Leo 2018 Career Horoscope

Leo, you have the lion-like hunger for material progress this year. 2018 would start right, especially if you are running a business. Your intellect, logical approach and smart thinking would help attract success and make the right decisions at the right time. However, Leo 2018 horoscope shows more progressive trends towards the end of the year after 11th October 2018. The period after September shows good understanding and rapport with colleagues too. As far as your relationship with boss is concerned, the period between mid of March and 7th May demands caution. Work pressure would also remain under control this year.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign, the zodiac where Moon was placed at the time of birth. Unsure of your Moon Sign, find it out instantly.

 Your creativity and sense of innovation would get a boost. You would become an idea machine, especially during the period after April to mid of May 2018.  The way you effortlessly carry out tasks would impress those around you. Your work efficiency would be highly appreciated. For most of the year, your career stability would be extraordinary. However, your reputation at work may diminish during August so be careful in this month.

Leo, when you want something, you make every possible effort to get it. And this determined approach along with sincere efforts would be more rampant than ever now. Your abilities and reluctance to taste success would be noticed during mid of August to mid of September. That is your time to make a lasting impression. Your energy level would be envy-worthy most of the year and you would meet all your targets and deadlines on time. The period from mid of January to March indicates higher stamina, when your courage and energy would help improve your work abilities to a great extent.

As the year begins, luck would favor you a lot in career matters, especially until March 7. You would be able to sidestep the oddest of troubles during this period. And success would come easily to you, without any unyielding efforts from your end. March overall may not turn out to be a very progressive month as hurdles are indicated in career (for jobholders only). The most favorable times for your career progress this year include, mid of April to mid of May and September.

During the low periods, you might want to focus more towards execution of your business plans. Your annual targets may be difficult to achieve and the results may not be at par with your expectations. Despite best efforts, success would not come and your creativity may not materialize at its best. All that you need to get through the difficult times is patience and a better work strategy. The period after 11th October is favorable to enter in new ventures and dealings or to take on new responsibilities or projects under your supervision.

The period from 19th September to 6th October is very positive for gains in business and monetary rewards but March to mid of May is not a promising time in business matters as disappointments are indicated. In terms of investments, speculation is not advised. Safe investments could be considered from 10th to 25th March. Overall, 2018 seems more promising for Leo businesspersons that job holders. And the end of the year would give more growth opportunities as compared to the first few months.


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