Importance of ancient Vedic Astrology in the contemporary world

Vedic Astrology is the ancient system of predictive astrology that originated in Hindu culture and has garnered a lot of interest in the West too. It is a wondrous mean to get a grip of our life by predictions and interpretations. Astrology assists in finding one’s strong suits, weaknesses, temperament, characteristics, demeanor, and the best direction for key areas of life such as career, finance, and marriage. Thus, it is the greatest mean for one to save time and resources that could have been wasted over fruitless decisions and pursuits.

There is the reason why Vedic Astrology is called the ‘eye of the Vedas’. It is the driving force of one’s life and helps derive self-knowledge and truth. It’s a mirror of one’s inner and outer self. Without this, it is difficult to know which way to go. What rules our life essentially? It’s time. And Vedshastra Astrology as says Chakrapani Ullal is the “Science of Time”. Astrology thus is a storehouse of supreme secrets that common man has no knowledge of.  

Vedic Astrology is the science of celestial effects over human lives. It is the understanding of our connection with the universe, how it influences our behavior and future course of events. Each of the planets in the solar system transmits a certain radiation and energy. And these rays affect us both biologically as well as psychologically. These transient vibes are not obvious to the naked eye. Vedic Astrology helps understand their impact on us and gives useful insights into the personal affairs as well as the worldly matters such as natural calamities and issues of the nation states.

Vedic Astrology takes into account the procession of the equinoxes unlike Western Astrology. It follows the sidereal zodiac, which keeps Chitra as the fixed point of reference. While Earth revolves around Sun in a year and turns around every day, Earth’s axis itself also rotates and completes one circle in 26000 years. Due to this gradual shift, the vernal equinox moves westward of Sun’s path 1 degree every 72 years. Thus, the point of Aries in Western Astrology and the point of Aries in Vedic Astrology have shifted almost 24 degrees away from each other now, which is why there is a major difference in calculations. Since Vedic Astrology is based on solid scientific principles and planetary configurations, it is gaining more respect and interest over the past few years.

Astrology is not a way to change the future, nor does it claim how exactly things are going to happen. It only gives the positive and negative tendencies in a free horoscope based on planetary placement and the negative areas can be worked upon to mitigate the ill-effects. What’s predicted then can also be prevented. Vedic Astrology is life’s reaction to planetary movements. Due to its strong association with astronomy and close interpretations, Vedic Astrology is still considered as one of the most reliable astrology systems in the contemporary world. Its accuracy is not mere coincidence; but a correlation to the stars.


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