Moon–Rahu Conjunction: Yukta Yoga

Moon–Rahu Conjunction: Yukta Yoga


Passion Drives your Soul & Relationships

When two planets conjunct under a same sign forming Yukta Yoga, two or more parts of your horoscope loop in together to demonstrate extraordinary results (both success as well as difficulty). Results of such multi-planet conjunction on destiny are often unpredictable and uncertain, bringing changes in your horoscope in the most remarkable of ways.

For example, the Venus-Mars Yukta Yoga determines your opportunity to succeed based on experience, interpersonal skills, and management skills pertaining to career, finances and social / personal life. Granted that you are born with some of the qualities, but this rare combination of multi-planet conjunction enhances your abilities and forges a new path leading to success.

How does the Venus-Mars Yukta Yoga affect you?

  • Intense and Aggressive: The coming together of Venus and Mars, two very different planets, is like bringing together two vastly different pools of energy which creates a lot of heat. This is indicative of the sheer intensity and aggression with which you tend to pursue all matters close to your heart, without even worrying twice about their consequences.
  • Raw Appeal and Magnetic Personality: You have a raw appeal and a magnetic personality which draws others towards you. This becomes a successful recipe for your prosperous professional and personal life.
  • Strong Drive and Mass Connect: The unique change that happens when Venus and Mars combine is that it creates a very strong drive, with which you pursue your goals and aspirations, as well as every relationship in life. Your younger years would fuel a desire and fiery ambition in you, which will act as a substantial force to do well in life. This Yukta Yoga will help you do well in the areas of performing arts, cinema and creative fields, where a connect with the masses is a prerequisite.

Famous people with Venus-Mars Yukta Yoga in their horoscopes

  • Amitabh Bachchan (Indian Actor, Film Producer & TV Host): One of the mega stars of Indian cinema, he also has been an occasional playback singer and a former politician. He has a Venus-Mars Yukta Yoga in the 8th house of his horoscope, a combination that has given him the perseverance to achieve his goals through hard work.
  • Mary Kom (Indian Boxer): Mary Kom is a six times World Champion in Boxing and is also a Member of Rajya Sabha, Indian Parliament. She has a Venus-Mars combination in the 2nd house of her horoscope, which has given her name, fame and recognition through sports. Venus has given her popularity and limelight; and Mars has gifted her with valour and strength.
  • Anil Ambani (Indian Businessman): He has a Venus-Mars Yukta Yoga in the 7th house of his horoscope. This combination has made him a businessman, but he couldn’t achieve success like his brother Mukesh Ambani. Venus and Mars in the 7th house has, however, saved him from many controversies and financial debts, which have been recovered with the help of his brother.


This placement of Yukta Yoga in their horoscopes paved a smooth path towards their abundant success.

Benefits of Yukta Yoga Reading

  • Learn when the benefits of Yukta Yoga will manifest for you.
  • You will understand how the Venus-Mars Yukta Yoga will shape your destiny.
  • You will get an idea about how this Yukta Yoga will influence your progress and bring success.
  • Detailed timeline of the results of this conjunction.
  • Predictions and recommendations for success.
  • Remedies for any upcoming challenges.

Helpful Tips:

  • Know exactly when the benefits of Yukta Yoga will manifest for you.
  • Detailed timeline of the results of your Yukta Yoga.
  • Predictions and recommendations that will bring you success.
  • Remedies to overcome challenges.

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