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Sade Sati Reading
Saturn & Jupiter are the two important planets in Vedic Astrology. These are the two heavy planets which move very slowly, thus their effects also last longer.
Saturn in particularly is a widely feared planet for the negative results it brings. Though Saturn transit is known to give both positive as well as negative trends. But since the Saturn Transit results are experienced over a long period of time, it is the negative impact which is most remembered by human beings than the benefic results of Saturn.
Sade Sati is a Hindi term signifying the seven and a half year of Saturn Transit over your Moon Sign. It is the transit of Saturn thru the 12th, 1st and the 2nd house from your natal Moon sign. It takes roughly 2 and a half year thru each of the sign, thus together constituting seven and a half year of transit, which is referred for its most feared results.

Sade Sati Results
While the seven and a half year period when Saturn is transiting as explained above, does bring in its share of difficulties in the native’s life but the chances are that if you are hard working and stick to your regime without showing any signs of lethargy and arrogance, you are likely to stand tall and come out unscathed after the Sade Sati is over. The results are stricter and more punishing for the people who generally are averse to their duties and exercise a whole lot of ego and have temperament issues in life. In the 12th position of Saturn, the native is likely to suffer financially hardtimes. During the 1st position, health of mother or a close relative could suffer along with effects on position & status. In the second cycle, the financial position may continue to give problem making one realize the value of money.
It is not necessary that the Sade Sati effects will be negative only. A lot of factors should be studied before deciding the Sade Sati results and many a times the native does rise in stature and position during this period, as Saturn is trying to correct the deeds done in past by making you work hard to clear the obstacles in your path.
You can ask for your Sade Sati results to know –
  • The effects of Sade Sati on your life
  • Operating period of Sade Sati
  • Astrological Remedies to lessen the effects and sail through this period.  


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