tolerance for infidelity. She can handle strongest of passions, excitements and temptations. She is strong and forceful, but not devoid of sentimentality and idealism. Life would be anything but dull with an Aries love partner.

Traits you wish your Aries Woman never had:

The Aries love nature is to get very jealous, demanding and possessive for you. Once hurt, it would seem to take an eternity to please her and get her interest back. She can be violent, charged up and very fierce during arguments and fights.

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