Cancer Travel Horoscope 2020

The year 2020 will bring mixed results for the Cancer Moon Sign related to your traveling affairs according to Cancer 2020 Travel Horoscope. Matters related to health and other legal issues will throw all sorts of challenges at you this year. As a result, you will have to travel extensively in order to find a solution for them respectively. As Cancer Moon Sign native, you are extremely sensitive and highly possessive about your family. You are blessed with a fertile imagination which is mostly hindered by your emotional side. Being the owner of high mood swings makes you highly unpredictive in nature. This is because you are ruled by Moon as your ascendant lord which waxes and wanes from time to time; similar to your moods. You are fond of traveling and love to travel to new places and know about them firsthand. You have a fondness to water and hence love to travel more often to place with some water body around it.

The presence of Saturn in your Seventh House (House of Marriage and Business) will be the pretext behind your long journeys including overseas in case you are associated with a business or research-based work.

Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars are the main planets that will decide the fate of your travel experience in 2020.

2020 will be a good year for you to spend ti4me with your friends and siblings. You will also go to various tourist places with them and have a gala time where you will make unforgettable lifetime memories.

The Major Ruling Planets That Influence Travel of Cancer Moon Sign

Jupiter: In 2020, the planet of wisdom and knowledge Jupiter will be placed in the Sixth House (House of Debt, Health, Diseases, and Enemy) and is accompanied by the shadow planet Ketu for the Cancer Moon Sign. Therefore, as a result, you will experience numerous out of the blue and unplanned trips this year especially those related to your job or business. You will also get an opportunity to visit your maternal family in 2020 which will be a decent experience for you.

Since Jupiter is placed in the Sixth House which the House of diseases; it means that Jupiter will make you travel to various place in relation to your help as well and all the trips will be sudden since Ketu is accompanying Jupiter.

Since Jupiter is a spiritual planet as well, it will ignite your inner spirituality and will encourage you to visit some of the renowned pilgrimages and will also inspire you to pursue your higher studies further.

Mercury: The planet of communication Mercury will be placed in your Ninth House (House of Fortune) for the Cancer Moon Sign in 2020. This means that you will have to face some challenging traveling experiences this year which may lead to some losses while traveling in deals related to your work or may not reach its final verdict and get stuck in negotiations. The transit of Mercury in your Twelfth House (House of Spirituality, Expenses and Overseas Travels) will also be the driving force behind your work or business-related travel stories.

Favorable Period for Travel for Cancer Moon Sign in 2020

Saturn, the planet of logic, philosophy and renunciation will move into the Seventh House (House of Marriage and Business) for the Cancer Moon Sign in 2020. That being the case, Saturn will bring unexpected and unplanned trips to walk into your life which will have its connection with your job or business in 2020.

The planet of wealth and luxury Venus will remain exalted commencing from 3rd February to 29th February 2020 and will be the bearer of good and positive news for the Cancer Moon Sign this year. It will make sure you spend some good quality time with your friends and go on a trip together to create some unforgettable lifelong memories of your travel stories together.

From 13th April to 14th May 2020, Sun will remain exalted for the Cancer Moon Sign. Thus, traveling will become the core reason for you, especially from your trip back to your homeland which will provide you the opportunity to spend time with your family members.

This exaltation of Sun will also be the medium for your good financial gains related to your work or business travels especially during the month of April 2020.

During the months from March to June, Jupiter will encourage you to get connected to your religious and spiritual roots and will inspire you to visit some of the famous pilgrimages in 2020.

During the month from March to June 2020, Jupiter will also make you travel in order to pursue your higher education in various places.

The transit of the planet of communication, intellect, and reasoning Mercury will take place in the Twelfth House (House of Spirituality, Expenses and Overseas Travels) commencing from 25th May to 2nd August 2020 will bring traveling for you related to your job or business or your career-related matters.

The exaltation of Mercury from 2nd September to 22nd September 2020 assures good gains from traveling for the Cancer Moon Sign. This exaltation will also bring a good work-related deal fall in your lap as a bonus for traveling during this period of time.

During the exaltation period of Mercury, you will be the catalyst for attracting good financial gain via traveling and outings with your siblings during this period of time.

Throughout the time of the Mercury exaltation period, it is sure shot that you will be benefitted from long term financial gains via short-distance journeys or travel as well for the Cancer Moon Sign.

The shadow planet Rahu will be posited in the Twelfth House (House of Spirituality, Expenses and Overseas Travels) for the Cancer Moon Sign until 23rd September 2020. As a result, it will help you settle down at a foreign location. It also supports you with your plans to travel overseas. 

During the months of November and December, 2020 will be culpable for travel related to political works. During these months you will formulate a plan and go on a trip with your children (if you have kids) or your lover (if you are in a relationship).

In the Sixth House (House of Debt, Health, and Enemy), the planet of philosophy Jupiter will be placed in the company of Ketu for the Cancer Moon Sign. As a result of this combination of planets, you will go on impromptu work or business trips and also on a trip to go and visit your maternal family.

Time Periods to Avoid for Traveling for Cancer Moon Sign in 2020

It is extremely crucial for you to be cautious while driving or traveling until 24th January 2020 with Saturn being the culprit behind the high chances for your ugly accident during the mentioned time period of time.

From 17th February to 10th March 2020, Mercury will remain retrograde for the Cancer Moon Sign. that being so, it is essential for you to abstain from taking any important decisions while you are traveling during this retrograde period as the results may not come in your favor during this period of time.

Mercury will transit in the Ninth House (House of Fortune) starting from 7th April to 25th May 2020. During this period, Mercury will be in its debilitated phase which will result in bringing some obstacles and challenges in your travel affairs that may lead to some losses during the travel or for your business or work-related deals that is or would be in the final stage of confirmation.

Jupiter will be the reason you will have to travel related to your health-related matters during 2020. Therefore, be vigilant and alert about your health and lead a healthy and active lifestyle in order to avoid any health-related complications.

Ketu will be responsible for various unplanned and last moment trips to a different destination that may remain heavy on your pocket and unnecessary as well.


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