Sagittarius 2019 Health Horoscope

Step into the New Year feeling refreshed, renewed and ready for anything. Start it up and end it up with healthy living.

Overview: Sagittarius 2019 Health Horoscope

Sagittarius Health Horoscope 2019 reveals that you will become more serious and alert about your health which will surely get reflected in your mental and physical well-being. Focus on specific exercise regimens for particular muscle groups but be careful not to strain your muscles. Avoid working overtime and stop taking undue stress on yourself, instead fill your mind with positive thoughts and breathe the fresh air to keep cool head and a calm mind. Do yoga and meditation to strengthen your physical well being and mental health. Avoid trans-fat and high cholesterol foods such as pastries, cookies, packaged and oily/fried foods.

Astrology Predictions: Sagittarius 2019 Health Horoscope

Jupiter, Venus and Mars are the key ruling planets for the Sagittarius moon sign that will influence the health in 2019. Jupiter the ascendant lord will be in the twelfth from his house, and aspect the sixth house (the house of disease).  Limit the consumption of soda, sweet tea, candy, cakes, cookies, and ice cream or you will get prone to weight gain, high cholesterol and even diabetes.

Venus the lord of sixth lord will conjoin Jupiter in the twelfth house. Mars the lord of twelfth house (the house of hospitality) will be in the fourth house. You health will be in good condition. Saturn will be in the first house and will conjunct Ketu in March. Relationship conflict and prolonged job-related stress may affect your physical health contributing to heart diseases and other correlated conditions. This often leads to erratic eating habits which results in weight problems and elevated cholesterol levels.

As Rahu will be placed in the seventh house, take special care of yourself for a happier mind and body. However, when Jupiter will get retrograde in 10 April to 11 August, take extra care and consult a doctor even for minor diseases as there is a tendency of developing bigger health problems. Sun will transit in sixth, eighth and twelfth in the month of May, July and November respectively. You immune system may get weaker because of smoking, alcohol, and poor nutrition.

Saturn will retrograde from 1 May to 19 September.  You will face health problems related to Arthritis – pain in joints, stiffness and swelling in joints, limping and locking of the joints. It is advisable to opt for ‘joint-friendly’ physical activities and occupational therapies. Mars will transit in the month of June. It is set to incite fluctuations in health condition, and you may be at higher risk of neurological disorders and heart diseases.  

Important Dates: Sagittarius 2019 Health Horoscope

10 April to 11 August – You will be mentally stressed which in turn will adversely affect your health.
22 June to 9 August - Sudden health disorders will trigger, and affect your heart, lungs and chest.
1 May to 19 September – It’s time to balance your mental and emotional wellness to overcome health issues and kick that sickness to the curb.
1 November to 31 November - Those with compromised immune systems may face serious health problems.

The Doctor of Last Resort

Overall, there is a greater chance of active and disease-free old age. Take deep breath, get enough sleep, think positive, eat healthy and exercise daily to enjoy a stress-free ending to one of the most opportunistic years you’ve ever experienced!


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