100 Day Horoscope – May till August 2023


We will experience 2023 in three phases and the first significant period just got over with the end of Mercury’s retrogression. This implies some peace of mind and a tone down of challenges as we now start the next phase of 100 days, which will recast our collective destiny.

Significant planetary positions in the next 100 days

  • Jupiter-Rahu conjunction on 2 June 2023.
  • Retrogression of Venus on 23 July 2023.
  • Retrogression of Saturn on 18 June 2023.
  • Mars-Venus conjunction.

The next 100 days for you

  • The coming 100 days will be under the shadow of Jupiter-Rahu conjunction. This will bring forth a paradigm shift in how you think.
  • Venus, in close proximity with Mars, will fan passions making you experience varied aspects associated with love, aggression and the need to do new things; it will also give a push to your risk-taking attitude.
  • Retrograde Venus will also significantly affect your thinking and create major situations in love and career during a 44 day period within these 100 days.
  • Retrograde Saturn will manifest a new thought process and a new system of challenges which you have not encountered in a long time.

Why should You order a 100 Day Report?

  • Help you understand how Jupiter-Rahu conjunction, proximity of Venus with Mars, retrograde Venus & retrograde Saturn will affect you.
  • Identify opportunities & challenges so you can plan in advance & be prepared.
  • Seek a day by day focused analysis for career & love.
  • Get remedies to overcome challenges.

Helpful Tips:

  • Understand how the planets & conjunctions will affect you.
  • Opportunities & difficulties during this period.
  • Remedies to overcome challenges.

Report Size:

12 Pages