Freewill Astrology & Karma Correction

Freewill Astrology & Karma Correction



Luck is a combination of how you react to karmic events and how destiny, in turn, reacts to karmic events in your life and your actions. As far as the debate between fatalism and freewill approach towards destiny goes, the thin line between them depends on how you can control your destiny by carrying out or avoiding actions that can trigger good or bad luck in your life.


Freewill & Karmic Destiny - The Connection

  • Many events in our lives happen because they are destined to happen. The cascading effect of such events takes a whole new turn when a major Karmic step is taken in life. For instance, you must have noticed how luck changes with the birth of a child, marriage, move away from the place of birth, death of a parent or spouse, by donating or helping a needy person and sometimes even by entering into a business partnership with somebody.
  • The logic behind such changes is that we invoke the destiny of another person or another country into our life by making such a change.
  • But all changes are not positive and some can even backfire. In this context, it is helpful if you know the Karmic changes that will help you or cause setbacks in life. This is the Freewill part of astrology.

Karma Correction, Freewill & Your Destiny

  • If you are aware of what can trigger off a positive or negative change in your life, you can work to make changes happen early to invoke good luck for a longer period in your life or break a bad spell of luck.
  • Likewise, if you know the kind of events that can trigger off negative Karma, you can try and avoid or delay such events in your life.
  • Life & nature at times gives you a small window of opportunity to exercise your Freewill. If you know what is good for you & what should be avoided, your Freewill could help reshape your destiny and help you experience life the right way.


Why should you order the Karma Correction Report?

  • Scan your Horoscope & identify your Karmic Triggers.
  • Point out when Karmic triggers can be useful for you.
  • Point out when Karmic triggers should be avoided with your Freewill to help make your destiny amiable towards you.
  • Remedies to help you assert your Freewill & mold your destiny.
  • We will also cover a question or webchat, after your receive the report, to understand the Karma & Freewill in your life better.

Helpful Tips:

  • Identify Karmic Triggers in your horoscope, highlight when they can be useful for you.
  • Identify when Karmic triggers should be avoided.
  • Remedies to help you assert your Freewill & mold your destiny.
  • Cover a question or webchat to help understand the Karma & Freewill in your life better.

Report Size:

12 Pages