Taurus 2019 Career Horoscope

The New Year 2019 is an excellent time to try new things, get aggressive and lay the foundation for the next step in your career.

Overview: Taurus 2019 Career Horoscope

This year look at your career and set measurable goals that you can actually track and achieve. It is the time to build your network through professional and community affiliations. If you are a student, then the time is good to take the initial step toward a potentially challenging and fulfilling career in the legal profession. If you are fresher planning to run your own business, then setting up your wholesale business or starting a mining company will be the best options for you. There can be a sudden break in your career; do not give up and quit the job in hand or you may face hard luck in finding new job opportunities. However, you can switch the job before the month of March. Poor communication will tend to erode your relationships with colleagues at workplace and clients in business. You may have to face many tax hurdles; it is recommended to not invest money in foreign markets.

Astrology Predictions: Taurus 2019 Career Horoscope

Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are the key ruling planets for the Taurus moon sign that will influence your Taurus Career Horoscope 2019. In the beginning of the year, Venus, your ascendant lord will be positioned in the seventh house (the house of business/partnerships). The planet will conjunct Jupiter in seventh house; you will actively seek guidance from elders (boss, father, etc.) which will help you showcase your skills, innovate your business models and achieve the desires success. You will experience healthy environment in office and cordial relations with your co-workers / business partners.

Saturn, the lord of career and higher education, will be positioned in the Sagittarius sign which will drive the interest of school students and fresh graduates towards law or occult science. Jupiter, the lord of eighth house, will be placed in seventh house. The natives born with Taurus moon sign will get unforeseen work opportunities; thus you can expect sudden yet positive changes in your job, profession or business.   

As Saturn, the lord of tenth house (the house of career/job) will be positioned in eighth house (the house of obstacles), the 2019 Taurus Career Horoscope indicates that you may lose job because of poor decisions and aggressive behavior. From March 2019, stay cautious and take advice from your elders before taking any decision. As Saturn and Ketu conjoin in the second house, it’s time think before you speak and do not indulge into arguments with your elders. Keep patience; follow their suggestions as that will only reap benefits in future.

Jupiter, the lord of eighth (the house of hidden things) and eleventh house (the house of social interactions) will be placed in the seventh house. Such a planetary placement will strengthen your social circle, build up your interpersonal relationships and will give you much needed name and fame.  

Promising Period

In the month of January, Venus will be in conjunction with Jupiter; hence you will get a cooperative partner in business, and gain profit in business.

In February, Venus, the lord of sixth house, will transit into the eighth house; the time will be favourable for switching job. You may receive new work opportunities, it is better to research well before taking any major career decision. If involved in business, it is advisable to start something new (launch new product, open a branch, etc.) either before April or after August.
Further, if you are fresher looking for new job, then it’s time to stay calm and positive. You may have to give many interviews before you receive that final call for selection. If you are involved in professions like law, medical practice, research work, etc., then the time from April to August will be favourable to review your past assignments and finish the pending tasks, if any.

Tough Luck Period

Venus, the lord of sixth house, will be placed in seventh house in the month of January, thus the time period will be unfavourable for professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.) as you may face financial crisis in the beginning of 2019. Moreover, there will face hurdles in your daily life which may increase your mental stress.

From 24 March to 7 April, Mars will be in the first house, avoid making quick decisions, and control your aggression at workplace to prevent disputes and conflicts. Mercury, the lord of intellect, will retrograde from 6 March to 28 March, so be careful while making any investment or starting new business or job.

Jupiter will retrograde from 10 April to 11 August; you will face hurdles in achieving career goals which may lead to undue mental pressure. Moreover, placement of Saturn in the eighth house of your 2019 Career Horoscope may slower your progress in job, profession or business. Students gear up for exam preparation between April and August. It’s the time to build the foundation to achieve desired results in examinations.

Final Call

Take your career to the next level, set short-term and long-term goals to make 2019 your strongest year yet.


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