Detailed Monthly Horoscope

Detailed Monthly Horoscope


On a month-on-month basis, our team of Vedic astrologers prepare personalized detailed monthly horoscope readings. They study your horoscope microscopically to scan as much information as possible and predict what you can expect during the month.

This reading also reveals the best of opportunities that will come to you in the month.

Our Vedic astrologers study the following elements and present to you their combined effect in the form of a detailed monthly horoscope:

  • Effects of transits of planets on your birth chart.
  • An extremely detailed interpretation of the Vedic Dasa system - Pratyantar Dasa - is used to understand the trends. This dasa makes it possible to study the trends for 'days' as against months and years, which makes this reading a highly detailed analysis.
  • For love trends, the transit of Venus and the planet that owns the 5th & 7th house in your chart are studied for the best results.
  • For career trends, transit of Sun, Saturn and the planet that owns your house of profession are studied to get a clear picture.
  • The report also provides other vital cues the month holds for you.

What to expect in YOUR Detailed Monthly Horoscope?

  • Overview of the month.
  • You can choose a report with focus on Love Trends or Career Trends or one with both Love & Career Trends.

Note: You may opt for monthly readings on a regular basis to plan out better.

Helpful Tips:

  • Overview for the month.
  • Focus on Love Trends or Career Trends or both Love & Career Trends.

Report Size:

8 Pages