Leo Woman

The Leo woman is an extremely affectionate and sentimental individual, sometimes a little dramatic in expression also. Her innermost feelings are warm and inspired by idealized love stories that often weigh heavier on the unrealistic side. She might as well have a grand picture of romance in her mind.

The Leo woman is very strong and clever, and has great leadership qualities. She is graceful and has got refined tastes and royal manners. She seems to have unique, appealing dressing standards too. Her fashion wardrobe and accessories are likely to be expensive and excellent. She wants everything in impeccable, magnificent style.

This Leo Woman Personality reading is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free!

Your Leo love partner may look very sweet, gentle and soft outside, but she has a wild and hot interior. She is anything but weak and feeble. The Leo woman in marriage wouldn’t appreciate getting dominated and controlled in any way. Her individuality, independent spirit and autonomy will remain valuable for her even after marriage.

Since she is fond of lavishness, excellence and luxury, make sure you take care of all of these things when you want to make her happy. And of course, some flowery and creative complimenting techniques would take you to places.

Qualities you will love in your Leo Woman:

Your Leo woman in relationship with you will fill your life with sweet, sensual romance. If you are fond of elaborate love making, flawless style and luxury - you will spend a great life with her. She is graceful, strong and has a lot of admirable qualities that will make you proud of her.

Traits you wish your Leo Woman never had:

The Leo nature is stormy and tough to handle, especially during arguments and fights. Leo females are known to behave in an annoyingly arrogant and vain manner sometimes. Your Leo lover could become rather violent if you attack her pride and make her feel inferior. She wants respect and admiration, lots of it. Leo women were born to rule, after all.

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