Aquarius 2019 Marriage Horoscope

New year 2019 continues to bring love, peace, good health and success in your life, dear Aquarius.

Overview: Aquarius 2019 Marriage Horoscope

New opportunities are coming your way that will favour love, happiness and endless smiles in your life.  The big day for your family may soon arrive as your son or daughter gets into the sacred bond of marriage. You will spend quality time with your family and build new experiences together.

Astrology Predictions: Aquarius 2019 Marriage Horoscope

The 2019 Aquarius Marriage Horoscope predicts the year full of travel opportunities for you which will expand your social circle. You will achieve more success as a couple, so push yourself and your partner to do more. Your hardwork will finally be rewarded and you will manifest a life of abundance.
Saturn will transit in Sagittarius sign in your horoscope and remain in the Venus nakshatra throughout the year. Venus being the significator of marriage will promote loving relationships and strengthen your bond of marriage.
You will encounter changes in your life from March 2019. Conflicts with spouse may arise, however, do not forget that marriage is lived best when you’re not trying to balance the scales. Go ahead and fight it out with the goal to understand each other better in the midst of disagreement. It’s time to re-evaluate your lives, discard the negatives and take on new habits which will make life more enjoyable and less stressful.
After May 2019 till September 2019, you may face some blank walls in your life which will make you angry and impatient. It may lead to disagreements and unnecessary fights with your spouse. Storm will get over soon as tough times don’t last. It is advisable to keep a positive attitude to lead happier, healthier life. Some disputes or differences of opinions may occur between you and your kids. Plan a family vacation to strengthen your relation with children and develop a better understanding.
Singles born with Aquarius moon sign may not be very serious about marriage or in a mood to commit soon.  Something better will come your way if you’re open to it. Change is important as it opens us up to new environments.  But if you do have plans to exchange vows, then the months of April, May and August are perfect for marriage related matters.
According to Vedic Astrology, marriages generally are avoided during the period of Venus combustion. In 2019, Venus will be in combust state from 10 July to 20 September.

Important Dates: Aquarius 2019 Marriage Horoscope

30 January to 24 February – Perfect time to finalize the marriage – lovers get ready to exchange rings and singles your marriage will be arranged by parents or relatives.
25 February to 22 March – Love is in the air, cherish your relation with more colour, happiness and strength.
23 March to 16 April – Chances of marriage being fixed by parents; and the time is best for court marriages.
17 April to 10 May – Favourable period for boys to get married. Married couples may get involved into extra marital affair; thus control your craving for or indulgence in sexual pleasure.
11 May to 4 June – Singles will get engaged and marriage will get fixed through relatives.
5 June to 29 June – You will be focused on finding the perfect partner for marriage and family members will approve your choices.
30 June – 25 July – Love marriage is in the cards, especially for people pursuing higher studies (Masters).
26 July – 16 August – Unfavourable period for married couples. You may struggle for happiness. Set yourself free and focus on the profound possibilities that await your attention. Live beyond the petty life issues that steal your happiness.
17 August to 10 September – Love birds get ready to enter the sacred bond of marriage and that too after getting parents approval.
11 September to 4 October – Time is unfavourble for all as it will be full of disturbances and conflicting situations. Singles may break engagement, lovers will end their relationship and married couples may get separated.
5 October to 28 October – Keep your temper in check; don’t say something you'll later regret. Keeping your during stressful situations, and let elders handle the marriage matters.
29 October to 21 November – You may get into a short-term love affair in your office; however, relationship will not result in marriage.
22 November to 31 December - Auspicious period for marriage. It is advisable to get married following social traditions and values. Keep a check on expenses by controlling marriage budget.
Overall, the year will bring a light to guide your path towards a positive destination in love and further bless you with all the things you wish.


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