Aquarius Travel Horoscope 2020

For the Aquarius Moon Sign, the year 2020 will be a good year as it will provide you the opportunity to travel to some very interesting places including overseas traveling, pilgrimages, and even hospitals. According to Aquarius 2020 Travel Horoscope, this year with giving you the chance to travel with your loved ones (your lover or family) along with your colleagues or people associated with your political line of work. Being born under an airy sign, as Aquarius Moon Sign native, you are considered to be intelligent. You have a gift or a knack of making new friends pretty conveniently and have smooth communications with people. You are known to be humanitarian in nature and are good judge of characters as well.

This year will be a good one for you especially in the field of good financial gains via traveling. This year, an interview for job will also be a reason good enough for you to travel a lot.

Mars, Saturn, and Sun will be the major role players in your travel stories in 2020 and will be the catalyst for how the story will unfold at various periods throughout the year.

Apart from the above-mentioned planets, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu are going to play a major role in your travel affairs as well and will help you know how your travel journeys will be.

The Major Ruling Planets That Influence Travel of Aquarius Moon Sign

Saturn: The planet of philosophy, logic and renunciation Saturn will be placed in the Twelfth House (House of Spirituality, Expenses and Overseas Travels) for the Aquarius Moon Sign 24th January 2020 onwards. Ergo, you will experience relocation from your native place to some other location including abroad which will open new life experiences and new opportunities.

Jupiter: the presence of Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, knowledge, and happiness will be posited in the Eleventh House (House of Income) for the Aquarius Moon Sign. As a result, Jupiter will bring joy and happiness for you, especially from short distance traveling. In 2020, with the presence of Jupiter in your birth chart or natal chart, you will experience a good amount of daily comfort while traveling and will be showered by the blessings of Jupiter as well.

Ketu: the shadow planet Ketu will also be positioned in your Eleventh House (House of Income) until 23rd September 2020. Consequently, it will be responsible for the unplanned travel or journey you will go on in 2020. It will also endow you with the opportunities to go to some religious places and pilgrimages in order to be able to reconnect with your religious or spiritual roots.  

Rahu: Until 23rd September 2020, the shadow planet Rahu will be placed in your Fifth House (House of Intelligence, Study or Education, Love, and Gains) for the Aquarius Moon Sign. Post this date, it will move into your Fourth House (House of Family Relationship and Property Matters). As a result of this transit of Rahu, you will get the chance of relocating to foreign location far away from your native place related to your line of work (job, political matter or business).

Favorable Period for Travel for Aquarius Moon Sign in 2020

The conjugation of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars in the Twelfth House (House of Spirituality, Expenses and Overseas Travels) is going to be good news for you according to the 2020 Aquarius Travel Horoscope especially from March to June 2020. Ergo, you will be able to visit new and interesting places in 2020. Spiritual and religious places and pilgrimages will also be a point of attraction for you. Apart from them, sudden overseas traveling can be foreseen for you as well in 2020.

In the year 2020, the shadow planet Rahu which co-rules the Aquarius Moon Sign will grace you with the opportunity to move to a foreign country for settlement in the first half of the year.

The Saturn transit will also be helpful in fulfilling your dreams to settle or travel overseas in 2020.

The exaltation of Mars commencing from 22nd March to 4th May 2020 is a blessing in disguise for you if you are an Aquarius Moon Sign. You will remain successful in your job or cracking a good deal for your work or business. It will also give you the chance of traveling for your work or business in 2020. These trips and travels will prove beneficial for your career or business growth and will bring positive outcomes.

From 13th April to 14th May 2020, the King of all the planets Sun will remain exalted. As a result of this, you will experience joy and happiness from homebound travels. It will also give you the chance to meet with your seniors while opening chances of your success and growth in your business connected to traveling.

2020 will be the year that will let you spend some good quality time with your siblings and reconnect with them which otherwise seems impossible in the mundane life. You will plan a trip to visit various new destinations during 2020 and will create memories to last a lifetime.

The transit of Mars in the Third House (House of Siblings, Gallantry and Travels) for Aquarius Moon Sign commencing from 16th August to 4th October 2020 will bring multiple travels and journeys that will prove beneficial for your professional growth and success.

Time Periods to Avoid for Traveling for Aquarius Moon Sign in 2020

The movement of Saturn from the Eleventh House (House of Income) to the Twelfth House (House of Spirituality, Expenses and Overseas Travels) for the Aquarius Moon Sign native from 23rd September 2020 could disturb your work-life balance. You can come under a lot of work pressure this year. There are strong chances that your place of residence will also change during this year and will also face many health-related issues. With all the above-mentioned reasons you will be traveling extensively throughout the year.

In 2020, you need to be extra vigilant while driving or traveling anywhere at all as Rahu co-rules your Moon Sign (Aquarius)

For the Aquarius Moon Sign, you will have to be patient and remain calm since you are destined to face some challenges and obstacles while settling down abroad or if you are planning a trip overseas. This will happen because of the transit of Saturn that will take place for you in 2020.

Try and abstain from making important decisions while traveling when Jupiter is moving in retrogression commencing from 14th May to 13th September 2020.

Jupiter will cause delays in your financial growth and gain and will also be the culprit for your poor health condition during this period of time.

It will be for the best if you refrained from making any essential or crucial deals or abstained from responding to some important e-mails during the following Mercury periods:

  • From 17th February to 10th March 2020 when Mercury will remain retrograde for the Aquarius Moon Sign.
  • From 7th April to 25th May 2020 when Mercury gets debilitated for the Aquarius Moon Sign.


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