Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse 2024

Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse 2024


Eclipses manifest a black hole kind of gravitational pull since they are huge bundles of energy. They are important because, depending on the zodiac house location of the eclipse, your life will experience a depression and slowdown. The biggest difference between a Solar & Lunar Eclipse is that a Solar Eclipse affects your physical and real-world matters; while a Lunar Eclipse brings about an imbalance to your psychology and disturbs how you perceive wellness or happiness in life.


1st Lunar Eclipse of 2024

25th March, 4:53 AM - 9:32 AM UCT (10:23 AM - 3:02 PM, IST)


1st Solar Eclipse of 2024

8th April, 3:42 PM - 8:52 PM UCT (9:12 PM, 8th April till 2:22 AM, 9th April, IST)


Why are the 25th March and 8th April eclipses crucial?

  • The upcoming Solar Eclipse is important as it is influenced by Rahu in Pisces.
  • The Lunar Eclipse is where the major action will take place though. This will shift the paradigm of your thinking and give your luck a major change, either positive or negative depending upon the placement of the Lunar Eclipse in your horoscope.

Effects of the Solar & Lunar Eclipses on You

  • Impact on your luck, destiny, profession, finance, health, relationships, & well-being depending upon the house they take place in.
  • The eclipses will influence your state of mind, anxiousness and general well-being, apart from the actual area they would touch in your horoscope.
  • The eclipses’ effects on you will stay over the next 4-6 months.

Why should You get a Solar & Lunar Eclipse Analysis?

  • Understand the challenges & hurdles the eclipses will cause in your life.
  • Learn about opportunities that the eclipses will bring to you.
  • Remedies & suggestions to mitigate challenges in this period.
  • You may ask a question with your report or opt for a webchat once your report is processed for more clarity.

Helpful Tips:

  • Opportunities the eclipses will bring you.
  • Challenges & hurdles during the next 4-6 months.
  • Remedies to mitigate challenges.

Report Size:

12 Pages