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Consequences of Saturn on your life, 2024-2030

As a tough and punishing planet, Saturn gives a lot but takes more away from your life. But the good part is that Saturn teaches lessons that are very useful in life, no matter how tough a period it is when Saturn is punishing you.

Saturn is sequenced to remain in a tough position sequentially for 3 signs when it enters the 12th house from your Moon Sign or Ascendant. The 12th house is followed by the 1st house and then the 2nd house. All these are difficult positions and amount to a 7.5 year period together. This is referred to as Sade Sati in Hindi.


Apart from Sade Sati, Saturn goes through two other difficult positions, known as Dhaiya (2.5 years period of Saturn):

  • Saturn in 4th House
  • Saturn in 8th House


The fact is, as a very slow moving planet, Saturn goes round the Sun over 29-30 years to complete 360 degrees. The Moon, for instance, takes about 30 days and Mercury & Venus take about a year.

In other words, Saturn takes about 350 times more time than Moon and 30 times more time than Venus & Mercury in delivering results, whether good or bad. This slow speed is behind the extra pain and extra gains.

Effects of Sade Sati & Dhaiya Saturn on You

  • Saturn transit in 1st House: You can look at it as a personal training position where personal problems like health, loss of status, lack of success and issues with success happens. Saturn in this position burns out your ego and the related bad karma and teaches you the lesson of honesty.
  • Saturn transit in 2nd House: This position causes financial pressures and makes you relaise the impotrtance of waste not and want not. It will make you remmeber the money burnt in the 12th house position, making you realize the value of money. It will also teaches you the value of family life experiences and problems, family support and living together.
  • Saturn transit in 4th House: Disturbs your happiness and comfort; makes you go through lessons whereby you have to find your targets by leaving comforts behind. It can cause problems related to your mother and lower your level of comfort and protection. It makes you explore and learn the ways of the world in a hard way, makes you come out of the euphoria of past laurels to find new targets. But these experiences help you prepare & plan for the future.
  • Saturn transit in 8th House: This position usually effects a certain amount of suddenness and unexpected problems that change your whole life. But you need to go with the flow and not resist the changes. Try and understand your past mistakes and find ways to not repeat them. This position is all about experience rather than a teaching story as you will understand that nothing is permanent. Being flexible and compassionate will bring happiness and so will a community life rather than a life in isolation.
  • Saturn transit in 12th House: Saturn in 11th house blesses you with gains, celebrations & accesses of life; but as it moves from the 11th to 12th house, it causes a sobering effect to bring you out of the complacent and arrogant mindset you had slipped into due to the success of the past. Saturn in 12th house marks losses and sucks out the extra money and liquidity to annihilate financial arrogance. It does so by increasing your expenses and effecting losses till you realise your mistakes.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Sade Sati comes every 28-30 years in a person’s life.
  • It has been observed that if one has beneficial Saturn, Sade Sati can catapult them to great success and fame.
  • Dhaiya Saturn is typically a tough position.

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  • Effects of Saturn on your life till 2025.
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