Cancer 2018 Career Horoscope

Career progress seems to be your New Year resolution, Cancer! 2018 will start with a new energy and fresh strategies. The period up to 17th January is particularly promising when you could expect to be heard and respected at work. Your energy level and enthusiasm would reach peak in the beginning of 2018 and you will not be afraid of taking up new challenges. This fearless attitude would definitely help you on the work front as indicates Cancer 2018 horoscope career.
This forecast is based on Moon Sign, the sign where Moon was transiting at the time of birth. If you are unsure of your Moon Sign, you can find it out instantly.
 Jupiter is transiting favorably for you Cancer and the period up to 11th October is highly positive in terms of professional success. Chances of promotion and salary hike are strong this year. Career stability is indicated and you may continue working for your current employer.
For detailed effects of the movement of Jupiter, you could check out  Jupiter Transit.
While your individual growth would be satisfactory, you may have some issues when it comes to working as a team. There would be periods when you could run into disputes and arguments with colleagues, creating a disharmonious atmosphere at work. Try to deal with these situations calmly. Boss would likely be on your side so there is nothing to worry as far as job security is concerned.
Thankfully, due to the blessings of Jupiter, your luck quotient in career matters will be high. There won’t be much burden at work and you will handle your daily responsibilities without any trouble. To top it all, planets have infused a sense of sincerity and ability to complete your tasks in a timely fashion.
While you have the competence, it can’t take you too far without confidence. This is why it is important to know your high-confidence periods. May to November is a good period to take the lead or start new initiatives. Your abilities, confidence and determination level would be great during this period so make the most of it!

But at the same time, the end of the year may not offer much in terms of career growth so expect to close the year with more efforts and less rewards. The period after September however is quite promising if you are involved in a creative job. Government jobholders need to be more cautiousn after 17th October as some disappointments could come up.
Enemies/opponents/competitors will keep trying to drag you down this year but you seem to have a way to control them. You have what it takes to achieve success. Your courage and valor will help you work harder than ever so do not be afraid to take up new responsibilities and projects at work. You’ll find a way! However, do not indulge in new projects after October or there could be some losses or disappointments ahead.

For businesspersons, the year will start on an average note  but eventually, after 9th May, things will take a turn for the better. May and October are particularly high-growth periods.  In fact, the period from April 20 to May 14 is also favorable for new investments that may render profit. Overall, 2018 seems to be positive for you in career matters  with some ups and downs.  
The year will end on a good note with luck favoring you. However, some expense related to work is indicated too. For jobholders, some dissatisfaction is in the cards as the year ends.
You could request a personalized 2018 Career & Financial Fortune  horoscope to get the detailed trends in career.


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