2018 Career Horoscope for Aquarius

2018 will bring mixed results for your career, Aquarius. There might be some challenges at work place in the beginning of the year but soon, things will improve. You may make some expenses on career for betterment. However, there is a need to keep a check on expenses. Your approach towards career will be serious this year. Cosmos are bestowing you with confidence and willpower. Positively, the period from 17thJanuary to 7th March 2018 will increase your self-esteem and faith in self. Nobody will be able to shake you from getting desired work prospects.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign, the zodiac where Moon was placed at the time of birth. Unsure of your Moon Sign, find it out instantly.

Due to the grace of Jupiter, destiny seems favorable. In this period, you will grow your religious outlook and faith in divine power. The cash inflow would also remain satisfactory throughout the year. Infact, period from 2nd May 2018 to 6th November 2018 might bring deals from foreign land for you. In terms of taking up new responsibilities, it would be better to take up after 11thOctober. It is not advisable to burden yourself during this period.

Your career will kiss the face of success mainly after 11th October. You might get a promotion and a salary hike too. However, be careful in this period as Ketu transit in 12th house may cause some legal complications and loss of money. That said, you would be unafraid of anyone due to Rahu transiting your 6th house. On the other hand, work pressure is likely to remain high until 11th October. Thereafter, some relief and peace is there. Your performance will be satisfactory. If you are in politics, you will have beneficial results.

Your rapport with co-workers is likely to remain harmonious. However, your temper issues and mood swings may create some tiff especially after 11th October. You may have some unpleasant heated conversations at work. Unfortunately, relationship with boss is not very cordial. Your aggression will agitate superiors too. The cosmic energy behind quarrels and disputes is the effects of Rahu transit.

There might be some worries and misfortunate events in business. You might face hurdles, loss, dejection, and struggle. The year is not a good period for undertaking new business prospects else, you may face disappointments. However, your determination level towards business may give you opportunities to expand limits. All you need is hard work and efficiency. You will take up a disciplined and systematic path to grow in business.
If planning to invest, there would be good returns and gains throughout the year. Especially, period before October is favorable. As per Aquarius 2018 Horoscope, prosperity through investments is indicated.

The year will end while the process of improving career will be in continuation. Your usage of harsh speech and rude words at work place might land you in trouble. Otherwise, career and financial prospects seems good.

The year will conclude on a positive note, Aquarius. Career will improve greatly. You will use wisdom and knowledge in your working, which will help you grow further.


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