Gemini 2018 Career Horoscope

Gemini, your career ride may start off a bit bumpier this year, but eventually, it will pick up pace as indicates the Gemini 2018 horoscope career . Some hurdles and disappointments will be there in the beginning months, but the good thing is, you will keep going strong no matter what.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign, the sign where Moon was transiting at the time of birth. If you are unsure of your Moon Sign, you can find it out instantly.

Many cosmic movements will happen in the coming year, forming unique combinations in your career house. These planetary changes will bring some high-growth periods in the year ahead, when you could harness the positive cosmic energy to maximize career growth. Jupiter transit is one such planetary move, as Jupiter moves from Libra to Scorpio towards the end of the year.

However, once Jupiter moves into Scorpio after 11th October 2018, it will bring many professional opportunities your way but you will have to work harder to make the best use of the prospects that come along. You may also score a promotion if things go as planned. The last quarter of 2018 would be quite eventful for you, with possibilities of relocation or transfer too. You could also initiate new projects or take up new responsibilities after October.

On the other hand, the beginning of 2018 is the time to exercise caution. Rahu might create a lot of confusion, illusions and misunderstandings, which could affect your performance and success quotient.

Positively, you will share a cordial bond with colleagues at large. There will be both high and low periods in terms of relationship with colleagues. On the other hand, seniors may not favor you much this year. It seems you will have to work a bit harder to mark your impression on them. Work pressure would also remain on the higher side, especially if you are employed in private sector. You may long for some rest and relaxation but piles of files on your desk may not let you do it. Expect to feel burdened this year.

If you are a government jobholder, mid March to mid April and mid September to mid October are two high opportunity periods for you. On the other hand, the month of August may not fare well for those involved in creative areas.

While you would be mostly hard working, your physical state may be poor at times. This might affect your level of productivity at work. It will be a good idea to work at par with your capabilities. Taking pressure would only worsen the situation so don’t have too much on your plate.

From beginning of March to April end will be a key period when you will feel all confident and enthusiastic to get things done. Schedule any important launches or meetings around this time when your energy level is super high and there is a sense of determination towards work.

Businesspersons should exercise caution in their dealings during March to mid of May. Profit possibilities will touch new heights after September 19th, especially until October 6.

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When it comes to making investments, the first three months of the year are more promising, along with the period from May 2 to November 6.

Overall, 2018 seems to be a positive and favorable time to explore your passions and new opportunities in career, especially towards the end of the year.


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