Taurus 2019 Marriage Horoscope

New Year begins with new hopes as Venus, Jupiter and Saturn play significant role in marriage horoscope of natives born with moon sign Taurus. Though the year indicates hurdles in marriage and difficulties in love and relationships.  So, keep your marriage plans on hold, if thinking of getting married to your lover or to the perfectly matched life partner. However, the year is great for married couples as it favours progeny prospects.

Overview: Taurus 2019 Marriage Horoscope

2019 Taurus Marriage Predications depict a challenging year for marriage prospects. You will experience problems if planning to walk down the aisle. Moreover, you will face roadblocks in your way to a perfect love life or in your search of a perfect marriage partner. The year will reflect the fair balance of good times and bad times for Taurus natives.
The year begins on a lively note for married couples. In the first half of the year you will experience the marital bliss with memorable days that you will ever experience in your lifetime. The second half will offer some more reasons to strengthen your marriage. Your wife may get pregnant or your spouse may achieve success in his profession which will help boost your relation. Time is best for romantic trips, family planning and candle light dates. Be honest in conscious to stay connected; and maintain transparency for nurturing your relationship.

Astrology Predictions: Taurus 2019 Marriage Horoscope

Jupiter will be positioned in the 7th house - the house of marriage for Taurus. The planet is placed in fortuitous position, so you can expect positive results if planning to get married; though this may create differences and misunderstandings between married couples.
In 2019, Saturn will transit in the Nakshatra of Venus. This planetary transit will indirectly favor love and marriage. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius throughout the year, and this is set to affect the 8th house for Taurus; though the year seems favourable for marriage but there would be uncertainties and disturbances. You may remain distracted, avoid conversations related to marriage and commitment in love. It is advisable to both – the singles and those married – to stay calm, control anger and manage emotions well.

Important Dates:  Taurus 2019 Marriage Horoscope

  • 2nd January to 29th January - The auspicious time to tie the knot as Venus will remain in the 7th house - the house of marriage.
  • 17th April to 10th May – Chances of getting married to your lover or desirable life partner are quite high in this period.
  • 5th June to 29th June – The best time period to meet your soulmate or perfect life partner.
  • 30th June to 24th July - You will receive many marriage proposals and chances are higher to meet your ‘other half’ through some relatives.
  • 10th July to 20th September – Time is unfavourable for any new beginnings; keep your marriage proposals on hold and put off marriage plans till a later time.
  • 1st September to 4th October- The perfect time to talk with parents regarding love marriage. Marriage is on the cards for love birds.  
  • 5th October to 28th October – Married couples may face marital discord. Time to be compassionate and empathetic as occasional conflicts may lead to resentments or disappointments.
  • 29th October to 22nd November – As Venus transits in the 7th house, you will start thinking of getting married or may get engaged to your lover.
Overall, the year would promote balanced and healthy relationships. It is advisable to balance togetherness and maintain individuality for a long-lasting companionship.


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