Amatyakaraka - Career & Wealth Reading

Amatyakaraka - Career & Wealth Reading



If you wish to know who acts as your guiding spirit and mentor, you need to find out which is your Amatyakaraka planet. Also, the sooner you find your Amatyakaraka, the closer you can get to your goal in this lifetime!

The fact is – all of us are born to achieve certain things in this lifetime, and we can do this only with the right guide or mentor. Vedic Astrology can determine who this person or guide is by identifying a unique planet in our birth chart, which is referred to as ‘Amatyakaraka’. And in some unique cases, a few people have also found this guidance from within through instinct & their own energy.

What is Amatyakaraka?

  • 'Amatya' refers to someone close to you, someone who can mentor you.
  • A person is in this life for a purpose, which is indicated by the ‘Atmakaraka’ planet. But one needs a driver or a carrier to achieve life’s purpose. This driver or carrier is one’s ‘Amatyakaraka’ planet.
  • The ‘Atmakaraka’ is the king and the ‘Amatyakaraka’ is the kingmaker or the minister who counsels the king and carries out all the work in the kingdom. To cite an example, Chandragupta Maurya (founder of Maurya dynasty in ancient India) built his kingdom through the able counsel of Chanakya, his renowned policymaker. Chanakya, therefore, was the ‘Amatyakaraka’.

How does your Amatyakaraka affect your life?

Each planet as Amatyakaraka shows very different indications for finance, education and career in one’s life.

For example:

  • Sun as your Amatyakaraka blesses you with great willpower, guidance and help from your father/father-figure; makes you an influential person or the head of an authority position. It can make you hold administrative influence or run your own enterprise. It gives you great connections.
  • Jupiter as your Amatyakaraka will always make you take the right decision at the right time. It blesses you with a positive circle of people and ensures that they guide and nourish your personality whereby you are able to attain amazing professional success and growth.
  • Rahu as your Amatyakaraka makes you work on multiple projects; blesses you with excellent command over multiple skills; blesses you with foreign connections as well as out-of-the-box ideas to perform better.

Why should you order the Amatyakaraka Reading?

  • Find your Amatyakaraka & also identify people who are acting or could act as your Amatyakaraka to help you achieve your life’s goals & purpose.
  • Understand how much you should depend on & the level of success in wealth, education & career your Amatyakaraka can bring besides lowering difficulties in life.
  • Use it as a guidance tool to realize the utmost potential you can reach in this lifetime (profession & finances).
  • With the help of your Amatyakaraka, make course correction if your work is not aligned with what this planet commands.
  • Learn how to best utilize the cues to achieve growth in career, make professional linkages & monetary benefits.
  • Vedic remedies to optimize results & mitigate challenges.


Helpful Tips:

  • Find your Amatyakaraka for achieving life’s goals & purpose.
  • Realize the utmost potential you can reach in this lifetime (career & finances).
  • Learn how to best utilize the cues to achieve growth in career, professional linkages & monetary benefits.
  • Helpful for career course correction, if needed.
  • Remedies.

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