2018 Career Horoscope for Sagittarius

2018 seems promising in terms of career, Sagittarius. The initial months are wonderful as per your Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope. You will be confident and determined throughout the year but your state of mind is likely to be under pressure due to workload. However, you should not behave impulsively in work matters. On a positive note, a one-month period starting from 16th August will bring favorable results for you. The period is suitable to crack big deals, agreements, and contracts as you can expect fruitful results.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign, the zodiac where Moon was placed at the time of birth. Unsure of your Moon Sign, find it out instantly.

If planning to invest, period from 1st September until 11th October will bring good returns in investments. There will be financial gains and other benefits too. However, do not invest blindly and try to take up proper analysis and research plan before investing your money. That said, health demands attention, Sagittarius. It would be best to avoid making commitments, which you cannot keep. Do not take responsibilities and strain yourself due to work pressure.

On the other hand, your rapport with co-workers will be cordial until 11th October. You will help each other in the time of crises and need. There will be mutual understanding and sharing habits among all. However, ill effects of Saturn and Ketu will disturb your relation with boss. Boss will not be satisfied with you as per his expectations. However, with the passing time, betterment towards each other is likely to prevail.

As far as job sector is concerned, difficulties are likely to be there. You may receive some opportunities from abroad but it will not be smooth, as Saturn will continue to affect professional prospects. It might become difficult to cope up with the problems. However, being a disciplined person, you will plan and then implement your strategy. This would help you eventually. You have a great sense of responsibility and for you, career is your priority. This will help you overcome your problems. Also, you might need to work hard, even over-time.
Period from 19th September to 6th October is likely to see some expansion, advancement and progress for business man. You may plan to expand your business.You are likely to get success and reputation in foreign travels.Your business may have influence in foreign countries. However, period from 3rd March until 9th May could bring losses and disappointments in business matters. Inability to take logical decisions could give you some deteriorating results or loss of money. There is a need to do proper analysis before taking any important decision regarding business interest.

The year would end with mixed results. Saturn and Ketu aspect might give some difficulties in career throughout the year though. However, the lows will be temporary. There will be equal amount of gains and success during this year.

The year would conclude on an average note. There might be some disputes with superiors, which could frustrate you. However, you will see improvement once you control your temper.


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