2018 Transit Effects on Sagittarius

The effect of planets on key areas of life varies as per their nature and placement in your birth chart. The planets are in constant motion making important and noticeable changes whenever they transit the important areas of life. Following is the effect of 2018 transit of key planets on Sagittarius Moon Sign.

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Saturn is transiting in Sagittarius throughout 2018. It will increase your responsibilities and maturity. You would adapt serious approach towards life. However, there might be some issues in career and family life. You may not get immediate results from work. Lack of confidence may urge you to seek help in decision-making. It will be a good idea to discuss things with elders and learn to stand strong in life.


Jupiter, the destiny-changing planet is transiting in Libra till the last quarter of 2018, resulting in wonderful financial gains over the coming time. Jupiter is moving in your 11th house of income and gains hereby forming Dhana Yoga, the money generating combination. The transit will bring success and prosperity in your life. Your dealings and monetary decisions would bring profits. The transit also has a positive impact on your married life and progeny prospects. Marital life will be full of peace and harmony. Grace of Jupiter will afford success in competition and education too. However, your mother’s health may suffer so pay attention.

Jupiter will transit in Scorpio after 11th October, Sagittarius. This move may increase your expenses mainly on personal and religious matters. Mother would have a fortunate time ahead and may develop deeper interest in spirituality. You may also indulge in donations or investments in charitable causes. On the family front, expenses on luxuries and comforts will escalate. There will be harmony among family members. However, expect some minor issues, which will be resolved peacefully.


Mars transit seems to bring mixed results for you, Sagittarius. The beginning of the year will bring good financial gains. However, period from 17th January until 7th March is likely to increase your spending habits leading to messy financial condition. On the positive hand, this year, you might indulge in some investments and donations too. Mars will bless you with power and strength. You will be able to overcome your enemies but this may also cause some harm to you. From 7th March onwards until 2nd May, a formation of Raja Yoga in your birth chart will bring fame, name and wealth in life. Period until 6th November promises material comforts with enough resources, power, and money at hand. The transit is also fruitful for children in terms of growth and performance. They might bring a smile and proud feeling with their achievements in the last few months.


Rahu transit in 2018 will bring sudden gains from pension, insurance and gratuity in your kitty, Sagittarius. However, you might feel disappointed and restricted in the path of success. Expect hurdles and dejection, which may cause you, worries. Take care of your mother’s health. There is a need to make some compromises on the family front as some disputes may occur between family members. On the positive note, you will be able to manage your expenses well.


Ketu is making a transit in 2nd house from your natal Moon, Sagittarius. This move may decrease your accumulated wealth. There will be some expenses on comforts and wasteful things. You will act smart in your speech, which may affect someone’s emotions negatively. On the other hand, you are likely to suppress your enemies and opponents this year. There might be some brewing problems at work but you will manage them well. Those in business may have a good time rather than those in job.


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