Mercury in Eighth House - Natal Mercury Report



The placement of Mercury in your horoscope regulates how your cognitive abilities and senses work to facilitate the best out of the circumstances in your life. It helps determine how you do in terms of IQ, agility of thought, capacity to seize opportunities, and the ability to comprehend the subtler intricacies of life, business and relationships.

Effects of Mercury in 8th House

  • Mercury in 8th house will ensure that your research & analytical skills will get you the desired growth & success in life.
  • When Mercury operates as your dasa or antardasa lord, Mercury in this house gets you expected wealth & returns from your previous investments.
  • Mercury in this house can form Sarala Yoga that blesses you with wisdom, power and authority.
  • A positive Mercury boosts your financial status, makes you exceptional at influencing others and making them work as per your requirements.
  • Retrograde Mercury can make you look for paranormal activities and might disrupt your decision-making ability.

Benefits of Natal Mercury Report

  • Identify your areas of strength & weaknesses associated with Mercury.
  • Understand the energy that Mercury brings to your horoscope & your character.
  • Learn if the time to deliver has come for Mercury.
  • Understand the aspects of your life that will prosper or face challenges because of Mercury (which tells you whether to give Mercury more power or subdue it with your Karma).
  • Learn about the number associated with Mercury’s waxing & waning strength.
  • Locate special yogas brought forth by Mercury in your horoscope (both positive & negative).
  • Learn about remedies to mitigate Mercury’s effect on you.

Famous people with Mercury in 8th House

  • Pranab Mukherjee (Indian Politician)
  • Amitabh Bachchan (Indian Actor)
  • Alan Sugar (British Business Magnate & Political Advisor)


Helpful Tips:

  • Understand the energy Mercury brings to you.
  • Suggestions on how to use Mercury’s energy for yourself.
  • Identify aspects of your life that will prosper or face challenges due to Mercury.
  • Remedies to mitigate ill-effects.

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12 Pages