Libra Woman

Libra woman is very sweet, gentle, charming and affectionate. She follows a righteous code in marriage and her disposition is heavenly. She will be sincere, obedient and loyal to you. She is also a good listener. Her mannerisms and charming attitude will flatter you fast.

Libra woman has a natural fondness for fairness, equality and justice. She wants a balanced and harmonious relationship. You will seldom find your Libra wife in wild, heated arguments with you. Conflict makes her uncomfortable and she tries to escape it as much as she can.

A Libra wife loves to spend money on luxury and beauty. She would like to decorate her living space with classy and refined objects. She is most happy in lavish surroundings. But this is not to say that money is her priority. Libra wife tend to treasure their husbands more than anything else in the world. She can give all pleasures and luxuries of life for her man.

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Partnership is the natural state for any Libra woman, her most heartfelt need. This woman is happiest to form a loving bond, in marriage or in her profession. Libra doesn’t know how to be content in work alone.

With her sound understanding and wisdom, Libra woman in marriage can give her husband wondrous suggestions and solutions. She is emotional and sentimental, but these do not override her great power of logical analysis and intellect. She never lets passion come in between reason.

Libra wife makes a very loving mother. She will ensure that the kids are clean, organized and well taken care of. She would strictly make them respect you.

Qualities you will love in your Libra Woman:

A Libra woman in relationship or marriage will shower you with abound physical affection, respect and admiration. She will let you take total control. You will be her topmost priority. She is soft and charming from outside and strong and patient inside. She will be fair, loyal and honest with you.

Traits you wish your Libra Woman never had:

Libra woman in love can appear too needy, weak and helpless at times. Although in reality, she is not. Sometimes her emotions and sentimentality do get the better of her.

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