Libra 2019 Marriage Horoscope

Overview: Libra 2019 Marriage Horoscope

The New Year 2019 is set to bring love and romance in the life of natives born with Libra as their Moon Sign. Singles will receive many marriage proposals; however, disputes and delays may occur due to dowry demands. It is advisable to avoid marriage proposals from a family with higher financial status than the bride’s family. Their demands can ruin the relationship & affect the mental health of the people involved and could lead to stress, anxiety, gloominess, etc. Time is favourable to plan foreign trips with your wife to strengthen the bond of marriage.

Astrology Predictions: Libra 2019 Marriage Horoscope

Let’s welcome Saturn to the house of new beginnings as the planet transit in Sagittarius sign in your horoscope throughout the year. Such planetary position boosts the prospects of marriage via matrimonial portals and helps you find the love of your life. You will also receive marriage proposals from close relatives and friends, and such proposal may manifest into marriage.

The 2019 Marriage Horoscope for Libra suggests the comprehensive evaluation of the horoscope of the desired life partner especially the characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Do get a compatibility check done for the potential life partners.

Aries, lorded by Mars, is in the seventh house of Libra. Life will be full of twists and turns, take it in positive way and make it worth living. From 24th March 2019, Ketu, the dragon’s tail will be in union with Saturn in the third house. Such a planetary conjunction incites a person to make hasty decisions which can have negative effects on your life. Analyze the things before taking any decision. Don’t rush into marriage or finalizing a marriage proposal as you may miss out a better match.

Ketu will aspect the seventh house of marriage from 23rd March 2019. This would result in disturbances in life of married couples. Disagreements and fights are inevitable, thus deal constructively with conflicts to maintain harmony in your relationship. Moreover, the position of the Jupiter can further cause disputes between married couples due to work related travelling. Stay calm and composed while dealing with crisis situations or it may result in separation. Hence, be careful of the Rahu-Ketu axis, do not let rumours and gossips ruin your peace of mind.
Further, Jupiter will conjoin Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius between 30th March and 24th April. This combination would bring many marriage prospects. However, consider your priorities before settling down as the period does not favours longevity of relationships.

Saturn will transit in third house in the Venus nakshatra; and aspect the fifth house of romance and twelfth house of travel. Venus - the significator of marriage - is your ascendant lord and will promote loving relationships. Budget your travel expenses to prevent financial panic in the future. However, the planetary positions in Libra horoscope do not favour second marriage as the relation will not last longer.  Saturn and Jupiter (the benefic planet for family and children) will together favour progeny in 2019.

Important Dates: Libra 2019 Marriage Horoscope

  • 1st January to 29th January – During this period you will receive marriage proposals from prospective grooms and brides of financially strong families.
  • 29th January to 24th February  – Get ready to exchange rings as your marriage may get finalized. New relationships are full of challenges, be careful and seek advice to take major decisions related to marriage matters.
  • 23rd March to 16th April – Favourable period for love to blossom, go ahead, and plan your romantic dates. Do not judge anything as this time is to understand each other.
  • 17th April to 10th May – Disputes may occur due to differences in opinion. Be patient and persistent to avoid confusions and delusions in your relationship – love or marriage. Things not handles well may result in break up or separation.
  • 11th May to 4th June – Best time period to search for the desirable match and send out the marriage proposals. It further favours love cum arrange marriage, so love birds fix a formal meeting for your families to take this relation forward.
  • 17th August to 10th September – Magic of love surrounds you, go with the flow.  Time to embrace all that life has to offer to achieve success in love. Married life will be fulfilling and satisfying.
  • 5th October to 28th October – Auspicious period to get married to your potential partner. Married couples manage your expenses as minor disputes can occur due to money matters.


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