Gemini 2019 Marriage Horoscope

Are you ready to take next steps in your love-life? If yes; then the New Year 2019 will be highly significant for marriage especially for those born with Gemini as their moon sign. It is the perfect time to meet the partner of your choice and getting married to your lover.  

Overview: Gemini 2019 Marriage Horoscope

Gemini Marriage Horoscope 2019 brings you the opportunities to find a love connection and meet the right person. And this right person will be exactly what you have been looking for and could be your life-long partner. Time may not be as smooth for the married couples though. Maintain balance in your relationship - respect and understand each other, keep patience, listen more and forgive more. If you are planning a family, it is advisable to hold up your plans to start a family.

Astrology Predictions: Gemini 2019 Marriage Horoscope

A beautiful combination in making is there as Saturn transits the seventh house of marriage in the Venus (the lord of Love). The year predicts ‘marriage on the cards’ as Saturn will be positioned in Venus nakshatra for quite a long time. You will get married to your lover or your desirable match. You may find your lover and get into a happy, healthy relationship with him/her.
Further, as Jupiter transits your sixth house (the house of struggle) in Scorpio, this may create some problems in the life of married couples. So, be thoughtful - talk about your feelings, control your anger and avoid arguments or your marriage might break down.

Important Dates:  Gemini 2019 Marriage Horoscope

  • 2nd January to 29th January – Auspicious time to tie the knot. In case you are married or in a love relationship, maintain harmony by encouraging and supporting each other as this will help your relationship grow.
  • 30th January to 24th February – The most favourable period for love and marriage for Gemini. Love birds set stage to be hooked for life and singles get ready to meet your desirable match.
  • 1th May to 4th June – Not only marriage is on the cards but luck is also in your favour. You will receive many marriage proposals and get engaged to the partner of your choice.
  • 30th June to 24th July – It’s the perfect time to introduce your lover or soulmate to your family members. If single, better to do a reference check and assess if the man / woman is marriage-worthy before getting hooked.
  • 25th July to 16th August – Favourable time to start a new relationship or a married life.
  • 5th October to 28th October – Best time to propose your girlfriend or boyfriend for marriage as love relationships will turn into marriage.
  • 23rd November to 15th December – The time when great things can happen. As Venus transits the 7th house of marriage, it’s time to get together and celebrate the idea of togetherness.
Overall, 2019 seems to be a fateful year for natives born with Gemini as their moon sign. Singles get ready to mingle and go on a nostalgic journey as your mind throws you instances from your life. And, those who are married feel gratified and sail through the tides high and low and through happiness big and small.


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