Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is soft, delicate and mystical by nature. She is equipped with a magically charming beauty and intriguing feminine grace. She has simplest primal desires to be loved, protected and supported by her man.

As a wife, Pisces does not like to control, dominate or over power her husband in any way. She will be a good listener, a warm companion during tough times. She will almost be blind to his partner’s faults and mistakes. She might get sarcastic and biter occasionally when things get in over her head. But, in general, she is sweet and polite in conditions that’d drive other women crazy.

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Pisces woman knows how to dress in very graceful, womanly clothes. She is a natural actor and can hide her shyness, vulnerabilities and helplessness with a confident and sweet smile. Deep down inside, she might kill herself with strange, complicated fears.

A Pisces love partner has a gentle heart that bears loads of unrealistic secret dreams and desires. She can dream a lot throughout the day and become indecisive. Her imagination transcends all worldly limits and boundaries.

Pisces women make very affectionate and caring mothers. She will understand the shyness and weakness of her children and share their pains. She will be a little too sacrificing and lenient with them, which could often spoil them.

Qualities you will love in your Pisces Woman:

A Pisces woman in relationship is extremely loving, romantic and affectionate. Her utterly feminine looks and mannerisms can charm any man rather easily. She would never be bossy and dominating. She will adore and admire you with blind belief.

Traits you wish your Pisces Woman never had:

Pisces love nature is so delicate that they have a tendency to get hurt rather quickly and easily. Pisces female might come off as extremely sensitive and touchy. Harsh criticism and blunt realties of life almost always get the better of her. When she is hurt, she would become lonely, gloomy and miserable. She is also prone to become self-destructive, depressed and pessimistic. She might not be very smart with handling the finances and domestic budgets.

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