Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman is a very complex person, whose interests and passions change within fractions of seconds. Her very lively, fun-loving and vivacious personality could interest and surprise you at the same time. Romance comes naturally to her and her vivid, imaginative ways of expressing her feelings will please you in no time. But a Gemini romance is nearly immune to the deep emotions, sentimentality and heaviness surrounding the concept of love.

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Gemini nature, interests, opinions and even outlook on life change rapidly. Gemini woman's heart, mind and soul are wanderers. She might be madly fond of some habit or quality of yours one day, and might heavily criticize you for it some other day. Nothing can ignite her interest forever.

Qualities you will love in your Gemini Woman:

You will feel your Gemini woman in relationship with you is multiple minds in one woman's body. She can overwhelm you with her unpredictability and sudden personality changes. Her mind has many layers, and each one is very exciting and diametrically opposite. Your Gemini wife would make everyday routines very interesting.

Traits you wish your Gemini Woman never had:

A Gemini woman in marriage will be extremely dutiful and well organized on one day, and on some other day, she will be downright bored from the daily household work. Your domestic sphere will have a different picture everyday. So, if it is consistency, constancy and conventionality that you demand from your married life, then a Gemini wife would disappoint you through and through because it is her innate nature to remain in a constant flux of change and evolution.

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